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3 Spring Nail Trends #TargetStyle

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This season, visualize yourself as lè artist and your nails, your canvas. (I picture myself lè artist with a side of Jean DuJardin and trust me, I’m not complaining.)  It’s that time of year where you can have fun with your nails.  To get started, I headed to Target and picked up a few of my favorite colors from Orly Colored Amp’d, a two step process for perfect nails.  As a flexible color and sealcoat with smudge-fixing technology, this polish works great.  Check out my 3 favorite nail trends below.


Neutral Nails

Nude shades have been gracing runways like crazy this year: pumps, flats, skirts, blouses and dresses are showing shades of nude.

Maybe you’re wondering why nudes are making it big this season amidst the trendy brights and pretty pastels? Consider nudes the building blocks of any outfit. They’re easy, classy, refined and still – somehow – pleasantly sexy.  Use nudes to complement your natural skin tones, elongate your fingers and for the nail-painting impaired, jazz up your polish collection. Say au revoir! to nails clashing with your outfit.

Nudes, I’m happy to report, look cleaner and more refreshing, thin out your fingers and add a tablespoon of chic to any outfit. Creamy colors help modernize any outfit, especially right now during this unseasonably weird, err, transitional weather we’re experiencing. Nudes balance the darker colors we can’t help but wear during winter and the brighter, colorful frocks we don in spring and summer.

Now that the nude empire is growing even bigger, I’ve chased down ten of the hottest polish selections to come out this spring. So, paint yourself something pretty, girls!


Bright Nails

You are most likely bursting at the seams to try out all the bright, bold and neon colors that look as beautiful as the flora and fauna of spring and summer herself, and trust me you should be.  Bright nails are in this time of year and the trend repeats.

Bright nails are the perfect accent for your tan, or soon to be tan, skin.  When it comes to bright nails and warm weather you really can’t go wrong.  I love adding bright nails on my toes in the spring and summer months, no matter what I’m rocking on my fingernails.

Have fun with bright nails and the brighter the better.  Bright nails go great with your summer wardrobe.  As you pull out those bright clothes and start to show a little more skin, have fun with those nails.


Edgy Nails

Are you feeling like taking a risk? Try an edgy approach on your nails.  From deep oxblood reds to sparkle and shine, the nail polish trends of this summer and fall are so exciting.

Edgy nails are a great way to dress up a plain outfit.  If you’re like me and black is one of your best friends when it comes to your clothing wardrobe, try mixing up your boring outfit with some fun nails.  If you’re hesitant to take risks when it comes to your clothing or accessories, your nails are the perfect place to step out of your comfort zone.

Remember, the summer is one of the best times to have fun with your nail polish. You can go bright, pastel, or even wear classic deep reds and pinks. Since anything goes, take this time to experiment with your nails.

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Disclosure: This post is promoted by Target.

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