3 Reasons to See Ghost In The Shell

This past week I was able to see Ghost in the Shell, and I couldn’t have loved it more.  Scarlett Johansson was absolutely stellar in her role as the cyber-enhanced soldier called Major.  Major is the first of her kind.  After a deadly car crash, Major’s brain is saved from her body and inserted into a “shell” that resembles her human body.  Major’s job is to defeat some of the deadliest and most dangerous criminals in a futuristic world.  Throughout the movie, she begins to question who she can truly trust and discovers what her life was like before she became a “ghost in the shell”.  Here are 3 reasons to see Ghost in the Shell, in theaters March 31st!

1. Unbelievable Stunts

From jumping off of buildings to high speed car chases, the stunts in this film are truly incredible.  I could have never imagined that some of these stunts were even possible.  If you love movies with stunts that keep you on the edge of your seat, then you’ll surely love this one.  In my opinion, the breathtaking stunts were some of the best parts of this film.

2. Amazing Ideas of What a Futuristic World Would Look Like

In the futuristic world featured in Ghost in the Shell, practically anything is possible.  One of the coolest things about this futuristic world was the idea of “human enhancing”.  Many characters have been genetically enhanced to have better eyesight, stronger muscles, or even healthier internal organs.  It was very interesting to see what could be possible in the future and I was very intrigued by some of these concepts.

3. You’ll Leave the Theater Thinking About Your Own Past

One of the most prominent themes in Ghost in the Shell was realization of both the past and present.  Major is unable to remember anything from her past life, but she’s constantly trying to be reminded of her former self.  With a nonstop feeling that she’s been lied to about her past, she must go on a personal journey to discover herself.  When I left the theater I felt like I had to do some soul searching of my own; this movie resonated with me long after I left the theater.

You don’t want to miss all the action of this amazing film!  

Make sure to see Ghost in the Shell, in theaters now!

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