25+ Texas Food Gifts for Christmas (2023)

It’s all about giving for the holiday season. The lone star state has amazing food that is authentic and makes great gifts for your favorite Texan or visitors who love Texas.

From olive oils to jerky, these Texas food gifts are perfect for Christmas and may have free shipping for the holidays. 

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Make your own gift basket and gift boxes to fill it to the brim with gourmet foods that reminds someone of Texas.

The good thing is you can also send out a care package for a family member to let them know you appreciate them this Christmas.

Make sure to try and support small businesses by purchasing hot sauces, walnut boards, or other local Texan food and supplies!

Here’s the scoop on the best Texas food and drink gifts for Christmas!

A Texas Food Gift Guide

1. Sola Stella Extra Virgin Olive Oil

sola stella olive oil

Olive oils make one of the best Texas gifts, especially for native Texans who want a taste of home. The Sola Stella virgin olive oil is made of 100% Arbequina, giving the oil a smooth and buttery texture.

The oil also gives off a mild flavor, which is ideal for cooking oil that can be used every day in the kitchen. Sola Stella olive oil has delicate flavors of red apple, light green artichoke hearts, and nuts.

2. Tour of Texas Gift Basket

tour of texas gift basket

Texas gift baskets offer a variety of flavors and snacks that Texas people love. This tour of Texas basket provides a glimpse of the lone star state. The Texas-shaped basket includes Cin Chili mix, Texas Treats tortilla chips, Millican Pecan Co. Fresh Pecan Halves, and more.

chipmonk keto cookies

These high-protein cookies make great snacks to stay energized after intense gym sessions. A cookie shop in Texas, these keto cookies are gluten-free and packed with nutrient-dense Almond Flour.

Each pack is also individually wrapped to enjoy them in moderation! Fill up a 16-ounce jar of these delicious cookies!

4. Brazos Bottom Pecan Pie

brazos pecan pie

Created by the Goode Company, this yummy pecan pie is a Texas favorite! This is one of the best Texas food gifts for Christmas as the pie is big enough to share with the whole family. The pie also comes with a branded box.

The Brazos Pecan pie is native to Texas with a gooier and richer taste than other pecan pies. This pie is the real deal as the pecans were harvested from the banks of the Brazos River.

5. Alamo Candy Sour Pickle Balls

sour pickle balls

Have this gluten-free snack in a gift box for a fellow Texan this holiday season. Indulge in the tang of a sour pickle with a small spicy kick. These pickle balls are classic Texan candy with few ingredients but still pack a punch.

6. Texas Beef BBQ Rub

texas beef rub

A Texas gift guide wouldn’t be complete without a good seasoning for BBQ and brisket. This Revolution Barbecue seasoning is vegetarian and also created by a small business. The rub is great on burgers, brisket, and BBQ, making it essential for every kitchen.

This rub features a unique blend of flake sea salt, black pepper, granulated garlic, granulated onion, red & green bell peppers, and paprika.

7. Cowboy Snack Mix

cowboy snack mix

Add this snack mix to a Texas food gifts basket for Christmas! This delicious snack mix is made from Texas Treats and is also native to Georgetown, Texas. The cowboy snack mix offers a satisfying crunch with an array of flavorful ingredients like hot and spicy peanuts, cajun sesame sticks, sesame seeds, and cheddar sesame sticks.

8. Desert Pepper Roasted Tomato Chipotle Corn Salsa

desert pepper corn salsa

This vegan desert pepper corn salsa makes the perfect gift for local Texans who enjoy the natural flavors of tomatoes and chili peppers. Pair this salsa with chicken or pork for a flavorful meal!

Mixing with the sweet yellow corn, the fire-roasted tomatoes, and the smoking hot chilies create a rich blend to remind people of Texas.

9. Earl Grey Lavender Chocolate

lavender chocolate

From Cardamom Chocolatier in Houston, Texas, this lavender chocolate is inspired by international flavors and spices. Once taking a bite of the dark chocolate, your tastebuds will cover themselves in coconut and fragrance from French flowers. You can also buy your favorite Texan chocolate bark.

10. Deanan Gourmet Popcorn Gift Box

gourmet popcorn

Grab this 9-pack gourmet popcorn for your Texas friends and family! Every individual popcorn box is labeled with a different flavor and also comes with 4 full-size bags, single bags, and a specialty bag. For family members who are allergic to peanuts, this gourmet popcorn is peanut-free and makes a great snack.

11. Gus’ Gourmet 7 Flavor Pecan Tin

pecan tin

A pecan tin is one of the best Christmas Texas food gift ideas! These pecans are in an assortment of flavors that make the perfect gluten-free snack to share on long road trips!

The flavors include vanilla almond, chocolate fudge, cinnamon toast, mocha madness, mountain mix, hot-n-spicy, and sweet-n-spicy.

12. Buc-ee’s Famous Beaver Nuggets

beaver nuggets

These 13-ounce corn puffs are a favorite among Texans and make great Texas themed gifts that can be found in stores and gas stations. The caramel-covered corn puffs are delightfully tasty and come in a two-pack as one bag is not enough. The logo of Bucky the Beaver symbolizes the famous Buc-ee stores only found in Texas.

13. Boerne Brand Texas Style Hot Sauce

boerne hot sauce

The smoked jalapeno flavor of the hot sauce will instantly transfer you back to Texas. The bold flavors complement almost any dish for a lasting taste.

14. Mango Habanero Brine

mango habanero brine

This spicy sauce is one of the best Christmas Texas food gift ideas! The mango habanero brine steps your meals in the kitchen by adding a spicy mango flavor and the flavors of habanero. The intensely hot flavor goes well with beef and pork.

15. Chinook Seedery Roasted Jumbo Sunflower Seeds

hatch chile sunflower seeds

Gift these gluten-free hatch green chile flavor sunflower seeds to someone who misses their home state, Texas. You also have the option to choose from other flavors like jalapeno ranch and dill pickle. Offering healthy fats with protein, these spicy and hot sunflower seeds make the perfect on-the-go snack.

16. Wild Zora Instant Grain Free Hot Cereal

grain-free hot cereal

Know a Texan who eats healthier meals and snacks? This hot cereal is a substitute for oatmeal and is made up of Almonds, Walnuts, and Coconut for fewer sugar crashes. It also makes a filling snack for long road trips.

17. Lime and Yuzu Margarita Mix by Bravado Spice

line and yuzu margarita mix

The all-natural margarita mix is gluten-free and low-carb but offers a bold taste. This mix will make a great gift for Texans who love margaritas that remind them of home.

This particular mix has been featured on television and has won many awards for its addicting taste. You can also look into tx whiskey.

18. Absolutely Barbecue Beef Jerky

absolutely beef jerky

One of the best Texas food gifts for Christmas is beef jerky. This BBQ beef jerky is made by a small business in Abilene, Texas. The jerky in the clear bag also includes bold flavors like onion powder and tomato sauce.

texas shaped cookies

These handmade cookies will make any Texan feel warm inside. These cookies make a great addition to parties and guests will be impressed by the artwork of the shape of Texas. You can also look for a handmade boot cookie.

chocolate espresso cookie bites

Prepare to immerse yourself in dark chocolate and real espresso beans with these cookie bites. Pair these bites with morning coffee or as an afternoon snack for extra energy. If you know a Texan who has diabetes, this is a great food gift for them that won’t jeopardize their health.

21. Iconic Flavors Butter Herb Seasoning

butter herb seasoning

Create a gift box for a fellow Texan with all of their favorite seasonings and spices. This butter herb seasoning is a flavor enhancer with real ingredients. Depending on which flavor you decide to buy, you can add it to meat or popcorn.

22. Texas Hill Country Candied Jalapeno Peppers

candied jalapeno peppers

For Texans who love a little spice in their life, these jalapeno peppers make a great food gift for Christmas. Since the peppers are local to Texas, it is ensured to be gluten-free and delicious based on a 5-generation-old recipe.

23. Shār Impossibly Good Trail Mix Tube

shar impossibly good trail mix

One of the best Texas food gifts for Christmas is trail mix and what better trail mix than one with ingredients from family farms in Texas? Besides the healthy and incredible ingredients, the packaging is biodegradable and recyclable.

24. Fischer & Wieser Whole Lemon Fig Marmalade

lemon fig marmalade

Add some sweetness to a Texan’s life with this lemon fig marmalade. Glaze meats or breakfast with this light marmalade flavor. Taste the citrus and fig flavors as they blend to create a flavorful journey for the tastebuds.

25. Kountry Boys Dried Pork & Beef Sausage with Jalapeño

pork and beef sausage

Gift sausage to a Texan that makes them feel at home. This dried pork and beef sausage is a local favorite and will surely add a kick to your meals with the bold jalapeno flavor. The sausage is already cooked to easily pair with any meal or snack and can be purchased through an online store.

26. Lammes Candies Texas Chewie Pecan Pralines

texas chewie pecans

One of the best Texas food gifts for Christmas is chewy pecans that offer a sweet and nutty flavor. From an old family recipe, these Texas chewy pecans are world-famous and make great stocking stuffers.

Best Food Gifts for Texans

There are plenty of gift shops in Downtown Dallas that sell food and other things like essential oils for a homesick Texan.

Some of the best places are Edible Arrangements and Lone Chimney Mercantile at the Dallas Farmers Market. A great way to search for famous gift places for Texas food is through Instagram and the Texas Monthly magazine from this year and last year.

Whether you know a fellow Texan or have recently taken a road trip to Texas, consider buying a holiday gift for someone who loves snacks or salsas authentic to Texas and loves showing their Texas pride just like someone who is from New York.

Good news! If you’re not sure what food gifts to give a Texan, send them a gift card to their favorite gift shops or tickets to the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.

That’s the scoop on the best Texas food and drink gifts for Christmas!

texas food gifts for christmas

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