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26 Best Things to Do in Las Vegas on Halloween

Las Vegas in Nevada is a central hub for entertainment and nightlife. When visiting Las Vegas, expect to be blown away by unique performances and the stunning lights of the hotels on the Strip. With a heavy focus on entertainment, it comes as no surprise that Las Vegas goes all out during Halloween with some of the most adrenaline-pumping activities.

Some of the most popular activities that people love to do during Halloween weekend involve haunted houses, parties, and haunted tours. With Las Vegas as a leading city in entertainment, their Halloween celebration is taken a step further with realistic costumes and scary escape rooms. The city cannot wait to turn into a scary festival for Halloween starting as early as the end of September.

Here’s the scoop on the best Halloween things to do in Las Vegas!

When to Visit Las Vegas

eiffel tower on las vegas strip
Agero Agnis

The best times to visit the city are from March to May and September through November. In October, the weather is perfect for attending spooky events on the Strip with your friends or family.

1. Freakling Bros. Horror Show (Trilogy of Terror)

creepy vampire

This haunted attraction offers an intense and magical experience for Halloween lovers. The haunted house has three attractions that vary in terms of spookiness. “Castle Vampyre” is the least intense with the theme centered around a vampire looking for fresh blood. Let’s hope that you can make it out without turning into a vampire yourself.

The next haunted attraction is “Coven of 13,” involving a group of witches whose goal is to turn you into one of them. The “Gates of Hell” just might be the most intense with a glimpse into the darkness that comes with a violent death.

Trilogy of Terror marks Las Vegas as a top city for r-rated and adult haunted houses. Look into going after hours for the victim’s experience, which shows a whole new level of intensity.

2. Haunted Vegas Tour

candle lighting a room
Jovana Ilin

Go back in time in Sin City to some of the most famous places known for sightings of ghosts. The tour highlights include the “Motel of Death,” “Benjamin Bugsy Seigel’s Secret Garden,” and “Redd Foxx.” The best part about this ghost tour is using real ghost hunt equipment to capture evidence of the paranormal.

3. Goodsprings Ghost Hunt Tour

saloon in the west

Even though this tour is open all year, most people decide to go during the spooky season for the full effect. By the same people behind the Haunted Vegas Tour, Goodsprings is a similar event but involves spending time at the haunted Pioneer Saloon and gallery.

Before embarking on the paranormal tour, guests are allowed to enjoy a nice dinner at the Pioneer Saloon. Reserve your tickets now to visit one of the oldest saloons in Nevada and learn about ghost sightings and ghost equipment.

4. Witches and Warlocks

witches standing in a circle
Aleksander Koltyrin

Usually, when people decide to travel to Las Vegas, it is often because of a concert or a show. One of the best things to do for Halloween in Las Vegas is to watch the magic show, Witches and Warlocks. Audiences enjoy the unique magic tricks and illusions in the European-style theater that allows close interaction. This awesome production is located in the Las Vegas Art District.

5. Trapped! Escape Room

people in a escape room
Jack F

Trapped! is back with a limited edition Halloween event known as One-Eyed Jack. Less than a mile from the Strip, Trapped! is one of the most immersive and interactive escape rooms in the country. The set design also exceeds expectations for a typical escape room. Be on the lookout for the escape room involving the classic Jigsaw Killer from the SAW franchise.

6. Attend Zombie Burlesque Show

man with creepy smile

This ghoulish event is exclusive to Las Vegas and can render some people out of their comfort zone. This performing arts group at Club Z in V Theater puts on a show that lasts over an hour but doesn’t disappoint with the right balance of comedy, storytelling, a live band, and attractive-looking zombies. Reserve your tickets and attend the show at the Miracle Mile Shops inside Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

7. Halloween Las Vegas Club Crawl

busy night in las vegas
Veronica Jennings

Booking a tour with the most popular Vegas clubs can allow a thorough taste of the drinks and the nightlife on the Las Vegas Strip. When you decide to take the tour, a vegas party ride, group photos, costume cash prizes, and express free entry is included.

8. Zak Bagan’s Haunted Museum

haunted doll
Heidi Hall

Part of the team on Ghost Adventures, Zak Bagan has a museum for all of the haunted objects he has accumulated over the years. This haunted museum is not for the faint of heart as the building holds hundreds of haunted objects, some of them considered to be life-threatening if handled improperly.

The paranormal mansion was created in 1938 and is open to the public. Zak also hosts a late-night flashlight tour for those looking to explore more of the sinister rooms and corridors.

9. Las Vegas Strip Ghosts and Hauntings Tour

las vegas sign

This 2-hour walking tour is a bit different from the others as it purely focuses on some of the ghosts directly on the Las Vegas Strip. The tour begins at the Fashion Show Mall and travels to select areas like The Mob Museum, The Luxor Hotel, and Zak Bagan’s museum or otherwise known as the Devil’s Mansion. You can also learn more about the history of the original MGM Grand Garden Arena.

10. Las Vegas Halloween Soiree

a lot of people

One of the best things to do in Las Vegas on Halloween is dance the night away in your favorite Halloween costume. Join the costume contest for prizes. Located in Malvasia Court in Silverado Ranch, dance with Michael Susara and his ghouls while enjoying Halloween-themed food for a spooktacular good time.

11. Vegas Fright Nights

creepy clown

Spend a night freaking yourself out at the Vegas Fright Nights Halloween attraction! Fright Nights features three attractions that vary in theme. Buy your tickets to go inside the Whisper Bayou, Nightmare Manor, and Clown Invasion in 3D.

12. Fantasy Halloween Ball

wild halloween party with friends
Gpoint Studio

Join the largest Halloween party in Sin City. Inside the Palms and Casino Resort, this Halloween Party is a celebration best suited for adults. Experience a wild party filled with flash mobs and live music. Many consider this event as a bucket list item that they must go to before they die.

13. Fright Dome

haunted house with moon

One of the highest-ranked haunted houses is a horrific walk-through with advanced costume and set designs. This haunted house in particular will make you rethink whether or not you have a fear of clowns.

14. Freemont Halloween Street Experience

people dressed up in ghost costumes
Maya Holt

This event on Freemont Street is a little bit more kid-friendly giving people the opportunity to show off their cool Halloween costumes while jamming out to live entertainment. You will most likely come across street performers and stilt walkers.

15. Las Vegas Haunts

insane asylum with wheelchair
Jason Foose

Located in Meadow Hall, Las Vegas Haunts features two different rooms. The first room is an asylum in Hotel Fear while the other is about the Foray Family Inn. Besides the haunted houses, there are also numerous events like a maze and watching street musicians. Due to the heavy demand, it is wise to purchase tickets in advance to avoid waiting in lines for hours.

16. Halloween Las Vegas Pub Crawl

beer and food

Similar to visiting the most popular clubs in Vegas, there are also plenty of pubs to visit on the Strip. Take a tour and gain access to some of the best pubs in the area. For bar crawl, there are drink specials at Corduroy, Cat’s Meow, Gold Spike, or the Tryo Liquor Bar.

17. Family-Friendly Spooktacular Event Movie Night

kids running while trick or treating

Located in Container Park, this family-friendly event is a breath of fresh air from scary haunted houses. Along Freemont Street, there are a ton of entertaining activities that your kid will love including trick-or-treat and a pumpkin patch station.

18. Zombie Paintball

paintball game

When you show up to participate in zombie paintball, make sure to go through the south entrance in the Core Arena of the Plaza Hotel. Be prepared for zombies to appear on a bus. This fun event is open to kids and adults.

19. Fear Factory Las Vegas

girl dressed like zombie

Indulge in four awesome attractions at the Fear Factory in Las Vegas. Try out Zombie Escape, The Zombie Axe Kingdom, and the Museum of Monsters. They also have a gamer area called Esports but it is for select dates only.

20. Parade of Mischief

day of the dead makeup on woman

It’s time to kick the Halloween spirit into action with the Parade of Mischief in the shopping center of Downtown Summerlin. This frightfully festive family-friendly parade features an entertaining mix of creatures like ghosts, witches, and zombies. The parade begins every Friday and Saturday night at 7 pm starting October 1st.

21. Visit Pumpkin Patches

pumpkin patch

The Gilcrease Orchard and Halloween Town Pumpkin Patch are perfect kid activities for the fall. The Halloween Town Pumpkin Patch is specifically for kids 2 through 10 who love hay rides, games, carnival rides, and food. For Gilcrease, you can pick out pumpkins and enjoy apple cider or caramel apples at the concessions.

22. Haunted Harvest

people dressed in skeleton costumes

Take your kids to this annual fall event in Las Vegas. For select dates, this outdoor event in Springs Reserve offers a mix of spooky characters and live entertainment. Due to the demand, purchase your tickets before October as they tend to sell out quickly.

23. Midway Carnival Games

carnival games

This attraction isn’t tied to just Halloween but is open all year for families to enjoy. Try out all of the cool arcade games and win prizes at the Circus Circus.

24. Haunted Reef

aquarium with clown fish

The Shark Reef Aquarium comes to life with terrifying creatures and creepy sceneries. The Haunted Reef at Mandalay Bay is family-friendly and begins on Halloween and ends in early November. If you wear a costume or donate blood, you may just earn free admission. There will also have trick or treating for your kids.

25. Restaurants with Halloween Themed Food and Drinks

people hanging out at restaurant
Denys Gromov

Just like hotels and attractions, some restaurants tend to go all out on Halloween with a specific menu to get people into a spooky mood. Some of the food and beverage served are cupcakes and cocktails. Here are some of the best places to eat and drink for Halloween in Las Vegas:

  • The Underground Speakeasy and Distillery
  • Lucky Day Tequila and Mezcal House
  • The Sand Dollar Lounge on Spring Mountain
  • Black Tap at the Venetian Hotel
  • Off the Strip Bistro and Bar

26. LinQ Promenade Halloween

cylinder shape mall

Take your family to this popular shopping mall in Las Vegas. Every year, the LinQ Promenade is decorated for the Halloween season with spooky decor, a fortune teller, food trucks, and bar carts. The event begins on October 29th and ends on October 31st at 11 pm.

Whether it’s a family-friendly Halloween experience or a chilling tour of some of Las Vegas’s most famous ghosts, there is something for everyone. Be prepared for Las Vegas to go wild on Halloween night as special events take place.

When preparing to travel to Las Vegas in October, make sure to research parking for all of the attractions that you want to attend and buy parking tickets ahead of time if possible. For events taking place inside Las Vegas hotels, it can be a little tricky to find a parking lot for guests, so it might be easier to take an uber.

That’s the scoop on the best things to do in Las Vegas for Halloween!

halloween things to do in las vegas

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