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25 Best Healing Crystals for Manifesting Your Desires

Using crystals for manifestation is a powerful process that can help you achieve your goals, overcome negative energy, and open up your chakras so that you can harness and focus your positive energy to bring about the things you want in life.

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Here is the scoop on which crystals are good for manifestation!

What is Manifesting

Manifesting is the process of using the power of crystals to help you achieve your goals and desires. This is done by focusing on specific intentions, visualizing what you want, and connecting with the energy of the crystals to help you attract those things into your life.

Crystal manifestation is a powerful and effective way to tap into the energy of crystals in order to manifest your goals and desires. This can be done by choosing specific crystals that are believed to have the power to help you achieve your goals, setting specific intentions and visualizations, and working with the energy of these crystals in order to create the reality that you desire.

Some of the most popular crystals for manifestation include clear quartz, which is known as a master healer and is believed to help increase personal power, and rose quartz, which is a powerful stone for love and romance.

Other popular crystals for manifestation include amethyst, which is believed to help promote spiritual growth and self-limiting beliefs, and citrine, which is known as a great stone for attracting wealth and success.

Whether you are looking to improve your love life, boost your career, or achieve any other personal goals, using crystals for manifestation can be a powerful and effective way to bring your desires into reality.

1. Rose Quartz

rose quartz

Rose Quartz is the ultimate pink crystal of unconditional love. If you need a reminder to help restore trust and harmony in relationships, this beautiful crystal is an ideal companion.

Delicately formed from millions of years ago yet ever present today, Rose Quartz will assist in purifying and opening your heart at all levels. Its deep inner healing encourages self-love, friendship, peace and immense love for the world around you.

This spiritual crystal is for everyone – it knows no bounds when it comes to sharing its purest form of love with all who surround it. Connect with the Rose Quartz crystal to bring more love into your life!

2. Pyrite

Pyrite, also called fool’s gold, is the treasure of spiritual protection! This beautiful stone is a powerful shield that will guard you from negative energy and environmental pollution.

It’s more than just a pretty accessory, though – Pyrite also stimulates the second and third chakras, helping you to strengthen your mental power and willpower.

As an added bonus, this hunk of glimmering gold helps promote physical well-being too! It is a great tool for working with your solar plexus chakra.

3. Green Aventurine

green aventurine

Green Aventurine is a powerful tool for creating harmony and inner peace within. It vibrates a beautiful sense of balance that grounds us to the physical and spiritual world.

When we’re feeling out of touch with our environment, Green Aventurine serves as a tender reminder to reconnect with the energy that flows through all living things. This is the stone of opportunity so keep an open mind.

This crystal is especially helpful for those who struggle with overthinking and emotional rumination. It helps provide spaces for clarity and perspective by supporting us in letting go of unhealthy thoughts or outdated emotions. In this way, it inspires us to live more authentically from an emotionally intelligent state-of-mind.

When we use Green Aventurine as part of our daily meditations or practices, we can experience deeper levels of connection to ourselves, others, and the Universe that creates real lasting peace.

4. Clear Quartz

Take inspiration from the power of Clear Quartz. This beautiful stone is here to help enhance your mental clarity, emotional stability, and overall wellbeing. With its soothing properties and strong alignment with meditation and restorative work, you can use this crystal to reach a greater understanding of yourself and those around you.

It’s no surprise that clear quartz is so popular in the spiritual world. Its reputation for manifestation is well-known and with it you can create focus, clarity, and intention for your desires to reach fruition. Feel your mental clarity expand as this gemstone helps bring awareness to the topics of thought that hold you back from achieving fulfillment.

Find stillness in moments of uncertainty so that you can make informed decisions around improving the well-being of your life. Invest in Clear Quartz and receive its many benefits today!

5. Black Obsidian

black obsidian
Julia Bogdan

Black Obsidian is a beautiful, mysterious stone with strong magical powers. It can be used to help create balance and protection in any home or space.

With its powerful ability to absorb energy, it lends itself particularly well to aiding with spiritual connection and understanding. This ancient stone can help you look within and become aware of yourself at a deeper level and clear unhealthy patterns that may be blocking your growth.

It acts as a spiritual cleanser in clearing psychic smog from the aura and revealing truths even when it is uncomfortable to do so. Embrace the mysteries around black obsidian and use its strength wisely for a greater understanding of self and the world around you.

6. Green Jade

Experience the energy of the Jade crystal, a stone as beautiful as it is powerful. This timeless stone has been treasured in cultures around the world for thousands of years, and today it continues to captivate people with its incredible qualities and potential.

From its cool shades of green to its ability to bring harmony and healing into your life, jade crystal is an incredibly special gem that can serve as a reminder of one’s inner strength and beauty. In addition to being an eye-catching accessory, this ancient stone can bring you closer to your connection with the Universe.

It can be used in many ways – set it on your desk or nightstand to inspire clarity and focus; wear it as jewelry for good luck and protection; or use it as a meditation tool to open yourself up to higher spiritual knowledge.

Regardless of how you choose to use jade crystal, know that its energies are here for you when you need them most. So get ready to embark on an amazing journey – experience the power of jade crystal today!

7. Black Tourmaline

Are you looking for a unique way to bring good fortune and luck into your life? Look no further than the incredible Black Tourmaline!

With its powerful energy field, the black tourmaline is said to provide cleansing and healing on all levels – physical, emotional, spiritual and mental – when used as a necklace. Those who have embraced this lucky crystal report undeniable improvements in their inner peace and harmony.

Not only will you benefit from drawing out negative energies and replacing them with positivity, but also take comfort knowing that other believers of this ancient stone have done so too! Embrace the light of the universe and add a little spirituality to your life through the wonders of black tourmaline.

8. Citrine


Citrine is a beautiful and powerful gemstone with exceptional metaphysical properties. Known for its vibrant yellow color, citrine has been celebrated for centuries as the stone of success.

As merchants and businesspeople in ancient cultures believed it to bring good luck and prosperity, Citrine was known as the merchant’s stone or money stone. Its energies can be incredibly empowering, lifting oppressive cycles of uncertainty while reigniting our motivation towards brighter outcomes.

Wearing this stone can grant a deeper understanding of our own power to attract abundance in all forms, giving you an awesome sense of potential when working your way through difficult problems or life-changing decisions.

9. Blue Lace Agate

Discover a world of untold possibilities with the power of Blue Agate Crystal. Let this powerful stone guide you on an emotional journey of healing and clarity, helping you cultivate and strengthen your emotional health so you can stay healthy in body and mind.

Thought to be tied directly to the heart chakra, this crystal helps open our energy levels to giving and receiving unconditional love—perfect for anyone looking to reap spiritual benefits from their crystal practice. Hold it in your left hand and place it on your heart.

This particular type of Agate has been prized for its healing powers, enabling us to bring balance into our lives. Through its calming energy, it encourages us to serenely explore the depths of our innermost selves where all paths to true emotion healing reside.

Allow yourself to tap into your deepest reserves with blue agate crystal and see what miracles can be unlocked.

10. Tiger’s Eye

tiger's eye
Donna Shell

Tiger’s Eye is a powerful, protective stone and choose to wear it around their neck or finger find themselves guided towards a journey of higher understanding and enlightenment.

This stone is known to bring good luck and mental clarity into your life while also defending you against negativity, psychosomatic illnesses, fear and anxiety. This is a great crystal for working with your sacral chakra.

The healing properties of tigers eye include healing emotional wounds and protecting users from negative vibes.

The power within each tiger’s eye helps the wearer focus the mind and make sense of the chaos that life can bring. It removes emotional clouds from decision-making for a more clearheaded journey on the path of self-discovery and transformation.

As an inspiration piece for those seeking courage, will-power and determination on their quest into personal awakening, there is no better companion than Tiger’s Eye.

11. Red Jasper

Known for its powerful energizing vibrations, Red Jasper is beloved by many for the connection it gives them to the spirit world. It’s a gemstone of protection and physical strength that’s believed to bring about a sense of balance and positivity in life.

Red Jasper has an undeniable connection with the root chakra, providing groundedness and spiritual awareness like no other – perfect for those searching for clarity in their journey. Invite Red Jasper into your life to aid you in gaining stability as you strive to meet your goals.

Allow its vibrations to be harmoniously intertwined with your soul’s growth work. With its intense healing energy, unlocking greater consciousness is within reach!

12. Grey Botswana Agate

The raw, beautiful Grey Botswana Agate is the perfect addition for any spiritual practitioner’s collection. Known for its healing and calming properties, it offers help to those who are connected to fire or smoke, as well as those who need assistance with brain-related issues.

Its organic shape often looks like a human brain, making it a wonderful tool to use while focusing on the crown chakra.

Grey Botswana Agate works as an amplifier of energy that can be used to help instill peace and clarity. This can be beneficial when meditating or doing spiritual work, as it may aid in focusing one’s flow of energy within themselves. Additionally, this powerful stone carries protective energies which are believed to block negative energy and offer spiritual protection.

Bringing both peace and protection into your personal practices, Grey Botswana Agate will make a soothing addition to your energy work routine. With its unique ability to tap into the crown chakra, it could be just what you need to take your journey further on any spiritual path.

13. Pink Kunzite

pink kunzite
Ekaterina Lutokhina

Discover the spiritual power of Pink Kunzite and experience a blissful connection to your higher self. This beautiful gemstone has abilities to stimulate your crown chakra, heighten your vibrations, and create profound spiritual attunement.

It also connects to unconditional love – by wearing kunzite jewelry, you may develop a deeper appreciation for yourself and those around you.

Let pink kunzite open up your heart and restore inner peace as it guides you towards an enhanced level of spiritual awareness.

14. Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is a mysterious and powerful stone that symbols balance, hope, and compassion. Much more than just a pretty mineral, Rhodochrosite synchronizes the physical world with the spiritual realm to create harmony within your life.

By opening your heart and soul, it can catalyze an emotional embodiment of love and passion while empowering strength to truly express yourself authentically.

In addition to its properties of joy and contentment, Rhodochrosite also helps one process emotions of depression and despair with fairness and understanding. It assists in lifting those negative feelings, ensuring that you come out the other side in a positive state of mind.

Special qualities like this make Rhodochrosite incredibly unique; it provides deep healing for those feeling lost or weak and helps you reconnect with yourself on a much deeper level.

Ultimately, Rhodochrosite stands as a strong ally during times of emotional turmoil; working as a gentle reminder that true inner strength comes from being unafraid to embrace all things, both dark and light. Embrace the power of Rhodochrosite today for an elevated spiritual path towards unconditional love – for ourselves and others – as we journey into the light together!

15. Carnelian


Carnelian’s mystical powers and intense coloring imbue it with an undeniable spiritual power that endures to this day. Its awe-inspiring beauty draws us in and connects us to something greater than ourselves.

The rich, sunset hues of Carnelian symbolize bold energy, warmth, and a joy that never goes away. Its energy helps to empower and inspire no matter the situation or circumstance you find yourself in.

It promises motivation when needed and sustains us even during troubling times.

16. Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is the perfect crystal for anyone looking to make emotional and spiritual progress. With its deep dark energy, it has a comforting energy that brings peace and calm to stressful situations.

Smoky Quartz works on our root chakra reminding us of strength and stability within times of difficulty. It encourages feelings of inner resolve and assists with emotional healing while inspiring hope towards future prospects.

On an energetic level it helps clear trapped emotions that might be disrupting your well-being or even blocking intuition, allowing for luck, abundance and synchronicity to manifest in your life.

Overall smoky quartz helps you to rise above negative energies, protect yourself from environmental pollutants, stay emotionally balanced, cope during difficult times and be present in the moment enjoying all positive aspects of living.

17. Moonstone


Welcome to the magical world of Moonstone, where inner clarity and cyclical change meet. This powerful crystal has a great connection to the energy of femininity. It brings forth a unique sense of balance, fertility, softness, and above all else, intuition.

Wherever you are on your journey of self-discovery and transformation, Moonstone will be your beacon of hope. Its calming light reminds us that new possibilities await us just around the corner – if we can just embrace them!

It carries within it a wise wisdom that speaks softly yet importantly to our souls. Through its gentle vibrations, we can learn how to foster a life filled with joy and peace.

Take charge of your spiritual awakening with this tranquil gem. Create an atmosphere of awareness in every moment; open yourself to life’s beauty yet remain ready for change.

Find comfort in knowing that each individual has their own distinct path with enough strength to dare its obstacles. So tap into the power of Moonstone today – unlock its potential for inner harmony today!

18. Amethyst

When it comes to gemstones, Amethyst is one of the most majestic and spiritually enriching stones you can get your hands on. This stunning purple stone is a symbol of spiritual awakening, believed to enable us to better connect with the divine within us all.

It helps with dream interpretation and to evoke peacefulness in those who wear or use it. Also, is provides mental clarity so that the wearer can make wise decisions even under challenging circumstances.

With its tranquil, calming energy, Amethyst is an ideal addition to any home or workplace – creating an atmosphere of peace while inspiring deep spiritual connection and enlightenment. Unlock the hidden power of Amethyst today and open yourself up to a new level of spiritual awareness!

19. Topaz

Discover joy and reconnect to your highest self with Topaz. This beautiful, uplifting stone will provide a powerful energy boost that is both healing and energizing. Like the spoken word of an old friend, it will bring kindness and compassion into your life.

Topaz will also help you manifest the life of your dreams. Focus on embodying the qualities that you need to succeed, use this stone’s energies to aid in visualization, and trust that everything will fall in place naturally.

And while trusting yourself and the universe is important during this process, it can be hard at times; this is where Topaz comes in. Its presence heightens mental awareness and encourages receptivity – it will inspire confidence in following through whatever dreams you have set for yourself.

Energize your soul with Topaz! Get in touch with your innermost essence and enjoy a life full of magic, balance, growth, fulfillment, and abundance.

20. Rainbow Fluorite

rainbow fluorite

The beautiful Rainbow Fluorite is more than just a captivating stone – it’s a spiritual gem that channels positive energy and helps create balance in life. Rainbow fluorite comes in stunning shades of green, purple, blue and yellow. Each shade adds its own unique vibrations to the stone.

This vibrant crystal works on many different levels to enhance your wellbeing by restoring stability and clarity to both body and mind. It brings forth an uplifting force that helps establish a bridge between physical and spiritual dimensions.

With the power to heal emotional stress, rainbow fluorite is the perfect tool for creating a balanced lifestyle in every area of your being. Discover its spiritual properties today, from unlocking intuition and creativity to channeling happiness in every direction of your life.

21. Garnet

Garnet is a gemstone like no other, embodying strength and perseverance in its majestic red hue. The ancients revered it hugely, recognizing its spiritual qualities and seeing it as a symbol of life itself. Some people also call Garnet the commitment stone.

Those who use it feel their commitment and determination strength growing.

Such an enigmatic and treasured stone is sure to bring peace, balance, joy and creativity into your life; allowing you to accomplish great things with focus, courage and grace. Embrace your true potential by wearing this magnificent gem and unlocking its magical potential for yourself!

22. Sodalite


Sodalite is more than just another pretty blue, it is a treasure filled with the powerful energy of change and enlightenment. Some call this magical gemstone the Logic Stone. It radiates positive vibrations that elevate the spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being of those who carry or wear it.

From its ancient origins in salty seas, Sodalite has come to us as a messenger of wisdom and clarity. It is said to provide connection between logic and intuition, allowing for deeper knowledge and greater understanding.

With its ability to bring insight and deep thought, Sodalite will make your creative force access new heights—bringing clarity and creative ideas in abundance! A meditative stone for the highest mental endeavors, Sodalite provides you with a peaceful focus on self-growth so that you may find serenity within yourself.

Refresh your third eye chakra with this beautiful gem today!

23. Moss Agate

The Moss Agate is a divine gift from the universe that brings with it peace, abundance, and wealth. It encourages growth and development with its vibrant energy and will bring focus to those who seek success. As the Stone of Abundance, it symbolizes prosperity and good luck – helping to bring opportunities into our lives.

Known for its healing powers, moss agate works as a protective shield. Its natural power dispels negativity and protects your wellbeing from harmful influences. It stimulates creativity, imagination, courage, and determination so you can bravely pursue your aspirations and dreams.

And because it’s mined from nature’s mysterious depths, wearing this stone serves as a reminder of how precious life is and promotes an attitude of gratitude for what we have in life.

Bring joy into your life by connecting with this exquisite gemstone. Let its positive energy become part of your daily practice to increase your chances of success both inside and out!

24. Clear Quartz

The Clear Quartz crystal is great to help with self-limiting belief systems. Clear Quartz amplifies natural energy, giving it an aura of sacredness.

Place the crystal near other crystals to increase the power of your energy grid, allowing you to amplify both positive and negative forces within your environment.

As you meditate with this powerful mineral, you’ll find its clarifying power harmoniously purifying any destructive thought patterns and helping to manifest intentions.

Channeling its unique attributes, Clear Quartz can also assist in balancing mind-body-spirit as its ability to intake, direct and store powers makes it an ideal conduit for spiritual guidance.

25. Ruby


Ruby is the emblem of passion and power. This gem has a deep red appearance, and it helps with protection and wealth.

The ruby has been cherished as a symbol of love since its introduction to warriors in Burma and China, believed to provide supernatural defense in battle.

These ancient peoples even went so far as to physically insert rubies into their flesh for invincibility! This ageless giver of courage and devotion is the perfect investment

Other Tools

In addition to working with different crystals, there are lots of other tools and resources for manifesting. One option is to consult crystal healers who specialize in working with crystals.

There are also influencers like Miranda Kerr or Heather Askinosie who specializes in the power of crystals.

You can also research the scientific evidence and the ancient civilizations use of crystals. Whether you want to learn more about the placebo effect or other specific properties of crystals, there are lots of great choices.

Another option is to read books on crystals! Just be sure to check the privacy policy before making your purchases. Crystals can be used in good stead to help you manifest your own wants and needs.

There are so many different types of crystal work you can do once you find the right crystal. Once you find your favorite way to manifest, you will be a manifesting rock star. You can live your dream life!

crystal spires
Deniz Cengiz

Things to Remember

There are so many different things you can do with crystals for manifesting. Whether you are looking to improve your romantic relationships, achieve your personal goals, or simply create a positive outlook on life, there are countless crystals and manifestation practices that can help.

The best way to begin your manifestation process is to start with specific goals. Manifesting is all about intention.

Some of the most popular crystals for this purpose include crystal quartz, which has powerful healing properties and the ability to enhance mental clarity and intuition. Other powerful crystals for manifestation include rose quartz, which is linked to love and romance, and moonstone, which can help with dream interpretation and positive thinking.

Additionally, you may also want to consider using a crystal grid or working with a trained crystal therapist or healer in order to maximize the benefits of your manifestation practices.

Overall, there are many different ways to harness the power of crystals in order to manifest your deepest desires and achieve your full potential.

Final Thoughts

That is the scoop on the best crystals for manifesting. They are powerful tools for crystal healing, so do not hesitate to add new stones to your life.

Whether you are working on a specific goal, such as manifesting wealth or love, or simply wishing to achieve your full potential and live your best life, crystals can help. This is because they have unique properties that work with the law of attraction and the power of positive thinking.

Some of the most powerful crystals for manifestation include those with a golden appearance. They have an electric charge that helps you tap into your full potential.

Other popular choices include the stone of unconditional love, which can help release old wounds and negative thoughts and open up new opportunities in your life.

If you are looking for a powerful manifestation tool, consider incorporating crystals into your vision board or meditations, or visiting a crystal shop and working with a professional crystal healer.

Whether you choose to use crystals in your personal life or online through social media, they can be great way to harness the energy of the full moon and move forward in your dreams and goals. So go ahead and give them a try – you won’t regret it!

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