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Recently I was able to see A United Kingdom and it was a completely amazing and inspiring film.  This movie wasn’t like anything I’d ever seen and the message left me thinking about the plot long after the film was over.  When prince of Bechuanaland (now Botswana) Seretse Khama, played by David Oyelowo, falls in love with a London office worker named Ruth Williams, played by Rosamund Pike, his life as a prince gets put on hold due to the non-acceptance from his country of an interracial couple.  The couple must defy their families and ignore the advice of their countries in order to fight in the name of true love.  This film was truly extraordinary and I’ll be listing 3 reasons why you should see A United Kingdom, in theaters February 10th!

Based on a True Story

Not only does this movie have an amazing plot, but it’s very interesting to think about how these events actually happened in real life.  Occurring in 1948, the struggles that Seretse must go through to maintain his role as prince and stay married to his soul mate is completely insane.  It’s nearly unbelievable to imagine the hardships that an interracial couple had to endure during this time period.  This aspect of the film truly had a lasting impact on me and added to the overall message and tone of the story.

Conveys Themes of Perseverance

During the film, Seretse must never give up and continuously fight for his right to a happy marriage and position as prince of his country.  Even though his future looks grim during many parts of the movie, Seretse perseveres and overcomes his obstacles.  Not only does Seretse fight through his challenges, but Ruth also must win over the the people of Bechuanaland, as they are very wary of being represented by a white woman from London.  The obstacles that the two must overcome are utterly astounding.

A Story of True Love

I’m a sucker for a good romance film and A United Kingdom demonstrates a forbidden love story that is incredibly intriguing.  The fact that nothing can keep Seretse and Ruth apart is amazing and truly inspiring.  Even when they’re hundreds of miles apart, the two main characters find a way to stay faithful and maintain hope that they’ll be reunited shortly.  

This movie was utterly amazing and I would encourage everyone to go see it!  You can see A United Kingdom now, it hit theaters on February 10th!

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