3 Ways to Make Fall Fun

The colder weather seems to have set in, and with so much, cold, and perhaps, stormy weather on the way; those fall and winter germs and bugs seem to spread everywhere. It’s always this time of year where everyone seems to be coming down with something and not feeling their best regarding their health and wellbeing. It’s also the time of year where there’s plenty to do and enjoy seasonally, so it’s worth investing a little more in your health and wellbeing to keep those germs from affecting your autumn and winter fun. Taking some time and making an effort to prepare for the bad weather ahead and the cold seasons, will ensure that you’ll be sailing through the months ahead feeling great. Your mind and body deserve plenty of TLC, so it’s worth making sure that your health and wellbeing are taken care of as much as possible.

This is the time of year when you want to snuggle up during the evenings with your loved ones and watch seasonal movies and eat hearty food. This is not the time of year where you’ll want to be worrying about the damage the weather is doing to your living environment and how much repairs are going to cost while you sit shivering in a cold house, either. Ensuring you make an effort to address potential issues now, and invest in your life, health, and home where it’s needed, will make sure that you have a warm, comfortable and cozy season ahead. The following are some ideas and inspiration for those who don’t feel like completely hibernating until spring, and want to enjoy every minute of the days, weeks, and months ahead; whatever the weather.

Create A Cozy Home

Now is the time to check over your home for any damage and ensure that you’re investing in the updates to your interior space that are needed to prevent issues arising. Problems like old electrics failing in the middle of winter, or frozen pipes in your home can be prevented by contacting a reputable company and getting them to install modern, improved versions of what’s needed. It’s worth checking your exterior and interior window and door frames for any cracks or gaps; moisture and damp can cause an array of issues for the structure of your house, not to mention the risk to your family’s health. It might feel like these are annoying jobs to sort out now; however, you’ll appreciate the effort when you’re not waiting for a plumber or builder to fix any damaged caused come January.

Once you’ve checked over your home and investing in the work that needs to be done; you can begin winter-proofing your abode from the inside. Ensuring that there is adequate sealant around your windows, and do your best to keep the indoors warm and dry will help to keep your home in tip-top condition. Thick curtains will keep heat from escaping from your living area, not to mention adding a decorative-style touch to your home. Make sure that you’ve invested in proper insulation, and you can begin to think about all those cozy items that will always warm a space-up.

Large rugs, blankets, cushions, and throws are all great ways to add a soft and warming touch to a room. Pile up the sofa with those things that you can wrap-up inside, and cover cold hard flooring with a deep pile, textured rug so that your toes feel the benefit too. Damp can build up when there’s not enough ventilation, so don’t forget to let the fresh air in a little on dry days and let it circulate the space. Keeping an eye on each area of your most valuable asset will mean that you won’t have to worry about any weather changes and you can look forward to a warm, dry season ahead in your house.

Enjoy The Seasonal Dishes

People tend to feel that as fall approaches and the colder weather gets into full swing; any ideas about a healthy, balanced diet have to be flung out of the window and replaced with hot pizza and various pies (yum). However, this is not the case; fall brings with it an array of fresh, seasonal produce that can help to create delicious, healthy, and hearty meals that will fill and warm you up. If you’re cooking from scratch; there’s no reason you can stick to a balanced lifestyle, full of your favorite food and recipes; there are even healthy choices to be had when you’re out and about, so don’t panic!

Eating fresh can also contribute towards keeping sickness at bay. Do a little research and you’ll know how to get rid of a stuffy nose using ingredients like basil and will be able to fight off the winter lurgy with the right source of honey with your hot lemon (yum). Fresh food doesn’t have to mean cold, crunchy salad; although, this is a perfectly good choice of meal if you’re craving crisp leaves and juicy tomatoes. For a start; you can create a hot salad, perfect for fall. So, you’re probably asking what recipes are out there for hot salads, right?

Planning ahead will become your favorite activity as the seasons change. Take a Saturday or Sunday to cook some large pots of stew, soup, or casserole, and create your own ready meals. One-pot cooking is a great way to add lots of vegetables, containing vitamins and fiber, into a meal, and you can pour out portions into containers before freezing them. If you’ve made an effort to create wholesome meals, you’ll have the benefit of having delicious food to heat up after work, that you know only contains the good stuff.

Serve your homemade stews with some steamed green veg for added nourishment, and don’t be completely fearful of carbohydrates, especially if you’re staying active in the cold weather. You can have a chunk of wholemeal or granary bread with your soup or a handful of small roasted potatoes with a casserole; delicious! If you’re used to cold, fresh fruit smoothies in the morning; don’t swap it for peanut and jelly on toast or a sugary cereal choice. Make a warm bowl of oats and stir through some apple compote or berries for added vitamins and natural sweetness. You don’t have to skip your morning coffee either; coffee can be full of antioxidants (and we all need that caffeine boost). However, try to limit the amount of sugary spiced lattes that will be tempting you around this time of year; you’ll only have a sugar crash before lunchtime, and heading back for more unhealthy treats to satiate your appetite.

Slow release carbohydrates will fill you up for longer, and you won’t risk any unwanted cravings before lunch; porridge and granary toast are perfect options for a great start to the day during fall. If you’ve combatted your unwanted cravings for unhealthy food with the above suggestions; you’re already on to a winner. However, there will always be cold days and nights where you just want to reach for convenience foods and something to nibble on when you’re watching a movie. If the wrong, unhealthy foods and snacks aren’t in your kitchen, but alternative nourishing options are there instead; you’re unlikely to be running to the store on a freezing fall night, and you’ll reach for something healthy instead. Eating a healthy balanced fall diet doesn’t mean cutting back on your intake of food; it just means discovering the fresh produce the season has to offer and filling up on that instead.

Keep Your Body Moving

It’s worth looking into ways to give yourself a boost of motivation, so that you can keep up your fitness throughout the cold months, and by the time spring is here again, it’ll be a breeze. Don’t forget about it until the new year; the first week of January is never a great time to start feeling motivated to get out in the cold and begin making health and wellbeing changes. If there’s always something that you’ve wanted to try; there’s no time like the present to check out what’s available in your area. If you’re learning a new skill or honing a talent; you’ll forget that you’re even there to build up fitness and stamina, and these things will become a bonus when you’re gliding across the dancefloor. They’ll also be a great sense of comradery in a class setting; you’ll push each other and make new friends in the meantime, so have a think about the days and evenings you could spare an hour or two.

Whether you’ve signed up for yoga, pilates, or Zumba classes, or you prefer a brisk and lengthy walk around the park; having company is always more fun than going it alone. Therefore, it’s worth encouraging a friend, or more, to join your exercise routine on a regular basis and making it into a way of catching up and socialising. You’ll be far more inclined to head out and exercise on a chilly day if your friends are there, with the promise of gossip and coffee at the end of your session, so why wait until next year to enjoy both?

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