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25 Signs: How to Tell A Leo Woman Likes You

The good news is, a Leo woman will be one of the most loyal and caring individuals in your life. A Leos love is like no other! She loves her man with all her heart, even if it means that she has to sacrifice a few things for him. And when you earn her love, you will know.

Here is the scoop on how to tell a Leo woman likes you!

1. She listens intently every time you talk about yourself

She may not be able to give you advice or comfort, but one of the best Leo woman traits is that she can definitely listen to what is on your mind and mend the broken pieces of your ego one at a time. And when somebody offers advice without trying to change someone else’s point of view, there is no better feeling than knowing that somebody wanted to help and provide an unbiased opinion.

A leo woman’s powerful exterior makes her a commanding presence (like a Scorpio woman), but an honest and loyal one especially to her feline counterparts.

2. She tries very hard to make you happy

A Leo lion babe likes to know that no matter how much of the Leo’s favorite combination of success and fame she earns, if her man doesn’t smile at the end of the day and share laughs with her, it would all be for nothing. One of the obvious signs she likes you and why she is one of the top-tier signs of the zodiac (especially is you’re a gemini man), is that she will do everything in her power to keep a smile on your face, make your relationship feel like a comfortable home.

If she fails (and we’re talking about situations where she cannot help), she’ll take full responsibility to make sure that you won’t be upset with her later, which is an important thing to remember when it comes to finding the right person or ideal partner.

3. She tries very hard to show you appreciation every single day

Every time something nice happens in your life, instead of taking credit for it herself, she will praise you out loud for being able to pull off such an achievement in any possible way, even if that is just going on small road trips or planning a romantic dinner.

The sun is eo’s planetary ruler, so she will show you her true self during the day and want to make plans that involve being out in the sunshine.

Without trying, some people can sense when somebody is forcing themselves to say something nice, even when they don’t mean it.

4. She is constantly talking about you to her friends or family

A key trait about the sign of Leo is that if has nothing good to say, then she’ll keep her mouth shut when it comes to her best date or serious relationships. (or maybe just a little bit of bragging). When she talks about you with a family member, her wonderful friends, this inspired fire sign will make sure that everything coming out of her mouth is exactly how you want to hear it and not the opposite.

5. You can tell if a Leo woman likes you by the way she looks at you (but only in the beginning)

A Leo loves living under the spotlight so much that sometimes, all eyes are on her. You will know for sure that she’s checking you out every time somebody tries to do the same. In fact, you may even catch her staring from a distance to see if you notice her stealing a glimpse of you.

She doesn’t give a damn what people think about her looking because she knows that everybody will be doing it sooner or later – and sometimes, she really can’t help herself!

6. If a Leo woman likes you, she’ll never hide your relationship from other people for too long

This is another quality where a Leo shines bright like a diamond – this sign cannot keep secrets to itself for too long. When somebody’s dating life becomes public knowledge, especially when there are other interested parties involved (*cough* ex-lovers *cough*) then things can get pretty complicated!

Always remember that a Leo woman is a queen and she needs to make sure her people are happy by letting them know what’s going on, even if she’s got some skeletons in the closet, don’t lose her in the silly way of keeping small secrets.

7 . She is always as straight as an arrow with you

There is no guessing with Leo compatibility (because this confident sign knows exactly what it wants from life and how they’re going to get there; she doesn’t take a child-like passion approach to situations. If you’re not somebody who fits into her agenda, no matter how much she likes you, she’ll be polite but send negative signals every time things start getting “too serious”.

8 . You will always find a way to spend time with each other

Since Lionesses have minds of their own, they may actually decide to disappear without leaving a trace for a while on their romantic partners. But when this specific Leo woman returns, you will be able to tell with her body language it’ll be because she wants to see you and spend quality time, and to please her curiosity of all the things that have been going on in your life ever since she took a break from the picture.

She will always find a way to spend time with you or her Leo people in one way or another and see if you can understand her love language, especially if she has romantic interest in you!

Meeting a Leo’s needs might take you a long time, but she is one of the best matches when it comes to being a natural born leader like an air sign.

9. If a Leo woman is into you, she would never keep you waiting too long if you wanted to meet up with her

This is not only true about bringing flowers to make up after an argument – this also applies when meeting each other for drinks after work, waking up early next door at your place or any possible situation where divided attentions may cause inconveniences.

Stopping what they’re doing for a moment to make sure that their guy has everything he needs is what makes the sign of the fixed fire sign Leo so wonderful!

10 . A Leo woman would never go out of her way to impress you

While some signs are falling over themselves trying to get noticed by the lucky boy, a Lioness will just remain herself, no matter how much effort she invests into getting things done for your sake.

Let this sign know that you appreciate being treated equally with other people and not more special than anybody else even though you’re dating each another! This is the only way to get through a hard time and let her know you don’t expect to be the center of the universe.

11 . She won’t be afraid of showing how much she loves you

A Leo lady is not ashamed of any kind of affection towards her significant other because she knows more than anyone else who she is and what she deserves. She doesn’t always need to be the center of attention or have public displays of affection like posting her on social media.

If she’s into you, then no matter how much of a gentleman you are, this confident sign will make sure to take the lead sometimes, even if it is for something as simple as holding hands in the movie theater or putting her hand on your knee under the table at your favorite restaurant!

12. Leo women love being adored and admired too much to ignore you when somebody else does.

This fiery sign is a strong leader and has more than enough self-confidence to keep everybody around her happy and make sure they have a good time, without worrying too much about getting hurt by other people’s attitudes.

When somebody doesn’t seem interested in what she has to offer in a romantic relationship (and that means just about everything) then Lionesses know exactly what to do with them – they simply change their focus to the guy who’s paying attention and say good luck to the other (even if you it’s a Leo man)!

13 . Once a Leo woman likes you, either she will show you in surprisingly subtle ways or she won’t hide her feelings at all

There are two kinds of Lionesses on this planet – those who are very subtle when they’re into somebody new and others who have no problem letting everybody around them know that there is some romantic heat in the air. The more shy Lioness type will always be more nervous about revealing every secret detail to her new guy but once she breaks the ice, it’ll be worth its weight in gold!

14 . She may seem tough on the outside but once she’s yours, Leo women can get very protective over their loved ones

Just like her regal animal counterpart the competitive peacock, a Leo girl is one of the natural stunnas and an ideal partner who is not scared of showing who’s boss and she doesn’t like to share her toys (boys) with other kids – especially if those kids come from the same litter!

A Lioness may seem calm and composed but at the first threat to what belongs to them, they can turn into a territorial beast ready to attack anyone who tries stealing their property. This is a particular thing when it comes to dealing with this whirlwind relationship, so pay attention to these important signs.

15 . She will appreciate all of your efforts and always make sure that you know it

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While this zodiac sign has an ego as big as the Empire State Building sometimes (like a Scorpio woman, Taurus man, or Gemini man), when in love, an important thing you will notice about this ideal partner, is that they are the best girl when it comes to putting their pride in second place because making their partner happy in any possible way is what makes them feel fulfilled in life.

If you’re in a serious relationship with a Leo woman, you will always be treated as the king of the castle – even if it’s by pure accident this is one of the clear signs that the Leo female is the right person for you!

16 . Once she likes somebody, a Lioness doesn’t play games with hiding her feelings either

This sign is not shy about showing how they feel and that means that she either loves you or hates you – there are no in-betweens. For this reason alone, a little teasing from time to time can help you figure out whether she wants to date you or punch your face in – all depends on what kind of mood she’s in at the moment!

17 . If a Leo woman likes someone it means that he belongs to her and nobody else

This regal sign has a sense of territorial ownership that even the most jealous of other Zodiac signs will have to admire. While being with somebody, Leo women always make sure that they are extremely pleasurable and worth spending time on in every possible way – it might be her best features externally or just the fact that she likes you so much!

18 . She won’t deny herself the pleasure of buying your favorite stuff for you and making sure that you’re happy

A Leo’s love is shown by spoiling her boyfriend more than anything else (at least when he deserves it of course) and even if she doesn’t like someone very much, out of pure duty and an overwhelming desire to please you, this fiery sign enables them to get along at least cordially.

The more somebody wants to get close to her lover, the harder it will be to get really close to him – at least until he proves himself worthy in his own way of course, even if you are just in high school, she wants to sing her favorite love anthem in her favorite romantic comedy for you!

19 . She’s not shy about flaunting her love for you in public either

While some women believe that their privacy should be respected even in situations of high difficulty, (and respected very much) by everybody around them, Lionesses are the opposite and one of the telltale signs is that she won’t think twice about bragging about their latest conquest or commenting on how sexy they look in that new dress (since she has a unique style and good looks.)

It’s a very strange dichotomy in this sign because while being extremely vain and self-centered when it comes to themselves they just can’t help but put others in the spotlight too!

20 .  Leo women are extremely competitive but it’s always out of love

This Leo woman loves to call you out on your mistakes especially after you make the first move, since they have that little bit of dramatic flair to them. In the long run, if they care about you they will try to make you a big part of their whole whole world, and do everything in their power to make sure that you improve so that one day you might be good enough for them!

At the same time though, Lionesses are extremely competitive in a loving way – when it comes to sports or games or simply telling each other who has the cuter shoes. She has healthy self-confidence though, and doesn’t compete in a long-term relationship.

21.  If she tells you that she’s busy, she probably is

Lionesses are extremely loyal to their best friends and always make sure that they prioritize them over anything else in the world if they have to – unless it comes down to having a choice between them or somebody that she loves more, this sign will pick her partner every single time! If that means that for some reason you can’t see her as often as usual perhaps there really is something important going on?

22.  She doesn’t mind sharing you with somebody else

Lionesses are big fans of polygamy and while some might call it immoral, this sign sees nothing wrong with having more than one person in her life that she can love. It’s quite possible that if you end up meeting someone that wants to join the club, they will welcome them with open arms!

Her main concern is making sure that all of her lovers are satisfied completely before moving on to the next one – unless somebody breaks her heart badly enough for revenge to become an option!

23. Will show revenge… But only when it’s really necessary

A Leo woman won’t share you under normal circumstances because she doesn’t need anybody else but loves the idea of being able to choose between more than one lover if necessary. She might even like the idea of you having a secret kid or two (if she’s not particularly career-driven) and this sign pretty much believes that there is always room for more in anybody’s life, especially theirs!

24 . She will make sure that everything is perfect when you’re together

A Leo woman doesn’t settle for anything less than perfection in her relationships and because of this, she will go to great lengths in order to make sure that both her and her lover are happy; if she has realized that she made a mistake then don’t be surprised to find yourself waking up with breakfast made for you one morning or your favorite meal sitting on the table after spending all day doing something without receiving any help from her!

25. And when somebody crosses you… She’ll keep a grudge for life

This sign hates having to apologize and if somebody hurts them badly enough, they will never forgive the person no matter how much time passes by; because of this, Lionesses can end up hating somebody forever or at least for a very long time, especially if it’s their lover that betrays them.

If you want to make sure that your Leo woman stays with you then don’t even think about looking elsewhere and continue showering her with the affection she deserves – because when somebody breaks her heart once never expect miracles to happen again!

Things To Remember About Dating A Leo Woman

When dating a Leo woman remember that she doesn’t do things by halves and if you’re going to date a Lioness then know that this sign will want to be the center of your universe – or at least a close second!

When dating a Leo woman also remember that above all else, love is her most prized possession and as such it’s important for anybody who wants to have her heart not to treat it as something disposable – especially since once given away, there’s no way of getting it back unless you plan on writing her an email from beyond the grave.

In addition, when dating a Lioness always make sure that you spoil her rotten because even though she has a certain determination about her, underneath it all lies a fragile soul who would melt into a pile of goo if she didn’t receive the kind of affection and attention that she expects.

When A Leo Woman Loves You…

When a Leo woman loves you, you can be sure that it is for life because she doesn’t go back on her word and mate-poaching is something this sign will never do – unless of course somebody gives her a good enough reason to!

With a Lioness by your side there’s always going to be somebody who will protect you even if it means putting their own safety at risk and keeping an eye out so nobody gets the jump on you unexpectedly. There are many successful famous Leo women (or an Aries woman or Capricorn woman) such as; Meghan Markle, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lawrence, Mila Kunis, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, 

Finally remember that when a Leo woman loves you she will never stop showing it because this sign will always make sure that you know how much she cares about you and how happy you make her by showering you with affection every single day.

The only thing that a Lioness truly needs in order to be happy is somebody who can understand them for who they are instead of trying to change them into somebody else – something that this sign also appreciates immensely since their pride is extremely important to the Leo woman!

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10 Signs: How to Tell A Leo Woman Likes You