25 Of The Best Crystals For Balance And Healing

Everyone deals with fluctuations in energy levels, stress, and external circumstances. However, these can lead to an imbalance of both the mind and body – resulting in physical ailments. To boost your overall state of being, it might be time to embrace crystals for balance.    

Crystal therapy has become very popular in the United States in the past couple of years! They have been used for centuries as a way to realign the energies of the body.

Each crystal has unique properties that make it a great tool for gaining balance in the mind and body, by creating a soothing sensation when held, or by emitting energy to restore your natural state of being.

Whether you’re looking to boost your emotional state or emotional balance, increase harmony within yourself and others, or simply improve the general feeling you have about life, crystals can help you re-create your reality.

Using the right crystals can help your overall physical health as well as your immune systems! Our human body changes all the time, due to our hormones and or even emotional stress.

Crystal healing is a powerful thing that can act as the energy centres of our lives and keep us balanced and grounded. There is scientific evidence that has proven that healing crystals can grant us inner balance and inner peace throughout our daily life!

To help you on your journey towards balance, we’ve compiled 25 of the best crystals to keep in your home for healing and balancing energy.

1. Rose Quartz – To Balance Love And Intimacy

This is a stone of unconditional love. This can help balance your heart chakra and calm any discord in a relationship.

It’s also known to encourage compassion for yourself and others, allowing you to have a more positive outlook on life.

The rose quartz crystal can also help with emotional healing with our inner self! Self-love is super important when it comes to being balanced and blocking any negative thoughts we have about ourselves. Place this crystal in your room if you’re in a space of stagnancy in your love life.

2. Fluorite – To Boost Clairvoyance And Psychic Abilities

This crystal is said to have strong metaphysical properties that can cleanse and clarify the mind, increasing intuition and psychic ability.

These precious stones have the ability to transform negative energies into positive energies. This can help with the balance of the mind.

Place this crystal on your desk when you’re doing any brainstorming or problem solving to help you gain clarity. This is one of the best crystals for balance!

3. Smoky Quartz – To Ground And Center Yourself

If you’re the sort of person who spends a lot of time lost in your thoughts, or fantasizing about different possibilities, smoky quartz might be the right crystal for you.

It’s great for grounding and reconnecting with yourself. The best ways to feel the energy field of this stone is to place it on your desk or in your room when you need a refocus on the present moment.

4. Black Tourmaline – To Protect Against Negative Energy

This stone can protect against negativity in two ways: it acts as a guard against other people’s negative energy and also absorbs any negative emotions from your own mind or body.

It is known as the protective stone and can help cleanse your mind of negative thoughts.

Place this stone in your home to keep yourself shielded from negative vibes and it will help you gain your personal power back!

5. Amethyst – To Soothe Anxiety And Stress

The amethyst stone is a great one to have around if you’re struggling with anxiety or stress. It has a calming energy that can help soothe frazzled nerves and promote a sense of peace.

Place it near your bedside to help you get a good night’s sleep. Another great way to feel the good vibrations from this crystal is wearing an amethyst necklace.

When wearing this necklace during difficult times, you will feel a sense of peace and be surrounded by good energy!

6. Carnelian – To Boost Your Self-Esteem

The carnelian is a stone of empowerment, creativity and helps to boost self-esteem and confidence. It allows you to focus on what you want in life, rather than what you don’t want, and creates a feeling of success.

It represents powerful energy, joy, and motivation which is perfect for someone who is working on self-confidence! Place this stone in your home if you’ve been feeling down on yourself lately.

7. Tektite – To Manifest Abundance And Good Luck

Tektite is a new crystal that’s great for manifestation and can bring abundance and good luck into your life. It has powerful spiritual energies that can connect you with the spiritual realm and feel empowered and motivated to take on any challenge!

This is a great choice to keep on your desk if you’re working on a new project or to place in your wallet.

8. Hematite – To Balance Your Mind And Body

This is an excellent stone for grounding and balancing energy, which can help make sure that both your mind and body are in sync with each other. It is known to help balance and restore blood flow throughout your nervous system!

This stone can be a good replacement for any type of medical treatment or pain relief medicine. Much like this stone, palo santo is another great aid to help relieve stress or pain, instead of making a trip to the doctors!

Place this stone near the places you most often sit or sleep to keep yourself in a state of harmony.

9. Labradorite – To Boost Creativity And Positive Energy

The Labradorite is another stone that can make your dreams a reality, by boosting creativity and positive energy. It’s known for helping you gain the strength necessary to attain whatever it is you desire.

It is also known to help with communication and a higher state of consciousness. When it comes to creativity and self expression, mental clarity is super important and this stone has a beneficial effect on this aspect of your life!

Place this stone near your workstation to bring creative ideas to fruition.

10. Black Obsidian – To Release And Heal Negative Energy

Crystal Black obsidian is a type of volcanic glass that’s great for removing negative energy from your life. It can also help bring to light any suppressed emotions so they can be faced and healed.

Place this stone on your desk or in an area where you work or think, to remove any negativity hindering you from achieving your goals.

11. Moonstone – To Balance Your Emotions

The Moonstone is a powerful healing stone that works with the moon’s own ebb and flow, and can balance out any extreme emotions you may be experiencing on a day-to-day basis.

It works best during a full moon to achieve mental clarity, balance and to regain your feminine energy! Place this stone on your nightstand if you’ve been having a hard time controlling your moods, or on your desk if you tend to get stressed out during the day.

12. Tiger’s Eye – To Attract Prosperity

Tiger eye is a great stone for protection and bringing prosperity into your life. It can help to manifest abundance in all forms and reminds us that we are worthy of attracting good fortune and kindness into our lives.

Tiger’s eye is connected to the sacral chakra, which it can help balance your physical and emotional well-being! It represents strength and self-confidence, and can help keep you grounded with whatever responsibilities life throws at you!

Keep this stone insight if you want to attract money or success in the near future.

13. Sodalite – To Combat Self-Doubt And Hesitations

Crystal Sodalite is often used as a stone to help overcome self-doubt and hesitation, which can stop you from moving forward towards your goals. It is connected to many different chakra stones that can help keep you balanced and grounded!

Place this stone on your desk or near where you work to help you take action on important issues or the things that matter most to you.

14. Amber – To Connect With The Earth’s Energy

The stone Amber is a fossilized tree resin that has many purposes, including connecting with the energy of the earth. This stone can help ground and center you when you’re feeling overwhelmed by your daily responsibilities, and it’s also helpful for relieving stress.

Amber has a beautiful white light energy that can give off powerful energetic support! Sometimes we are too caught up thinking about our past lives, and forget about the present moment.

This stone is great to reconnect with the world around you and remain balanced and at peace! Place this stone in your home to bring a sense of harmony with the universe.

15. Peridot – To Ease Jealousy And Self-Doubt

The crystal Peridot is great for cleansing and purifying your chakras, which can help ease feelings of jealousy and self-doubt that you might be experiencing. You should incorporate crystals, like peridot, to help bring peace and harmony to any of your current relationships or new ones!

Place this stone on your solar plexus chakra to help you feel more confident and powerful or even wear this gemstone necklace to always feel the surrounding energy and positive vibe it can bring!

16. Red Jasper – To Ground And Balance

The Red jasper is a grounding and balancing stone that’s great for those who feel as though they’re all over the place.

It can help bring some stability back into your life, and also support you through any current changes you might be going through.

It is connected to the root chakra which helps you feel safe and secure within the world, and keeps you grounded! A great way to incorporate this stone into your life is by placing it near the places where you like to sit or sleep to keep yourself grounded.

17. Lapis Lazuli – To Open The Third Eye

Crystal Lapis lazuli is an excellent stone for connecting with your intuition, which can help you discover your own truth and open up the third eye chakra.

This popular stone can work in many different ways! It helps prevent psychic attacks, improves your self-awareness as well as brings peace and harmony into your life!

These stones have a variety of colors within them, which make them so unique and special! Place this stone on your forehead to promote deep meditation, or wear it as a bracelet to boost creativity.

18. Yellow Jasper – To Bring Good Luck

Crystal Yellow jasper is a great stone for bringing good luck into your life. Placing this stone somewhere in your home or workspace can help bring about prosperity and abundance, and attract all of the positive things you desire.

It is also known to help balance your physical body, as well as your mental and emotional levels! It is connected to the solar plexus chakra which can activate its energy centers and realign your mind, body, and soul!

19. Blue Kyanite – To Balance The Throat Chakra

The crystal Blue kyanite can help balance the throat chakra and bring a sense of calm to your life. It’s a great stone for those who have been feeling agitated lately, and it can also ease any tension you might be experiencing in your relationships.

Blue kyanite is considered a master healer when it comes to dealing with tricky relationships. Place these beautiful stones near the places where you communicate with others, or on your throat chakra to bring a sense of harmony into your relationships.

20. Moss Agate – To Connect With Nature

The Moss agate is a wonderful stone that’s perfect for connecting with the energy of nature. It can help you to release any negative feelings or attachments you might have towards the people in your life, and it can also restore balance within yourself.

Place this stone on your altar when you want to connect with nature spirits, or keep it in your home to bring peaceful feelings into your relationships.

21. Clear Quartz – To Boost Self-Confidence

There are so many different types of quartz crystals, but Clear quartz is a great stone for boosting self-confidence, which can help you to take on your daily responsibilities.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with life lately, clear quartz points clarity back into your life and reminds you of all the amazing things that you’ve done in the past. It is connected to the crown chakra, which it helps heal and balance your mind!

Usually, the first chakra will help attract change into your life, and then the healing power of crystals will continue to keep you balanced and grounded! Place this stone near your bed or under your pillow at night to harness its energy overnight.

22. Green Aventurine – To Improve Your Luck

Crystal Green aventurine can help improve your luck in different aspects of your life, including relationships and financial matters. It’s also good for releasing any negative energy that might be holding you back from achieving what you desire.

Place this stone near the places where you do most of your work to increase your productivity. This stone can be a powerful tool, so hold on to it when doing something important!

23. Chrysoprase – For Instilling Trust

The Chrysoprase is a wonderful stone that can help instill trust in yourself and your abilities. It’s also great for relieving feelings of stress, which might be holding you back from doing everything that you’ve always wanted to do with your life.

This stone possesses light energy and can bring changes to your life in a calm way, without feeling stressed or anxious!

Place this stone around the house or wear it as a necklace to bring more trust into your life.

24. Rhodonite – To Help You Forgive Yourself

This crystal, Rhodonite can be a powerful stone for instilling self-love and forgiveness within yourself, which is important for anyone who’s been feeling anxious or stressed lately.

This stone can also help you to see the bigger picture in any negative situations you’re going through, and calm your mind so that you can take the next step forward.

Allow this stone to be a message to you to make it your life purpose to always focus on the present moment and what makes you truly happy! Wear this stone or place it somewhere in your home to bring more peace into your life.

25. Lolite – To Open The Third Eye

Crystal Lolite is an excellent stone for connecting with your intuition, which can help you discover your own truth and open up the third eye chakra.

Place this stone on your forehead to promote deep meditation, or wear it as a bracelet to boost creativity. By implementing these stones into your life, you can find balance within yourself and bring harmony into different aspects of your life.

These crystals are just a few of the many that can help you find balance within yourself, and it’s an important side note to understand that even though these crystals might work for others, they might not work for everyone.

Feel free to experiment with different stones until you find the one that brings harmony back into your life!

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