25 Things Every Basic Girl is Thankful For

Tis’ the season to be thankful for anything and everything your little heart desires.  We’ve rounded up 25 things every basic girl should be thankful for this year and beyond.
1.  The sunset/sunrise- be thankful that you can start or end your day with beautiful colors surrounding the sky!
2.  Your family- your family is so important and will always be there for you!
3.  Your friends- be thankful you have people who can tolerate all of your moods J
4.  Coffee- because who doesn’t love a nice mocha once and a while?
5.  Time to yourself- cherish this time when you have it because it can be hard to have time to reflect on the past and think for the future.
6. Zac Efron- do I even need to explain this one?
7.  Pets- they won’t be around for as long as you are, so be thankful for them every day and let them know they are loved!
8.  The smell of Fall- the beautiful colors of the leaves changing colors, cute sweaters, boots, and fall clothing is always something to look forward to.
9.  Good hair Days- they don’t come too often, so be thankful for the times your hair chooses to look nice J
10. Hearing your favorite song on the radio- you may listen to it a million times in your room already, but when you hear it on the radio for once it is so exciting!
11.  Chocolate- because it is always there for you when you need it.
12. Comfortable Blankets- always something you can snuggle up with when your cold or just want to be cozy!
13.  Your favorite scent- whether it is a perfume, candle or bath bomb, be thankful of the wonderful smell that brings you joy and comfort!
14.  A nice bath- time for relaxation is always something to be thankful for, especially with candles!!
15.  Hitting every green light- something small, but still a thrill to say you hit every light unlike it usually is!
16.  Throwback Songs- who doesn’t love jamming out to their favorite song from middle school?!
17.  The feeling after a good workout- it’s a great feeling to know you just worked hard and accomplished getting to the gym, be thankful for the feeling of accomplishment!!
18. Netflix- be thankful you have a way to watch all your favorite shows whenever you want
19. Makeup- makeup is always helpful when you are having a rough day or just want to look great!
20.  Your teachers/boss- even though you may not think it all the time, they give up their time and energy to help you become a better, smarter person!
21. Friendly strangers- the ones who hold the door for you or give you a nice compliment… those are the people you want to be friends with!!
22.  The sound of ocean waves- this beautiful noise just reminds you that you are surrounded with beauty, warmth and happiness of the beach.
23.  Manicures/Pedicures- having a nice spa day is always something to be thankful for, treat yourself!
24.  When the last item you like on the rack is your size- such a great feeling when you finally find that one dress that would work great, there’s only one size left, and it is your size!
25.  There are __ days till Christmas- fill in the blank, every day we are one day closer to the joyful holiday spent with family, friends and memories.

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