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3 Home-Mending Jobs That Should Be Done This Weekend

Now that we have some stable sunshine, it’s time to mend our homes ready for the months ahead. Many homeowners often wait until there is plenty of sunshine before they fix up their homes because the things that are done require dry weather. When it rains or when it’s windy, the repairs you do to your home won’t set as well. You may even need to do the repair a couple of times to get it right. So, when there is predictable weather you’ll want to fix your roof, cladding, siding, gutters, driveway, slabs, paths, and garden. Here are a few jobs you could do this weekend.

Repair don’t replace a slab

Concrete slabbing is very popular for patios, driveways, garages and garden paths. If you have a slab that is cracked, maybe it’s sunken, or it just has dents and chips in it, you should replace it now. How you approach this, depends on how the slab was formed and set. 

Poured slab: A poured slab is the most popular for residential homes. It was poured at the site and it may not have set as well as conventional slabbing. So to remove or repair it is a more intricate job. You may be able to pipe new concrete into the cracks. You can also remove a part of the slab by smashing it with a hammer or jackhammer. And then, pour fresh concrete to merge the old and new slab together.

Mending the house’s hat

After the cold, wet and windy weather, your roof may be in a bad state. The shingles or tiles might be loose, leaves and debris might be stuck in the cracks, and rainwater may be pooling due to the blocked sunken cladding. It’s best not to try and fix it yourself and instead call a professional roofing company. They can replace your old shingles with newer, better, industry-standard shingles. These will be a far better composite material that is water-resistant and fits in closer due to their tighter design. If you have any flat spots which collect rainwater, they can see about fixing the angle by laying more cladding. The rainwater will no longer collect and simply run off into a channel and into the gutter.

New life in old wood

This is the best time to repair your decking. When you repair the decking, you should be mindful to do so when you know there will not be rain for the next 2-3 days. If rainwater gets into the wood it can cause mold, rot and invite termites. 

Should you replace or repair? Replacing decking is much easier than replacing slabs or roofing. Individual boards can be replaced, but it has to be replaced with the same wood type, cut, weight and finish. So make sure you follow the building plans of your decking which you should have lying around somewhere.

Let’s use this moment of sunshine and stable weather to mend our beautiful homes this weekend. Plan ahead, take your time, choose whether to repair or replace and have fun!

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