25 Of The Best Shoes For Tai Chi Practice (2023)

It can be hard to find the right shoe for you, especially when it comes to certain activities like Tai Chi or other Chinese martial arts like Kung Fu. Lucky for you, we have picked out some of the best shoes that are perfect for Tai Chi Practice or Tai Chi training! 

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Some important things to remember when looking for Tai Chi shoes is that it’s important to have a flexible shoe with a high-resistant rubber sole.

Your favorite brand of shoes or athletic shoes might work well for a little while, but those shoes drag and affect your posture, making it important to get a type of shoe made for Tai Chi. 

Here is the scoop on the best shoes for Tai Chi practice! 

1. YunPeng Tai Chi Rubber Sole Shoes

With cotton lining, a cotton sole, and an anti-slip rubber sole, these shoes are the perfect addition to any practice. These shoes go perfectly with the movements of Tai Chi so you can focus on your form and your energy channels instead of the resistance between your regular shoes and the floor. 

2. Majitangcun Embroidered Shoes 

For those looking for a fashionable option, these shoes with embroidered print are our top recommendation for you!

These traditional Chinese tai chi shoes will greatly enhance your Tai Chi Practice with their nano-fabric which makes it easier to absorb sweat.

The sole is also made of A-grade rubber and the design is all hand-sewn, making it both a comfortable and fashionable experience! 

3. APIKA Chinese Traditional Shoes 

These simple yet sleek Tai Chi shoes are perfect for those on a budget because of their low price. The black colored shoes also match perfectly with your uniform.

They also have a variety of larger sizes on their online shop, good news for anyone with wide feet. With its easy slip on style, they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor shoes so you can use them for many other uses besides practice!

4. Feiyue FE LO 1920 Rainbow Shoes

The Feiyue shoes are perfect for Tai Chi practice, they began in the 1920s and have been used for practice and other low-impact workouts ever since.

The first thing people will notice about these shoes is their cute and modern design. Making these shoes perfect for new students who may want a more low-key shoe that they can use regularly outside of practice.

The FE LO 1920 shoes have a Gum rubber sole with an ivory rubber sidewall and have a maximum traction tread, making them some of the best shoes for any practice. 

5. Feiyue FE LO 1920 Black Stripe Shoes

For those who are wanting a Feiyue shoe with a more simple design, this is our top pick. Made with vegan high quality leather.

These shoes were created with a minimalistic design and are coupled with features that make them the perfect martial art shoes for tai chi classes. They are also light weight and versatile, a good thing that makes for a comfortable wearing experience. 

6. Feiyue Bruce Lee 1920 FE LO Shoes

This Feiyue shoe has all the other features of the shoes of this brand mentioned above, but with a special collaboration that honors the life of Bruce Lee.

It has a canvas upper and Bruce Lee details such as a tongue label with a yin-yang symbol, a “Lee Little Dragon” embroidered patch, and “Flying Man” embroidery.

It is also really cheap compared to other collaboration shoes, perfect for anyone who has a lower price range. For students who have been inspired by Bruce Lee, this is the best shoe for you on our list. 

7. VBestlife Taekwondo Shoes and Tai Chi Shoes Black Stripes Sneakers

These innovative shoes are made with high-quality material to ensure comfortable movement. They also have multiple stitches throughout the common stress points in your shoes, ensuring they last a long time. 

8. Majitangcun Old Beijing Embroidered Shoes

When you are practicing Tai Chi, these are undoubtedly the pair of tai chi shoes that will help you improve your skills.

These shoes are made with senior breathable material, making for a comfortable and light weight shoe. The design is perfect for those who don’t want to be too flashy but still want to make a good impression. 

9. Tiger Claw – Martial Art Shoes

These are the best shoes for any avid Tai Chi student. These shoes are wrapped with high-quality vinyl and have shoelaces on the side, the right place that allows for better flexibility, movement, and enough space for your feet.

This taekwondo shoe comes with a durable carrying case that is perfect for a student who only wears their shoes when they are in the studio. 

10. SNLMY Leather Shoes

SNLMY Leather Shoes
SNLMY Leather Tai Chi Shoes

These shoes are perfect for Tai Chi with their thin sole. They have the common black colors that are usually associated with the practice and a Tai Chi uniform.

They provide maximum traction and have a specially designed sole for a better grip on the floor, making for great shoes at practice.

11. ASICS Tiger Unisex Gel-Diablo Shoe

These taichi shoes are the perfect harmony between style and comfort and are great for those who want a shoe for practice that is similar to a normal shoe or sports shoes.

With a breathable mesh tongue, you are able to have more room for your feet to breathe. It also comes complete with a pigskin nubuck suede which makes for a stylish shoe

12. Black Belt Shop Rubber Sole Kung Fu Shoes

These are another pair of regular Tai Chi shoes that might not look intricate but are great lightweight shoes for practice. They have a cotton lining and are easy to slip on and off for practice.

For the affordable price, they are a pretty hardy shoe that is sure to last way longer than just your first tai chi class. 

13. OSdream Canvas Kung Fu Shoes

These tennis-like shoes are the best tai chi shoes for any beginner. They provide maximum traction for ultimate performance and have a padded yet light sole that is great to help you ace martial arts.

The sizing like most shoes that are often made in China can run a little bit small though, so be careful when it comes to choosing a size! These are great practice shoes.

14. T.O.P One Martial Arts Parkour Shoes

With a rubber and flat sole like most Tai Chi shoes, these are a good choice for any martial arts practice. They also have a really nice design, sure to turn heads. They come in many different sizes, including men, women, and even children sizes. 

15. Onitsuka Tiger Men’s Mexico 66 Slip On Sneakers

For those looking for great Tai Chi shoes and have a higher budget, these are the perfect shoes for you. With a more modern design and signature striping overlays, these sneakers would look great and fashionable even outside of practice.

The breathable material and flat shoes are great for those who are doing more advanced moves that require balance. 

16. DoGeek Tai Chi Shoes

These traditional Tai Chi shoes are perfect for those with wider feet since they have men’s sizes and many larger sizes.

These traditional shoes have a rich history, from ancient China and have been used for martial arts for years. Like many of the shoes on this list, they have a rubber sole and cotton lining which makes them really comfortable to wear indoors and outdoors. 

17. Shoes8teen Men’s Shoes

These canvas shoes are great for Tai Chi practice, with a cotton and rubber sole that easily slide and help guide you through the moves of practice. They are also washer machine friendly, making them perfect for those who want a pair of shoes that are easy to clean.

18. TAO Kung Fu Shoes

These shoes are light, pleasant, and comfortable making them the perfect shoe for practice or lounging around at home. On the side is “Wing Chun Quan” in honor of Yip Man and Bruce Lee. Be warned though, these shoes do tend to run small so make sure to measure your feet before buying a pair! 

19. WHITIN Women’s Barefoot & Minimalist Shoe 

For those who are looking for shoes that are similar to bare feet, this will give you a first class experience. They are also useful for other forms of exercise besides Tai Chi, like running on rocky terrain or hiking.

These shoes are adjustable and fit to the surface of the skin on your feet instead of shaping them. They also have a flexible sole, not restricting movement but allowing your feet to move in a natural way that reduces common injuries like shin splints. 

20. Art Taekwondo Shoes Tai Chi Sneakers

For the little ones in your life who might be practicing Tai Chi, this is the best shoe on our list because they come in kid sizes. With this exquisite design, these are sure to be your kid’s favorite shoes. You can also find them in women’s sizes!

They are lightweight and made with senior breathable material, which make them great training shoes. They also come with a unique design with velcro straps, making it easy to take them on and off. 

21. Century Lightfoot Martial Arts Shoe

The Century Lightfoot shoes are similar to running shoes with their unique shape which is something a little bit different from the traditional Tai Chi shoe.

Featuring special pivot points, they are sure to help you turn on a dime and make your next move. With rubber soles, they provide good grip making for the best experience on the mat

22. Adidas Unisex’s Low-Top Adi-Kick I Martial Arts Taekwondo Karate Training Shoes Trainers

For those who enjoy Adidas shoes, these are a great choice for you. With rubber soles and pivot points, they give you the strength and comfort of a regular Tai Chi shoe with a sleek look. 

23. Mens Kung Fu Tai Chi Slip On Martial Arts Sneaker

These are the right shoes for those who want Tai Chi shoes that can double as house shoes that can go with any comfortable clothing on a budget.

The shoes are very lightweight, making you feel like you are wearing nothing. They also provide excellent arch support compared to most other shoes on this list because they have a little bit of a higher platform. 

These kind of shoes are a great option.

24. CHIYA Autumn Winter Tai Chi Shoes Soft Cowhide Leather

These soft leather shoes made of cowhide are a great choice for those who like the sleekness of leather shoes. They are long-lasting, easy to clean, and designed especially for those in martial arts like Tai Chi. 

25. Dilwe unisex-adult Sneaker

Ending our list of the best shoes for Tai Chi practice, these are breathable, durable, and the best companion during any tough practice. They are also really comfortable with rubber and non-slip soles, making sure nothing distracts you from your moves in practice.

Overall, these are great options for practice and can be worn with such clothing as loose-fitting, lightweight clothing. Along with Tai Chi take a look into Qi Gong!

Tai Chi studios can also help recommend the best pair of shoes fo you!

Ultimately, your shoes play functional roles in your Tai Chi practice and these options are sure to help support your feet during practice.

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