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3 Ways to Avoid Exercising Injuries

Exercising is one of the best things we can do for our body. It strengthens our muscles, burns away fat and keeps our heart in a good condition! However, exercising does come with the risk of getting injured. Injuries can put you out for a very long time and undo all of your hard work, so it’s important to know how to keep injuries away by doing a few things that you’ll find out about if you keep reading.


You see all forms of runners doing this before and after a race, and there is a very good reason for it! But firstly, what does stretching actually do? Well, it loosens off the muscles and ligaments in the stretched area, meaning that they have a much lowered chance of tearing. When you exercise your muscles stretch out, and if they stretch too much they will tear. By doing stretching before your workout you stop all of the unwanted contractions in your muscles so you get no tears! Stretching post workout is important too as it gets rid of all of the lactic acid that burns away at your muscles, as well as getting rid of all the unwanted contraction that was just mentioned. Have a look at these static stretches that you can do at home after your workout to give you some help.

Knowing Your Limits

Another big one in exercise is knowing your limits. Simply put, if you push your limits then you could end up irreparably damaging your body. By running too far and losing consciousness or ripping a muscle because you tried to carry too much weight, which are both incredibly detrimental and can take a very long time to recover from. They also have other implications on your life, not only in your training but an injury like this could stop you getting to work and back if you have to have a few days off to recover! This is why, whenever you’re trying something harder than before, it’s always recommended to have a gym instructor around you to help if things go sideways.

Know When To Get Help

This is not strictly injury avoidance but is something that you must keep in mind. If you’re injured you need to know whether or not you need medical help. There are different kinds of medical help available, and if you read this guide,  Medicare vs Medicaid: Everything You Need to Know you’ll be aware of the different levels of  treatment the government can provide you. If you just need a few days off then that is fine, but if you’re really in pain and are beginning to worry it’s good to know what you’re covered for and how to get it if you need it.

Doing all of these things will mean that you’ll avoid injuries for the majority of your training, but you can’t prepare for a trip or dropping a weight! Looking after yourself isn’t just confined to your physical state, your mental one matters too, so read this if you think you might need some help.

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