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27 Best Grass Dog Potties for Indoor and Outdoor (2023)

For dog owners living in apartments or areas with no yard, natural grass dog potties are a very good investment. They allow for easy clean up and for your dog to still feel like they are going potty on grass instead of the real floor. 

These are also great for puppy potty training. Allowing your dog to potty on the same base helps them not be confused about where they are meant to be pottying. For example, if you taught your dog from the day you got them that the grass is their potty spot, and then one day tell them to potty in a cardboard box, they won’t. 

These are also very beneficial to pet parents that have jobs where they can’t go home multiple times throughout the day to allow their dog a potty break.

These pee pads allow your dog easy access to the potty, come in different sizes and allow for easy cleaning. 

Here are our top picks for the 25 best grass dog potties!

1. Artificial Grass Patch for Dogs

This dog potty is perfect for medium and large dogs because it measures about 39.3 by 31.5 inches. It can be used indoors and outdoors and is easy to clean. This is also a great tool for potty training and is a great size to insure that your dog has enough room to do its business. 

2. Dog Grass Large Potty Patch

This potty patch is essentially a large litter box for dogs. With its three-layer design, it allows for easy cleaning and no assembly.

The artificial turf on top of the big tray separates the mess from the turf to make it more comfortable for your pet and protect your carpet and floors from any mess. It can be used indoors and outdoors and is great for dog training, especially in an apartment. 

3. LOOBANI Extra Large Grass Porch Potty

At 35 by 23 inches, this grass dog potty is a great choice for anyone with a larger dog. This porch potty is low maintenance and easy to clean. It comes with two replacement grass pads that are specially designed to have a complete drainage system.

Not only are these perfect for potty training, but they are also a popular option for senior dogs who might not be able to get around as easily as they used to. This is a great option as one of the best outdoor potty for dogs!

4. Pet Maker Potty Tray

This synthetic grass potty tray is perfect for smaller dogs. It has a three-layer system that helps make cleanup as easy as possible. Because of the removable tray, all that cleaning requires is soap and warm water.

This is also great for easy puppy potty training because the grass helps them to realize the material that they are meant to be used for potty time. 

5. TAOAT Fake Grass

At 39.4 by 31.5 inches, this fake grass pad is great for any larger dogs or older dogs that live in an area with not a lot of grass access.

This has the feel of real grass and has drainage holes throughout the entire pad. This pad is very high quality including material that is easy to clean and odor-resistant.  Another benefit of this mat is getting to avoid bad weather when your dog needs to relieve themselves. 

This is one of the best outdoor potty for dogs!

6. Fresh Patch XL

This grass mat is arguably the best option out there. This fresh patch is made with fresh sod which makes potty training faster and is super absorbent. Since this mat uses fresh sod it allows the mat to trap in odor and is very easy to clean and fully disposable. 

7. Ottomanson Pet Training Collection

This easy-to-clean potty mat is perfect for outdoor use and indoor use. The rubber construction on the collection tray allows this mat to last a very long time and withstand weather damage and anything your dog does, including using it as a toy.  Because of the sturdy base, this mat is also portable. 

8. MEEXPAWS Dog Grass Pee Pads

This pee pad comes in a convenient small size, perfect for any small dog and small spaces, like apartments.

This mat is a four-layer system with the top layer being the artificial grass mat, the second layer is a grid, the third is a pee pad and the fourth is the bottom tray. It comes with two artificial pads and is leakproof and very absorbent. 

9. Artificial Grass Pad for Dogs

This synthetic turf pad has leak holes that allow for easy absorption and is made of environmentally friendly materials. This artificial grass has a natural look and the material is also weatherproof, UV-resistant, and high temperature resistant.

Because of the porous and dense holes it drains and absorbs dog urine very quickly and is also very easy to clean, all you need is soap and water. 

10. SSRIVER Dog Grass Pad

This grass pad is perfect for any dog, including medium-sized dogs and those of larger size like a golden retriever. It can go anywhere inside or outside, including your porch or balcony.

This pad also has unique features, including the fact that you install it like regular flooring. The fake grass comes in various sizes and it’s very absorbent, meaning it will make cleaning up your dog’s urine much easier. 

11. GoldOuya Pet Potty

If you’re purchasing a grass pad just for potty training, this is the better option out of our list. It has a four-layer system with very good drainage.

The grass layers are washable and quickly absorb odors. These puppy pads allow your pet to have an accident-free life and can be used immediately with no need to install anywhere. The plastic tray is easy to clean and is hassle-free, all you need is soap and water. 

12. LOMANTOWN Fake Grass Dog Potty

This potty pad is a great solution for pet owners with a furry friend that doesn’t have easy access to an outdoor dog potty. It comes with a three-layer system and sits on a plastic tray.

This, similar to most of the dog toilets listed, is very easy to clean but also is a little different. This pee pad is very light and can be taken with you if you are traveling

13. HQ4us Dog Grass Pad

This indoor dog potty absorbs very quickly which helps keep the smell out of your home. Coming with two dog grass pads means that this mat is very easy to clean and allows for daily replacement.

This works great for potty training and is the right size to fit in small spaces, it also comes in a bigger size that is perfect for big dogs. 

This is one of the best outdoor potty for dogs!

14. Dog Grass Pet Loo

This artificial grass mat is perfect for any outdoor dog potty area and also fits in any apartment and is one of the best porch potties out there.

This pad comes in three different sizes, perfect for small and bigger dogs, and it has a four-layer system. This system makes the pad easy to clean, low maintenance, and perfect for training your new puppy. 

15. STARROAD-TIM Artificial Grass rug

This grass mat is a great size for potty training your new puppy or even if you own a smaller dog. It can fit in any room of the house and is great for apartment owners because owning an artificial grass rug is the best way to keep the entire unit clean.

It’s easy to clean and install with no assembly required. While the grass is artificial, it feels and looks real, is weather-resistant, and has been designed to combine functionality and aesthetics. This is one of the best outdoor potty for dogs!

16. Artificial Dog Grass Pee Pad

This artificial grass dog pee pad is perfect for any dog, of any age, and comes in five different sizes. This mat comes with multiple drain holes, is made of environmentally safe materials, and has the look and feel of real grass.

This pee pad is perfect for not only potty training but if you’re unable to leave work to let your dog out to do their business, this is a great solution. 

17. Artificial Grass, Dog Grass Mat

This dog grass pee pad is perfect for bigger dogs at 59 by 39 inches. It can be used indoors and outdoors, is soft and durable, and can withstand all weather conditions.

This can also be used as more than a pee pad. This particular artificial turf has also been known to be used in gardens, on decks and patios, and any other outdoor area that needs to be safe for not only pets but kids too. 

18. PetSafe Replacement Grass for Large Pet

This petsafe pet loo is ideal for pet owners looking for alternatives to regular pee pads. This indoor dog potty comes with speedy drainage, which makes it easy to clean, and comes in three different sizes able to fit any furry friend.

It also comes with easy-to-clean instructions that tell owners all they need to do is wipe the mat daily with warm water and rinse it weekly. How easy is that! This is one of the best outdoor potty for dogs.

19. Artificial Grass, Professional Dog Grass Mat

This dog potty pad is made with realistic artificial grass and a very high-quality, eco-friendly material, which is always a good thing. This is very easy care and comes with drainage holes that allow for pools to not collect on the mat.

This means that it is also easy to clean, all you need is soap and water. It is very easy to install, all you need to do is an either nail or staple it into the place you want and that is it! 

20. Fortune-star Artificial Grass Dog Grass Mat

This dog grass mat from fortune star comes in two sizes and is made with very high-quality material. This synthetic grass can withstand strong weather and is resistant to high temperatures.

It is lush and soft to the touch and looks just like real grass. It can be used indoors and outdoors and is reusable. The rubber backing has multiple drain holes that help keep maintenance low, making it much easier for the pet owner

21. Downtown Pet Supply Dog Potty Pad

This pet supply dog potty pad comes in two sizes, making it perfect for any size dog. This material protects your floor from all the mishaps and messes that come from potty training your puppy.

This three-layer system can be used inside and outside, especially since it can fit anywhere and is portable, weatherproof, and easy to disassemble. This potty pad is treated with odor control, is easy to clean, and only needs to be replaced every three to five months!

22. Dog Grass Large Potty Patch

This dog grass potty pad is best for larger breeds. It has a plastic tray and a triple-layer design. The pee pads, that go under the artificial grass, are washable, which makes cleaning easy and allows for regular usage.

This can be used to potty train your dog and help your pet to be more comfortable while also protecting your floor and keeping your home clean. It can be used outside and inside and there is no assembly required. 

This is one of the best outdoor potty for dogs!

23. Homepet Dog Grass Pad with Tray Large

This homepet dog grass pad comes in two convenient sizes and also each order comes with a replacement grass pad. The three-layer design and drainage holes help this pad be easy to clean and help effectively control odors.

This particular design comes with an upgraded bionic wall that helps to capture and lead your pet’s urine down into the tray at the bottom. This hompet dog grass pad makes potty training easy and has the same look and feel like real grass. 

24. Golden Moon Artificial Dog Grass

This artificial grass pet pee pad comes in two sizes and can be used indoors and outdoors. This is perfect for potty training and for pet owners that can’t leave their jobs often to let their dog outside to do their business.

This is also a great product for still letting your dog do their business while it is raining or snowing outside. It is very easy to clean just using soap and water. While they say that straight out of the package the pad will have a slight odor, shaking the grass turf a few times and putting it in a ventilated area a few days before use will help with the odor. 

25. XLX TURF Hemmed Dog Pee Grass Pads

This dog pee grass pad comes in three sizes and with a replacement set that you can use at any time. This dog-friendly grass pad is thick, won’t shed, and is absorbent with very high density. It is also non-toxic and is built to help retain odors and prevent any toxins from growing within the mat.

This popular pee pad is low maintenance with an excellent mesh-made drainage system, which keeps the turf clean and helps drain the urine quicker. They also recommend cleaning with soapy water as this particular mat should not be machine washed. 

Dog Potties

No matter the size of your dog, each of these potty pads is a good choice. Whether you live in high-rise buildings and don’t have quick access to grass, or if you live in a stand-alone house and just need help potty training, getting an artificial grass pee pad is a great way to go.

When most people think of pee pads, the first thing that comes to mind is puppy potty training, however, these mats are also very useful for senior pets who may be having more trouble making it outside. 

Along with having a real grass pad, some other great methods to help potty train your dog are positive reinforcement and even using a fire hydrant.

The fire hydrant offers a unique solution that gives them something to aim at and reminds them that this area of their indoor potty in their home is where they do their business. 

Other dog grass pads that would rank first place would be the doggielawn real grass dog potty and the blyss pets klean paws. Also having any mat that includes pea gravel will make the pee pad more absorbent and help with the odor. 

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10 Best Grass Dog Potties for Indoor and Outdoor