25+ Best Covers for Pontoon Boats [2023]

Boating is a great way to spend time with family and friends, and one of the best ways to enjoy the water is on a pontoon boat. It can be hard to put pontoon boat covers on during the summer.

Pontoon boats are versatile and offer a variety of features that make them ideal for any type of boating enthusiast.

Whether you’re looking for a leisurely cruise or an action-packed day on the water, a pontoon boat can provide the perfect experience.

If you’re in the market today for a pontoon boat, one of the first things you’ll need to do is find the best pontoon boat cover for your needs.

What To Look For In Best Pontoon Boat Covers

There are a few things to consider when choosing a cover, such as material, size, and type. Maybe you’re looking for fabric coating technology or a custom cover.

Maybe you have a little extra money to spend on a new VORTEX cover or Bimini top.

With so many options, so many pontoon boat cover brands, and a variety of high-quality covers on the market, it can be tough to know where to start.

We’ve considered all of the factors mentioned above and more, to ensure that you’ll find the perfect cover for your pontoon boat. Your only complaint will be that you wish you had found this list sooner!

So, whether you’re looking for a durable cover to protect your investment or a stylish option to show off your boat, we’ve got you covered with a list that just might include the right pontoon boat cover for you.

Here is the scoop on the best pontoon boat covers!

Best Pontoon Boat Covers

There are many different covers to choose from so we’ve compiled a list with the best pontoon boat cover reviews!

1. Classic Accessories Pontoon Boat Cover

It’s important to keep your boat protected from the elements to keep your boat fresh for the water! You want to protect your boat with a cover that actually will hold out water vapor in any form.

The best way to do so is with the Classic Accessories Pontoon Boat Cover.

This heavy-duty boat cover is a high quality, marine-grade boating accessory that won’t overstretch or shrink.

This material is designed to be extra durable, and provide a maximum amount of water repellant.

A reminder that the sun can be just as damaging of an element! The UV protection provided with his coverup gives you all-weather protection, which keeps your boat looking brand new for a long time!

2. Pyle Armor Shield Boat Cover

The Pyle Armor Shield Boat Cover is made with tough polyester fabric.

The polyester is waterproof and durable for all types of weather. This Pyle cover also offers protection from UV rays. 

There is a large selection of pontoon cover styles out there, but this one does a good job of standing out from the rest as an elite pontoon boat cover.

There is also a special feature of a double stitch that interlocks the seams to keep the thread from rotting from long periods of exposure to the water.

This cover fits the most popular pontoon boats on the market, which makes this cover a universal fit. And one of the great things about this purchase is that it comes with a storage bag! 

3. Classic Accessories Stellex Pontoon Boat Cover

Classic Accessories Stellex Pontoon Boat Cover is a trailerable boat cover that can last.

With its Stellex fabric made of tough polyester to keep out the bad weather, you won’t have to worry about keeping your boat in a garage.

This is marine-grade quality, for a relatively low price, making it a top pick for you!

This protective cover comes with adjustable transom flaps and cords that are elastic to keep the cover tight to your boat.

This adjustable transom flap makes it harder for the elements to touch it, making it one of the longest lasting and best pontoon boat covers out there!

And once you want to take your boat out on the water, this proper cover folds easily for storage on your boat. 

4. EmpireCovers Aqua Armor Pontoon Boat Cover

EmpireCovers Aqua Armor Pontoon Boat Covers are not water resistant or repellant, it’s completely waterproof! This is done through 1200 Denier Polyester fabric.

The heavy-duty shock cord hem keeps the elements out because of the snug fit!

Even with it being completely waterproof, the fabric for this Aqua Armor pontoon has a breathable material to allow for effective airflow which is essential for keeping your boat in great condition. 

No matter the weather, this extremely durable cover is perfect for any kind of weather protection. Also, it can handle heavier volumes of elements than other covers!

5. RVMasking Upgraded Ripstop Pontoon Boat Cover

The Waterproof Ripstop Cover comes with an outboard motor cover that can be used as a storage bag for you to fold up your actual boat cover into. 

This boat cover has 3-layer protection with a moisture-guard vent system which helps against mildew. This will keep your boat dry and increase its lifespan of it!

All stitching on this Ripstop is double stitched so that it’s not easy to tear, making it suitable for different sizes of boats.

This is a versatile and good idea pontoon cover for those who want to cover all parts of the boat!

6. EliteShield Pontoon Boat Cover

EliteShield Pontoon Boat Cover is a waterproof marine grade navy-colored coverup, made to keep your boat in good condition.

It provides protection from all elements such as sun damage, rain, dirt, bird droppings, and pollution. This will help prevent damage to your boat, which includes rusting. 

The elastic cord that lines the bottom hem of the cover allows for it to fit snugly over the boat. The double stitching is made with rot-proof thread.

Be sure to pay attention to the size of the product and the size of your boat when purchasing. This is available in multiple sizes!

7. Budge Denier Pontoon Cover 

The Budge Denier Pontoon Cover has a breathable waterproof material that keeps condensation off. This cover is made of 300 denier polyester which is waterproof and UV resistant. 

The adjustable strapping system is sewn into the cover, allowing for quick and easy cover-up of boats of a variety of sizes.

By pulling tight on the straps, it will keep the boat cover secure in all weather including extreme wind.

8. Budge 600 Denier Pontoon Cover

Built to stay secure, this cover comes with a heavy shock cord hemming to stay on your boat through anything.

There are sewn-in straps that make the material durable enough to keep on while trailering. These straps buckle secure so you don’t have to worry!

The 600 denier polyester material is waterproof to repel snow, heavy rains, and hot sun. The fabric is UV treated for extra sun and heat protection to keep your upholstery and paint looking brand new. 

9. GEARFLAG Trailerable Pontoon Boat Cover

GEARFLAG Trailerable Pontoon Boat Cover has marine grade UV resistance as well as heavy-duty waterproof material.

With reinforced side tide-down straps, this cover will stay snug to your boat. There are D rings on each side of the boat cover so that it can fit right. 

The hemming is elastic with a sew-in elastic cord so that the cover is custom fit to your boat’s shape. These custom pontoon covers come with a storage pouch as well as trailering ropes!

By taking care of your boat now, you are saving your resale value!

10. Classic Accessories 21 Ft. Pontoon Boat Cover

This 100% polyester pontoon boat is marine grade, meaning it won’t shrink or stretch out. The Classic Accessories Pontoon Boat Cover is designed to be extra durable and protect against all-weather with maximum water repellency.

Some features of this boat cover are the adjustable transom flap, quick release buckles, and dual air vents. The air vents reduce moisture inside and prevent any ballooning that may happen while you’re trailering at high speeds.

This cover also comes with a storage bag, trailering straps, transom flap tie-down rope and 2 stern-fit elastic cords included, and a 5-year Hassle-Free warranty!

11. Change Moore Boat Cover 

Suitable for multiple sizes, this boat cover provides maximum protection against rain, dirt, snow, and UV rays. This water repellent cover comes with a mesh bag for storage when not in use.

Plus, the anti-UV protection keeps your boat from aging as quickly and any disintegration or tearing due to sun exposure. 

With anti-break zinc buckles to avoid any cracking or breaking from harsh elements, this cover should be of good use for years. The cover’s strap system includes a total of 18 straps that can help securely cover your boat.

Plus, the double reinforced stitching makes the possibility of tearing less likely as well! The tight fit of this cover helps to keep water and any critters out of your boat.

12. North East Harbor Pontoon Cover

North East Harbor Pontoon Cover has a shock cord hem and a quick-release strapping system, including quick-release buckles.

The reason it’s heavy duty is because of the 4 layers of reinforced front and back corners for that extra durability to last you years. 

This cover is designed to stay on during highway travel, persevere through temperature changes, and if you keep your boat in long-term storage.

Plus, the heavy-duty shock cord hem also lines the edges of the cover to ensure a secure fit on your boat. 

13. iCOVER Pontoon Boat Cover

The iCOVER Pontoon Boat Cover has a heavy-duty elastic cord sewn around the hemline for security.

There are adjustable straps so you can tie them down for extra support. Plus, integrated buckles and adjustable straps for easy install and quick release.

This cover has “extra roomy” cuts that allow for accessories such as boarding ladders spotlights and pedal seats.

It’s recommended you use support poles beneath the cover, so water doesn’t accumulate. This will help preserve the life of your pontoon boat cover and your boat.

The beam width helps move the water away from the center, which allows it to flow off the cover rather than gather on your boat.

14. Parts-Diyer Pontoon Boat Cover

This cover can fit multiple-size boats. It features heavy-duty elastic sewn-in cording for a tight fit.

You will want to try to avoid water and ice pockets on the cover. This will allow for the longest use of this cover.

This heavy duty boat cover has material that is all-weather protective. Get your cover today!

15. Tuszom Pontoon Boat Cover

Tuszom is 100% waterproof and can withstand 2000 PA water pressure.

The interior waterproof tape that is at the seams of this cover prevents water from leaking. But it is recommended to have a support pole beneath the cover to avoid water accumulation. 

This comes in double stitching so it won’t easily tear at sharp “elbows” and the vents will allow air to pass through and keep water out.

Easy towing is possible with the tie-down straps and buckles that allow for the best secure fit on your boat!

16. OWNERKULA Pontoon Boat Cover

This waterproof pontoon boat cover is built to last with material that will protect it from all elements, especially UV protection.

It has an elastic hem cord to allow a snug fit on your whole entire boat. There is also included a four-wear-resistant fixing rope on each side, one on the bow, and one extra. 

If you need to clean the cover, they do not recommend detergent. Instead, just spot clean with water and hang to try.

Use the storage bag to keep the cover clean and stow it away when not being used. Boat owners get your OWNERKULA Pontoon Boat Cover, and protect your boat from UV damage today!

17. RockyMRanger Pontoon Boat Cover

After buying and using your boat, your need for a good cover shouldn’t change. The oxford woven polyester is a great idea for aftermarket covers, as it is marine grade, waterproof, and sunproof.

It comes with a total of six belts to keep your recovery time.

This boat cover contains three upper belts and three lower ones, and the double stitching makes the cover even stronger.

Plus, the elastic heming gives the snug fit for multiple boats. But please check the sizing to sure that it fits.

18. Pontoon Boat Cover 24 ft

This easy-to-use cover slips over your 24-foot boat, holding it tight with the elastic cording at the hams.

It also comes with a storage bag and tie-down straps to keep it extra secure, even against strong wind.

This cover will keep your butt out of extreme weather protecting it with this weatherproof material. 

This heavy-duty boat bover has 600d polyester material that is 100% waterproof! It will keep your boat dry with the PU rubber coating.

Some covers let you know that they are “water resistant” but not “waterproof”. This cover, with double PU coating, is WATERPROOF!

19. Pyle Universal Boat Cover 

The Pyle Universal Boat Cover includes a storage bag so you can keep the cover in safe while transporting it.

The integrated strap system is equipped with buckles for an easy fitting and tailoring adjustable straps.

In order to secure down the cover, you’ll need to attach the rope to the rug to non-scratch the rings and then tighten it to place. 

There is an elastic cord sewn into the hem of the cover to provide a tighter fit around your boat. This cover can be used for universally all pontoon boats.

The cut allows for extra room for accessories if you have any!

20. MSC Trailerable Pontoon Boat Cover

The MSC is designed for long-term storage, mooring, and highway travel of your boat.

With a marine grade polyester canvas cover, the fabric is durable and will last. In addition, there is a PU coating on the outside of the cover as well. 

It is recommended to use a support pole system while leaving your boat out with the book cover to ensure water doesn’t collect in the middle.

It also comes with a storage bag and adjustable straps! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity for a mooring cover.

21. Transhield Pontoon Boat Cover

With Transhield, you won’t have to worry about any long time damage. This particular boat cover has a non-abrasive soft interior that pushes out moisture and allows for breathability.

With this cover, there are sewn-in perimeter rope and tie strap locations that allow for easy adjustment of installation and removal. 

Transhield is made from a patented three-layer fabric that ensures durability and is made to last making it harder to tear. Plus, it is waterproof and sun-resistant as well!

22. Munirater Boat Cover 

Easy to clean and giving protection for all weather types, Munirater boat cover is made for longevity.

You’re able to maximize both the cover and your boat with the fabric’s maximum durability, breathability, and longevity. 

Keep your boat protected 360° with Munirater’s quick-release buckles and a tightening system. It also comes with a storage bag that can be folded easily in a compact size and stowed away while boating. 

23. Explore Land Pontoon Boat Cover 

Explore Land’s boat cover is an excellent choice for boat off-season in outdoor storage. There is high-level double stitching with sealing tape to prevent tripping.

This is a full coverage cover that will protect your entire pontoon from all the elements. 

This pontoon boat cover includes a multiple locking system with adjustment of the cords. It allows for a tighter fit.

There is a quick-release buckle strap to keep the covers secure against harsh weather conditions.

The buckle straps are windproof which means they will not leave your boat in your time of need! Also comes with a 2 year warranty!

24. VORTEX Pontoon Boat Cover

This Vortex pontoon boat cover provides an excellent quality waterproof fabric while blending into your boat. The elastic band on this Vortex Ultra allows for a secure cover through the winter months. 

The heavy-duty woven material allows for a longer lifespan for this cover compared to others.

This new Vortex pontoon boat cover is a tri-purpose cover, so you can use it to cover other items you may have. Keep this cover in mind as a good choice for winter storage for your boat!

25. North East Harbor 20-24″ Pontoon Cover

North East Harbor’s pontoon Cover is waterproof with heavy-duty qualities.

It also comes with trailering straps for a quick and easy tiedown while you are transporting. And the tie-downs can be great for protecting your boat through the windy and rainy seasons. 

This pontoon cover also includes a free storage bag for extra room and easy storage. While you pack away your cover, you can enjoy your boat out on the water.

With fast shipping it will be ready by the next business day!

26. Vortex 20′ Pontoon Boat Cover

The vortex boat cover is made of heavy-duty 600D waterproof fabric, guaranteed to keep your boat safe when it’s off the water. Because it is a tri-purpose cover, it can serve you in a lot of capacities. 

The heavy-duty woven material ensures that nothing will pass through! There are elastic bands as well as straps that are included in this package that will help with tiedown against the wind.

Also offered is a five-year warranty on this purchase!

Tips for buying pontoon boat covers!

Before purchasing your pontoon boat cover, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, make sure to check the correct sizing for your particular boat.

Second, make sure it is made of waterproof fabric, this way it will stay dry and not cause your boat to rust.

Third, if you are looking for something to cover other items besides your boat, there are tri-purpose covers available.

And lastly, heavy-duty is the way to go. This will allow your boat to be safe and protected from any type of weather! You can also check out the Yescom cover and the Aqua Armor pontoon cover as two of the superior quality covers.

If you care about detail, the sew designs of the Windstorm cover are sure to catch your eye.

For any following questions about covers or a custom pontoon boat cover you can always check out the websites for additional information.

That is the scoop on the best high-quality pontoon boat covers!

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