25 Best Telescopes For Viewing Planets, Galaxies, And Stargazing

With summertime approaching, an ideal late-night activity is stargazing. You may want to do this by just laying on a quilt on the lawn, but if you want to be serious about it, you should look into a new telescope that offers you a closer look at the night sky and other celestial objects. We’ve got the scoop on the best budget telescope for viewing planets!

best budget telescope for viewing planets

Stargazing and learning about astronomy are not just for adults! This summer try and get your kids, your friends, and your family all involved! With the help of our guide to telescopes, you can’t go wrong!

Why Do You Need a Telescope?

If you, your friends and family, children, or whoever want to explore deep-sky objects by viewing planets, a great telescope is a must for you! Much of the solar system, star clusters, bright stars, and bright objects cannot be seen with the naked eye.

The basics of a telescope are almost always the same. The modern-day telescope used finds its roots in the Newtonian reflector where a primary mirror and diagonal mirror are used to create the magnified image through the eyepiece.

By owning an inexpensive telescope with high quality optics, you can see fainter objects and become an expert!

What to Look for in a Telescope?

best budget telescope for viewing planets

There are two different types of telescopes: a refractor telescope and a reflector telescope. If you are looking for a beginner telescope, and are new to astronomy and just want to see the moon or planets, the reflector is a good choice telescope for you.

For the more advanced users and perhaps the best telescope is the refracting telescope that offers a glimpse into deep space with celestial bodies and distant galaxies.

Whether you want a cheap telescope for a reasonable price or a top pick, with all of these options, you are sure to make the best choice and select the right telescope for you! We have provided a variety of high-quality price point options that should fit within anyone’s price range.

The first thing to look for when approaching the telescope is which astronomical objects you want to be your focal point. Then, from there, you can determine the important features of the telescope you want.

The best telescope for you may be based on the ease of use or the affordable price. Others may be interested in the direct connections between iPhones and Androids to the telescope.

Other factors to consider when choosing your first telescope are the focal length of the telescope, the diameter of the telescope, image quality, planetary viewing, including an adjustable tripod, slow motion controls, and enough power.

Also, be on the lookout for different sizes in the optical tube, and determine if you want an objective lens, which could be altered depending on the aperture size and focal ratio. To ensure the most authentic encapsulation of the night’s sky, you may be on the hunt for an equatorial mount, as well!

All of these factors contribute to making the right choice on your telescope adventure!

1. Aomekie Refractor Telescopes

The first type of telescope offers a high magnification and large aperture that allows children or beginners to capture distant objects like a professional.

The Aomekie Refractor Telescope is an affordable option with a 70 mm aperture and comes with a tripod and adapter for your phone. The telescope can magnify up to 5x. With various eye lenses for day or night time, you can have different perspectives at different times of the day.

2. SKONYON Telescope

For the perfect gift for your children, this small refractor telescope has an adjustable tripod and direct connections to all mobile devices. With a 70mm lens, the SKONYON telescope has two other options for lenses, one 10mm and one 25mm.

One major perk to this telescope is the Bluetooth clicker that allows you to snap a photo while still viewing the galaxies through the lens.

3. Gskyer Telescope

The Gskyer Telescope offers a 400mm tripod base, allowing children and adults to comfortably adjust the stand and view the stars. With a standard 70mm aperture, this telescope is fairly affordable while also maintaining a highly technical system for viewing.

You can best see the stars and moon through this telescope because of the high transmission coating on top of the glass lens. If you are looking for a small but powerful telescope, this is the best telescope for you!

This is one of the best budget telescope for viewing planets!

4. Hexeum Telescope

This is the perfect telescope for those that live in a big city and want to go out to the countryside to get a clearer view of the sky. Why? Because this telescope is portable! The Hexeum Telescope is compact enough for travel, but still has a larger focal length than other products.

Perhaps being portable is an important factor for you, and this is the perfect find. With a carrying bag, a flexible tripod, a Bluetooth remote for snapping photos, and an 80mm aperture, this telescope is an excellent choice.

5. ABOTEC Telescope

The ABOTEC telescope may be a good selection for amateur astronomers who want to learn more about the technicalities of the telescope. The important thing to search for is the red dot finder that allows you to locate celestial bodies such as the rings of Saturn or the Orion Nebula!

This telescope has a great value for all of its amenities. This is a great option as one of the best budget telescope for viewing planets!

6. Celestron Telescope

When you are looking for a telescope, you may quickly find yourself stumbling upon Celestron products, for they are some of the highest quality and most renowned telescopes for astronomers of all types.

A telescope of this caliber may offer you insights into galaxies that are light years away such as the Andromeda galaxy. Luckily, this telescope has various eyepiece sizes and lenses, like a 25mm eyepiece. The differing eyepieces ensure there is enough light entering leading to spherical aberration.

7. Tasco Spacestation

Another telescope with the red dot finder helps you focus your views on specific items in the sky for a clear view. Furthermore, With a single fork altazimuth mount, this telescope is readily mobile and easy to set up and takedown.

8. TELMU Telescope

TELMU Telescope for Beginners

A nice selection for beginners, the TELMU telescope contains a 114mm Aperture and a 500mm Alt-Azimuth Mount, a good height for all ages. There is a beautifully crafted optical design of an astronomical reflector telescope.

The best part is the portable nature of the telescope and the phone adapter for exact photos onto your mobile device. By having your phone directly connected to the telescope, you can avoid chromatic aberration!

9. ESSLNB Telescopes

One of the best deals on a telescope you can find because it is a two-for-one deal! Not only does this come in a package of a highly intelligently designed telescope, but there is also the inclusion of a handheld telescopic device.

If you are looking into specifics for this device, it has a highly prized 3x Barlow lens. The only thing holding you back oftentimes when looking through the telescope could be much light pollution, making some of your images appear hazy. With the 3x Barlow lens, this should inhibit part of this issue.

10. ToyerBee Telescope

Here, this small, 300 mm tall telescope is portable, easy to carry, and immensely advanced. With a 2x Barlow lens, the Toyerbee Telescope helps astronomers of all ages to discover the sky with the best value of the equipment.

In addition, the traveler telescope can magnify up to 15x the usual size, lending it to be the perfect accessory for studying the moon and our closest planets!

This is another great option as one of the best budget telescope for viewing planets!

11. BEBANG Telescope

By purchasing the BEBANG telescope, you are getting a bang for your buck! This small but mighty telescope is frequently discounted and can provide you with some of the highest magnitudes of magnification that you can find for a beginner!

Ranging from 16x to 200x, this 70mm round telescope provides you insight into galaxies far far away. With a telescope like this one, you can see double stars compared to a 10x or 20x magnification telescope.

As for extra accessories, this telescope comes packed with an accessory tray that contains various eyepieces and sizes like 20mm eyepieces.

12. Educational Insights GeoSafari Vega 360 Telescope

Perhaps the best selection for a telescope for your child, the GeoSafari Vega 360 Telescope is very small and compact, as well as lightweight. Easily flexible to fold and carry, this telescope is convenient for analyzing the sky both day and night.

The adjustable legs on the stand and the compact nature of the telescope allow this to be the ideal candidate for young ones and their interest in astronomy! With a varied inch aperture, this telescope is perfect!

13. Hawkko Telescope

The Hawkko Telescope is the perfect option if you want to hone in on your observation skills! This telescope has specific lenses that allow you to not only look at the moon, stars, and planets but also give you the option of investigating stretches of landscape and tracking fast-moving animals.

The different lens sizes for the eyepiece enhance your opportunities to explore the beauties of nature! The size of the lens, 70mm, lends itself to a clear and distinguishing image. This is one of the best budget telescope for viewing planets!

14. Omega Educational Insights Refractor Beginner Telescope

Given away by its name, this Omega Educational Insights Telescope is the best option for a small child. The majority of the telescopes listed are good for older children, but if you have a small one who wants to do what their older siblings are doing, this is the perfect gadget for them!

With very basic, straightforward hardware, all you have to do is look through the eyepiece and see the moon! There are still differing magnitudes of the eyepieces, but much fewer technicalities to deal with in terms of technology.

15. SUGIFT Telescope 

Next, as with most of the telescopes on this list, the SUGIFT telescope is not much different. It is equipped for both beginners and well-advanced astronomers.

For our fellow Instagram posting addicts, having the accessibility to connect your phone to the telescope may just be your ticket to upping your Instagram and photography game!

The Bluetooth-connected remote allows you to look through the eyepiece while still capturing your view of the night sky. You won’t ever have to remove your eye from the piece. With the click of a button, you’ve got your Instagram-perfect photograph!

16. Vanstarry Telescope

The Vanstarry Telescope comes in a backpack! How much easier does it get? The perfectly portable telescope for all ages and educational backgrounds guides you to an entirely new experience exploring the sky and nature.

The ability to carry this and easily install all pieces create ease of use. Something that almost everyone must be looking for. Due to the lack of preparation and time being used to put it together, this telescope allows that small child who will lose the parts or that adult that is on the go with the easiest possible telescope.

17. MaxUSee Refractor Telescope

Another two-for-one deal! This MaxUSee Refractor telescope comes with binoculars for your little one! If you are star gazing or bird watching with a small one, or just your adventure companion, this package deal is the best option for you!

This package contains a 3x Barlow lens and educational tools beyond belief! All within this package are a star and planet map, bird guide, and other useful maps of the world’s terrain. If you are looking for a versatile telescope, the MaxUSee telescope is just what you’ve been wanting!

18. ACTBOT Telescopes

The ACTBOT telescope is geared more towards our older crowd with a more high-functioning telescope. It adds different layers to your exploration of astronomy.

With a larger aperture, the telescope capture just the right amount of light for perfect clarity and brightness for your picture-perfect snapshot.

The infrared dot provides you with an easier way to locate what you are searching for. When looking at the dark night sky, it may be overwhelming to identify each star, so the red dot makes it easier for you!

19. Celestron AstroMaster

Celestron AstroMaster

The Celestron Astromaster has a sleek and clean appearance. It allows adults to have a fully immersive experience in the sky. There are various sizes for you to choose from 70AZ all the way to 102AZ.

If you would like to upgrade your telescope for just a few dollars more, you can include an astronomy software kit, one where you can connect to the computer, and determine various constellations, nebulas, and galaxies! You may also access this software through downloads via your cell phone!

This is another great option as one of the best budget telescope for viewing planets!

20. Celestron Powerseeker

The Celestron Powerseeker has a much wider (90mm) lens compared to the majority of telescopes previously seen. This allows for a larger view and a much clearer interpretation of the night sky!

The extent that the focal length can reach is able to show off the details of Saturn’s rings, see the craters on the moon, and so much more.

As described in the name of the telescope, this Powerseeker has lots of clarity in its magnification power. It should be at the top of everyone’s telescope list!

21. Orion Starblast

As with a few of our other telescopes, the Orion Starblast includes an extra package with astronomy software. This is an excellent opportunity to up your astronomy game and really impress your friends and family next time they see through your telescope!

With a 127mm aperture, this telescope is one of the best and largest on the market right now! This particular telescope is especially special because it contains a Newtonian reflector. It is small and portable, lending this to be a wonderful option for anyone of any age!

22. Celestron Astromaster

A little bit on the pricer side, this Celestron Astromaster is fully equipped with all of your stargazing and galaxy hunting needs. This is another example of a Newtonian Reflector telescope, one of the most coveted types of telescope options to the masters!

What makes this specific AstroMaster so special? There are two lens pieces so that you and a friend can both look out at the same time! Additionally, there is our trusty friend, the red dot finder that allows you to spot Orion’s belt just that much easier!

23. Celestron Nexstar 5se

You may want to play trial and error with a smaller and less equipped telescope before you upgrade to the Celestron Nexstar 5se. Or even later to the Nexstar 6se. With a much higher price range, this telescope pulls out all the stops with an automated system programmed within.

A 5in aperture, allows for a compact but broad and clear view of what the night sky has to offer us. The automatic mount allows the telescope to readily swivel on command. You might want to save up your money for this one!

24. Orion Observer Equatorial Refractor Telescope

Orion Observer Telescope

As mentioned previously, when you are on the hunt for a telescope, an equatorial mount is ideal, giving you a well-rounded vision of the sky. This allows you to gaze at your favorite constellations and moon appearances with swiveling ease.

While it looks mighty bulky, the telescope can be taken apart into two pieces and it totally fine on the go! This Orion Observer allows beginners or skilled gazers to have a fully immersive experience.

This is a good telescope that has high-quality optics and you can consider it as one of the best budget telescope for viewing planets!

25. Celestron Travelscope

As our final option for a telescope, this beautifully designed Celestron Travelscope is perfect for just as the name states, Travel! With various interchangeable lenses, this is the ideal telescope for beginners.

It gives you a wide range of opportunities to test out your experience level through the exploration of the galaxies. And, like many of our other telescopes listed, this one provides you with the opportunity to download astronomy software, one that can make you go from amateur to expert in no time!

Your summer fun has just been upgraded with the purchase of a new telescope for all the fun activities. Young or old, a new telescope for beginners or advanced astronomers is the perfect addition to your summertime fun!

With this article, we tried to round up the best budget telescopes for viewing planets, stars, nature, and so much more!

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best budget telescope for viewing planets

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  1. Just about every telescope you recommend is pure junk and will frustrate any beginner or experienced observer. A few of the Celestron or Meads are OK but not for the intended audience. Even the few that have OK optics have unusable tripods and other accessories…Please do at least a little research. We see far too much of this junk at our club star parties. With a little research a beginner can get a high quality scope for the same or less than those reccomended.

    1. @Dave W,I’m a 1st time buyer. Would you reccommend a brand to me and the needes accessories. I’m looking for an 80 arpenture

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