3 Reasons to See My Cousin Rachel

With such a unique and intricate plot, My Cousin Rachel is definitely a must-see movie for this summer.  I was so excited to see this film and it definitely lived up to all of my expectations.  When young Englishman, Philip (Sam Claflin) receives word that his beloved guardian has mysteriously died shortly after his marriage to the beautiful and young, Rachel (Rachel Weisz), Philip begins to plan revenge against the woman that supposedly caused such death.  Upon her arrival, Philip slowly becomes intrigued by her enigmatic personality and begins to find himself trapped under her manipulative spell.  This movie is full of surprising twists and turns and you do not want to miss it!  Here are 3 reasons to see My Cousin Rachel in theaters today!

1. Sam Claflin is an Amazing Protagonist

I have always loved Sam Claflin and his portrayal as Philip in this film was incredible.  Claflin is such a talented actor and he never ceases to amaze me with his brilliant characterization and believable on-screen emotion.  He is truly perfect in his role as Philip and demonstrates great character development throughout the movie.  From start to finish, Claflin’s portrayal of such a complex character is stellar.

2. It’s a Great Period Piece

Set in 19th century England, this movie is a great period piece.  From the old fashioned costumes to the dated scenery, the film is a perfect representation of what life was like in a different time period.  Not only is the time period aspect of the movie interesting, but it also plays a huge role in the plot of the movie and how and why each event occurs.  It’s crazy to truly understand how different our modern lives are today in comparison to those featured in this film.

3. Rachel Weisz is the Perfect Villain

Rachel Weisz is amazing in her portrayal as antagonist, Rachel.  In the film, Rachel is a manipulative, abusive, backstabbing woman, with a thirst for wealth.  She is someone who does whatever they must in order to get exactly what they want, no matter who they end up hurting in the process.  Weisz’s acting is of the highest quality in this film; she adds her own unique touch to the role and is able to create a deep connection with every person in the audience.

This is a film that you must add to your summer movie list, because it’s a movie that you don’t want to miss!  Go see My Cousin Rachel, in theaters today!

Check out the official movie website here!

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