3 Reasons to See #HacksawRidge

There are plenty of movies about WWII, but I’ve never seen one that I liked quite as much as Hacksaw Ridge.  I had so much fun at the premiere and now you can see it in theaters everywhere!


Directed by Mel Gibson, this haunting story will make you root and cheer for the underdog.  The basic plot line consists of a man named Desmond Doss, played by Andrew Garfield, who enlists in the war but refuses to use a rifle, let alone touch one.  He strongly believes that killing is wrong, even during a war.  As the United States battles the Japanese, the other soldiers become skeptical of Doss’s actual abilities.  He must prove himself as a medic to his superiors and to his country.  Today I’m listing the top 3 reasons to see Hacksaw Ridge when it comes out in theaters now!

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-10-00-47-pm1. Intense Battle Scenes

Set during WWII, there are many scenes of front line battles.  While they may last for only minutes,  the intensity builds with each gory second.  In my opinion, these scenes were the biggest highlight of the movie.  They were unlike any action scenes I’d ever seen before.  Instead of focusing on the men firing the guns, they focused on Doss and his will power to save as many wounded men as possible.  I found myself on the edge of my seat, hoping that none of the main characters would get hurt.  These scenes were some of my favorite parts of the film, and I’m not much of a war movie fan

2. Based on a True Story

This movie was based on the true story of Desmond Doss and how he was able to save the lives of 75 men on the battlefield.  It’s crazy to think that the battles I was watching actually happened to someone.  Unfortunately, the real Desmond Doss died on March 23rd in 2006, but not before he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.  His inspiring story has lived on for nearly 70 years, and thanks to this movie, I’m sure it will live on for many more.  In my opinion, the quality of the film does the true story a tremendous amount of justice.  


3. Believable, Real Acting

Andrew Garfield carries this film on his shoulders beautifully.  His incredible portrayal of Doss is authentic, real and consistent throughout the entire film.  Garfield flawlessly attains every emotion, from love and happiness to fear and sorrow, and everything in between.  Teresa Palmer, who portrays Dorothy Schutte, was the perfect fit to play Doss’s love interest.  Schutte and Doss fall in love after Doss convinces himself to donate blood to a blood drive as an excuse to talk to her.  The chemistry between the two is extremely convincing and adds an extra layer of depth to the plot.  Last but certainly not least, Vince Vaughn portrays the sarcastic and strict Sergeant Howell.  Although he’s tough and harsh, his character is able to offer comic relief throughout some of the most violent scenes.  The acting in this film was what truly brought the story to life.

Make sure to see Hacksaw Ridge when it comes out in theaters now!



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