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3 Things to Think About When it Comes to Addiction

Addictions have a bad rep. Admittedly, as they tend to be devastating for your health – physical, mental or both – it’s fair to say that their reputation is not completely unjustified. However, there’s a common misconception that seems to depict addicted individuals as people who have no self-control and who never try to stick to a healthy habit. In reality, you’d be surprised to know that most addictions are nothing but healthy habits that are gone wrong.

Nobody actually starts their descend into addiction willingly. Most people happen to fall into the traps of life and don’t realize their mistake until it is too late. As surprising as it sounds, all addictions begin as a mean for people to find a sense of control in their lives. It’s not ultimately the desire to cut loose that defines the addiction. But, unfortunately, there’s a battle for control that runs between the individual and the habit; when the person loses, the habit is called an addiction. Here’s a little insight into what drives good habits to become addictions.

How fast do you want to get fit?

An addiction gives you a sense of control

For a lot of people, losing weight is what defines a positive body image. There is no denying loving your body makes you feel better about yourself. However, it’s fair to say that other elements impact on your body image. The priority here is to keep yourself on the healthy side to improve how you feel. Ultimately, your desire to stay fit and healthy might dictate a change of lifestyle. But as you are in control of your body, you can experience a positive rush of feelings as you begin to experience positive results.

Sometimes the addiction controls you

Ultimately, as long as you are in control, it’s fair to say that your change of habits doesn’t count as an addiction. However, it has the potential to become one if you lose your control over it. Consider your fitness aspiration, for instance. For some people, the need to create visible results is stronger than the desire to stay healthy. Instead, these fitness addicts could look for dietary supplements, fat melting drugs and even hormonal energy drugs to keep them going through their workouts. In the long term, a dependence on drugs can develop. For experts such as, the dependence is when you notice that you can’t stop consuming hard substances. What started as a journey to shape the body you want took over your brain.  

The addiction is a healthy habit turned bad

In fact, the main problem with addictions is that they can start as a good habit, such as getting fit. Where things go wrong is when you don’t know how to make good habits stick effectively, as described in It takes time for your healthy habits to become natural. It’s the desire to force the change of lifestyle into an imposed routine too early that can drive you to resort to addictive substances. Patience and long-term focus are your best allies. Quick and easy results always come at a cost.

Something as simple as getting fit can hide a destructive addiction. In fact, everyone has the risk of developing an addiction in life. So before you judge, remember that the only mistake of those who struggle with such issues was to try to achieve their objectives fast and effortlessly. Maybe, it is, after all, the result of a society where everything is available at the click of a button.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.