3 Mini Break Ideas With A Difference

Sometimes, we’re in serious need of a break but don’t have much time to get away. The answer: planning a mini break. It might not be as long or as relaxing as a two-week vacation to somewhere exotic, but a mini break can be just as enjoyable. As long as you’re smart about the type of trip you take, that is.

When we plan mini breaks, most of the time they consist of a weekend away in the nearest city – think shopping, fine dining and exploring the sights. However, there are lots of other mini breaks that you can take, city getaways aren’t the only option. Here are three ideas for mini breaks with a difference – have a read and see if one of these takes your fancy.


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1. Go camping

If you’re someone who enjoys the great outdoors, a camping mini break could be right up your street. The great thing about camping is that it’s budget-friendly and incredibly relaxing, especially if you opt to wild camp. You can just sit back and watch the world go by – very relaxing.

There are so many amazing places to camp, from small, local campsites to sites in the middle of big open spaces. Where you choose to camp is up to you – if you want a wild camping experience choose somewhere remote. However, if you fancy camping somewhere a bit more lively, opt to stay at a campsite.

2. Plan an activity break

Do you enjoy staying active – then an activity break could be right up your street. There are so many different locations in the US that offer amazing activity breaks that you’ll be spoilt for choice. If you fancy a break that offers a range of activities, such as hiking, horse riding and mountain biking, opt to go somewhere mountainous.

One of the best places for this is Jackson Hole in Wyoming, home to some amazing mountain ranges. Not to mention lots of exciting activities to take part in, should you want to. While in the middle of nowhere, there is lots on offer here. From a range of Jackson Hole restaurants to plenty of accommodation, bars, and even, luxury spas.

3. Hit the ski slopes

If you’re a fan of skiing, hitting the ski slopes could make a perfect mini break. You may not think of skiing as being a weekend thing, but if you pick a resort close enough to where you live, it can be. Skiing is a lot of fun and the perfect way to blow off some steam, so is perfect for a mini break.

The good news is that there are plenty of skiing resorts in the US, so wherever you live, there should be somewhere close by. Be it Aspen in Colorado or Killington; it doesn’t matter, just as long as you find somewhere that’s suitable for your skiing abilities

There you have it, three mini break ideas with a difference. Hopefully, one of these ideas has taken your fancy. If not, there are plenty of other options to consider, no matter what you enjoy a city break isn’t your only option.


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