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3 DIY Ways to Personalize Your Newly Built Home

Buying a new home is an exciting and daunting adventure, and you’ll find yourself questioning every single decision you make. Should you look for an old house filled with character and memories; or opt for a new abode fresh from the developer? There are pros and cons to both of course – but you should consider buying a new build for a number of reasons. You may think that a new home will be empty and devoid of that lived-in atmosphere, but instead, you should consider it a blank slate, a home that is truly yours, ready to absorb all of your new memories without the baggage of previous tenants. Plus, a big bonus of buying a house from a developer like Salboy is the modern and high-quality living spaces and utilities, meaning you don’t have to make any time-consuming renovations! So, here are some DIY ideas to inject some personality into your new home!

1: Create a Statement Piece With Paint

A great way to personalize your new home without breaking the bank, why not buy a can of your favorite color paint and create a statement wall? The wall can be anywhere in the house, after all, it’s you leaving your mark on the home! If you want to make even more of an impression, then how about adding a splash of color to the door instead of the walls? This way, you’ll be leaving a mark on the house but also signaling to others that you live here! Plus, who doesn’t love a colorful statement door? Paired with a beautiful matching wreath, your new home will radiate personality and comfort.

2: Plants, plants, plants!

Now, not everyone has a green thumb and that’s totally understandable, so whether you opt for real plants or fake ones – who cares? Either way, plants and flowers will make the air feel alive within the space, and give you the opportunity to find colors and scents that make you feel at home. Just make sure you vary the placement of them for that lived-in effect! If you’re a budding botanist, it might be a great idea to plant the flowers yourself (if you have a garden), which will further work to make your new house feel like a forever home. 

3: Add some Family Specific Details

Whether you’re moving in as a family unit, a couple, or taking the plunge solo; adding some personal features to the walls will make the blank space fill up with, well, you! There are plenty of great ideas on the web, such as a world map poster where you color in every country you’ve been to, or, if you’re particularly crafty, you could make some posters of your own that incorporate pictures, stickers, and trinkets to create a wall piece that tells the story of you (check out our DIY Gallery Wall)! If you prefer a more classic aesthetic, though, a clear picture in a good frame may be more preferable – just be sure to put it somewhere that it can be appreciated!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.