25 Best Mini Bike Kits (2023)

Do you remember all the great memories from when you learned to ride a bike? Mini bikes provide all that fun, but they’re better because they’re motorized! Riding a mini bike is one of the best ways for you to have a good time if you want something more than a regular bike, but simpler than a motorcycle!

Mini bikes are also great for kids! If you have ever considered getting your kid an electric vehicle or bike to ride around on, mini bikes can be a thrilling alternative. They’re made safe for children and can help them develop skills, like balance and coordination. 

Types of Mini Bikes

Electric Mini Bikes: An electric bike is slower than a bike with a gasoline engine, but also tends to have a more affordable price. They are usually easier to assemble and can save you a lot of money on buying fuel as well. 

On top of that, they tend to be quieter and would be better for those who live in residential neighborhoods. If you’re looking for a good deal, try an electric bike. 

Gas Mini Bikes: Gas mini bikes go faster and have more power! They’re ideal for those of you who don’t want to have to wait on your mini bikes to charge or are worried about losing battery. If the gas runs out, you simply add more and are good to go immediately! 

Riding a mini bike is one of the key ways you can have fun with your family. If you’re ready to start on your mini bike adventure, check out our list of the 25 best mini bike kits! 

1. Mega Moto B80 Mini Bike

This mini bike kit features an 80CC overhead valve engine and automatic clutch! It has a large seat for comfort, footpegs, a motorcycle-style throttle, and grip wheels that make for the smoothest ride possible! 

2. Coleman Powersports Trail Mini-Bike

This is a great gas-powered mini bike kit for those of you looking to do some off-roading! It has a tube frame, 4 stroke OHV 1 cylinder engine, an easy pull-to-start operation, and low-pressure wheels for smooth riding. It’s great to use as a pit bike!

3. SYX MOTO Electric Start Kids Dirt Bike

This is a great mini bike kit for beginners! It comes with everything you need for assembly. On top of that, it has a 2-stroke engine so it’s quieter than others, and you can set a maximum speed for safety. It’s a top choice for a lot of people! 

4. Massimo Mini Bike

This bike has a 4-stroke single-cylinder engine and is one of the most dominant engines you can get with a mini bike kit. This powerful bike is great for off-roading and has safety reflectors so you don’t have to be concerned about being safe! 

5. Aosom Kids Mini Bike Kit

This high quality mini bike is ideal for young kids because it comes with training wheels! It has a 12V rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 45 minutes. Assemble it yourself with the complete kit and add the training wheels, and when you’re ready, take them off easily! 

6. X-PRO Raptor Mini Trail Bike

This mini bike kit is great for the whole family! It can fit kids, teens, and adult riders up to 240lbs! It is a gas-powered mini bike that has a double rear shock, a rear luggage rack, wide balanced tires, and important safety measures like headlights, sturdy brakes, and a chain guard. 

7. Realtree Gas Powered Mini Bike Kit

This mini bike is a modern version of the classic old-style mini bikes! Whether you’re a motorbike enthusiast or not you will love this bike. It has a 196cc gas-powered engine, a front suspension, headlights for safety, and an easy pull-start. 

8. XtremepowerUS Pro-Series Mini Bike

This is another great mini bike kit for all ages! It provides a smooth and stable ride and features rear disc brakes for easy stopping. It’s safe, but still provides a powerful punch with the engine so you and your family will have loads of fun! 

9. VIRO Rides Electric Mini-Bike

The VIRO mini bike is styled like an old-school motorcycle, so you can enjoy some nostalgic fun on this electric-powered mini bike! It features a dashboard display with charge levels and speed and has a simple twist throttle. 

10. Fit Right Mini Bike Kit

This gas engine bike is built with maximum stability in mind and is EPA approved! It features a 2-stroke engine, fast and sturdy disc brakes, and an easy pull-start operation! This mini bike is also great for older kids and adults because it supports up to 160lbs. 

11. Razor High-Torque Electric Mini Bike 

This electric-powered high-performance mini bike has an authentic mini bike frame geometry and a 500-watt electric motor! This kit includes all the tools you need to get started. Assemble this mini bike, charge it up, and hit the trails! 

12. FRP Mini Gas Pocket Bike

This is one of the best pocket bikes on the market! It supports up to 165 lbs, has a strong brake system, and has a 40 CC 4-stroke engine. On top of that, it is EPA approved so you know it’s safe for all. 

13. Monster Moto 1000 Watt Electric Mini Bike

The Monster Moto mini bike has an e1000 frame, motorcycle-style throttle, and hand-operated brakes! It features a rechargeable 36-volt battery that only takes 6 hours to charge. It’s great for older kids and can hold up to 185lbs. 

14. X-PRO KP Mini 150 Gas Mini Bike Kit 

This is a great mini bike for adults! It features a 150cc Lifan Engine and 5-Speed Manual Transmission. On top of that, it has a digital display and is great for riding on the roads

15. MotoTec Electric Mini Bike

You can have fun on this mini bike no matter what type of road you’re on. It’s great for kids who want to ride around the neighborhood or older kids who want to take it to the trails.

This kit features durable steel and has 12-volt rechargeable batteries that allow for speeds up to 20mph! 

16. SYX MOTO Gas Power Mini Dirt Bike Kit 

This bike is the best choice for beginners! It has a seat height of 23 inches and holds up to 160lbs. On top of that, it has a quiet 2-stroke engine and speed limiter. 

17. APO 125cc Mini Bike 

The APO mini bike kit has a 4-speed transmission with a 17-inch front wheel and 14-inch rear wheel! It’s versatile and can be used by kids or adults. This kit comes with everything you need for easy assembly. 

18. MotoTec Gas Powered Mini Bike

This gas-powered version of the MotoTec mini bike is the perfect choice for those looking to give their kids something fun to do! It’s made like the old bikes but is safer and easier to operate.

It features a 105cc 3.5HP overhead valve 4-stroke engine and an automatic clutch. 

19. Coleman CT200U-EX Mini Bike Kit

This bike is the best choice for a reliable mini bike kit! Coleman is one of the oldest mini bike brands, so you can trust them to provide you with motorized family fun.

This fantastic mini bike includes a warranty and great customer service! 

20. Razor MX350 24V Dirt Rocket Mini Bike

This bike has a rear-wheel-drive for great balance and traction, a chain-driven electric motor that powers it up, and an authentic MX-frame geometry. It’s great for dirt bike riding and off-roading. 

21. xxbao Mini Bike

This mini bike kit features a 2-stroke 49CC engine and a speed limiter! It can go up to 50 mph and has an easy pull start operation. It also comes with a user manual and sticker kit so you can customize this bike while learning everything you need to know. 

22. ACEUR Aprilia Mini Bike

This is another great mini bike for kids! It comes with training wheels that you can take off and on. On top of that, it features rear view mirrors, music, and lights so your kid can get the real driving experience.

23. GB Moto Gas Mini Bike

This is one of the best mini choppers you can get! It has a high torque motor engine that allows you to go up to 20 mph! It also features front and back brake discs and pneumatic knobby tires for optimal balance and safety

24. Taotao Mini Bike Kit

This mini bike features a 4-stroke engine that’s powered by gas. It comes mostly assembled, so you only have to put a little work in to complete the bike! This is a great choice for beginners

25. Massimo Motor MB200 Mini Bike

This is a great mini bike for bigger kids and adults! It features a 196cc engine and goes up to 25 mph. On top of that, it also has headlights, a sturdy braking system, a kick-stand, a storage compartment, and a chain guard! 

Mini Bike Parts and Accessories 

The great thing about mini bike kits is that they are customizable! You can get replacement parts where you shop for your bike or get aftermarket parts secondhand.

Your bike can always keep up with the latest updates when you buy new parts. Check out these other accessories and spare parts you can get with your mini bike to make it perfect for you! 

Brakes: If you don’t like the brakes your mini bike kit comes with, you can always get new ones! There are many types to choose from, like rear hydraulic brakes, drum brake, or disc brakes. There are also brake accessories you may need, like a brake cable, brake lever, or a brake pedal

When changing your brakes, you may also need a new axle or axle hole so that they fit. Just be sure to check for the right size, there are many different types of axles. Some of the most common are a 12 mm axle or 15 mm axle. 

Wheels: You can also replace the wheels on your mini bike! There are many things to consider when doing this, like what type of wheel base you want or wheel size. Some of the most common wheels are aluminum wheels, especially an aluminum tri-star wheel. 

Tools: There are so many great tool kits you can buy specifically for mini bikes! Sometimes they come with the bike kit, but if not you can easily find one. Some of the most widely loved by mini bike users are the Cruztools Dmx dirt bike tool kits or Big Bore kits.

Mini Bikes

If none of these bikes work for you, you can also check out the Honda z50, Lil Rascal minibike kit, or complete rolling chassis kit assembly. Live out your Dumb and Dumber mini bike dreams

You can also put your own engine on your mini bike. Some great options include an HP mini bike engine or the Predator engines. Remember, if you want a gas engine, it’s a good idea to look for stock engines that have been certified.

Some places, like Amazon, even offer free shipping! A mini bike from another place ships FedEx, or UPS. 

If you are ever confused, you can always look for a wheel kit! You may also want to consider your tires, make sure they are the right size, and have a good inner tube. And to be extra safe, consider investing in a wheel chock to keep your bike stable when you’re not riding. 

Keep in mind that you may want to buy some parts from time to time to add to your bike or replace parts. These can include an air filter, torque converter, throttle cable, master link, or mini bike sprockets. You may also want to switch out your foot peg to one that fits your needs!  

If you don’t think a mini bike is a right fit for you, check out a go kart, there are many mini kart kits you can also buy! Check out Gokarts USA for some great options.

 And remember, you can join a mini bike mailing list to stay updated on the latest news. 

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