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3 Beauty Problems We All Have…Solved

Sometimes, we find a beauty hack we want the world to know about. We shout loud and proud about our discovery, and rightly so. Sometimes, though, there are beauty hacks we don’t want the world to know about. We have to do what we can to hide embarrassing problems, right? The trouble is, other people stay quiet about them, too. So, how can you know what those hacks are? Fear not. Embarrassing beauty cover-ups may be harder to find, but rest assured they’re out there. We’ve got a list of a few to help you get started!


Spots are a big one, so that’s where we’ll start. What woman doesn’t get spots every now and again? For some reason society believes women should have flawless skin at all times! Though not practical, it’s an ideal we all subscribe to. We all know the cheat of covering those spots with foundation. But, did you know that it may be the foundation that’s causing the spots in the first place? Of course, you want to cover them up. But smothering them with chemicals is no way to help them heal! Many of your breakouts are probably down to the fact your skin can’t breathe! The best thing to do is reduce your foundation routine. Invest in a good concealer stick which is light enough to let your skin breathe. Give your skin some time off of foundation for a while so it can heal! Rely on the concealer to hide those embarrassing spots. When you start using foundation again, use less! The good news is, less will look like more once you have your skin under control!


It’s not ladylike to admit you’re having problems with your teeth. It goes back to that pressure to appear perfect at all times. What woman wants to admit to wonky teeth or bleeding gums? If you’ve been handed the death sentence of braces, fear not. Instead, express your desire to get clear braces. That way, no one needs to know you’re having treatment! If bleeding gums are your problem, the issue is even easier to hide. Even so, there is the risk that someone will notice you’re spitting blood each time you brush. Invest in a toothpaste designed to help. No one will think anything of a tube of toothpaste. You’ll be able to solve the problem right under everyone’s nose!


As winter is still taking its toll, it’s worth mentioning dry lips, here. Not every woman has plump, luscious lips all the time! That’s especially true when the weather is so harsh. Of course, there’s always the option of lip balms to keep you going. They have their issues, though. Everyone’s going to know what the problem is when they see you with shiny lips. You could hide the problem by opting instead for a lip balm with a tint. You could even opt for a moisturizing lipstick! These lip-loving products are a stylish way to solve the problem in secret!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.