3 Ways to Use Your Blog To Further Your Career

For many of us in the midst of our blogging career, we can get to a point where we may need to supplement our income with extra work. You could get a job working at your local coffee house, or you could start to use your blogging skills and work with other businesses or brands on a freelance basis. If you are used to blogging about topics like fashion or media, turning your skills to a subject you may not have prior knowledge in can seem like a big stretch, but there are many great reasons to work with established businesses on cleaning up their copy or helping their social media campaign.

Here are some ways to help break into that area of work.

Use Your Blog As Your Calling Card

If you create output on a regular basis, you could start to diversify your content to show prospective businesses that you can cover a wide range of subjects. Businesses will ask for examples of your work so you can direct them to your blog and there is a library of examples for them to see. How you present yourself online will help companies to make a decision if you can create the right sort of content for their products, website, or social media output.  

You Could Get A Qualification In Your Spare Time

For many companies, you may need to demonstrate some prior knowledge of their services or products, or you may need a qualification of some sort. If you are working with companies that want you to write educational content on a certain subject, it is very likely that you will need to have an academic background in that subject. But for many businesses, they will require a good working knowledge of business processes. Luckily there are online courses, so you don’t have to physically turn up to class, and colleges like UAB provide courses that last up to two years. That way, you don’t have to spend too long obtaining a degree, and it is something you can do alongside your current blogging role.

There Are Many Freelance Roles Available For You To Build Up Your Experience


Freelancer websites are in abundance now, so if you are looking to build up your professional portfolio, you can apply for work through sites like Freelancer, or PPH. As the roles are on a freelance basis, it is a great way to get an extra income, and there are no permanent ties to the role. Freelancing is such a common way to work now that loads of people are doing it, so beware, you may have a lot of competition. This is doubly true if the assignment is to write 500 words on popular topics. This is why so many go for the content writing assignments for business websites because there is a lot less competition and the pay is generally as good, if not better! This is why your blog can set you off onto the freelancer path, and if your blog is just a hobby, it can definitely be an entryway to getting an extra income.

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