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25 Best Food Trucks in Kansas City

It’s that time of the year again! The sun is out, and food trucks gather round to conquer Kansas City local’s appetites. We’ve tried some of the best food trucks, and rounded up (in no particular order) our top Kansas City picks! There’s no better time than now to try these amazing bites!

1. Taco Republic Truck

Let’s taco ’bout how awesome Taco Republic Truck is. With a simple menu, it’s delicious enough to win over the taste buds of Kansas City locals. Their street tacos taste authentic, and are perfectly paired with chips and freshly made salsa. Wash it down with a Jarritos Soda, and then get back in line for more.

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2. Beauty of the Bistro

You wouldn’t expect crawfish to be paired with mac & cheese, but Beauty of the Bistro gets it right. This decadent cheesy delight is one of the crowd favorites, along with their Boom boom Tacos and Grilled Pesto Club. With so many choices, the only trouble you’ll have is deciding what to get!

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3. Little Italy

With strong Italian roots, Little Italy has withheld to their old family recipes. Get their signature Italian Cone Fries sprinkled with Sicilian Sea Salts and Italy imported cheese, or try their Italian Steak Sandwich served with  their signature sauce. Only the hungry can finish the food here.

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4. Crave KC

We can’t get enough of food truck tacos. Crave KC dishes out their spin on tacos, featuring chicken fusion tacos drizzled with an Asian slaw blend. They also have loaded nachos that are to die for! Lastly, finish it off with a warm buttermilk brownie!

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4. Bochi

Three words. Stuffed chicken wings. That’s right, Bochi carefully removes the bones from each wing, and stuffs them with fried rice. A popular dish in Taiwan, Bochi brings the delicacy to Kansas City for a glimpse of the popular dish. Like they said, “You can keep wishing for real boneless wings or you can book the Bochi Truck today!”

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5. ChickHoovenSwine KC

With the motto “Where Championship BBQ Meats the Streets,” ChickHoovenSwine offers burnt ends, one of Kansas City’s favorites.  If you’re wanting something even extra, try their Pulled Pork Trash Can BBQ Nachos. All topped with cheesy corn.


6. The Cajun Cabin

How often are you able to get authentic cajun food in Kansas City? No worries, because the Cajun Cabin has you covered. Gumbo, jambalaya, red beans, it’ll taste like it was personally delivered from New Orleans. Flavors are bursting with a kick, and spiced to perfection!

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8. Jerusalem Cafe

My absolute favorite place for gyros, Jerusalem Cafe is home to carefully crafted dishes that taste like you’re in the Mediterranean. They also have delicious pita bread and homemade hummus, a great side item. Jerusalem Cafe tastes so good, and leaves you feeling good!

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9. Detroit Coney

Michigan Natives ventured to Kansas City to take part in the food truck movement. Along with them, they brought their infamous Coney Dogs. Michigan is to coneys as Kansas City is to BBQ. Their Coney Dogs are no joke, and have become a popular hit among locals. How could anyone resist?

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10. The Waffler

These aren’t your mom’s typical breakfast waffles. At The Waffler, they make Liege style waffles, popular from the Belgium area. These waffles are packed with flavor, and perfect for anyone looking to satisfy their sweet tooth!

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11. Cheesy Pops’ Pizza
Pops and Madre know their pizza. Upon retiring, they followed their dreams of bringing wood-fired pizza to Kansas City, and we are so thankful they did. With so many cheesy creations to select from, there is something for everyone’s inner pizza cravings.

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12. Plantain District

Also known as the Cuban Fusion food truck, this award winning truck features sandwiches, bowls, and small bites. It’s the ultimate destination for an authentic Cubano sandwich!

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13. Coffee Cake KC

Coffee lovers, this is the truck for you. Satisfy your caffeine intake with the espresso bar, perfectly paired with their signature Coffee Cake. Not a coffee fan? They even offer fruit smoothies and teas! Espress yo-self!

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14. El Tenedor KC

Taste the Spanish and Mediterranean spirit in these bold and flavorful cuisines. With dishes like their lobster bisque or lamb ribs, you’ll be nothing short of satisfied with these extravagant delicacies.

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15. Pigwich 

Looking for something to fill you up? Try one of their burgers, or their pigwich sandwich, loaded with smoked pork, slaw, and barbecue sauce. It’s kind of a pig deal!

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16. Torched Goodness

Imagine your typical custard filled treat, but available in 30 different flavors, then torched to a golden crisp. At Torched Goodness, this is not your typical custard. At only $2, $3, or $5, get these unique creme brulees, because you won’t be disappointed!

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17. Wilma’s Real Good Food

With the slogan “Real good food,” Wilma’s menu offers street style foods. From their Notorious P.I.G, to their Spicy Shrimp and Grilled Watermelon Tacos, you’ve never had anything like this before! Comfort foods meet the streets of KC!


18. Jazzy B’s

Jazzy B’s goes the extra mile to bring specialty dishes to Kansas City locals. Their Brisket Tacos are a must try, along with their Pulled Pork Eggrolls. Don’t knock it till you try it!

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19. The Funnel Cake Truck

One of Kansas City’s most popular, the Funnel Cake Truck uses their secret family batter to bring us the best funnel cakes the area has to offer. Not only that, but they have fried Oreos, Snickers, Twinkies, and many more. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

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20. Bizou 

Offering authentic and savory crêpes , Bizou is suitable any time of the day. Both French owners were trained at the best crepe school in France, so you know it’s legit. They take their crepes very seriously, and the result is spectacular.

Image result for bizoufood truck

21. The Casual Foodie

Tacos, Sliders, Nachos, Wings, and more. The Casual Foodie is perfect for someone looking for an outside of the box meal. With fresh ingredients, they feature items like their PB&J wings, or their Fried Chicken Club. You better believe it!

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23. Red Wattle KC

You haven’t had a KC Cheesesteak until you try Red Wattle KC. Their meals are finger-lickin good, and leave you wanting more. Try it once, and I guarantee you’ll be back again!

Image result for red wattle kc


24. KC Pinoy

Get the taste of Filipino home cooking, all in a truck! Pair the perfect rice and meat for an explosion in your mouth! Everyone raves about KC Pinoy, and loves exploring their different food options they offer.

Image result for kc pinoy


25. Monk’s Roast Beef

Although they’re known for their roast beef sandwiches, they offer a huge selection of all different kinds! I encourage you to try their French Dip, it’s my personal favorite!

Image result for monks roast beef


Kansas City, I’m so in love. Not only with the beautiful city, but all the delicious foods you have to offer. Let us know your favorites too!

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Friday 16th of June 2017

Monks is my favorite then Torched for dessert!!!!! Yum

Cathy Partridge

Friday 16th of June 2017

Love Little Italy, KC! The owners have another food truck that is just as good, Street Wings!


Thursday 15th of June 2017

Funnel cake truck is the best!!! Always gives the sweetest treats!!

Suzanne Bradbury

Monday 11th of December 2017

Janelle thank you!! You are a doll :) this is a very well written review . I enjoyed reading it Sarah! and I appreciate your awesome words Janelle!

Jen Garrett

Wednesday 14th of June 2017

Is the truck in the first picture/cover shot even from Kc? This post seems outdated and not very well researched. I agree with the majority of trucks listed, however very generic and lacking substance. Try to do better if you are a so called food critic.


Wednesday 14th of June 2017

yeaaaaaaas! my family loves jazzy B's ! the jazzy fries are redic!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.