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25 Best Flat Irons For Wavy Hair [2023]

Styling hair can be a pain, especially if you are in rush. Flat irons are a great way to make your hair look sleek, and allow the shine to come through.

If you want salon hair wherever you go, keep reading. Not only are these perfect for wavy hair, but are great for most hair types in general.

Here is the scoop on the 25 best flat irons for wavy hair!

1. HSI Professional Glider

The HSI Professional Glider allows you to achieve sleek and smooth hair in record time. Even if you have frizzy or coarse hair, this tool allows you to straighten and curl with a minimal amount of effort. 

The Glider includes ceramic plates with micro-sensors that regulate high temperatures. This means the heat will be distributed evenly, preventing damage to your hair. 

You will be pleased that you won’t have to keep going over the same patch of hair twice. It gives you a nice range of heat settings to work with, giving you more control.

Get more out of your styling experience with this top rated flat iron. This is one of the best hair straighteners available because of its overall strong quality.

2. Pro Artist Black Gold Dual Plate

Get more out of your styling experience with this top rated flat iron. This is one of the best hair straighteners available and offers high-tech features.

Recommended by celebrity hairstylist and Tangle Teezer Brand Ambassador Clayton Hawkins, these flat irons wins in many categories.

The Black Gold styling surfaced plates give your hair a glow like never before. You won’t have to worry about passing twice, one pass will do the trick.  

This iron allows for customizability. Simply switch between the left and right plates for smoother looking hair without heat damage.

This salon grade iron works well on wavy, thick, and curly hair.

3. Dyson Corrale

This award winning Dyson flat iron always gets the job done. It is designed to give every hair type that buttery smooth look. 

Flexible plates are what sets this flat iron apart from the rest. The plates gather around the shape of your hair, giving you unlimited control. This also makes your hair look as naturally styled as possible.

It is simply one of the best in preventing heat damage, frizz, and fly-away hairs. You won’t have to worry about untangling cords, just charge your Dyson and get styling!

4. Express Ion Smooth + Flat

This flat iron smooths out every hair type and length with its 1.25-inch plate size. 

Ceramic irons are quick to heat up and cool. This makes it a safe product for people on the move. It will automatically shut off after one hour. 

The plates are cushioned so you won’t pull and damage your sensitive hairs. Rounded edges on this product also make it easy to add beach waves, curls or bends. 

With a convenient digital display, users get concise temperature control.

This is the best flat iron for wavy hair because of its shape and its power.

5. Hot Tools Pro Signature Ceramic

This Hot Tools hair straightener is highly rated for many reasons. First and foremost, it provides you with the silkiest hair you can imagine! Second, you get many different useful elements.

The auto-shutoff feature puts your mind at ease and is necessary just in case you leave the house in a rush.

Titanium plates make this a strong, long-lasting styling tool. The rounded edges near the plates leave you with endless possibilities when you style.

With 26 heat settings, you get the most out of styling and can reach higher temperatures (up to 455 degrees Fahrenheit at least). The slimmer plates make it easy for you to get tighter and bouncier curls.

This is the best flat iron for wavy hair because of how much grip you can get with those plates.

You will feel like you have full control, and like nothing can stop you.

6. Remington Wet-2-Straight

A personal favorite, and a go-to when first starting to style hair.

The ceramic plates conduct heat evenly and allow it to heat up in just 30 quick seconds.

If you don’t have the time to fully dry your hair before straightening – no worries! The steam vents allow you to straighten right out of the shower, without damaging or frying your hair.

7. GHD Platinum

This is a professional performance hair styling tool that is great in preventing hair damage.

It is all-inclusive and can be used on all hair types. From short hair to long hair, rough hair to fine hair, you will get that smooth texture you desire.

This is one of many ceramic hair straighteners designed to create an even balance of heat, so you have less damage with more uses. With one push of a button, the smart styler gives you the safest temperature for your hair.

Lastly, this product is very well-made. It features a rounded and sleek design, making it feel comfortable for use over long periods of time. It is a favorite flat iron because of the high level of usability.

8. Conair Double Ceramic

This product is great for styling on a budget.

Get the straight style, or even add some curls for volume.

Having longer plates allow for more grip on different hair textures, making styling less of a hassle. This allows you to grab onto more sections of hair in a shorter amount of time.

Even if you have thicker hair, you won’t have a problem passing it through. Use the lower temperature for thin and rough hair, and the high heat setting for thicker hair.

There are also a range of temperature settings so you find the perfect amount of heat for your hair.

9. Moraccanoil Perfectly Polished Titanium

For healthier looking hair, this is the flat iron for you.

The light shade of blue gives this flat iron personality and adds to an overall modern design. Then, you have a soft, ergonomic grip that reduces strain on your hand.

Moracconoil is a company offering a wide variety of products to make your hair flourish. This brand was inspired by argan oil, because of its natural benefits. They infuse pure oil in their formulas to provide the best quality and results.

This is the best flat iron for wavy hair because of how well-made it is. This product is made for any type of texture of hair so you will get a smooth finish no matter what.

If you want the salon experience at home, grab a moracconoil straightener. Oh, and don’t forget to grab the Moraccanoil heat protectant spray to couple with your flat iron!

10. Argan Heat by One n’ Only

This is one of the ceramic irons that give you a great experience and great value. If you are looking for an option on the cheaper end, we got you covered.

Argan oil is infused into the ceramic plates, delivering essential fatty acids, omega-6, and vitamin E to your hair.

Argan Oil is used to regenerate damaged hair and allows you to style without the worry of extensive damage.

This flat iron features a whopping 30 temperature settings, giving you a variety of styling options. For the smoothest look, go with the Argan Heat.

11. NuMe Style Setter

This hairstyling tool will have you styled in no time! This is the best flat iron for wavy hair, curly hair, and straight hair.

The plates on this iron are extremely versatile. Floating 1-inch plates allow you to get closer to each section of hair, without all the tugging and pulling.

Then, you have the beveled design which grips onto the curliest and straightest hair.

Tourmaline plates reduce damage on hair strands and follicles, supporting overall healthy hair. Tourmaline produces negative ions which contribute to less heat damage.

12. FHI HEAT Platform Tourmaline

If you want beautifully straight hair, but also want those beach curls or waves, this flat iron is for you!

FHI HEAT is designed to provide styling perfection. With it’s well-known red ceramic plates and durability, it gets you the texture you desire.

It is a good hair straightener for textured hair, delivering a long-lasting shine to any user.

Extended flat iron plates provide people with long hair a shorter styling time. It allows you to quickly grab and straighten each section of hair with ease.

You see also your different heat settings on the digital screen, giving you a greater sense of control when using it.

13. Harry Josh Pro

This pro tool helps you achieve a plethora of hairstyles.

You are able to easily slide this flat iron through your hair to get a noticeable shine.

Digital technology makes the tool heat up and cool down in shorter periods of time, reducing stress on you. Nano-ceramic plates are able to re-hydrate your hair and reducing those pesky stray hairs.

There are extra large dual voltage ceramic heaters embedded to give even amounts of heat. You get a nice temperature range to personalize your styling experience.

You will have peace of mind knowing you have a durable powerful styling tool at the tip of your fingers!

14. amika The Confidante Moisture Maintenance Styler

Amika gives you a sleek design and a durable product. This modern styling tool gives you the heat control you need while getting ready for a big day. Rose gold accents give a pop of color and personality.

This flat iron works well because of how it distributes heat through the longer plates. It does this to prevent over-drying and breakage of your hair.

Also, the led temperature display allows for efficiency and accuracy.

This flat iron is a great choice for maintaining the texture of your hair and preventing any frizz. You will leave your hair with a distinct and long-lasting shine.

15. Le Duo Blush

This flat iron has a lightweight and ergonomic design, enhancing your styling experience.

Air vents are crucial in letting heat flow evenly throughout the straightening iron. The built-in fan sends through cool air to lock your style in and boost shine.

A titanium plate is what allows for heat distribution, which is an important thing for different hair types. Change the heat settings to have more control over your styling. Less heat for fine and thin hair, and more heat for coarse and thick hair.

The clip makes it easy to lock in curls or beachy waves, and provides for more control when gliding through hair. Use the clip to control the amount of pressure you use when wrapping or pulling hair through.

16. BeKind Apex 2-in-1

This hair tool is one of the best on the budget-friendly side. However, you still get high quality style.

This is one of the ceramic flat irons that keeps up with you. It encompasses temperature memory so you can quickly embark on your styling journey.

What’s great about the rounded design is you get a straightener and curling iron in one. There is nothing better than that! Just start curling hair by twisting it around one side.

17. REVLON Smooth Brilliance

This is a digital flat iron that changes the way you style hair.

The long and thin design maximizes usability, while a digital display with adjustable temperature provides you with more heat control.

It leaves your hair with a smooth finish in a shorter amount of time. It has smaller plates that allow you to grip easier and gets you long-lasting style.

You don’t need too much heat when you have thinner and fine hair. You will still get the style you want to achieve with a lower heat setting.

With this product, you can achieve it all in a smaller time frame.

18. CHI Lava

This lava-infused flat iron provides more natural and gentle heat to your hair. This is great for finer hair that might be more prone to damage.

Lava powders in the heating plate give more moisture to the hair and allow you to lock in the style you want in less time.

It is ergonomic with its matte finish, and the rounded edges fit right into your hand. This flat iron works with you and is the best flat iron for wavy hair due to its heating system.

Overall, it is the best flat iron for wavy hair because of how the heat penetrates different hair textures. You are able to get the maximum temperature, for the roughest and thickest hair.

19. xtava Steam

The Xtava steam is one of the best straighteners if you want to save money and look good doing it! With this styler, you get infrared heat as well as cold-conditioning steam to strengthen your hair and lock your style in place.

This is a good hair straightener in that it works well with long or short hair. You have a smooth surface tourmaline plate that conducts heat and cooling in an efficient way.

Adding moisture with steam is used to help reduce the risk of dry hair and follicles.

20. HOT TOOLS Professional Black Gold Micro-Shine

The Micro-shine is one of the ceramic straighteners that has a little bit of everything! It’s a great flat iron for when you want those tight curls or a straight flowy mane.

It has a patented ergonomic cylindrical design, making the process of curling and straightening a smooth one.

The professional swivel cord at the bottom is great for professional hairstylists who have lots of clients throughout the day.

The Micro-shine is the best option for your hair and gives you very adjustable heat settings. It can also reach higher temperatures without overheating, which is good for people using it on natural hair.

21. T3 Singlepass

Ranking as one of a top favorite flat iron, the T3 single pass is a power move. It is a lightweight, compact, and well-designed product.

This is the best flat iron for wavy hair in that it has settings for each hair type. There are 5 adjustable settings, and that is really all you need from a professional flat iron.

It is a popular choice because of its ability to glide through and straighten with just a single pass. It is easy to style because of how the internal microchip maintains a uniform amount of heat for great results.

Lastly, the easy-glide hinge allows you to be on top of your styling game.

22. Vibrastraight Pro

This is a very unique flat iron that includes vibrating technology to help you achieve a salon look. It emphasizes a gentle glide through your hair, instead of harsh pulling or tugging.

The wider plates allow for people with thick, frizzy hair to grab all the hairs they want and pull it through.

The goal of the Vibrastraight pro is to get in touch with more strands of hair and to provide great heat transfer. This helps in making it look smoother and even healthier.

An LED temperature control display gives you heat options to optimize your styling experience using one of the top flat irons on the market!

Create a light wave or a straight, sleek look with the Vibrastraight pro’s ionic technology.

23. Kristin Ess 3-in-1

If you are in need of a professional and affordable hair styling tool, look no further!

The Kristen Ess iron is made with a soft handle, and an ergonomic grip making you feel more comfortable with every use.

This specific infrared heat technology helps sustain your curls for longer, delivering even layers of heat. It delivers instant heat to get you ready quicker. Your hair will thank you after you are left with a smooth and polished finish.

You can also get better results using the slim plates if you have thinner hair, and you will catch all those baby hairs.

24. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium

Included in this design you get the all-direction floating plates, boosting your styling ability and leaving your hair the softest texture possible.

Straighten every strand of your wavy or curly hair with the wide heating plate.

If you find yourself frequently using one temperature setting, one of the great features of this flat iron is the memory saving feature. It remembers your settings, so you can save more time.

The babylisspro nano titanium works on damp and dry hair, allowing for true ease of use.

One pass, and you’re ready for girls night out.


With the INFINITIPRO, Conair brings you a sleek design with rose gold accents.

This is one of the titanium straighteners, making it super durable. It is an ionic straightener, taking positive ions found on the hair and neutralizing them.

Slim plates heat up in about 30 seconds, giving you the consistent heat levels you need while styling. In turn, this also reduces the amount of damage to your hair.

It is the better option for meeting all your hair styling needs. It doubles as a curling iron so you get the best usage and the best hair.

The ceramic tourmaline plates glide effortlessly through your hair at the optimal temperature, leaving behind a smooth and untouchable finish.

You don’t need to be a professional hairstylist to get the salon look. There are many different options out there that are affordable, durable, and prevent damage to your hair.

For a wide range of hair types and textures, there is a flat iron out there for you.

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