3 Essential Rules For People That Want To Start A Wine Collection

If you’re like me and you appreciate a good glass of wine, you should consider starting your own collection. A lot of people think that wine collecting is all about spending thousands of dollars on bottles of wine that you will never drink. For some people, it is like that, but it doesn’t have to be. Anybody can get started with their own wine collection and it doesn’t need to cost the earth. 

Having a nice collection of good quality wines in the house means that you always have something special on hand if you are entertaining guests or even if you just want to treat yourself. But starting a wine collection can be daunting for people that don’t know much about it. If you want to start a wine collection but you don’t know where to begin, here are a few important tips to keep in mind. 

Only Buy What You Can Afford 

There are some ridiculously expensive wines out there that command high prices because they are so rare. But you don’t always have to spend $10,000 on a bottle of wine if you want something nice, and it’s important that you only buy what you can afford. You can still start building a nice collection of wines even if you only want to spend $20-$30 on a bottle. Good wines increase in value over time and you can still enjoy drinking them even if they don’t. 

Store It Properly 

Storing your wine correctly is so important if you keep it for a long time before drinking. For the bottles that you are likely to drink on a regular basis, you should invest in an electronic wine cellar for your home. This will keep your wine at the perfect temperature so it’s always ready to drink. 

But some bottles will be reserved for special occasions or bought specifically as a collection piece rather than a bottle to drink. There is no need to store these at home if you don’t have the space, so look into temperature controlled storage units (check out https://www.selfstore.com.au/ for more information). You can keep your collection in perfect condition and it’s there for you whenever you want it, but it doesn’t take up lots of room in your home. 

Catalogue Your Collection 

Knowing what wines you have in your collection is important for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s useful when you want to drink a certain bottle because you easily know where to find it. It also helps you manage your collection as it gets larger because you can see if there are duplicates that you might want to sell or certain bottles that you are missing from your collection. You can buy software to help you manage your wine cellar or you can do it manually. Either way, you need to have some sort of organization so you don’t lose track of things. Visit rosehillwinecellars.com for some great tips on the best ways to organize your wine. 

You don’t need to be a millionaire to have your own wine collection, so why not get started today?

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