25+ Best Trolling Motor for Pontoon Boats

Pontoon boats are a great way to enjoy the water, whether you’re fishing using serious anglers, swimming, or just cruising around in the lake or salt water. In order to get the most out of your pontoon boat, you need the right trolling motor that’s up to the task.

best trolling boat motor for pontoon boat

What To Know

There are a lot of major factors to consider when choosing the best trolling motor for your pontoon boat, like if you want an outboard engine, stainless steel shaft, gas motor, or deep cycle battery.

You can also narrow down if you’re looking for a specific trolling motor brand.

Like most things, there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

So stop looking at those Newport vessels and check these out.

What pontoon boat owners need is an essential motor.

25+ Best Trolling Motor for Pontoon Boats

Here is the scoop on the best trolling motor for a pontoon boat!

1. Minn Kota Terrova Freshwater Bow-Mount Trolling Motor

Use the Minn Kota Terrova Freshwater Bow-Mount Trolling Motor to Spot-Lock onto fishing spots!

Utilize record paths and command speeds with the i-Pilot Link system which gives you better control with the touchscreen or virtual remote.

Make sure you look at the proper shaft length of the trolling motor or the right shaft length.

The sonar’s high performance helps you to find fish for a successful day out on the water!

Featuring an easy-to-deploy system that slides the motor into the water, the Minn Kota Terrova’s spring-loaded Lift-Assist design allows for easy stowing for anyone!

The foot pedals offer two steering options with rotary speed control dials and an autopilot toggle. 

2. Motor Guide 940700020 Xi3 Trolling Motor

With MotorGuide you can wireless operate the motor from anywhere on the boat!

The LED dashboard gives you the chance to quickly check the status of important functions under any weather conditions.

Make sure you know the bow of your pontoon boat today.

You can pinpoint precise locations with Pinpoint GPS, which is the industry’s most accurate GPS available!

This motor delivers 55 pounds of thrust with a 3-blade Machete propeller.

MotorGuide Xi3 Wireless Freshwater Bow Mount Trolling Motor operates so quietly that it is 40% quieter than other leading competitors. 

3. AQUOS HASWING White Mount Trolling Motor

Do you want to have your hands free boating experience?

The remote control for this motor can fit in the palm of your hand and can easily be in a lanyard around your neck while you enjoy the water!

Plus, the remote can be recharged!

Aquos offers easy removal and installation with the quick release bracket. 

Featuring cruise control, this will keep your boat going at the right speed you want using just the remote control which gives you the ability to increase or decrease speed.

You can also go reverse by turning your motor 180 degrees, unlike a transom mount!

You can easily place the motor with the ergonomic lifting handle to carry your motor from your car to your boat.

It’s time for a new trolling motor so you should get the best trolling motor for a pontoon boat!

4. MotorGuide Tour Freshwater Trolling Motor 

The MotorGuide Tour Freshwater Trolling Motor has a 360° breakaway system and an oversized aluminum column on the outside.

It’s good to know your boat’s loaded boat weight.

This aluminum mount is made from aircraft-grade material, not a small craft.

The Zero-G nitrogen gas spring gives lift assistance and gives you easy stowing and deploying without using all your high strength in your motor shaft. 

This motor delivers extra power that is 30% more efficient than other motors like electrical power.

With MotorGuide Tour Freshwater Trolling Motor there is a 45-inch shaft that has an unbreakable inner shaft, and this is backed up by not a two-year warranty but a lifetime warranty!

This is the best fit for you. Make sure it is the right size for you.

5. MotorGuide Tour Pro 82lb 45″ 24V with Pinpoint GPS

The pinpoint GPS is controlled through wireless controls.

It is compatible with lithium-ion motor batteries which gives you more options that are easier for you!

The LED dashboard will indicate the power, battery, and GPS status so you won’t be stuck with any surprises or any longer battery drains. 

This motor uses a new two blade Katana Prop that quickly became the best-in-class prop.

MotorGuide Tour Pro also utilizes a bounce buster and cable routing so that you can find your favorite spots easily!

Included with this purchase is the motor, bounce buster, mounting hardware, tie down straps, and a pinpoint GPS remote. 

6. Minn Kota Riptide Maxxum Saltwater Hand-Steer Bow-Mount Trolling Motor 

The latch and door bracket gives a rock-solid hold when you stow your motor at the end of the day.

The tilt/extend tiller gives the command back to you with the hand control!

This motor has key features like a digital battery indicator that can be found on the head of the motor. 

You can extend this up to 6 inches long with a 45 degree angle!

You’ll be able to zip through the water with the five forward speed setting.

There is also a reverse speed setting that gives you three speeds. In recent years more people have been enjoying this and there is a good chance you will too!

7. Minn Kota Riptide Terrova Saltwater Electric Trolling Motor

Use Spot-Lock to keep you in place on the water once you find the perfect fishing spot.

This comes pre-installed with the i-Pilot GPS!

You can activate the Spot-Lock from the remote or Humminbird fish finder like Lowrance fish finder or check out other fish finder manufacturers.

You can utilize the autopilot in these electric motors by pointing the head towards the direction of travel and turning it on.

It will keep in that direction, even adjusting automatically to correct for changing winds or waves that might knock it off course.

Sit back and relax and enjoy!

8. Minn Kota 1358739 PowerDrive Trolling Motor 

For ease of use, the deploy-assist lever gets you in or out of the water.

All you have to do is decompress the lever when you put it on.

The Minn Kota trolling motor is guaranteed for life with its indestructible motor shaft!

You control speed and steering with the foot pedal!

This foot pedal is waterproof and has an 18 foot cord so you aren’t tied to one spot.

You can be out on the water for 5 times longer on a single charge with Minn Kota trolling motor! This could be the best option for you.

9. AQUOS Haswing White 12V Bow Mount Trolling Motor

The rechargeable remote control gives you enough power from anywhere in the boat.

You can even control the motor on the shore, the farthest distance being 164 feet from the motor, unlike transom-mount motors.

Also easy to operate wired foot control gives you a complete hands free option! 

Cruise control will keep your boat at a constant speed, and you can use the remote to increase or decrease the speed.

You may have to manually correct the course because of any sudden wind or current. This motor does not have spot lock technology.

10. Minn Kota Pontoon Freshwater Electric-Steer Bow-Mount Trolling Motor

Be on the water longer with this Minn Kota Pontoon bow-mount!

A single battery charge lets you have 5 times longer run times on the water.

You can control the speed with the dial touch without using too much battery life.

You can easily get a full day of fishing on this motor like the Minn Kota pontoon trolling motor!

The Deploy-Assist lever depresses the lever so that it makes it easier on you to get in and out of the water.

You can also control the speed and steering with the power drive foot pedal.

This motor also gives more power so you can cut through any heavy vegetation! Enjoy your time on the water with this Minn Kota Pontoon Bow-Mount!

11. PARKHO HASWING Boat Electric Trolling Motor 

This quiet electric motor gives you different speed functions that adjust smoothly and gives you complete control over your motor.

You’ll notice a huge difference after checking it out.

Take advantage of the GPS technology so that you can get to catching fish faster than ever before! 

Anchor control will keep on your desired fishing spot almost like an electric anchor.

Even with the wind and waves, if you just click the anchor button the GPS keeps that precise location.

The good news is that anything more than 6 feet, the motor will kick on and bring the boat back automatically so you can enjoy your time!

12. Minn Kota PowerDrive Freshwater Trolling Motor

This amazing thrust power pushes 70 pounds out to push you forward with incredible speeds!

You can still keep control of your speed with the electric foot pedal that comes with this set.

Along with controlling speed, the foot pedal also gives you the ability to steer with your hands being completely free, even if it’s a 24-foot pontoon boat.

The PowerDrive foot pedal is of course waterproof so you won’t need to worry about being out on the water!

It also has important features like an 18 foot cord so you are able to steer from any point in the boat and actual trolling. Get yours today!

13. MotorGuide Xi5 Wireless Saltwater Bow Mount Trolling Motor 

With an easy to read LED dashboard, you can check the status of key functions of the motor and you can see this status in any light condition you may be in.

The electronics of this motor are fully covered in a high-tech coated shell, to completely block out water and dust from entering in unwanted crevices. 

This motor can deliver 55 points of thrust with its 3-blade Machete glass-filed propeller.

The max draw is 52 amps and it has been recommended only for boats that are 14 to 18 feet long.

An amazing feature of this MotorGuide motor is the pinpoint GPS that gives a tighter hold to the anchor point you choose.

This is a good choice for you!

14. MotorGuide Xi3 Wireless Freshwater Trolling Motor

The large release lever of this Xi3 Trolling Motor gives easy and safe operating for a standing position for larger boats with larger motors.

You’ll be able to know when the motor is in the stowed position because of the visual and audible cues that it gives.

The LED dashboard gives an easy to read the ability to check on the motor!

MotorGuide Xi3 Wireless Freshwater Trolling Motor is whisper quiet so you can enjoy the nature around you as much as possible even in large boats!

If you want to be at the front of the boat away from the motor, you can be!

The hand-held remote control gives you the ability to go anywhere you desire on the boat.

Your biggest problem will be that you’ll never want to get off your boat.

15. PARKHO HASWING Electric Trolling Motor

Parkho motor runs more efficiently with its design and engineering.

This motor is so quiet that it won’t scare off the fish!

The improved control of the motor gives you more time fishing and relaxing rather than chasing the fish away and trying to play catchup. 

This motor has 7 levels for the lifting positions.

The pilot control gives you flexibility with the speed and steering from anywhere on the boat.

This motor is equipped to keep the course, even against wind, waves, and any unexpected current it would normally throw off its direction. 

16. Minn Kota Riptide Powerdrive

The Minn Kota motor is meant for the saltwater terrain.

The Weedless Wedge 2 prop can power through anything you come across.

This prop is most trusted in the fishing world. It won’t drain your battery either when it’s chopping and hacking to its top speed.

You can steer this motor through the wireless remote.

All you need to do to command the speed and steer is push simple buttons from any point on the boat.

Your battery charge will allow you to stay on the water 5 times longer than before!

Add some Bluetooth connectivity to listen to your favorite tunes and you’re off.

Spend the day doing what you love with Minn Kota 1363565 Riptide PowerDrive!

17. Minn Kota 1363558

Very similar to the Minn Kota 1363565, the Minn Kota 1363558 has the same feature, just not as much thrust and shaft as a small boat.

This motor has a 55 lbs thrust and a 48” composite shaft which means this has less power than the motor above.

It’s bigger than a 30-inch composite fiberglass shaft.

The Copilot feature keeps the course without a thought.

The Digital maximizer gives you a longer run time on one battery charge.

This means you can go farther and longer than you could before! Enjoy your days out on the water!

18. MotorGuide Xi5 Wireless Trolling Motor

The ‘heel-toe’ steering is extremely quiet and offers accurate precision.

It’s 50% faster than other motors making it a top contender for the best trolling motor for a pontoon boat!

You can also see the battery life with the indicator, it will show differing colored lights depending on the battery life.

This is given to you in real time so you don’t have to go on the water guessing if you’ll make it back. 

The foot pedal is wireless! The smooth ride is especially great on the fresh water.

This motor does not have a remote control feature, but the wireless pedal control gives you plenty of additional space and frees up your hands!

19. MotoGuide Xi5 60″ Bow Mount

MotoGuide Xi5 60″ Bow Mount is our next pick for the best trolling motor for a pontoon boat and it is meant to be taken out onto saltwater!

The Xi5 wireless capabilities should be ready to go right out of the box. This also comes with a GPS! 

The different colored lights show you the level of Battery life with accuracy.

The composite shaft is backed with a lifetime warranty, manufacturing says it could bend but it won’t be breaking.

Have fun on the water with this quiet and smooth ride!

20. MotorGuide 940700030

Get the motor that is 40% quieter than others because of the much improved motor operations.

You won’t be scaring all the fish away, which means you can start fishing and catching them sooner than before!

You can even control the motor through the wireless remote control from anywhere on your boat. 

Utilize the pinpoint GPS that gives precision control which means you stay as close as you can get to the anchor point you dropped.

You can peak thrust 70 pounds as you push full force ahead to your favorite fishing location.

This motor is meant only for freshwater bodies of water!

Each motor is different, and there are different models so make sure it fits your pontoon boat needs!

21. Minn Kota 1363559

Copilot gives you push-button control of the speed and steering of the motor.

The shell over the motor gives ultimate protection with aluminum that is designed to prevent any rust and oxidation that could commonly occur in the water. 

The most trusted props used in fishing are the Weedless Wedge 2.

This motor offers you this amazing feature so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck!

On top of that, Minn Kota perfected the battery life so you can enjoy a full day of fishing.

Not taking too much power when you’re adjusting speeds, you can last 5 times longer than ever before.

22. MotorGuide 940700180 Xi3 Wireless Freshwater Bow Mount Trolling Motor

This motor is meant only for freshwater fishing! Make sure that your motor is able to be in the conditions that you will be facing whether it is windy conditions or certain water conditions.

With this motor, it is 40% quieter than other motors on the market!

Even with it being so quiet in comparison, it still offers 55 pounds of thrust. 

The LED dashboard lets you know the important functions of the motor, indicating if there are any faults.

A bonus of this motor is the wireless remote control so you can be operating from even the front of the boat!

This is a 12-volt motor with a max draw of 52 amps. 

23. AQUOS Haswing Cayman Motor 

AQUOS Haswing Cayman motor is meant to run quieter than ever before.

On top of this amazing quality, this motor has a lower power consumption when trying to reach top speed. This feature increases the battery life!

The max boat length this motor is meant to push is an 18 footer for the perfect engine mount. 

You have some control options with a wired foot control to give you more mobility of your hands.

Another option is the remote control that can conveniently still be used from the shore.

The only limitation with the shore-line control is that the motor and the control have to be within 16 feet of each other.

This is an ideal choice for you if you want the best trolling motor for a pontoon boat!

24. MotorGuide Thrust Saltwater and Freshwater Kayak Trolling Motors

With peak thrust being 55 pounds, this MotorGuide motor is great for saltwater and freshwater adventures.

This comes with Pinpoint GPS! This means that you can stay in the same spot without the actual use of an anchor.

Plus, this motor is Pinpoint GPS Gateway compatible. 

You can control your motor through a handheld remote from any position on your boat like the front gate!

You have the option of wireless foot pedal controls.

Most foot pedal controls have waterproof wires that connect to the motor. So with this motor, there is less cluster and more options for you!

25. Minn Kota 1358763

The push-to-test battery meter shows you the charge state of your battery.

Do this before you run out on the water so you don’t end up stranded at the end of the day!

With this battery, you may never have to worry.

This motor offers a longer run time that is 5 times longer than other competitors, all on a single charge!

Another feature of this motor is the built-in universal sonar that is concealed and completely protected.

You’ll be able to easily lift and deploy this motor on your boat with the deploy-assist lever!

Once you’re on the water you’ll be pushing 70 pounds of thrust forward to a great day on the water. 

26. AQUOS Cayman T Series

Don’t worry about going out of power on a perfect day! You can easily see the battery power with the 3 level that displays on the LED battery meter.

This motor is perfect for both fresh and saltwater, so you don’t have to limit yourself ever!

The depth height of the motor can adjust easily so you can trek most waters. 

Of course, this motor offers classic hand control but it offers a hand remote for more options for your needs!

You can even use the remote control to control the motor from the shore, as long as you are within 164 feet of the motor itself. 

Final Thoughts

That is the scoop on the best trolling motor for pontoon boats!

The first thing you want to do now is hop on your boat!

Remember the rule of thumb, you should always pass another boat on its port side (left side). Also, an important general rule is to have a life jacket for each person on the boat.

It is also important to consider what is the most important factor for you in your search.

For instance, if you want a boat with a motor mount or one that is durable so it will last a long time. The best thing to do is research and you are already halfway there!

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