This 3-ingredient Vegan Whipped Cream shows us that once again, chickpeas are a magical ingredient!

3 ingredient vegan whipped cream recipe whipped aquafaba

You’ll be hard pressed to find anything that rivals the whimsical sensation of eating whipped cream. It’s fluffy, light, and subtly sweet, making it a childhood favorite of mine. Growing up, homemade whipped cream was always the best! While I love store-bought vegan coconut whipped creams, I miss the feeling of making it at home when it’s fresh.

3 ingredient vegan whipped cream recipe ingredients

That’s where this recipe comes in. Though I’m not vegan, I do take it upon myself to incorporate more plant-based foods into my lifestyle when possible. This recipe uses aquafaba, the liquid from a can of chickpeas, to mimic the texture of whipped cream. When aquafaba is whipped up, it eventually becomes a similar consistency as whipped cream. How cool is that?! I love how easy it is to make this recipe and how it’s another demonstration of the magic of chickpeas.

3 ingredient vegan whipped cream recipe strained chickpeas


First, let’s chat ingredients.  As the name suggests, you will need three ingredients…

¼ cup aquafaba: The star ingredient! Purchase low sodium or no salt added chickpeas for the best results.

1 tablespoon maple syrup: The sweetener of this recipe. If need be, this can also be replaced with powdered sugar to taste.

½ teaspoon vanilla extract: Vanilla adds a great flavor to the whipped cream and helps disguise any potential ‘bean’ flavors.

3 ingredient vegan whipped cream recipe chickpeas


1. Drain your chickpeas. Take your can of chickpeas and drain the liquid into a mixing bowl. Then set your chickpeas aside to use them in another recipe.

2. Add your ingredients. Add your maple syrup and vanilla extract to the mixing bowl with the aquafaba.

3. Whip. Using a mixer or hand mixer, whisk the ingredients together until fluffy. The mixture should become a whipped cream like consistency.

3 ingredient vegan whipped cream recipe ingredients in a bowl
3 ingredient vegan whipped cream recipe

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