25 Of The Best Crystals For Depression

Mental health issues is an important conversation to always have with yourself and others, crystals for depresion can help.

Many people don’t realize how mental health can affect your daily life in different ways. This can cause you to make decisions irrationally and not with the best intentions.

There are many different types of mental health issues including depression, bipolar disorders, personality disorders, as well as anxiety. All these conditions can have a huge impact on the way we think and do things and it can be very hard.

Crystals have been used for thousands of years for both healing and spiritual purposes. They can restore balance in your body, mind and soul.

Depression can be a very difficult thing to deal with as there are many factors that could trigger it. There are several ways to deal with depression and one of the most preferred ones is using crystals.

Using crystals provides a multitude of benefits that can help you deal with depression. Knowing which crystal to choose and how to use them can really help you in your journey towards emotional healing.

We’ve got the scoop on 25 of the best crystals for depression!

1. Blue Lace Agate

The Blue Lace Agate is a stone that works very well when it comes to dealing with sleepless nights. It is one of the most helpful favorite crystals for depression because it stabilizes your mood.

This is also known as a calming stone, which can help with worry and depressive episodes. Blue Lace Agate possesses healing properties that can help balance and nurture your emotions. This can keep your mind at peace throughout the day.

2. Citrine

This vibrant yellow citrine stone has been used for centuries to transform negative energy into positive ones.

Citrine stimulates your energy flow and cleanses you of anything that could be damaging to your well-being. It is very helpful when it comes to dealing with depression and stress.

This stone is known to be used by a crystal healer to help prevent any mood swings or panic attacks. It can even help re-energize your body and overall physical health!

Keep citrine crystals with you at all times when you are feeling anxious and stressed during difficult situations.

This is one of the best crystals for depression.

3. Orange Calcite

This stone has a powerful healing effect and helps you see the brighter side of life no matter how dark things might seem for you at the present moment. It can cleanse your aura and remove anything that is making you feel bad.

It is considered a cleansing stone, connected to the energy centers. This can help with emotional balance as well as release any symptoms of depression.

Orange Calcite is one of the beautiful stones that are always active and can help you transform and grow into the person you were always meant to be!

4. Clear Quartz

This powerful crystal will amplify the effects of the other stones you are using, while also balancing your energy flow.

You can use Clear Quartz on its own to get rid of all negative vibes that might have been stored in your body for way too long. The Clear quartz crystal is also known as the ‘master healer’. It is often paired with other crystals to enhance those other properties.

The best way to use this crystal is to pair it with other crystals within the quartz collection to be able to feel the different vibrations of energy and healing properties! Smokey Quartz and Rose Quartz are two other popular crystals that can be used within this collection. They have similar and powerful properties to clear quartz!

5. Rose Quartz

This pink stone has an extremely calming effect. It can improve your feelings of self-worth when you are in danger. It is known for its strong connection to the heart chakra stone. This can help relax you both emotionally and physically.

It also helps with emotional pain by releasing negative emotions responsible for depression. Since it is connected to the heart chakra it will attract an abundance of love and peace into your life. This is something so important to have when dealing with mental health.

Rose Quartz is a symbol of unconditional love. As well it will help you see your truest potential and how wonderful you are. Self-love is one of the best things to start learning in order to help with any feelings of negativity or sadness.

This crystal will make a positive change in your life. Its important to keep it in your purse or at home to feel the powerful energies! This is one of the best crystals for depression.

6. Black Obsidian

This stone can be very helpful when it comes to dealing with addictions of any kind. If you are going through a hard time because you have an addiction that needs to be overcome then this is most definitely one of the stones that can help with healing.

It also has a powerful cleansing effect and helps your mind function better. This is a very beneficial stone to have within your crystal collection. It allows you to open your mind and reveal any past pain or trauma that you have endured. That in turn can help you discover why you are feeling sad or upset about things.

Black Obsidian is a protective stone that can be used as a holistic approach to help with these mental health issues, instead of seeing any type of doctor for medical advice.

Sometimes the best way to heal any emotional trauma or numbness is to get back in touch with yourself and figure out what makes you truly happy!

7. Aventurine

This is an extremely powerful stone when it comes to boosting your energy. This is great for people suffering from depression. The green color of Aventurine can have a very calming effect that will help you get rid of the anxiety that is associated with depression.

It is a common healing stone used by many individuals who need help surrounding themselves with positive energies. This is a great way to gain mental clarity about your life!

This stone can help alleviate any pain or trauma from your past and push you onto a path of new beginnings! It is almost like this stone is giving you another chance at life to focus on what makes you truly happy!

This is one of the best crystals for depression.

8. Amethyst

Crystal Amethyst can protect your mind and psyche from negative emotions, which are known to trigger depression.

It is a great stone to have around when you are feeling down. It can wake up your inner strength and help you feel empowered again. This purple stone is one of the best to help with feeling infinite peace and gain a new perspective of your higher self.

Amethyst is one the most effective crystals to have when it comes to releasing any feelings of anger as well as balancing out any emotions during difficult times!

9. Bloodstone

This stone is very helpful when it comes to relieving stress because of its calming effect. Bloodstone will provide you with the energy that is needed to feel better and release the tension that causes depression.

It is considered a soothing stone because of its ability to remove any blocks that are preventing us from healing. It can help encourage motivation and energy!

This is a great stone to have when you need that boost of energy and confidence to get you out of that funk!

10. Black Tourmaline

This stone has very protective energy and it can remove negative entities from your aura, which both cause depression.

It is known as a very powerful stone for removing stress and anxiety from your life. You might want to consider using it on a regular basis. It is also known as a protective stone that can prevent any negativity from trying to enter your aura or energy field!

11. Turquoise

This blue stone has a very soothing and calming effect and it can also help your focus and concentration levels. If you constantly feel like you are unable to think clearly, turquoise might just be the perfect one for you.

This is because it will increase the overall clarity of your mind which means that you will be able to make better decisions for yourself.

Turquoise is connected to the throat chakra which is great for situations where you need to speak up for yourself and be able to express your emotions to others who can help you, like a family member or even when you decided to get professional help!

12. Lepidolite

This purple stone is also known as the “stone of transition”, which means that it helps you move from one stage in your life into another with ease. Especially when depression makes this process difficult for you.

Lepidolite will help you stabilize your emotions and deal with stress and anxiety much better than before. There is scientific evidence that has found that this crystal contains a high volume of lithium which can be used for anti-anxiety treatments.

Think of it as almost like a placebo effect where the energy of these crystals is acting as a medication! Wear lepidolite jewelry every day to feel the positive effects!

13. Fluorite

This is a great stone to have around when you feel exhausted and drained. Fluorite will help increase your energy levels so you can enjoy life again, instead of being overcome by feelings of sadness all the time.

It has a very calming effect which helps with depression, as it helps you relax and release tension from your body.

It is known as the stone of clarity that possesses a great number of powerful tools that can be used to help detoxify your mind and body of any negativity.

You should use this stone to help heal any emotional pain you have experienced instead of trying to get medical help because we all know how expensive and time-consuming that can be.

14. Amber

This stone can help improve your moods and boost your energy levels, which is extremely helpful when it comes to dealing with depression.

It will also cleanse negative energies from your aura that might be responsible for depression related symptoms such as lethargy and exhaustion. Amber is great to use for crystal healing because it helps eliminate emotional issues you have experienced in recent years.

It works in a wonderful way where you can reconnect with your human body and have an open mind about things. This is even great to use to help heal and protect your nervous system, so you can always remain healthy!

It is always important to stay in tune with your body and mind to prevent any feelings of sadness or anxiety from entering! This is one of the best crystals for depression.

15. White Howlite

This stone is very helpful in dealing with anxiety and stress, which are two major triggers for depression. It has a calming effect that can help you relax and let go of all the negative thoughts that might be swirling around in your head.

White Howlite is also known to improve your sleep quality, so it’s definitely worth considering if you are struggling with insomnia.

This is a really good crystal to use when you want to reflect on your past and figure out what needs to be changed in order to improve your life for the better!

This stone has been used during ancient times when people wanted to revisit their past lives and see if anything happened that affected their way of thinking now!

16. Rhodonite

This is a great stone for people who tend to bottle up their emotions, as it can help you release all the negativity that you are holding onto.

Rhodonite will also boost your confidence levels and help you feel good about yourself again. This is extremely important when it comes to dealing with depression because a lack of self-esteem is often one of the main causes.

These can work as a palm stone because of its size and soft texture! Hold this within your hand and it will help absorb those negative emotions and energies!

17. Labradorite

If you constantly feel overwhelmed by your depression, Labradorite can help you release negativity from your life and find a new purpose that is worth living for.

It will open up the third eye chakra which is responsible for intuition and inner vision. You might then realize that there are more things in life than just your depression, so this stone might be exactly what you need.

18. Carnelian

This is one of the best stones to carry around when you are feeling low, as it will give you support and protection at all times.

Carnelian has a very grounding effect which means that it will make you feel more secure about your life and yourself in general, eliminating feelings of anxiety and depression.

19. Sunstone

This stone is known for its ability to bring light and happiness into your life, which is exactly what you need when you are dealing with depression.

Sunstone will also help to increase your energy levels so you can start enjoying life again.

20. Malachite

This stone has a very calming effect, which means that it will help you release any tension that might have been the cause of your depression in the first place.

It can open up feelings of emotional stability and inner peace, allowing you to see life from a different perspective and deal with depression much easier.

21. Ocean Jasper

This is a very soothing and calming stone that can help you deal with the anxiety and stress that comes with depression.

It is also known to increase your self-confidence, which is an important step in overcoming the disorder.

22. Smoky Quartz

This is another grounding stone, so it can help you release negative thoughts that are the root of your depression. It will also infuse positive energy into your aura, eliminating old grudges and resentments that might be responsible for holding you back in life.

Smoky quartz has a protective effect as well, which means that carrying it with you will help you get rid of feelings of self-doubt.

23. Tiger’s Eye

This is one of the most protective stones to carry around with you when you are feeling depressed. Tigers eye will infuse positive energy into your aura, making it much stronger against negative energies that might try to infiltrate it.

Tiger’s eye also has a very grounding effect which helps you feel more centered and secure about yourself, allowing you to deal with depression much easier.

The tiger eye is also a great manifestation tool because it possesses natural gifts from the earth that can help you manifest all your dreams and desires and stay in touch with whats happening around you!

24. Lapis Lazuli

This is one of the best stones to use when you are trying to banish feelings of anxiety and depression. It has a very calming effect on the mind which will make it easier for you to relax, release tension, and find inner peace again.

This way your sense of wellbeing will improve drastically, allowing you to get on with life much more easily and see the bigger picture.

Lapis Lazuli can be connected with the crown chakra because this stone has the ability to heal your mind, body and soul and realign everything back together so you feel more balanced and grounded.

These are the best healing crystals to use to help with any seasonal affective disorder or feelings of depression because it help will heal your overall well-being!

25. Red Jasper

The red jasper is one of the most protective stones to use against negative energies and depression. It has a very grounding effect which makes it easier for you to release negativity from your life, as well as restoring your energy levels.

It is connected to the root chakra in which it can keep you grounded and secure within the world. You will feel revitalized and uplifted after using this stone!

A great way to use this stone is to always carry it around with you, where ever you go!

These top crystals for depression are considered some of the best for depression, so you should try to use them whenever you feel down about yourself.

The use of crystals have a very grounding effect on the mind and body which makes it easier for you to deal with negative emotions. The power of crystals can impact your life in more ways than you think. It has been proven to help attract an abundance of amazing things into your life that will make you feel more at peace with your true self!

So hopefully these simple suggestions will help you get through this difficult time in your life!

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