3 Quick Up-Dos To Do In Less Than 10 Minutes

Busy mornings? Lazy days? Luckily there are many simple ways to tie up your hair without rushing that can easily be done in less than 10 minutes. Ladies with medium, long, or even short hair can achieve these looks.

We included photos with our step by step written tutorial for each style. Keep in mind these styles can be done with slightly dirty hair or clean hair.

Special Occasion Up-Do
Photo by the author.


Start by brushing your hair out thoroughly and apply a pea-size amount of serum on your ends. Next, grab your curling irons and by pulling sections of your hair, big or small, create soft curls (this doesn’t have to be perfect). Section your hair in half from ear to ear and pin up the top, using your fingers is fine. Now, gradually collect pieces in the back and pin-up with a bobby pin, creating a messy look. Do the same with the front of your head but slightly smoother, leaving a few curly pieces hanging in the front. Add hairspray all over and you’re finished.

High Ponytail
Photo by the author.


  • Bobby pins
  • Hairspray (medium hold)
  • Flatiron
  • Hair-tie

Start by brushing your hair thoroughly and quickly go through it with a flatiron, making sure your hair is completely straight. When doing this, try the comb under method (place the comb under the flatiron while pressing down) for better results. Using a hard bristle brush, create a high ponytail, remembering to add hairspray as you go. Once you get your hair in a ponytail, grab a small piece for the back of the hanging ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie, making it invisible. Finish it off with hairspray.

Messy Bun
Photo By Author


Although it may be difficult at first, creating a messy bun is easy to master. Brush your hair into a ponytail and tie tightly. There are two ways to create the bun. In the picture, I did not use a donut to secure the bun. Instead, I spread her ponytail out, leaving the middle open, twisting around and pulling apart making it appear full, then adding bobby pins to secure. Or, you can simply just twist your ponytail around and secure it with a hair tie. Remember to add shine spray for a glossy effect.

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