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25+ Best BJJ Knee Pads for Jiu Jitsu

It’s important that you’re being safe when you practice Jiu Jitsu, especially with your knees. So when buying knee pads, you have to make sure that there’s enough protection when you fight your opponent. 

But you also want to ensure that they are comfortable and breathable in their fabric. Sometimes, your skin can develop a rash from the fabric overheating. It is possible that you might get distracted by how the knee pad might not fit.

best bjj knee pads

So make sure you’re getting the right knee pad pair for you!

Here’s the scoop on the best BJJ knee pads!

Knee Pads for Jiu Jitsu

1. Spinlock Impact Protection Kneepads

Made from a strong neoprene fabric, the Spinlock Impact Protection Knee Pads are perfect for your Jiu Jitsu needs. 

It has high-flex paneling to better protect your knees and modeling foam for maximum comfort. The kneepads have a pull-on design for better convenience.

Get yours today and wear them with elbow pads!

2. Ring to Cage Deluxe MiM-Foam Knee Pads

These kneepads have a reliable and comfortable pad for knee protection with a great piece of equipment. Ring to Cage’s Deluxe MiM-Foam Knee Pads is designed specifically for the rigors of MMA training and features MiM-Foam leather protection for superior durability. 

The neoprene sleeve offers a snug, comfortable fit, while the heavy knit fabric cover ensures long-lasting wear making them the best BJJ knee pads!

Sold in pairs, the Deluxe MiM-Foam Knee Pads are an essential piece of gear for any serious MMA fighter.

3. BRAVORD Knee Pads

The BRAVORD Knee Pads are the best knee pads we’ve seen in a long time! Made with breathable fabric so your knees don’t get too sweaty, they’re light to wear with a comfortable sponge lining.

The sponge also helps the knee pads to be molded by your knees so the knee shape is ultimately customized. Order yours today!

4. Venum Kontact Gel Knee Pad

Are you looking for kneepads with the perfect fit to keep you protected during sparring sessions? Look no further than the Venum Kontact Gel Kneepads!

These kneepads feature the patented Gel Shock System, which ensures optimum shock high impact absorption, and unparalleled comfort. 

They also have an exclusive ventilation system on the back that keeps you cool and dry during your workout. Plus, they come in different colors that you’re sure to love.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the Venum Kontact Gel Kneepads are the perfect choice for all your training needs. The shock doctor approves!

5. Venum Kontact Evo Knee Pad

Another great option is the Venum Kontact Evo Knee Pad! Made of Neoprene for better comfort and agility, this pad features a flexible mesh that delivers extra ventilation and supreme comfort.

The high density foam ensures your knees will be protected while using this product, and the anatomical and lightweight design provides an unrestricted range of motion. 

Moreover, the smooth and soft interior lining gives you additional protection. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – get the Venum Kontact Evo knee pads today for combat sports!

6. Forest Camo Venum Kontact Gel Knee Pad

The gel knee pads offer a high quality and an anatomical design, the Venum Kontact Knee Pads provides strong neoprene fabric for better protection.

The sports function fabric is still lightweight and has breathable material so your knees can be more comfortable and cool. 

So don’t worry about getting too hot or sweaty during the Jiu Jitsu session. You also don’t have to be distracted by rancid odor.

Get your Venum Kontact knee pads today and prevent a knee injury! They are a pair of the best BJJ knee pads.

7. Mizuno LR6 Volleyball Kneepad

If you are experiencing knee pain, consider getting the Mizuno LRG Volleyball Kneepads! These have a low-rise, no fold design for maximum comfort.

They allow a great weight of freedom with the low-rise, so you can move easier when against your opponent because of the good fit. 

Freedom of movement is key when it comes to Jiu Jitsu. You need to be able to move quickly to block your opponent and so much more. That’s why these knee pads are the perfect choice. 

So find a training partner and order your knee pads today!

8. Nike Streak Volleyball Kneepad

If you are looking for a strong, excellent shock absorption knee pad? Look no further than the Nike Streak Volleyball Kneepad. It’s rubber-protective and has shock-absorbing technology so you’ll be well-protected. 

The second thing is, with all this protection, comes a slim fitting design so you can move easier and more stylishly, thanks to the lycra spandex.

Getting less slim fitting knee pads can restrict your freedom of movement, which is very important in your sessions. Get yours today and accessorize with gi pants!

9. JYSW Knee Pads

Do you have knee problems? If so, the combination of the adjustable non-slip and the foam padding cushion of this product makes for a very comfortable pair of knee pads that you should consider buying.

The JYSW Knee Pads are perfect for those who want comfort and freedom of movement with the air vent holes. 

They’re still protective and last longer than most knee pads, which is a good thing because it also increases blood flow and blood circulation.

Order the best ​​pair of the best BJJ knee pads now!

10. Venum Kontact Gel Knee Pads (Black/Red)

Are you tired of getting mat burns from jiu jitsu? The Venum Kontact Gel Knee Pads have unparalleled comfort with a shaping foam lining and lightweight fabric.

It also comes with shock absorption technologies so you’ll be getting maximum protection. The black and red colors are also quite stylish look.

Whether you will use them for volleyball, martial arts, or Brazilian jiu-jitsu, they will not let you down.

Get yours today and use them long term for the best kind of wear!

11. Mclako Knee Protective Pads

With moisture wicking fabric, these Knee Protective Pads ensure that your knees are comfortable and cool during sessions. The lightweight, flexible material also ensures this.

The kneepads make sure you can move freely with its Velcro fast system and the size charts. Just simply take the Velcro on and off as you see fit. 

Get it today and gain knee protection with the best jiu jitsu or best wrestling knee pads!

12. Wanlvhu Protective Knee Pads

Are you still looking for a breathable knee pad among this list of the best knee pads? The first thing you need to know is that the Wanlvhu Protective Knee Pads are designed smartly to reduce knee collisions.

The combination of nylon and soft sponge ensures this as well as good breathability. The fabric is lightweight to make sure your knees or the surrounding areas don’t hurt too much.

If you ever have a meniscus tear or any other injury because you are under a lot of stress, these protective pads will help you recover faster from a previous injury.

13. HUEGLO Protective Knee Pads

Made with comfortable, elastic fabric, the HUEGLO Protective Knee Pads offer comfort and protection. The ultra cushion foam also ensures you get maximum comfort. 

The knee pads come with a foldable line that is meant to protect the knees when you bend them to encourage free movement. That way, you get protection on both sides of the knees, like the Mcdavid knee pads!

Whether you are training for a Brazilian jiu-jitsu match, muay Thai, or just want extra support for your knee, it’s a good idea to buy this product today!

14. Rawxy Knee Pads with High Shock Absorbing Cushion

The Rawxy Knee Pads with High Shock Absorbing Cushion have superior protection and a comfortable design that is perfect for any activity, whether you’re playing sports, working out, or just doing yard work. 

The Ergonomic design provides a wide range of motion for freedom of movement. The extra soft fabric lining ensures hours of comfortable wear.

The quality is unmatched and they meet CE impact testing standards. so choose the right size for you and get ready to enjoy the most safe, comfortable, and protective knee pads on the market!

They will become your best friends!

15. Fortified Knee Pads Sleeves Unisex

It can be difficult to find a good knee brace, but the Fortified knee pads might be a good match! The thick sponge foam ensures that you get maximum comfort from these Knee Pads Sleeves.

It additionally has a good rubber grip so the front of your knee maintains the protection they have on them, as well as better strength when hitting the floor.

They are the best option and go along perfectly with the Eva protection pad or any knee sleeves!

16. Racbeuk Volleyball Knee Pads

With these knee pads, the combination of breathable compression sleeves and shock absorption technology makes sure that your knees are getting the protection they need.

Plus, the air knit fabric ensures that your protection is also comfy and breathable for when you train in the hot summer. 

Protect your knee joint and order the best BJJ knee pads today!

17. CAMBIVO 2 Pack Knee Brace

Next is the CAMBIVO 2 Pack Knee Brace. They provide optimal pressure to your knee, keeping it warm and reducing stiffness.

Perfect for any activity that puts stress on the joints, such as running, bicycling, hiking, basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, golf, tennis, skiing, weight training, and more!

And because comfort is key, the compression level is well-balanced between compression and comfort – ensuring you won’t be restricted in any way.

Take care of your knees and give them the lateral support they need with CAMBIVO!

18. Prolock Impact-Absorbing Gel Knee Pads

Built with lightweight compression for added comfort, the Prolock Impact-Absorbing Gel Knee Pads are perfect for any of your Jiu Jitsu needs! It’s durable and strong with its neoprene fabric.

The design also disperses body weight so you’re more comfortable and safer in your session. 

Start your injury prevention today and order these soon to feel the pain relief!

19. AmazonCommercial Over/under Knee Pads

A lot of people love these easily adjustable Knee Pads because they make sure that you can move with ease in your Jiu Jitsu practice.

They can be worn over or under pants, and are made with a comfortable foam lining. Not to mention, the inner terry-loop fabric is extremely convenient. Get yours today and avoid common injuries!

20. Cliff Keen Impact Bubble Kneepad

Are you recovering from an ACL tear? These Cliff Keen Impact Bubble Kneepads are constructed ergonomically with a comfortable bubble-knee pad.

This provides extra impact protection as well as the foam lining inside. They’re easy to pull-on so start your session easily!

The Cliff Keen Impact Bubble Kneepad is an essential piece of gear for any athlete. It provides impact protection and fits snugly and comfortably thanks to its ergonomic construction and anatomical wrap compression molded bubble.

This kneepad is also machine washable, making it easy to keep clean. 

It’s available in four colors: black, red, navy, or white and proves to be useful for many judo fighters!

21. NoCry Professional Knee Pads

With both a soft foam padding and gel inner padding, these NoCry Professional Knee Pads might be the most comfortable ones. They allow the knees to breathe as well as provide any rashing that might come from a rougher fabric.

These knee pads also have two layers of fabric for extra protection. Get yours today!

22. Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads

Another great choice is the Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads! These knee pads are made of high-density strengthen foam and breathable fabric to keep you comfortable while protecting you from injuries.

Ergonomic design ensures a lightweight, freedom-of-movement fit, while the great grip and non-slip feature keep the pads firmly in place. 

Ideal for outdoor sports, Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads are your go-to choice for preventing knee injuries during exercise!

23. Mclako Knee Pads Knee Guards

Made with shock absorption technology and stretch mesh panels, the Mclako Knee Pads offer both strong protection against your opponents and comfort.

They aim to fit your knee cap perfectly so no rashing or looseness occurs. These knee pads are highly rated on Amazon, so get them today!

24. JBM Knee Brace Soft Non Slip Knee Pads

Three sizes included, the JBM Knee Brace Knee Pads are made with breathable elastic for maximum comfort. It makes sure your knee pads are fitted properly as well as fitted with ease.

They have non-slip grips to ensure that your knees have the best protection. 

Get yours today and wear it with other amazing products such as the Bauerfeind knee sleeve or the McDavid hex knee pads!

25. Venum Kontact Gel Knee Pads (khaki/gold)

The Venum Kontact Gel Knee Pads are designed with an ultra-lightweight fabric so your knees don’t get too sweaty during practice.

It also comes with a ventilated strategic area to deliver better heat management when it’s too cold.

Additionally, there is extra cursing and reinforced padding to ensure maximum protection. 

26. REXBETI Knee Pads

Finally, we have the REXBETI Knee Pads for Work! The important things that these upgraded knee pads feature are things like a thick gel cushion and high-density foam to provide maximum comfort and protection.

The thigh extra support design with a high elastic strap ensures a secure, customized fit. 

Plus, with 4 extra extension straps included, the knee pads can easily be adjusted to fit different sizes and can work well for different sports.

And reinforced stitching and heavy-duty materials make these knee pads built to last.

A Guide to Protecting Your Knees

That is the scoop on the best BJJ knee pads! You can also research brands and see about a money-back guarantee to make sure you find the perfect knee pads for you!

BJJ knee pads are important because they can prevent spinal injuries, serve as anti-collision compression tights, and offer additional support at an affordable price.

knee pads for jiu jitsu

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