45+ Best Dungeons & Dragons Gift Ideas

Dungeons & Dragons is a classic adventure and role playing game. Whether you are playing as a Ranger or serving as the Dungeon Master, there are many great things about DnD to enjoy! If you are in the market for great Dungeons and Dragons gift ideas for yourself or other D&D players , look no further!

Giving a gift card is easy, but giving an actual present that you take the time to pick out is so much more special! We are here to give you the perfect reference guide for all of your Dungeons & Dragons gift ideas!

Here is the scoop on the best DnD gift ideas for every Dungeons & Dragons player!

What’s better than playing DnD? Playing DnD with cookies! This D20 shaped cookie cutter will make the perfect gift for anyone who loves to bake!

You can also gather your party for a baking day, and then enjoy your delicious cookies later while you play. This great d&d gift can turn regular cookies into delicious D20 cookies.

Castle Dice Tower

Dice towers are always a perfect gift idea because everyone who plays has to roll dice! Who doesn’t want to roll their dice in a castle? This awesome castle dice tower has laser cut details like a dragon carving.

This dice table is perfect for containing your roll so you don’t lose your dice over the edge of a table. You can also use it for any other board game you play that requires a dice roll!

Dice Storage Box

If you are looking for multifunctional DnD gift ideas, this dice box is for you! The Forged Dice Co. Dragon Treasure Book Dice Box is perfect dice storage for any collector. It holds up to 8 complete polyhedral dice sets, which is 56 dice total.

Also, when you’re not playing this box makes an awesome decoration for your bookshelf or desk. Any d&d fanatic will love this multifunctional storage box.

Dragon Mug

If there are any coffee or tea drinkers in your campaign, this is the girt for them! This dragon mug has an adorable dragon at the bottom. Take your coffee into the d&d world with this great dragon mug.

It is available on Amazon from Creature Cups, and they have lots of other creatures too.

Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Starter Set

Stranger Things starter set

For fans of Dnd and Stranger Things, this starter set is a great collector’s item. It even included 2 Demogorgon figurines!

With an original release and a limited edition game of d&d this will be the perfect gift for any holiday season. This collectable edition of the game is perfect to add to your game room.

Forged Dice Co. Dice Tray Portable Folding Dice Rolling Tray

This folding dice tray is the perfect gift for players on the go! This dice tray is portable and can unfold to be stored flat. It is ideal for dice rolls because it will protect their surface.

Rolling trays like this are great for protecting the surfaces of your furniture, too!

Dice Patent Posters

One of the more unique great DnD gift ideas is a print of the original dice patent! These iconic Dungeons & Dragons dice are a classic symbol of the game, so it’s like owning a piece of history. Every player needs some Dungeons & Dragons art wall decor!

This set of 2 prints will go perfectly inside a frame or up on the wall. These prints are a unique collector’s item will make wonderful home decor for all year long!

Cork Coaster Set

Everyone can use more coasters, and this set is perfect for DnD players! This set of 13 coasters includes 1 for each class: Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Magic-User/Mage/Wizard, Monk/Mystic, Paladin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Thief/Rogue, Warlock, and also the Dungeon Master!

These coasters are especially great for large parties because each member can use one for their character! It’s great to protect your tabletops while also having fun.

Metal Dice Set

A new set of DnD dice will be great for anyone who like to play. This gorgeous set of metal dice will just elevate your playing experience.

Pair these dice with the folding dice tray or dice tower to make the perfect set of gifts and protect your table tops!

D20 Throw Blanket

Relax and unwind after a long campaign with this amazing D20 blanket! This super soft throw measures 52″ x 60″, so it’s the perfect size for anyone. This is by far one of the best gift ideas.

A warm and fuzzy blanket shaped like the iconic d20 is a useful and ideal gift for new players. This blanket will make a cozy addition to any chilly evening or movie night!

Dungeon Master Mug

Looking for the perfect Dungeon Master gift? This 17oz. beer stein-inspired mug is made of wood and copper. It makes the perfect prop to bring your campaign to life while also holding your beverage.

This mug will be the perfect Dungeons & Dragons gift for any Dungeon Master who wants a new mug or just new decor. Cheers to finding the perfect DM gifts!

Dice T-Shirt

The retro and minimalist design of this t-shirt is a super cool way to show off your love of Dungeons & Dragons! The casual design is a subtle nod to DnD players everywhere, so this shirt is a great conversation starter!

Collectible Dungeons and Dragons Clue Game 

If someone in your life loves DnD, chances are that they also love board games! This Dungeons & Dragons edition of the classic board game Clue is the best of both worlds.

If you want to try playing a different game with your d&d party this edition of Clue is the perfect chance.

Dungeons & Dragons is a classic adventure and role playing game. Whether you are playing as a Ranger or serving as the Dungeon Master, there are many great things about DnD to enjoy! If you are in the market for great Dungeons and Dragons gift ideas for yourself or a friend, look no further!

Here is the scoop on the best DnD gift ideas for every Dungeons & Dragons player!

Pillow Case

A pillow case is one of the more unique DnD gifts, but it’s also useful! Give the gift of a fun new pillow case to someone in your life who loves DnD!

This pillow case is also reversible, so you can enjoy 2 different designs! For even better Dungeons & Dragons gift ideas pair this pillow case with the D20 blanket for an extra cozy gift!

Dragon Journal

Need somewhere to take notes during your campaign? This leather notebook is the perfect place to take notes while you play Dungeons & Dragons.

It features a decorative border and dragon design, as well as a tie to keep it closed. The journal will look amazing in the middle of a game or resting on a bookshelf!

DnD Backpack


This backpack is the ultimate gift for Dungeon Masters everywhere! This backpack is equipped with multiple storage pockets, and the main compartment holds up to 8 of the Dungeons & Dragons core rulebooks!

The bag can hold character sheets, rule book, DM’s notes, miniature figures, monster manual, player’s handbook, magical items, and more!

With this easy to carry backpack, the DM can carry and store everything they need for each session! You can also fill it with other Dungeon Master gifts.

Color-Changing Dice

These awesome color changing temperature dice set is like two gifts in one. Based on their temperature, these dice change to different colors, so you can add a magical element to your game.

The dice also come with a dice bag so you can easily store and carry them.

The Deck of Many Things

Looking for an amazing gift? The Deck of Many Things is an iconic magic deck of cards in Dungeons & Dragons. These cards are the perfect gift for any DM who wants to spice up the campaign.

This deck is another one of the great gifts for Dungeons and Dragons fans that they can use in the game!

Salt & Pepper Shakers

This adorable salt and pepper shaker set is another unique DnD gift idea. Each shaker resembles a D20 so you can perfectly flavor your food.

With a black, white, and red design these dice will look great on any table!

Stainless Steel Flask

Cheers to your party with this great Dungeons & Dragons flask. The flask comes with a handsome leather pouch so your flask stays in great condition.

Dungeons & Dragons Starter Pack Game

If you’re shopping for a new DnD fan or someone who wants to get into the game, this Dungeons & Dragons Starter Pack Game is perfect!

The starter pack features everything you need to introduce yourself into the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

Heroes’ Feast : The Official Dungeons & Dragons Cookbook

Prepare a feast worthy of kings with the Heroes’ Feast : The Official Dungeons & Dragons Cookbook! This magical cookbook features recipes inspired by Dungeons & Dragons.

It’s the perfect thoughtful gift for your foodie friends who love trying new recipes!

This is How I Roll Pajama Pants

Spend a cozy night in with some DnD pajama pants! These comfortable pajama pants feature a D20 die and the phrase “This is how I roll.”

The great thing about these pants is that they’re made of a cotton and polyester blend, so you don’t have to worry about shrinking. Relax a little bit and enjoy some extra cozy pants!

Also, if you play on an online platform you can play in your pajamas and nobody will know!

Mimic Dice Pouch

An adorable mimic storage pouch is the perfect place to keep your dice and other goodies! Give your DnD friend this awesome pouch that looks just like the mimic.

Dungeons and Dragons Minis

Any Dungeons & Dragons player will love a set of mini figurines! These small figures are a fun addition to any DnD collection! This set comes with figures like the Cultist, Orc, Goblin, Lizardman and Archer/Bandit.

Great gift ideas come in all shapes and sizes, so why not give these miniature figurines a try?

D20 Color Changing Light

Brighten someone’s day with this great D20 color changing light! Choose from 7 different hues to set the mood for your campaign.

This great lamp will make a colorful table accent or bookshelf accessory.

DnD Socks

No matter the occasion, everyone can use more socks! Give someone these great DnD socks to show off their love of the game.

These socks feature D20s and the Dungeons & Dragons logo.

Sarcasm Mug

Need the perfect gift for your most sarcastic friend? This sarcasm mug is perfect!

The design is inspired by a DnD stats sheet to give you +5 on a sarcasm roll. A coffee mug is also a great way to show someone that you care and to add some fun to your gaming experience.

Dice Container and Tray

For anyone who loves to collect dice sets, this two-in-one gift is just what they need! This portable case allows you to easily store and organize your sets of dice. You can never have enough dice.

Also, it doubles as a dice tray so you can roll on the go! This case will be a great place to store other Dungeins & Dragons gifts.

Miniature Detail Brush Set

This detail brush set is the perfect gift your artistic friend who also loved Dungeons & Dragons! This great brush set is perfect for painting your miniature DnD figurines just like ones by Hero Forge.

With different brush sizes and shapes, you can easily customize your individual character figurines! Miniature painting is one of the best ways to show off your art skills and love of DnD.

Dice Bag

Sometimes the best gifts are the most simple. A nice dice bag is something your friends and family can always use.

The best part of this dice bag is the cool reptile-inspired fabric, and it even has a cool eye!

DM Screen

A DM screen is the prefect gift for any dungeon master. A dungeon master screen is a cool and stylish way to protect the dm’s notes from prying eyes and sneaky players.

A DM plays a critical role in the game, so their notes are super important!

You can have more general stylized DM screens like this one, or there are also ones available for each campaign like this one for Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden.

Dungeons and Dragons : A Visual History

The book Dungeons and Dragons : A Visual History is just that, a visual history of d&d to bring the forgotten realms and other worlds to life. This awesome gift will be sure to make any book lover smile!

It offers high quality information about the game and shows you all of the beautiful beasts in the game. It will make a great addition to any collection!

DnD Party Supplies

The great things about DnD is that you can enjoy it for all occasions. Even if you have do not play for a long time you can still celebrate the game itself with DnD party supplies.

Throw the best birthday party ever with amazing decorations.

Battle Mat

A battle mat aka a melee mat is the perfect is an excellent gift for any d&d fanatic. This battle map will let players visualize combat and help them make the best move for their character.

Also, it can help bring the d&d world to life. A battle mat is the perfect addition to any DnD player’s collection!

Neck Gaiter

A DnD themed neck gaiter is a super unique and fin gift idea. The design says “D&D + WINE = GOOD TIMES.”

The neck gaiter will keep you safe while still showing off your love of DnD.

Cantrip Candles

Who doesn’t want some awesome cantrip candles to add to your collection of magic items? This Eldritch Blast candle is such a fun and useful gift.

Add a fun fragrance to set the mood of your d&d games with family and friends!

Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master

Shopping for a DM? Look no further than Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master!

Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master has everything your game master needs to have fun while only preparing a little bit.

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything 

Dungeons and dragons players always need more books! Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything is the d&d rules expansion book that has everything you need to make the game your own!

Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook

The player’s handbook is another one of the best dungeons and dragons gifts you can give! Anytime your party is playing and has a gameplay question you can easily solve it.

With the Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook you can create the perfect character for every dnd campaign.

DND Critical Miss, funny Dungeons and Dragons Classic T-Shirt

Sometimes a critical roll makes one of the best d&d gifts for your friends. In the game of d&d if you roll a D20 and it lands on 1, that is a critical roll. The player fails whatever task or spell they were rolling to complete.

Give a great d&d gift with this hilarious “I rolled a 1 for adulting” shirt!

Roll For Initiantaive Keychain

Everybody loves a fun keychain and this dice ring is a great things to put your keys on! This adorable D20 keychain is the perfect gift for a friends who has everything.

They keychain features a dangling D20 die and says “Roll for initiative.”

Dragon Playing Cards

For casual players who may not want another pair of dice, these dragon playing cards are a great d&d gift! You can easily play other card games with these fun cards.

Funko Pop! Games: Dungeons and Dragons Drizzt DoUrden with Guenhwyvar 2 Pack Exclusive Vinyl Figures

For friends who collect Funko Pops this is the perfect gift! This great 2 pack of Drizzt Do’Urden with Guenhwyvar will look amazing added to their collection.

Potion Tokens

Any DnD player can use more healing potion. That’s why these healing potion tokens are the perfect DnD gifts for any special occasion.

These little potions are a great way to help you keep track of your potions so you don’t lose any. Happy healing!

Finding the perfect gift can be hard work but we are here to help!

That does it for our Dungeons & Dragons gift guide! The most important things to remember when giving a gift is that it’s the thought that counts. The price does not matter. No matter what gift your give to the d&d lover in your life, they will appreciate it because it’s from you!

For the scoop on more great ideas for gifts check out our Holiday Gift Guide For Beauty Lovers and Holiday Gift Guide For Dog Moms.

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