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25 Best Routers For College Dorm And Apartment [2022]

Having access to speedy Internet is vital for all college students and we’ve got the scoop on best router for college apartment and dorms! Every week, you write papers, study on Quizlet, or email professors.

We all need the Internet to get that diploma! Every college student’s nightmare is to be late on assignments because of slow WiFi. You want to avoid risk by making sure you have the best router for a college apartment.

Going to college already has its obstacles and new experiences. There are so many things you have to keep track of. Before, you probably used your parents’ routers.

Until now, you never had to look for one yourself. If so, finding the best router can be a daunting experience. Easy use and price are important factors when finding the best router for college apartments and college dorm rooms.

When it comes to routers, there is no one-size-fits-all. However, a busy college student does not have time to figure out that on their own.

Especially if you have to set up other necessities in your college apartment. We want to make sure the last thing that goes wrong is your router. So, here is the scoop on the best router for college apartments and dorms!

1. NETGEAR Nighthawk

Talk about high-speed technology! The NETGEAR Nighthawk Tri-band router is an amazing wireless network for a large apartment with multiple roommates.

Nobody wants to share slow WiFi with a bunch of other people. Since the Nighthawk uses the latest technology to bring four times the usual capacity for a number of devices.

With WiFi 6, this product provides a fast-speed connection for all important things. You can finally play online games, gain Internet access, and make a home network, all in one router!

Utilizing tri-band WiFi, the Nighthawk gives you and your roommates two solid data streams. This will help you complete large assignments, stream lectures, and relax with 4K Ultra HD Netflix shows.

Multiple gigabit ports ensure that your WiFi and Internet access will not slow down or ruin your study sessions. The design of the router is perfect for college dorms and apartments with a lot of users. There is no more need for slow WiFi in residence halls.

2. BrosTrend Wifi Extender

The BrosTrend 1200 Wifi Extender can be your college assignment saving grace! The dual-band router allows you to extend your WiFi coverage to 1200 square feet. This means you can connect 20 different devices to this router.

With an easy setup process, no college student has to research how to work this technology. You can get fast internet regardless of the size of your apartment or dorm. At an affordable price, college students can study, work, and play with wireless devices.

There is no doubt that the BrosTrend 1200 will provide a constant strong signal.

If you have a gaming console or need USB ports, this product is perfect for you. It is compatible with 99% of all WiFi routers and gateways. Your campus network can instantly be faster speeds and more accessible.

3. Kasda Networks LinkGenius

This sleek wireless router is one of the best things to help you gain quick access to a wifi network. The Kasda Link Genius Network provides a firewall, 5 Gigabit ports, and a customized personal URL for a free FTP server.

With such great features, your apartment building will no longer have slow Internet.

This affordable router provides a fast Internet connection for multiple connected devices. For a Netflix night in, early morning study session, or last-minute assignment, the Kasda Link Genius Network is essential for any college dorm.

A dual-core processor ensures that as many people can use the product with the best performance.

4. Tenda Nova

This small and adorable WiFi router packs a punch. The Tenda Nova Mesh WiFi Router has a mesh system that utilizes satellite modules around any large home or apartment.

A powerful router meets no match with the Tenda Nova. Covering up to 6,000 square feet, Smart Auto-path Selection Technology is perfect for busy college student needs. The gigabit ethernet ports provide high-speed Internet and strong wifi signals.

There is no worry if you have a packed apartment or dorm with roommates. The Tenda Nova is a good router for college students with many Internet interests. Online gaming, media streaming, and school assignments can all be done at once.

5. NETGEAR Tri Brand

Do not let this futuristic product intimidate you. The NETGEAR Tri Brand works to please your needs. This router is made to deflect any interference at no cost to your Internet speed.

Mu-Mimo technology ensures that you can stream data at the same time at lightning speed. If you’re someone who needs music or TV show sound to study, this router is just for you.

With complicated school projects, you are able to transfer data with 2.4ghz band technology. For people who cannot live without their game consoles, the NETGEAR Tri Brand is the best wireless router.

An important factor of college is turning in assignments on time. With four-gigabit ethernet ports and 1.8 GHz dual-core processors, this product ensures high-speed better performance.

The six external antennas just add to the extensive technology that makes the NETGEAR Tri Brand a good option for college apartments and dorms.

6. Google Nest

Talk about the best router for college apartments! The Google Nest WiFi Router utilizes two router units to make sure that you have a stable and reliable Internet connection throughout your college dorm or apartment.

It is easy to assume that a Google wifi system is most likely a great new router for college students. Let’s see how and why this might be the best fit for you.

Delivering the fastest speeds, this product can connect to up to 200 devices and can stream several 4K videos simultaneously.

This smart wifi router helps you use smart connect through its own app. If you have guests over, there is an option to make a guest network with a password.

The smart technology gears to constantly update its servers to ensure your Internet connection is safe and fast. You do not need to worry about a neighbor hopping onto the Google Nest router to take free WiFi.

Google Nest is a perfect high-speed router for college dorms and apartments. Whether it is for personal use or hosting study sessions, this high-performance router can handle a high-speed router.

Constant internet connection just became so much easier to get!

The TP-Link Deco M9 Plus will blow your mind. There are no operating systems like this product. Secure and fast tri-band WiFi ensures higher performance with your college internet assignments.

This product acts as a router and Bluetooth throughout up to 4,500 square feet. Three WiFi bands and TP-Link Mesh technology helps you connect up to 100 wireless devices for an insanely fast connection.

College students are always on the move between work and play; you can use the TP-Link app to connect to Zigbee, Bluetooth, and any smart home products. Wi-fi access just became so much easier.

For a larger area, such as a college apartment, this internet service provider helps you conduct any activity you want. The only thing you have to worry about is what device to connect to first!

For similar products, check out the TP-Link Archer AX21 and the Archer A7!

8. Linksys Wireless-G

Talk about a 3 in 1! The Linksys Wireless-G is a router, access point, and switch all in one! This is definitely the best wi-fi router for college students.

You can gain access to a wireless Internet connection, broadcast at 54 Mbps, or connect to four ports all at once.

A college student’s web browser never worked so fast with the Linksys Wireless-G router. In addition, security features keep your data safe and sound through wpa2 encryption security.

Even though college students probably do not need parental controls, this product offers quick and simple access to controls of their app.

A small apartment is the best place for this router’s quick and vast Internet speeds. This single unit router makes sure you have constant fast Internet and streaming capabilities.


The NETGEAR AC1200 will bring you to the best network use. Dorm networks with slower speeds no longer have to be your college reality.

This product utilizes Smart technology, external antennas, and 880 MHz processors for high range, high speed, high performance, and reliable internet access.

The NETGEAR AC1200 is one of the best routers for college apartments and dorms. Perfect for smaller places with 8 and more devices, this router is great for your first time.

It uses high technology such as QoS and USB access so you can game, study, stream, and work all at once! The Nighthawk app makes sure the setup process is a breeze.

Dual-band technology and an 880 MHz processor ensure that your connection is effective and safe.

10. Nokcooler Portable Router

College students are always on the move. That is why the Nokcooler Portable Router is the best router option for college dorms and apartments. The small and sleek build of this product is easy for travel to college libraries or coffee shops.

Don’t let the tiny size fool you; the Nokcooler Portable Router has stable and quick internet transmission. It utilizes 2.4G frequency, high-speed WiFi access of 150 Mbps.

You can easily put this router in your backpack for any endeavor up to 72 hours. The faster speed technology ensures that your Internet connection will not be slow or spotty.

Nokcooler creates great routers for any use, but the Portable Router is one of the best routers for college dorm and apartment use!

The TP-Link Deco trio brings you an innovative and affordable way to access fast Internet!

Mesh technology ensures that no spot in your college dorm or apartment can be a dead zone. With three units, this product will create a web of unstoppable and quick WiFi access. With larger college apartments, the TP-Link Deco can cover up to 5,500 square feet.

You no longer need WiFi extenders or different passwords. The Deco is made to switch automatically as you roam your space.

Study tip: you can use this product’s parental controls to limit Internet or website usage if you need to finish assignments.

If you are a student that has numerous assignments and extracurriculars in your day-to-day life, the TP-Link AC1200 is perfect for you.

With a combination of Gigabit LAN ports, dual-band technology, and Mu-Mimo Wireless connection, this product does it all. 4 external antennas ensure that there will be no slower connection.

These additions make sure that your connection will not buffer or drop at any point. The Gigabit Router is compatible with any internet plan and any wired device.

Game night? The Mu Mimo technology allows you and your college roommates to simultaneously connect numerous devices.

Guests over? AP mode on the TP-Link AC1200 lets you seamlessly open up your connection to new devices.

Similar to its cousin product, the TP-Link AC1750, this router works with all internet service providers.

13. Mortola WiFi 5

The Mortola WiFi 5 is known to save you money yearly! College students rent appliances and textbooks, but this product will save you money by owning it.

This product contains an AC3200 Wi-Fi router, Power and Range Boost, and AnyBeam WiFi beamforming. Your wifi never felt so fast.

With easy access, the Mortola WiFi 5 comes with a smart app to access and control the router. You can set up, add guests, speed test, add controls, and check in on security alerts.

There is no need to call your service provider, this product comes with 2-years of free support from the expert team.

With so many perks, the Mortola WiFi 5 seems like the best powerful router for college dorms and apartments!

14. NETGEAR Orbi Pro

Talk about a cute and effective router! The NETGEAR Orbi Pro is perfect for college dorms.

This tri-band router gives you AC3000 Wi-Fi access around 2,500 square feet. With the ability to connect up to 40 devices, you can handle any study session or assignment.

The Orbi app helps set up, access Mu-Mimo technology, and create a separate guest network. You can place this router at any part of your college dorm or apartment.

You will not face dead zones with the 3 ethernet cables, three pre-defined internet networks, and tri-band backhaul.

Security is on your side! The Mu-Mimo technology ensures that your data and files are kept safe from outsiders.

15. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900

The NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 can be your next router. It definitely is the best router for college apartments.

With a dual-core processor, you will not have any lag when you online game or stream. This product is made to prioritize streaming videos or music with its bandwidth.

Everything just became so much easier, since this product comes with your own remote. Movie nights or game nights just became so much faster.

The antennas and amplifiers work together to extend your WiFi access through your entire space.

Unique to this product, Airtime fairness stops any Internet lag when slower devices connect. In addition, USB ports let you make sure your cloud data is kept safe and sound.

16. Tenda F9

At an affordable price, the Tenda F9 is yours to have for your college apartment or dorm. With so many neighbors, you do not need to worry about who has access. The Tenda F9 lets you know if unrecognizable devices connect.

Next, you are allowed to block unwanted users through the app. This product also comes with the ability to adjust power use and save power.

The ISM Band helps you connect to any device at no cost to a fast connection. The Gigabit Ethernet port utilizes technology to ensure reliable and quick Internet speed.

If you have limited space, this product can be at the right place anywhere. Next to your TV, computer, or by itself.

Gaming consoles, printers, and computers are all compatible with this router.

17. NETGEAR AC1600

The NETGEAR AC1600 helps provide safe, reliable, and fast Internet and WiFi connection. If you have a lot of roommates or guests, this product is essential.

Best for college dorms and apartments, you can access the Internet for multi-player gaming, study sessions, and streaming lectures. You can monitor and control your network through any device.

With dual-band gigabit technology, you do not need to worry about your assignment crashing. Since this product is so lightweight, it will be easy to place it anywhere.

Through AC1600 WiFi and 300+1300 Mbps speeds, you can access lightning-speed Internet at any time. You can play music, watch TV, and study all at once.

18. AmpliFi HD WiFi System

The AmpliFi HD WiFi System includes both a router and mesh point devices. These will get rid of any possible dead zones in your college dorm or apartment.

This HD WiFi router has 4-gigabit ethernets, 1 WAN port, and an ethernet cable. Your WiFi connection will face little to no hiccups throughout usage.

Perfect for larger apartments, you and your roommates can sit back and enjoy leisure internet usage and study sessions.

This product comes with a 3-year and 4-year protection plan, perfect for your college experience!

You can roam at any point in your college dorm and apartment, and the mesh technology will have your back. There is no need to switch WiFi connections or wait for buffers.

19. Tri-Band 12-Stream

New and improved with Wi-FI 6 technology, the Tri-Band 12-Stream blows other routers out of the water!

You can have access to three times the Internet connection speed and 4 times the capacity. With elevated technology, you will not experience buffering or lag when more devices connect. The Tri-Band 12-Stream utilizes 10.8 Gbps, so you can stream 8K HD videos and multiplayer gaming.

Mu-Mimo technology and ODFMA technology make sure that your connection will never slow down. Regardless of how many devices connect!

You and your roommates do not need to switch off who gets access to the WiFi network. Beamforming and BSS color help your connection save power and send strong signals to where you need it.

The 1.8 GHz quad-core processor utilizes a fast speed and reliable Internet connection. There is no need to worry about the privacy of your data and files, antivirus and parental controls ensure that it is kept safe.

20. Meraki Z3C

Talk about a sleek and classy look! The Meraki Z3C is awesome, inside and out.

Working as a teleworker gateway, firewall, VPN gateway, and router, this product does it all! All models of this product provide five 5ghz band gigabit ethernet ports so you can enjoy super-speed Internet.

With wireless connection and cloud technology, you can easily store and keep your data safe. Perfect for college students, this product can connect networks to any individual, such as professors, managers, clubs, and staff.

Auto VPN technology lets you roam almost any aspect of the Internet. Study sessions and assignments just got so much easier and more fun!

You will receive alerts if there is any problem with your service. If such a problem occurs, you can access tools and troubleshoot in no time! In addition, you can receive automatic updates and downloads.

With all of these perks, college students can focus on their studies and leisure.

21. Linksys AC2600

The Linksys Max-Stream AC2600 is an amazing alternative to campus network Internet. With Mu-Mimo technology, you can have endless amounts of Internet usage with multiple devices. At no cost to the speed or reliability of your connection, this product provides fast WiFi to households with a lot of traffic.

The Linksys Max-Stream Router is a unique product. Detachable and internal antennas bring you three times the speed of normal Wifi.

If you need a study break, you and your college roommates can stream movies, videos, music, and online game at any time. Four streams of Mu-Mimo technology create a huge bandwidth for lots of Internet traffic.

Regardless of what kind of device you have, this product is compatible with pretty much anything. Look into Linksys Max-Stream AC2600 for best routers for college dorm and apartment!

22. NETGEAR Orbi RBK53

These adorable routers aren’t just for looks. The NETGEAR Orbi RBK53 presents you with one of the strongest and most reliable packs of routers.

This trio works together to cover every square inch of your college apartment and dorm with a spotless Internet connection. 7,500 square feet of your college dorm and apartment can work to give you extremely effective WiFi!

Tri-band technology makes sure that even as more devices connect, the speed and reliability of your connection remain uninterrupted.

4 LAN Gigabit Ethernet ports combine satellites to this router. Talk about a team of technology giving you insanely good Internet!

You can use the Orbi app to set up and control the router. Busy college students no longer have to sit on long calls for troubleshooting.

23. Synology MR2200AC

Smart technology makes life so much easier. And that’s what your get with the Synology MR2200AC! Smart Connect makes sure that your connection is automatically paired to the best band on this router.

With three Tri-bands offered at 2.13 Gbps, there will be no WiFi trouble. You will be guaranteed the quickest and most reliable connection.

You can set up the Synology MR2200AC through an app or website! Along with this, you have easy access to parental and privacy controls. The ISM band allows for quick and easy access to computers, printers, gaming platforms, and other devices. You will never be late on an assignment.

If you have guests over, you can allow them exclusive access to a guest network.

24. Asus WL

The Asus WL has many benefits for college students. If you are someone who enjoys browsing the Internet, this router may surprise you.

With this product, you are eligible to access free NordVPN Internet Security for 12 months.

Dual-band technology bumps up Internet speed to 1900Mbps! Talk about a super-fast Wifi connection.

With ASUS AiRadar technology and external antennas, you will not experience spotty wifi in your college dorm or apartment.

If you live in a larger apartment, Mesh technology allows you to connect multiple routers together to cover more area. Imagine having the best router for college apartment.

5X Gigabit Ethernet ports and 2 extra ports let any device be able to connect!

25. Ubiquiti EdgePoint

Our last, but certainly not least, router is the Ubiquiti EdgePoint. This router puts the many parts of a normal networking cabinet into one! No college student should be buying more than one product to ensure quick and reliable WiFi.

This cool product is made with high-end materials that work together to deliver insane performance. You no longer have to worry about overworking your router or switching connected devices.

This router works to extend outside the walls of your college dorm and apartment, so you can enjoy its perks while tanning on your porch!

Hopefully, now you do not need to depend on neighbors or spotty college WiFi to get high-speed internet. This detailed review is for you to get your own router for your college apartment or college dorm room. College students should have the best wifi router to complete daily assignments!

Whether it’s dead zones, ethernet cable, signal strength, or reliable connection, we got you covered on all things routers! Routers with the latest technology and great performance are the key to a successful college career.

That’s the scoop on the best router for a college apartment!

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