25 Best Manifestation Journals For the Law of Attraction in Your Life

There are so many manifestation techniques out there that it is important to find the best manifestation journal for you and your needs.

best manifestation journals

How To Use A Manifestation Journal

Manifesting your dream life or good things is a technique that allows you to create your reality by focusing your thoughts and positive energy on what you desire.

The first step to making your dream life reality is by keeping a manifestation journal.

It can be the best way for you to record your intentions, track your progress, and receive guidance and clarity along the way.

Practice with a manifesting journal in everyday life will help you to stay focused!

You should set goals, track your progress, and keep a gratitude list. This will provide guidance and clarity.

When choosing a manifestation journal, one important thing is to look for one that best suits your real life and what might help your future self.

The good news is that there are many different types of manifestation journal examples available, so be sure to choose a powerful manifestation journal that will work best for you on this list of things.

 If you are looking for a gratitude journal, that will also be included in this shopping guide.

Many of these options include free shipping, so make sure you are reading the shipping information when you are directed to the website’s link.

There are so many great choices to choose from, but we are here to show you some of our favorite journals!

30 Best Manifestation Journals For the Law of Attraction in Your Life

Here is the scoop on the best manifestation journal to help you manifest your desires!

1. Law of Attraction Planner by Freedom Mastery

The first thing on this shopping guide is the Law Of Attraction Planner by Freedom Mastery.

This planner includes blank pages and shows you how to become the best version of yourself on all levels! These include mental, physical, and interpersonal.

You will be greeted by 248 pages of life transformation consisting of 52 pages of weekly and 12 monthly planning overviews and reflections. 

All of the guidance and new things you need can be found throughout the journal pages, habit trackers, mind maps, the vision board, and morning and evening routines.

Learn to set reachable life goals and manage your time efficiently using the Law of Attraction Planner by Freedom Mastery.

On top of gaining positive skills, you can also reduce stress, and help your subconscious mind and procrastination habits using this powerful tool. 

2. KAHPAN Inspirational Notebook Diary

The KAHPAN Inspiration Notebook Diary is a hardcover notebook and an inspirational notebook, that provides confidence and pride to those who hold it.

Both covers are laminated for a comforting feel, and they are high quality so nothing can seep through them and contaminate the content inside. 

The spiral binding allows for the notebook to be placed flat when opened.

Inside the covers is 160 pieces of high quality ruled paper, which prevents bleeding of ink.

 KAHPAN Inspirational Notebook Diary is a great option for manifestation journal work!

3. Leather Book of Shadows Journal By Leather Jackson

One can’t turn down a unique, hand-crafted genuine leather journal like the Leather Book of Shadows Journal by Leather Jackson.

The Chakra colored gemstones and brass latch give this notebook a magical spellbook feel. 

The cover features a beautiful leaf pattern, embossed onto the cover using hand tools by highly skilled artisans. The 1.5 inch thick bound leather is filled with 200 pages of blank off-white plain paper for a written word. 

With no bleed the 125 gsm natural fiber paper makes this a lovely blank book to draw, sketch, or write in.

No matter what is on your mind, you can put it onto paper using this perfect manifestation journal; Leather Book of Shadows Journal by Leather Jackson

4. Day and Night Reflection Journal 

The Day and Night Reflection Journal is a self-help book designed as a 90-day support system that guides you to consider what it is you want to manifest, how you feel about it, and what actions you could take to get yourself closer to that goal.

Creative and inspiring illustrations aid in guiding you even further through the manifestation process. 

On a daily basis, a user visits their journal for guided thoughts and some of the best manifestation journal prompts.

The journal only asks questions, it doesn’t provide answers, but the questions that are asked elicit thoughts that lead to an answer.

A great way to pinpoint your goals is by using the Day and Night Reflection Journal which includes different manifestation methods. 

5. Mastery Store Manifestation Planner

The Mastery Store Manifestation Planner is a life goal journal that guides you to becoming your best self in an effective way!

You will have no problem finding yourself in some of the easiest ways that help you increase productivity and happiness on an average day.

The guided manifestation journal uses the law of attraction which many individuals claim they used to reach their successful manifestation goals. 

The unique 8-step system in this self-help tool helps you bring harmony, clarity, and peace back into your life.

The planner is dated from Jan-Dec, so you can track your progress throughout the year. Take care of yourself by taking the next step and purchasing Mastery Store Manifestation Planner. 

6. Guided 369 Journal by Daniel Ackerman

Whether you are looking for love, career success, a successful project, or even a fresh perspective, you can use the law of attraction crash course with the Guided 369 Journal by Daniel Ackerman.

The 369 method journal will help you to achieve what you desire.

This journal will teach you the best way to harness the power of manifesting through pure energy and how to use the 369 method to attract your aspirations. 

Everything you need to know to fully act on manifesting your dreams is included in the crash course that comes along with the journal.

Also included in the package are a vision board, positive quotes and affirmations, and a manifestation progress tracker. 

7. Manifesting Through Meditation

Manifesting Through Meditation includes 100 guided meditations that elicit inspiration and anticipate change.

Set intentions, create an appreciation list, foster gratitude in your best life, and cultivate greater abundance by harnessing the power of your mind.

This meditation process also helps with navigating negative energy. 

Using this resource, you can learn about manifestation, meditation, and how combining them can lead you to your ultimate goal.

You can also explore a variety of meditations for all kinds of purposes.

8. 100 Days of Believing Bigger: Devotional Journal

Discover your true identity via 100 consecutive days of devotional, manifestation journaling, and prayer adventure using the 100 Days of Believing Bigger: Devotional Journal.

Created by Marshawn Evans Daniels, this guidance based journal leads you to an open conversation with God about your ambitions, and goals, and could even be about your dream job. 

The guidance provided leads you to who you are, why you matter, and what you are here to do.

The 100 days are divided into 10 sections themed after Trust, Purpose, Identity, Disruption, Belief + Faith, Blessing Blocker, Stillness, Blessings + Obedience, Significance, and Courage.

9. 90 Day Manifestation Journal

Find your purpose and reach your goals using the 90 Day Manifestation Journal!

This gorgeous journal uses the Law of Attraction to help users gain an understanding of their life purposes and aspirations.

In 90 days, the average user will find themselves significantly closer to the achievements they have found to be their purpose. The entirety of the journal is 94 pages of inspirational guidance.

10. 3 Minute Positivity Journal by Kristen Butler

The 3 Minute Positivity Journal by Kristen Butler is a self-help book and journal all-in-one created to help users feel more comfortable in their skin in 3 minutes or less.

More specifically, the guidance inside the book is meant to boost your mood, train your mind, and change areas of your life in just minutes.

It is crucial that we put the electronic devices down and physically write out our positive and negative thoughts at least once a day. 

This manifestation journal template forces users to act that out for 60-days to harness the power of positivity in their minds.

Inside, you will find daily quotes, prompts, and activities to more efficiently guide you through this process.

There are 5 main areas that this is one of the best journals for focusing on and those are: habits, growth mindset, health, self-esteem, and success. 

11. Daily Positivity Journal

The Daily Positivity Journal is a highly rated journal known for its habit tracker and daily quotes for purposes like productivity, motivation, and goal setting.

It can also be accurately described as a spiritual, personal growth, mental health, and mindfulness journal. The cover and design are sleek looking and include a small useful pocket. 

The included premium white gift box makes this the perfect gift for someone who could use some inspirational guidance. 

12. Self-Care: A Day and Night Reflection Journal 

The Self-Care: A Day and Night Reflection Journal is a guidance journal that provides a safe space for you to act out your well deserved self care.

It is made to help your personal development by creating a positive mindset and changing your thinking.

It is also meant to help you overcome challenges, and survive both stressful experiences and negative emotions.

The manifestation journal follows a 90-day routine to help you create a habit of regular self-care. These 184 acid-free pages will guide you through a powerful way to overcome life battles.

13. Dear Universe: 200 Mini-Meditations

The Dear Universe: 200 Mini Meditations will create abundance, love, freedom, and joy in all areas of your life.

Upon using it, you will find yourself to be more confident, proud, and productive in your day-to-day life!

Use the power of your positive emotions to achieve anything on your mind!

14. Manifestation Journal Magick

Whether it’s true love, the perfect job, or the freedom to be yourself, the Manifestation Journal Magick is your best shot at achieving your goals.

The journal begins by identifying the manifestation techniques that resonate best with you.

Then, you are met with tips for creating specific intentions that unlock your power to attract high intensity experiences. 

Additionally, the guided journal includes pages with numbered lines throughout. This allows room for you to document your positive thoughts and progress.

No matter your spiritual path, this journal is beginner friendly and will accommodate your needs. 

15. Law of Attraction Manifestation Journal

Create wealth, manifest love, and embody joy with the help of the Law of Attraction Manifestation Journal!

With this tool, you take back the power to actualize the life you have only imagined before. 

This journal consists of powerful guidance to shift your negative mindset!

It uses the 369 different manifestation methods, the 555 manifestation method, and the scripting manifestation method.

Additionally, it also has roomy blank pages with numbered lines for you to document progress. 

Don’t overlook this powerful self-help tool!

16. Affirmation Notebook by Jessica Gaiso 

Next up is the Affirmation Notebook by Jessica Gaiso.

This blank notebook of 200 pages includes affirmations on all pages.

These various positive affirmations are created to boost your confidence and productivity when documenting your manifestation progress in the present moment.

They have proven to inspire and motivate for clarity and focus.

Use these blank pages as a diary, a perfect place to hold your lists, or any tool for creating a more positive life experience. 

17. Manifestation Magnet

Another great option is the Manifestation Magnet!

This highly qualified journal will inspire you to create the best life you could possibly imagine for yourself.

Use this journal every morning to set potent intentions, check in with your vibrations, and communicate your desires with the Universe.

The 120 lined pages offer you a space to document your thoughts and progress along the manifestation journey. The daily journal inspirational quotes will motivate you every morning. 

The intention setting will set your level of intensity for the rest of your day.

Gratitude lists will help you pinpoint what there is to appreciate in your present tense life.

Don’t sell yourself short, you were made to be great! The Manifestation Magnet will show you how to bring out your intended greatness.

18. Graphique Designer Notebooks

While this notebook features a minimalistic design on the cover.

The style is meant to focus on the message about positivity rather than be designed with fancy colors and fonts that distract from the message. 

On the inside 160 thick ruled pages, you have the responsibility of making your journal vibrant and full of life. The page thickness prevents bleeding of pen ink and can handle repetitive erasing friction. The heavy duty spiral binding and thick cover will keep your content inside safe and clean. 

19. Manifestation Journal for Women

The advice in the Manifestation Journal for Women can help you to make the law of attraction work in your favor.

Your manifestation practice is sure to get better with positive emotion and focus.

20. Manifestation Journal For Beginners

The Manifestation Journal For Beginners can help you to realize your inner power!

You have more power and control than you realize. In fact, you have the power to redirect your life to be the dream life that you have always imagined.

This law of attraction journal is geared towards beginners, therefore all the content is well described to give clear direction. 

With this tool, you will explore your options using the law of attraction. You will also let go of limiting beliefs and attract everything you wish you had.

Lastly, you can read and analyze the included life changing prompts, exercises, and affirmations to empower yourself. 

21. The 5 Minutes Manifestation Journal

Manifest love, money, health, and any imagined dreams of yours in only 60 days with the 5 Minutes Manifestation Journal.

Everything you need to make your visions a reality is included in this journal. Including, a self-care routine exercise, a vision board, a dream log, and goal exercises.

As well as 60 morning pages, gratitude prompts, 60 evening pages, weekly reflection pages, and weekly higher-self scripting pages.

22. Life Mastery Planner 

The Life Mastery Planner is a deluxe planner tool that will help you increase productivity and happiness if you follow its suggested routine.

Using the Law of Attraction Vibration Guide, you will learn how to set big goals, be happy, and manage your time well. 

Lastly, your feeling of stress will be reduced and your urge to procrastinate will decrease with the help of this journal’s unique 8 step system.

The planner is undated so you start today, no matter the time of year!

23. 12 Month Manifestation Guide

The 12 Month Manifestation Guide will show you that your own intentions are the most powerful tool known to man.

This manual is proven to bring one’s imagined intentions to physical reality.

You will discover a powerful new sense of control over your life after completing the entirety of this manual. Also, your creative ability will be like no other. 

The author of the manual reminds you that negative phrases can result in positive things if you put in the hard work.

24. Manifest Your Dreams Journal

Next up on our list is the Manifest Your Dreams Journal!

This journal is full of inspiring, mood boosting prompts to help you manifest your biggest dreams and aspirations.

It will help you to remove restrictive beliefs, set intentions, and practice gratitude via a 6 month planned routine.

This self-help tool comes with daily affirmations to give you that well deserved extra boost to keep moving along on your manifestation journey.

25. Dream Life Manifestation Journal

Based on the law of attraction, the Dream Life Manifestation Journal will guide you through the manifestation process and lead you to your ultimate goal.

The Law of Attraction states that we attract anything we focus on achieving. Writing in this journal every day about your aspirations will attract them to become reality. 

How To Choose The Best Manifestation Journal

As you can see, there are many different ways of manifesting through the use of a journal or a planner.

At the end of the day, there is no wrong or right way to manifest, but the easiest way is with a manifestation journal.

There is no better way to manifest your dream life than to use a manifestation journal for inspiration.

Whether you get that inspiration from the book Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein or her Super Attractor Journal, some writing by Rhonda Byrne, or from within yourself, you and your bullet journal will be unstoppable.

Whether you want to make a vision board journal or if you want to pay the extra cost for something more, you are sure to find a great journal on this list!

You will be connecting to your higher self in no time!

That is the scoop on the best manifestation journal! We hope this has helped anyone looking for more guidance on how to manifest your deepest desires. 

*This article contains affiliate links thank you for your support!

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