25 Best Nano Fish Tanks For Your Desktop Aquariums

A small tank of fish might be a great way to liven up your office space or home office! For your first aquarium, you might be overwhelmed with the market today.

There are many important factor and options that go into this decision, especially when there is a responsibility to keep a healthy environment for a living thing. It also has been said that viewing fish displays can actually lower your blood pressure and heart rate! 

This list will give you some small fish tank options that will go perfectly on your office desk. Keep in mind different fish species matter when it comes to the size and condition of the tank.

If you choose one tank, you have to pick the right fish to live in that environment, not every fish or aquatic life like the same conditions. Experienced aquarists are not the only ones who can enjoy a little ocean life inside! You can find some of the best fish tanks on this list, whether it’s smaller tanks or bigger tanks! 

1. PENN-PLAX Water-World Vertex Desktop Nano Aquarium Kit

A nano fish tank is typically smaller than a typical standard aquarium volume and usually defined as a glass tank such as this one. This tank is a clear glass 2.7-gallon basic rectangular tank. This comes with a complete kit to have everything you need to make a healthy environment for your new fish! 

This is one of the best office aquarium options!

2. biOrb Flow 15

This 4-gallon fish tank has a white light on the top so you can see everything! This is a very modern design with the black backing and top while there are three walls of crystal clear glass.

It is a sight to see when you have all different species of fish in contrast to the black background! An amazon contrast would be with neon tetras because they would pop right out with their amazing color! 

3. Aqueon LED MiniBow

A small aquarium fish tank that you can’t beat! If you aren’t too picky about the design and want a functional tank, this one is a great option. This is also a more reasonable price range for a fish tank that has SmartClean Technology.

This kit will give you everything you need to have a successful healthy environment for your fish! Five-gallon tanks are perfect medium size and this is the only 5-gallon tank on this list! 

4. PENN-PLAX Water-World Prism Nano Aquarium Kit

This kit includes an integrated powerful filter and telescoping LED lights to keep the warm water and clean water. Again this has a modern design that allows for you to see your fish from all angles because of the clear glass visibility. The filter media cartridge is included in this kit. It also comes with tinted covers that can match your office! 

5. 1.2Gallon Betta Aquarium Starter Kits Square Fish Tank with LED Light and Filter Pump

​This basic tank comes with everything that you need for the cheapest price! It’s small enough to put anywhere you want. And you can choose between a white or black top and backdrop! This purchase has a filter pump and aquarium lights!

This is one of the best office aquarium options!

6. Marineland Contour 3 aquarium

This Marineland contour glass aquarium kit is such a great start! The sleek elegant design has rounded corners and a glass canopy. You are able to view all angles because of the all-glass casing.

The LED light allows for you to switch between daylight and moonlight lighting with the white and blue lights. The filtration system is hidden so it again ties into the sleek modern design. Blue LEDs are great for the nighttime ambiance, just make sure to turn the lights off at night so your fish can sleep too! 

7. LANDEN Glass Air Aquarium Tank Multi-SceneLandscape Aquarium, 1.6Gallon Rimless Low

A unique design and concept that’s eye-catching! This does not have a filter and is unique because of the ultra-wide opening, so you are able to see 360 of the entire tank. Keep in mind the water parameters for this specific tank!

The design is also unique through the allusion to the tank being suspended in the air because of the vacated bottom space acting as clear legs. Another great thing about this tank is that there are plenty of sizing options to fit your space!

8. biOrb Tube 15 Aquarium with LED – 4 Gallon

This tube-shaped tank is a great staple piece and is one of the best desktop aquarium options. The build quality of the tank is made out of acrylic which is stronger than glass by 10 times and lightweight.

And their filter cartridge is universal for all of biOrb’s tanks. If you want to switch to a bigger tank one day, and the filter is in good condition, you can use the same system with your new biOrb tank!

This is one of the best office aquarium options!

9. biOrb Life 30 Aquarium with MCR – 8 Gallon

The acrylic that makes up this tank is more lightweight, 10 times stronger, and it’s 93% clearer than traditional glass tanks.

This tank is a larger tank that is completely clear, so you are able to see everything from all angles. The filtration system is in the middle of the tank and is classified as a 5-stage filtration system.

This filter is the universal filter for all biOrb tanks which allows you to utilize it for a long time. One of those steps is the biological filtration stage. 

10. Penn-Plax Aquaponic Betta Fish Tank Promotes Healthy Environment for Plants and Fish

An Amazon choice, this unique and fun take on a fish tank allows you to enjoy nature’s beauties and wonders. There is balance with the good bacteria between the fish and the plant! This might be the fish tank with the lowest maintenance needed.

The plant growth keeps the fish’s water as clear as can be while the nutrients from the fish promote more growth for the plant. It’s a great small size that shows the balance of nature and how it works together! 

This is one of the best office aquarium options!

11. Sweetsea Hanging Wall Mounted Fish Bowl Betta Tank Aquarium Wall Decor Plant Fish Bubble 

If you’re worried about a fish tank taking up the limited space you have, but still want it livened up, this might be the best option for you. This is an alternative way of thinking by putting your fish handing on the wall in front of you! It’s a unique site that isn’t seen very often.

12. LAQUAL 2 Gallon Glass Fish Bowl with Decor

Made from high-quality material to keep the view crystal clear, this simple design can fit anywhere you put it. There is regular maintenance required to keep your fish happy and healthy.

The simpleness of this tank makes it unique since there is no filter like other regular fish tanks. And this comes with the decor of artificial plants!

This tank holds two gallons of water. And remember to always be checking your water quality! This is one of the best office aquarium options!

13. Hygger Mini Glass Oblate Fish Bowl Kit

Similar to the last fish tank this is a simple bowl design that does not have a filter. This means there will be regular maintenance that you will have to perform to keep the tank looking good and the fish healthy.

This is a little different design with the bowl being thinner which allows for desk space. Also, this purchase includes glass beads and a tree that fit perfectly as seen in the product pictures. The tropical fish tank is one of Amazon’s choices and might be a good choice for you!

14. Hand Blown Molten Glass & Teak Wood Terrarium/ Vase/ Fish Bowl

The contemporary design of this fish bowl is not seen very often. The unique pedestal base holds the blown glass to make a statement piece altogether. This also does not have a filter so there will be some maintenance again.

It does not come with any accessories such as artificial plants on rocks for the bottom. If you want your fish to come out of hiding, provide some cloud cover because often times the fish feel less exposed and subject to predators and will roam! 

This is one of the best office aquarium options!

15. Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit, 5-Gallon, White

This Fluval spec kit comes equipped with a 3-stage filtration system and a 4.5-star review! The spec is a medium-sized tank that is slender enough so it can stay in your workspace without taking it over.

There is also a 37 powerful led lighting system that hangs above the surface area. This kit does not include any decor, but it gives you the necessities so you don’t have to worry! If you like or have heard of this brand, they also carry the Fluval flex on amazon as well!

16. Koller Products 2 Gallon Fish Bowl

Back to a more simple design, it takes the classic fish bowl into a little bit eccentric design. This one is a little more interesting to the eye in comparison to a regularly symmetrical fish bowl. It does not come with any accessories at all, but it is still amazon’s choice!

This is one of the best office aquarium options!

17. Umbra FishHotel Unique Glass 2 Gallons

A modern designed hotel for your fish to stay in! Made of glass and plastic What’s great about this hotel tank is that it’s also stackable! The out shell is detachable and can be painted or decorated to match your aesthetic if you want.

Again, this does not come with any three-stage filtration system. If you feel like you need a filter system, you can purchase one separately and add it to your tank!

18. Small Betta Fish Tank, Fish Bow Aquarium with Gravel Plants Rocks Feeder

If you like legos, you’ll love this fish tank! You are able to stack multiple on top of each other with a lego-like exterior. There is a hole on the top for air and easy access for feeding.

This package includes rocks, two artificial plants, and two structures for your fishes to swim around. A small betta fish will be perfect for this aquarium! And you can structure your tanks in different ways that suit you! 

This is one of the best office aquarium options!

19. Anchor Hocking 4262 Goldfish Bowl Drum, 1 Gallon

A best-seller and Amazon’s popular choice for a classic look for a fish tank. This fish bowl is made out of glass, and there is some regular cleaning that needs to be done to keep the fish healthy and the water looking fresh.

Water conditioner, for freshwater tanks, also can help with eliminating unwanted bacteria and maintaining a clean environment. This one-gallon aquarium bowl is a great basic to start! 

20. KVOMRZE Terrarium with Wood Base

This simple clear open-ended bowl sits on a nice wood base. Made out of thinner glass, this could have a higher chance of breaking than other fish tank options that were presented on this list. If your water changes it might be a good idea to check the water conditions of your bowl! 

This is one of the best office aquarium options!

21. Koller Products AquaView 3-Gallon Fish Tank with Power Filter and LED Lighting

The LED lighting system offers 7 different colors for you to customize your fish tank. The spheric shape can go with almost all the decor you already have!

With impact-resistant plastic, this tank is built to last you. And it was made crystal clear for you to see!  With this tank, you won’t be reaching for the remote control! 

22. Garden Planter for Betta Fish, Fish Tank Bowl, Hydroponic Plant Terrarium

This glass cylinder is sandwiched with a wood bottom and cork top. There is a hole on the top to allow you to put a plant in! This is a nano tank, a little taller than a soda can if you need a reference. 

Although it does not include any led lighting, it brings more of the outside in. The simplicity of the design in comparison to other tanks is refreshing!

23. Back to the Roots Water Garden Mini Aquaponic Ecosystem, 3 Gallon

This is a small fish tank that also allows for live plants to sit on your desk. Similar to the one previously mentioned, this keeps both the fish and plant happy and healthy. This kit includes everything you need to get started! The plant seeds are given and even a water pump!

This is one of the best office aquarium options!

24. AquaSprouts Garden Aquarium Aquaponics Ecosystem Kit

An Amazon favorite this tank is for you fish to swim and your aquatic plants to prosper! The rectangular shape allows for it to easily rest against a wall and not take up too much space on your office desk.

This ecosystem creates a healthy natural environment for both your fish and your plant. The plants grow on the surface area of your fish’s water and they feed off each other’s nutrients! 

25. PENN-PLAX Eco-Sphere Fishbowl and LED Light Kit

This is another classic take on the fish bowl, and it also comes with an extended LED light. This open spherical bowl does not have a filter. But it’s the perfect size to keep on your desk! The light allows for some extra ambiance for your new space.

This is one of the best office aquarium options!

Fish Tanks For Small Spaces

If you have a small space, you don’t have to settle! A nano reef tank is sometimes even better to have than a full-size aquarium tank. With this list, you can find the best option for you and your space.

While a lot of these options come with a complete kit, it does not include the actual fish and the fish food. 

A few reminders! Always keep in mind that the water temperature should be ideal for your fish! If you are wanting a saltwater aquarium, it is completely doable with any tank!

The only difference between saltwater and freshwater aquariums is the way they’re set up. In this list, you’ll be able to find the best nano aquarium for your needs and wishes! Also, remember the nitrogen cycle, a period to prepare an aquarium, is all gone through before putting your new pal in!

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