3 Delicious Vegan Thanksgiving Foods You Should Know About

I don’t about you, but Thanksgiving came so quickly this year. I swear just yesterday I was dressed as a dog and eating my weight in Halloween candy. I’m not complaining though, Thanksgiving is one of my very favorite holidays–second only to Christmas of course–and I am super excited to spend time with my family…and eats lots and lots of food. I am vegan, though, so holiday food means something a little bit different for me than it did when I was little. I have found that virtually anything can be veganized (yes, anything!!!), so going vegan does not mean you have to completely give up your favorite foods. Thanksgiving is no time for vegans to worry and to prove it, I have provided three vegan options to replace Thanksgiving favorites.

1. Gardein Holiday Roast


This is a turkey substitute comprised of tofu and soy protein and stuffed with cranberry wild rice stuffing and gravy. It really is tasty and definitely gets the job done and leaves you satisfied. There are other brands who make something similar to this, but in my experience, Gardein tastes the best.

2. Cran-Chestnut Pumpkin Vegan Sausage Stuffing


Stuffing has always been my favorite Thanksgiving food and at first, I was disappointed that I would not be able to eat it again. Then I cam across this recipe, and honestly, it’s even better than the normal stuffing I had growing up (sorry, mom). You can check out the full recipe here.

3. Vegan Caramel Apple Pie


Yes, this is as delicious as it sounds. There’s no reason why vegans need to skip the desserts this Thanksgiving because this pie is all you need…seriously. It’s amazing. You can even serve it with a side of your favorite dairy-free ice cream! You can find the full recipe here.

I hope this gets you as excited about Thanksgiving as I am! Happy Holidays!

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