25+ Best College Safes For Your Dorm Room

As summer comes to a close, college students have begun packing and moving into their college dorms. For students who are worried about their possessions getting the best dorm safe is a smart idea.

This can be very stressful for first time college students!

Dorm life is very different from anything incoming students have ever experienced, and it can take some getting used to.

It is a common fact that dorm rooms are often small and cramped, with little to no storage space. You are sharing this tight space with someone else, usually a complete stranger!

This is why getting the best dorm safe is a smart idea.

Importance of Using the Best Dorm Safe For You

Theft on a college campus is an issue to consider when you are shopping for your dorm room. It is important to keep your personal items safe so you can feel safe and secure on campus.

These items include personal documents, expensive electronic devices, money to buy college textbooks, a cell phone, a power cord, and credit cards. 

You can get laptop locks for when you are in the library, as well as rely on dorm room security or a security camera, but crimes of opportunity still happen! You should have additional security. 

The best way to keep your personal belongings is by purchasing the best college dorm safe!

A dorm safe is a great way to protect your valuable items while you’re away at school. It is not a good idea to use substitutes like hotel safes or traditional safes, since these are not built for college life. 

Variety of Safes To Choose From

There is a multitude of safes available to purchase.

There are many different sizes, security features, and designs to choose from.

Some have dual combination locks, which prevent unauthorized access, or have a steel cable lock that attaches to the bed frame!

This is a great tool that makes the safe a fixed object and very difficult to steal.

You also have to decide if you want a thin metal construction, making it portable and light weight, or real steel, which makes it heavier and less mobile. Some even come with a free security cable which is perfect for securing your expensive items.

Names like ecr4kids lock or vaultz locking storage chest may sound good, but neither of these is the best option for college dorms. 

Best College Safes For Your Dorm Room

It can get confusing! So, we have compiled a list of the best safes for college dorms!

Here is the scoop on the best dorm safes to keep your stuff safe and sound.

1. GJCrafts Safe Box

Our top pick from the safe industry is the GJCrafts Home Safe Box!

This safe is made with high quality materials and includes a fireproof bag as well as a waterproof bag. This makes it great for storing important documents. 

It has 2 unlocking methods, a place to put a password and a place for a key. Additionally, it also comes with 2 keys.

It also has an alarm system that goes off after the password is entered incorrectly 3 times.

2. TIGERKING Security Home Safe

Next on our list of the best dorm safe is the TIGERKING, Security Home Safe!

It has a solid steel construction that keeps the walls of this safe thick, making the safe as secure and sturdy as possible. 

This safe allows you to program your own 8 digit code and comes with specific instructions on how to do so.

This safe is easy to install and has a double protection design with access holes.

3. ULTECORE Cabinet Safe Box

Are you looking for a way to keep all of your important belongings in your home safe? Then look no further than the ULTECORE Cabinet Safe Box!

This cabinet safe box is 2.05 cubic feet and has multiple sections for all of your storage needs.

As a bonus, this home safe has a light inside so you can see it at any time of day! The safe itself is made with sturdy materials that ensure that it will last!

4. ISLANDSAFE Safe Cabinet

The ISLANDSAFE Safe Cabinet is not only waterproof but fireproof too! This safe is made with reinforced steel and the treble-cylinder latch improves reliability and safety. 

It has a removable shelf to help easily organize your belongings while creating more space at the same time.

Best of all, it has a double opening safety system so you can use a key or program a code.

5. DIOSMIO Safe Box

The DIOSMIO Safe Box has 3 unlocking methods and a double key unlocking system!

It also has a separate small lock box to put smaller items like jewelry. 

This safe has an HD LCD display that shows the password, time, date, and power. Additionally, it also comes with a detachable partition to create more space.


Another great choice for the best dorm safe is the TIGERKING Safe Box!

This safe is sturdy and made of thick steel to make it long lasting and reliable. It also has lots of space on the inside to store anything you need. 

7. SentrySafe

The ​​SentrySafe is a front-runner for the best dorm safe.

You can set your own digital combination and it also comes with a key for dual action safety. This is a great locking mechanism!

This safe also comes with an interior light and is built with a locking drawer, pry-resistant hinge bar, and four live-locking bolts.

8. ETE ETMATE Home Safe

Next up for the best dorm safe is the ETE ETMATE Home Safe!

This safe has a double safety key lock to insure that your stuff won’t get tampered with.

Additionally, it also comes with a warranty service and a 60-day return policy.

9. KYODOLED Metal Cash Box

The KYODOLED Metal Cash Box is a high-quality lock box with privacy and safety guaranteed! It comes with a real electronic lock, making it perfect for safety. 

This box is made of steel and comes with a carrying handle so you can bring it wherever you need it.

Best of all the 5 compartment trays are removable so there’s plenty of room for your belongings. This is a great option for young adults who are looking for something more subtle!

10. KYODOLED Digital Safe

The KYODOLED Digital Safe has a built in keypad so it can be locked with a password of your choosing.

Plus, it is made of steel which means that it is secure, reliable, and durable. This makes it one of the best college dorm safes! 

11. VEVOR Digital Depository Safe 

The VEVOR Digital Depository Safe is made of carbon-duty steel and sturdy hinges and bolts to insure its theft proof performance.

It has a reliable electronic lock system that is reliable and has 2 sets of codes and 2 override keys for emergencies. 

The deposit slot design makes storing money and important documents much easier. The bolts are also pry-proof, which provides double the protection.

Plus this safe can fit anywhere, from the office to your home!

12. Viking Security Safe

Next on our list for the best form safe is the Viking Security Safe!

It’s highly secure and comes with a place for your fingerprint to ensure that you are the only one who can open it.

This design is also pry-resistant and made with steel so it is sturdy and will last a very long time.

Plus, the shelves are adjustable and there is a built-in LED light so you can see all of your stuff, no matter the time of day.

13. TENAMIC Safe Box

The TENAMIC Safe Box is built from solid steel and has a coating that is anti-powder and anti-corrosion!

The door and hinges are both pry-resistant to give you complete peace of mind about your stuff being safe.

This is the first thing you should look for in any safe purchase because it is one of the best ways to keep your valuables safe. 

Additionally, this box has a reliable locking system with both a password and an emergency key.

Best off all, this safe comes with an alarm system that goes off when it’s tampered with. This is perfect for keeping your laptop computers safe.

14. KAPUCI Modern Minimalism Safe

The KAPUCI Modern Minimalism Safe has hidden integrated hinges to enhance safety performance!

The inside is a double-layer design and has a detachable shelf in case you need to store anything larger. 

This auto-open safe features a keyless open which allows you to use the keypad to create your own password. This safe is also easy to install and can fit into any cabinet.

This is a great option for college dorms or apartments!

15. TIGERKING Personal Safe

The TIGERKING Personal Safe is another great option!

This box is made of durable, thick steel and has two strong love locking bolts.

It also has a double protection security mode. This means that in order to get in you have to have the key and know the passcode. 

It also has a dual alarm warning system that emits a violent vibration when the password has been entered incorrectly 3 times.

It can also go into any home or office space so the TIGERKING Personal Safe is perfect for anyone!

16. SPIKA Home Security Safe 

The SPIKA Home Security Safe comes with a multi functional control panel that lets you lock the safe with a password, that you program yourself, and a fingerprint recognition lock!

It also is built with spring loaded deadbolts to make the safe even more secure overall at no extra cost. 

It has an emergency spare key in case the safe runs out of power when you need your valuables.

Best of all, the setting button is hidden inside the back corners of the safe so nobody can make any changes unless they have the information to get in.

17. Jssmst Small Safe Box

The Jssmst Small Safe Box is available in 5 colors which makes it perfect to match your dorm room decor!

This safe is ideal to keep a low profile when storing your personal information!

It also has an electronic keypad that you can program the password yourself and 2 override keys for emergencies. This safe is perfect for hiding small valuables in plain sight and in small spaces!

There is a bill and coin slot on top of the safe so you can put money in easily without having to open the safe each time.

The Jssmst Small Safe Box is built of steel to make the outside durable and has carpet on the bottom of the safe to protect everything inside.

18. SentrySafe P021E

The SentrySafe P021E is ideal for on-the-go security needs!

It’s built with a carrying handle for easy transportation and the inside is made with delicate materials to protect your stuff while the safe is moving around.

19. SOULYI Safe Box

The SOULYI Safe Box is easy to use and can be unlocked using a key or a passcode.

The battery pack that powers the safe is on the outside so you can easily change them out without having to open the safe. 

This safe is built with an anti-corrosion coating so your safe will have a longer life span than others!

The compact size and vertical design allow you to take the SOULYI Safe Box everywhere you go and store it wherever you need it!

20. Steelwater AMSWD-530

The Steelwater AMSWD-530 can last up to 2 hours in a fire! It is made with 2 layers of steel and has 2 ways of entry, a key, and a passcode you can program yourself. 

It is built with a removable shelf and a slide-out drawer to help better organize what’s inside. Plus, the active rectangular locking bolt adds more surface strength.

21. TIGERKING Home Safe Lock Box 

The TIGERKING Home Safe Lock Box is made of reinforced steel and the door has a stain and corrosion-resistant powder coat that keeps it looking new and durable!

The inside has a removable shelf to help you organize your valuable possessions better. 

Additionally, his electronic digital lock safe box allows you to program your own passcode.

22. KAPUCI Modern Minimalism Design

Next on our list for the best dorm frige is the KAPUCI Modern Minimalism Design!

This safe is made with solid carbon steel and has solid door bolts to keep the safe long-lasting and durable.

The double-layer design features a felt line inside to keep your belongings safe. As a bonus, it’s also shock absorbent and moisture resistant.

The safe has easy access with a fingerprint scanner, electric passcode, and a key for emergencies. This is one of the best safe options to store your important things!

23. AlCase Biometric Fingerprint Storage Box

The AlCase Biometric Fingerprint Storage Box ensures quick access! All you need to do is scan your finger to open your safe quickly while keeping it very secure!

This safe is an easy way to store money or credit cards that you could need throughout the day. Plus it can be locked for over 2,000 on a singular charge. 

This safe is portable and small enough to be stored discreetly. It’s perfect for small items but its removable shelves give you the option of more space as well!

24. HOLOJOY Security Safe Box

The ​​HOLOJOY Security Safe Box is made with thick solid steel and the inside is wrapped in leather to better protect the things most important to you. 

This box has multiple lock modes, including fingerprint, passcode, and a key for emergencies. It also is very easy to install and use and can fit anywhere.

​​25. Stalwart Digital Safe

The Stalwart Digital Safe has a portable safe design and is great for storing money, documents, jewelry, and more. 

The LED keypad allows you to program your own passcode and a guest passcode in case 2 people need access to the stuff inside.

To keep your things extra secure the Stalwart Digital Safe also has an alarm system that goes off after 3 incorrect passcode entries!

26. SentrySafe, Dial Combination

Another great choice is the SentrySafe Dial Combination! The dial combination ensures that nobody will know the code but you. 

It is made of steel, has 4 live-locking bolts, and a pry-resistant hinge bar. It is also easy to install so whether you need to protect things at home or in the office it will work for your needs!

27. HOLOJOY Digital Security Safe

The HOLOJOY Digital Security Safe is both sturdy and secure!

The inside is also wrapped in leather to protect anything you decide to store in it. 

This safe can be unlocked in multiple ways including passcode and key. There’s also an override key if you need something inside when the safe has run out of power.

Best of all, the HOLOJOY Digital Security Home Safe Box has an alarm system that lets you know if someone is trying to get in! This is a really great addition to any college dorm room!

Other Options

Some other reliable options are Stealth College Dorm Safe and the Amazonbasics Security Safe! These are great safes that work for laptops!

On top of all these, there is a wide selection of laptop safes available on the market!

We hope that this list helped you to find the best dorm safe for you! Good luck shopping for the best dorm room safes.

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