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25 Of The Most Powerful Crystals For Self Love

Self love is one of the most important aspects in an individual’s life. If you were to rank your values, self love would be near the top of that list. We’ve got the scoop on the best crystals for self love!

Moreover, a self-care practice is another great thing to learn to help heal your mind and body so you can feel confident inside and out!

When you are feeling down, or have low self-esteem it can be difficult to get out of that hole and it ends up hurting your mental health. Crystals can help.

Crystal healing is actually one of the best things to help with self care on your self-love journey!

Many people don’t understand how powerful crystals can be for self-love. When used correctly, they can actually work to help open up your heart chakra and infuse it with a deep sense of self-love and understanding.

Self confidence is always one of the best feelings to have about yourself, especially when it comes to understanding self-love and learning your sense of self-worth!

If you’re unsure of where to begin, or what crystals to start with, don’t worry. We put together a list of crystals that are perfect for just about anyone who is looking to enhance their experience with love.

There are so many beautiful crystals that can be used in different ways, but these are the best self love crystals you should use right now!

The Top 25 Crystals For Self Love

1. Onyx

The Onyx is a great stone for developing self love because it helps develop practicality in the face of emotionality.

It also works to strengthen your willpower. This can help you to break bad habits that have been formed over time. The onyx can help you rediscover your inner child and inner strength. This encourages you to accept all the amazing qualities within you!

When you couple onyx with other stones used for self-love, it can increase their effectiveness by as much as nine times!

2. Iolite

This is a great stone for those who are currently undergoing therapy or counseling. It is connected to the throat chakra which can help not only clear confusion between your logical and emotional consciousness.

This crystal can help you to communicate better with therapists and counselors that may be working with you. It is said to help increase the quality of your life. It helps you to better understand yourself and others around you.

As well as teaching you that there really is a difference between what’s real and what’s not. This stone can help you develop a positive outlook on life as well as find inner peace!

3. Citrine

Crystal Citrine can be used to bring positive energies into your life. Not only does it work to bring good fortune into your life, but it also helps you to increase your level of self-worth.

It makes an excellent companion stone for those who are working on developing self love. This helps them to see the beauty inside themselves that others sometimes fail to see.

It is great to use for a spiritual self-love journey if you ever find yourself connecting with the higher realm! Citrine can be placed in an environment overnight and upon waking up the next day. The entire energy of the room will be transformed by its presence.

4. Celestite

The Celestite is one of those stones that work on the emotional, mental, and spiritual planes all at once. It works to change your negative thought patterns into positive ones. This can help you to feel better about yourself overall.

This crystal can help open up your intuition and allows you to feel more connected to the world around you. It will always block any negative energies and help heal your past of any emotional trauma you may have experienced.

Celestite has a strong energy field and will always surround you with positive and loving energy!

5. Smoky Quartz

The Smoky quartz is great for dissolving any feelings of unworthiness that you might be feeling. It clears away negative energy and helps to keep your aura clean at all times.

This crystal can also help clear any blockages that may be preventing you from receiving the abundance that the universe has to offer. It is connected to the root chakra which can help you stay balanced and grounded with your emotions!

This is the right crystal to use if you are looking to get a boost of confidence and enhance your mental clarity!

6. Rose Quartz

Crystal Rose quartz is often used as an effective stone for love in general. It is also one of the best crystals for self-love. It can help to open up your heart chakra and allow you to see your own beauty more clearly.

Many people actually carry rose quartz with them everywhere they go. It has a gentle energy that isn’t overwhelming or overbearing.

Rose quartz crystals possess a love of all kinds and can enhance your life in an amazing way! It is considered the love stone and can even help attract new romantic partners in your life that will allow you to see that you are worth people’s time and worth being loved!

7. Clear Quartz

The Clear quartz is a very powerful stone all on its own. It amplifies the energies of other stones around it. This makes it an effective companion stone for any crystal that you might be using to help increase your self-love.

This crystal is connected to the crown chakra. This can help with emotional healing and bring clarity and focus to your mind! It’s an excellent stone to help heal your nervous system so you can fully love the body you are in and embrace every imperfection!

8. Hematite

Crystal Hematite works to transform your negative emotions into positive ones so that you can show love towards yourself.

It can also help you to see your own self-worth and protect against any outside influences that might be attempting to harm your sense of self. Hematite is a great stone for meditation because it helps keep your mind calm and focused.

It will always attract positive affirmations and help you develop a positive attitude about yourself! These two things are super important to learn in order to achieve self-love!

9. Red Jasper

The Red jasper is a very powerful stone that works to bring energies into your life that can help you to heal. It also has the ability to work as a protective stone for those who are sensitive, clearing away any negative energy and replacing it with balance instead.

It can help you to ground yourself emotionally as well as spiritually. These red crystals help with self-esteem issues.

It can block any negative feelings and negative thoughts from entering your mind that might be preventing you from learning how to love yourself for who you truly are!

10. Labradorite

Crystal Labradorite can be used as an effective tool for manifestation. It brings the energies of change into your life, helping you to work towards a better future. It is said to bring not only happiness and joy, but good luck as well.

Labradorite also helps to dissolve any feelings of negativity or self-doubt that might be blocking the energies of success from entering your life.

It is one of the more popular crystals to use when it comes to self-love and having an open heart!

11. Peridot

The Peridot can help to open up your heart chakra and allow you to love yourself more fully. It brings the energy of good fortune into your life as well as helps you to understand that abundance is possible for everyone, not just those who are lucky enough.

It’s a beautiful crystal to use during meditation because its energy is very gentle and soothing.

12. Carnelian

The Carnelian is another crystal that brings the powerful energies of abundance into your life. It opens up your heart chakra. Allowing you to feel more love not only for yourself but also from others as well.

This stone can bring an overall feeling of well-being into your life so that you can live happier and more fulfilled. This is the perfect crystal that can help you unlock your truest potential and see your true value!

Carnelian has powerful healing properties that can help attract positivity and love. This will allow you to live the best life possible! It is known as the stone of courage. It pushes you to learn to love yourself and open your heart to new things and new people!

13. Tiger Eye

The Tiger eye is a great crystal to use anytime that you are trying to manifest anything in your life. It is connected to the solar plexus chakra. This can help increase the amount of success that you are capable of achieving, helping you to see the bigger picture every time.

It brings the energies of good luck and abundance into your life without being too overwhelming or forceful.

Tiger’s Eye can help dispel any feelings of hatred and emotional pain towards yourself. You should keep this stone on you at all times to fully feel its positive and loving energy!

14. Pink Calcite

Crystal pink calcite is helpful to use when you are feeling self-love in specific since it brings energies of unconditional love into your life. It can help to open up the heart chakra. This can allow happiness and joy so that you can see yourself for how truly wonderful you are.

This pink stone has the ability to heal your body on so many different levels and heal any old wounds that have prevented you from seeking out love!

This stone is usually used by a master healer. This is the first crystal they used when it came to attracting energies of love into your life!

15. Amethyst

The Amethyst is one of the best stones to use for protection in general, but it is especially helpful if you are attempting to manifest anything into your life.

It works to protect against outside influences while also working to bring the energies of abundance and good fortune into your life.

Since it can help attract positive things in your life, use this stone during any difficult time in your life so you have the power and strength to get through it!

16. Sugilite

Crystal Sugilite is a beautiful stone that helps you through any tough times in your life. It’s a strong stone all on its own, but it is also powerful when paired with other stones to create an even bigger force of energy for manifesting love in your life.

This is a wonderful stone to have because it encourages forgiveness towards yourself and others. The best way to start on any self-love journey is to first forgive yourself for any emotional wounds you put on yourself and others.

This stone allows you to move forward in life and will always attract love into your life!

17. Rhodonite

Stone Rhodonite is especially helpful if you are trying to find more love for yourself through meditation or visualization techniques.

It’s said to help you work through any fears or concerns that you might have so that your path to self-love can be clearer and easier to find. It is said that this stone aids in cases of helping domestic violence or self-destruction situations.

It is a powerful tool to have to help attract strength in these situations so you can leave this situation.

18. Green Aventurine

Crystal Green aventurine can help you to not only find your own self-love, but it can also bring that love into your life.

This is especially helpful if you are having trouble finding yourself or allowing any positive thoughts in. It’s a stone that can help to bring more love, luck, and abundance into your life through the power of the heart chakra.

Green aventurine can help open your heart space and attract new people into your life. It is the perfect stone to have with you at all times when it comes to forming new connections and maintaining a healthy relationship!

19. Amazonite

The Amazonite is a stone that is connected to the heart chakra, so it works very well with crystals that can help you to receive love and abundance as well.

It’s a great crystal to pair with stones that have strong energies of attraction or positivity in general since those energies will become even stronger when combined.

Amazonite is connected to so many other stones that possess the same type of energy and can help attract love into your life. Add this stone into your crystal set and you will feel all the energy of other crystals working together!

20. Green Jade

The Green jade is a beautiful stone that can help you to receive positive energies into your life whether you’re trying to manifest anything or just improve upon what you already have.

It works to cleanse the heart chakra and open it up so that the energy of positivity, good fortune, and good luck can be felt in your life.

This is a great calming stone to keep around your house for when you feel stressed or anxious about something. It’s a healing stone for spiritual practice that will help open your mind and let in all these positive energies!

21. Pink Tourmaline

The Pink tourmaline is another beautiful crystal that is connected to the heart chakra stone and push love and positivity inside your body.

It’s a calming pink crystal to use for meditation, especially if you’re having difficulties finding positivity within yourself. It is considered the stone of love that can help with emotional healing and self-love and worth!

A good thing about this crystal is that it can work with so many other stones! Use pink tourmaline with other crystals in your collection and set them up in a crystal grid to feel the intense vibrations of positive energy!

22. Strawberry Quartz

The Strawberry quartz is a beautiful crystal that can help you to manifest love from within yourself. It’s a fairly powerful stone on its own, so it combines well with other crystals in order to enhance their energies and create a stronger force of energy for self-love.

It can help attract the energies of romantic love which is great for when you are looking to form new connections with people!

23. Lepidolite

Another beautiful crysta is Lepidolite that can work to open up the heart chakra and bring more positivity, love, and happiness into your life.

It’s a great stone to use in order to manifest new relationships or just improve upon what you already have in your life. Lepidolite is a great crystal to use to get in touch with the spiritual world and it will help with all your manifestations and bring those things right into your life!

24. Pink Opal

The Pink opal is a great crystal to use if you want to find love in your life since it’s connected to the heart chakra and the energies of positivity.

It can help you to feel unconditional love for yourself, which can be very healing when combined with other crystals that work toward the same goal.

Pink Opal is connected to the sacral chakra in which it can help boost your sense of passion and self-love for yourself! Life gets so much better when you are not in the way of yourself and can be confident with everything you do!

25. Moonstone

Crystal Moonstone is a beautiful and enchanting crystal that is said to work especially well with the energies of the moon.

It can help to connect you with your intuition, which can be very helpful when you are attempting to manifest anything into your life.

This is a wonderful crystal that helps to promote self-love and can be a great stone to use in meditation or visualization exercises.


These 25 crystals for self love are definitely some of the most powerful stones on Earth.

They are helpful in manifesting love in all areas of your life, which can be especially useful if you’re having difficulty believing that you deserve love or finding it within yourself.

Where To Get Crystals

You can purchase a lot of these crystals and stones from certain stores or even online, like Amazon. There is always an amazon associate that can help you navigate the website to find the best crystal collections and which one most people use for self-love!

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They help bloggers, influencers and even aspiring content creators! This is a great program to be involved in if you are looking to write about crystals or anything that inspires you!

Use these crystals for self love yourself everyday in order to feel more confident and beautiful.

These crystals for self love can also be used to attract more friends and improve upon any relationships you already have so that they become stronger and more loving than ever before.

Remember that self-love is very powerful, but it should never feel forced or like a chore. You deserve all of the love and happiness in the world, and these crystals can help you to bring that energy into your life!

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