30 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs for Sleeping and Reclining

Your home office is a place where you can get a lot of work done, but it’s also a place where you will find yourself spending a lot of time sitting. So it is important to find the best office chair for sleeping so you can be comfortable!

If you’re looking for an office chair that will be comfortable for long periods of time and that will allow you to get a good night’s sleep, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

best office chairs for sleeping

What To Look For In Your Office Chair

First, consider the type of office chair you want.

There are many different types of office chairs on the market, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages so this is an important factor to consider.

For example, an ergonomic office chair will provide overall comfort and support for your back and neck, but it may be more expensive than a standard office chair, if a comfortable supportive office chair is worth a hefty price tag, this is a perfect fit for you.

If you’re looking for an office chair that’s both comfortable and affordable, a breathable mesh office chair may be the best option for you.

Second, take into account the height of the backrest on the office chair.

If you’re taller than average, you’ll want to make sure the backrest is high enough so that you can comfortably rest your head against it.

Conversely, if you’re shorter than average, you’ll want to make sure the backrest is low enough so that your feet can touch the ground when you’re sitting in the chair.

A chair with an adjustable seat height is a good choice regardless of height.

Finally, consider the width of the seat on the office chair. If you’re a larger person, you’ll want to make sure the seat is wide enough to accommodate you.

On the other hand, if you’re smaller, you’ll want to make sure the seat is narrow enough so that you don’t feel cramped when you’re sitting in it.

When you keep these important things in mind, you’ll be able to find the best office chair for sleeping that will meet your needs and provide you with a comfortable place to sit.

Whether you want a chair with a locking mechanism or bucket seats, there is a great chair for you.

30 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs for Sleeping and Reclining

Here is the scoop on the best office chair for sleeping!

1. Merax Electric Recliner

First up on our list of top picks for office recliners is the Merax Electric Recliner.

With this electric recliner chair, you can charge your phone, and put devices or snacks on the 360 swivel tray table.

The chair also has hand in-arm storage and cup holders.

There is also cool ambient LED lighting that is under the recliner chair. You will feel like you are sitting on a cloud with the overstuffed padding and leather surface fabric.

It also has a removable baffle that will give you all the privacy you need.

2. Artechworks Velvet Chair 

The Artechworks Velvet Chair has a push-back design that features a smooth pushback mechanism that allows the chair to easily recline.

This chair features a distinctively classic wingback design, sophisticated button tufting, and sink-seat comfort.

This recliner is upholstered in a soft fabric that brings a wonderful contrast with the naturally finished solid wood turned feet.

Feel comfortable and have a chic look with the Artechworks Velvet! This is a great choice and one of ​​the best ergonomic office chairs!


Next on the list is the RESPAWN RSP-900!

This reclining chair is bonded in leather and is so comfortable, which is a plus for gaming chairs.

You can rest your head because the chair has a plush removable headrest pillow and segmented padding that leads to the ultimate experience.

This chair also allows you to bring a drink and unwind in your chair.

There is also a removable side pouch that hangs off the left arm so you can keep whatever you need close. As well as a cupholder built into the left arm.

The chair and footrest are a continuous surface, so no open spaces at all.

If you want to unwind, even more, the reclining feature allows up to 135-degrees while still feeling secure.

The 360-degree swivel base provides sturdy support for both the extendable footrest and reclining back. So you can focus on your work or whatever other activity you would like to do.

4. BILITOK Zero Gravity 

The BILITOK Zero Gravity can massage your back with its 8 fixed rollers on the backrest, back, and waist.

Airbags on shoulders, arms, hips, and calves inflate or deflate to relieve tension and muscle fatigue. When you press the “zero gravity” button and lean fully back with your feet high.

You can also feel warm and toasty as the massage chair has a built-in waist heater. You will feel very comfortable and you will feel relieved from the fatigue of the day.

If you want to listen to music or a video, the recliner has a Bluetooth audio connection function.

The massage chair also has a retractable footstool and a rolling wheel at the bottom of the chair, so you can easily move it around the room.

5. FANTASYLAB Racing Gaming Chair 

If you want to relax while also working, the FANTASYLAB Racing Gaming Chair is the right office chair for you!

This recliner is made to perfection with special attention to detail. You will get a full 360 degree rotation for a dynamic motion enhanced experience.

The wheels on the chair also will not leave any damage to the floor! This chair also is adjustable, so you can make the chair fit however you would like.

The removable padded headrest and massage cushion will support your neck and spine in the best ways so you won’t have a computer hunch.

The chair also has memory foam padding on the top of the seat cushion, so you will feel like you are on a spongy cloud.

6. Flash Furniture Ergonomic Swivel Office Chair 

Make your office or any space have a pop of color with the Flash Furniture Ergonomic Swivel Office Chair!

This chair comes in a lovely burgundy color that will definitely bring out the coziness of your home.

You can take a break from the stress and worry of work and managing life when you have this recliner to stretch out on.

If you take a closer look beyond the style, with the high back design with headrest and padded back and seat, you can be comfortable in your chair while also maintaining a focused and productive work environment.

There is no hassle at all with this recliner!

You can easily adjust the footrest lever to make your experience even more enjoyable. Don’t miss out on this amazing recliner!

7. Homall Gaming Recliner Chair 

The Homall Gaming Recliner Chair has quality material that will instantly put you to sleep.

This recliner is made with comfortable skin friendly and high quality PU leather and high-resilience and high-density thicker sponge.

You can also use the chair in many different ways. This recliner’s 90 to 180 degree swivel can give you the best experience for gaming, working, or watching movies and napping.

You can feel like you are on a big pillow because this recliner has a built-in waist massager that immediately relieves discomfort from sitting for too long.

You will only need to spend 3 minutes to complete the installation of this recliner. The Homall Gaming Recliner Chair will put you to sleep at any time! 

8. COOSLEEP Large Power Lift Recliner Chair 

Next on the list is the COOSLEEP Large Power Lift Recliner Chair!

This recliner chair can give you the ultimate relaxation experience different from the rest. You can enjoy a wide electric recliner that best fits your every need.

The 25-inch backrest length works for most people. You are also totally in control of your recliner experience!

You can control the lift or tilt tension of this electric recliner by just pressing the side button.

The chair tilts or lifts between 45 and 150 degrees so you can find the ideal position for you. This chair is also smooth and quiet so no noise at all! 

The leather of the chair also is easier to clean and way more breathable material than other recliners on the market.

Even in the heat of summer, you can feel cool and comfortable with this chair.

If your muscles ache from a long day, the recliner has a four-point massage with five adjustable modes that will give you a full body massage.

With no confusing instructions that will make you want to give up, you can set up this chair in little to no time!

9. Dreamsir Office Chair 

If you want a comfortable reclining office chair that has an ergonomic design, the Dreamsir Office Chair is the chair for you!

This chair is designed with an ergonomic supporting curve which can relieve pain in your back and spine, especially when you are working at a desk job for long hours.

With a thickly padded headrest, pressure-relief back cushion, and upholstered seat cushion, you can adjust your posture to reduce stress at all times.

If one position gets uncomfortable, you can easily adjust the backrest from 90 degrees to 135 degrees.

With the chair’s upscale faux leather and premium foam and sturdy wood, your work experience will feel like a vacation.

This chair is also easy to access and goes with any style. Have your worries alleviated with the Dreamsir Office Chair

10. CANMOV Swivel Rocker Recliner Chair 

The CANMOV Swivel Rocker Recliner Chair swivels and reclines, making any part of the day simply divine!

This recliner can be adjusted from 90 degrees to 150 degrees and flexibility is used in three modes to meet your needs. No need to worry about the chair sticking out from your other furniture!

This recliner is wrapped in a polyester blend upholstery with gray buttons and piping. The cushions are filled with foam so you will never feel like you need a pillow.

11. Morgan Java Recliner Chair 

The Morgan Java Recliner Chair has exactly what you need.

With its comfortable faux leather, this recliner allows you to sit down and enjoy your day.

The ottoman opens to reveal storage for magazines, remote controls, and so much more. You do not even have to stand up with this recliner as it swivels 360 degrees!

This recliner is also accident-proof! The faux leather fabric is highly durable, waterproof, easy to clean, and colorfast.

Make an afternoon power nap a part of your schedule with the Morgan Java Recliner Chair

12. DURASPACE Convertible Sleeper Chair 

The DURASPACE Convertible Sleeper Chair can be converted into a lounge chair or a single bed.

You will have maximum living flexibility in the minimum amount of space. This recliner allows you to save space and money as it can be used to relax in any area.

This recliner comes with 2 USB charging ports on the left armrest of the sofa for various charging cables.

If you want to enjoy a drink, you can do so with comfort as this recliner also has 2 side pockets and a built-in cup holder.

This chair also has a small extra storage space under the footrest that can perfectly fit your belongings.

13.  ZUERST Ergonomic Office Chair 

The ZUERST Ergonomic Office Chair is a good ergonomic chair that you do not want to get up out of.

This office chair has a high density, high resiliency sponge that is very fluffy. You will have a solid mold foam seat cushion that also has dual heat dissipation.

This chair is designed with high quality material and it has precise control of the height adjustment and angle locking.

You can also say goodbye to slouched back and lower back pain! This chair has a flexible adjustment of angle, the design strives for maximum comfort and lower back support.

The ergonomically curved shape helps to make an ideal experience for you to get relaxed in the shortest period of time.

14. HOMHUM Convertible Chair Bed

The HOMHUM Convertible Chair Bed has a foldable design so this sofa bed can be easily converted into an upholstered sofa, a laid-back lounge, or a comfortable bed to satisfy your different needs.

The armrests and legs can be hidden in the back and they will support points when used as a single bed.

If you have limited space, this convertible chair bed will give you whatever you need without taking up a whole room.

This chair also is designed with two silent wheels for easy transporting and additional support. Both of the rolling carters are also locked with brake design upgrading the stability of the whole structure.

The backrest of the sleeper chair bed can be adjusted for 5 reclining levels, including 90 degrees, 108 degrees, 126 degrees, 144 degrees, and 162 degrees.

You can easily find the most comfortable sitting or lying position.

15. Comfty Chrome Base Office Chair 

The Comfty Chrome Base Office Chair makes you rest easy because of its adjustable reclining back and pullout forest.

This chair is great for relaxing your feet or enjoying the day.

If you need more space, the footrest folds away when not in use. The leather of the desk chair provides ultimate comfort and luxury at home or in the office.

You will have hours of comfort and worries far away. The sleek look of the chair looks good in any home office or office space.

Any place you sit or lay you will feel the great cushioning. The high density foam padding gives you full cushioning throughout the seat, back, lumbar padding, and armrests.

The cushioned leather chair offers enhanced support for all day comfort.

16. OHAHO Gaming Chair 

The OHAHO Office Chair will give you a lovely pink sparkle and also the ultimate comfort of a high-quality reclining office chair.

This cute office chair has an ergonomic body design with a heavy duty chair base, important features if you’re prone to chronic pain. It is an ideal setting for gaming, working, and studying.

You will feel amazing when you sit on this chair due to its high-density thicker sponge and a mute PU wheel that protects your wooden floors from being scratched.

You will not need to worry about this chair breaking due to the metal frame that is a superb stable structure.

For any function, this chair can do it all! With the 90-180 degree adjustable backrest, vertically adjustable armrests, and a 360 degree swivel round base.

You can also enjoy adjustable features such as a retractable footrest, a removable headrest pillow, and a lumbar cushion. Feel the comfort of a lifetime with the OHAHO Office Chair

17. CLATINA Ergonomic Office Chair

The CLATINA Ergonomic Office Chair has a large seating area, a reinforced gas lift, and an extra strong base and frame, making it a good ergonomic office chair for anyone.

This big and tall chair is all covered with fabric upholstery which offers softness and durability and comes with an extra-wide padded seat for those who need the space.

This office chair features plenty of thick, plush padding to provide greater support.

The high back office chair features an ergonomic and thick padding backrest extending to the upper back for greater and gentle support.

The high and soft back relieves tension in the lower back, preventing long term strain. You can also fully adjust this seat to fit any situation.

You could rock the chair back or adjust the seat height to get your desired posture. If you run into any issues, you are guaranteed a 5 year warranty.

18. SAMOFU Ergonomic Office Chair 

The SAMOFU Ergonomic Office Chair has a liftable and tiltable backrest, adjustable lumbar support and adjustable headrest, and a set height, depth adjustment mesh seat.

The seat also has a retractable footrest to provide ultimate comfort and sprawling luxury for your body.

If you need relief for your back and neck, and there’s a good chance you do as an office worker, this office chair’s 3 piece backrest can help you feel 100% better.

The backrest provides instant comfort and conforms to every user’s unique shape. You can also adjust this chair in any way you need.

Your floor will be safe as well because of the smooth rollerblade design of the chair.

The elastic mesh of the chair also keeps your body cool and dry and does not hinder blood flow due to stuffy sweat.

19. Pulaski Larson Theatre Recliner 

The Pulaski Larson Theatre Recliner is even better than the theater because with this chair you will have two USB charging plugs that are hidden in the arm’s storage and are available at the push of the button.

With just a touch of a button the power you will be transported to a power recline to infinite positions. Take a nap or go on your phone, you will feel very comfortable in anything that you do.

This chair also has a swivel tray that can attach to either arm for easy use and stows in the arm storage.

The swivel tray is perfect for use with a laptop or tablet when you need to work, or to hold your snacks during your show or movie.

Go to the movies in your home with the Pulaski Larson Theatre Recliner, you won’t regret the added ease of its extra features! 

20. Bowthy Office Chair 

The Bowthy Office Chair is a high grade big and tall office chair.

The high quality PU leather and high resilience foam provide excellent back support.

No confusing constructions or too many parts! You will get clear instructions and screws and tools in the box, with all of the screw holes that are designed for your convenience.

If anything were to happen, you will have a 30 day return and a money back guarantee, as well as a 12 month parts warranty. The Bowthy Office Chair is the comfy chair for you! 

21. DEPOINTER 360-Degree Swivel Chair

The DEPOINTER 360-Degree Swivel Chair can be adjusted in 3 different positions to find the best comfortable state for you.

Take a quick nap, read a book, or watch a movie. The material of the chair provides extra comfort since the fabric is high-grade linen and is not easily torn.

The sofa liner is made of thick and soft cotton material, which is resistant to extrusion and difficult to deform.

Move the seat also in any way with the 360-degree rotating base. The chair can also fold into a piece to store it to save space.

If you have any problems with the Chaise Lounge Sofa you will be provided a satisfactory solution. The DEPOINTER 360-Degree Swivel Chair is perfect for you!

22. Diophros Folding Ottoman 

The Diophros Folding Ottoman is multi-functional and super comfortable.

This chair has versatile use for sitting, reclining foot support, and sleeping. You can meet all your needs to the greatest extent.

The chair is user-friendly, meaning that you do not need to assemble this chair and it can be easily stored away to give you more space.

The material of the chair will also make you feel super comfortable as it is upholstered in linen fabric with stereo lines.

There is top padding with thick high density foam to ensure daily use. The durable gear provides core parts with more stability.

There is also a 30 day money back guarantee or replacement if your chair is unsatisfactory. Enjoy the comfort of a nice reclining chair with the Diophros Folding Ottoman

23. Duramont Reclining Office Chair 

If you want a unique waterfall seat edge and flexible reclining angle, the Duramont Reclining Office Chair will make your comfy chair dreams come true.

Get transported to the dream world with the high back design that gives you maximum support for comfort and convenience.

This bad boy has soft padding and a one-of-a-kind waterfall seat edge that alleviates pressure on the back of your legs so you can feel comfortable for hours.

If you want to move in any way, this chair can keep the right degree angle you need.

The footrest will also help you snooze off as you sink into the high-end materials of the seat.

The chair is made with bonded leather that gives it a unique and elegant style that makes it the perfect addition to any office or home, completing your other office furniture.

No wear or tear with this chair either! The office chair has a heavy-duty metal base and nylon rolling casters that make it incredibly easy to move around and keep you steady.

24. Goplus Adjustable Ergonomic Reclining PC Game Chair

The Goplus Adjustable Ergonomic Reclining PC Game Chair is built for comfort!

This chair is constructed of durable and breathable fabric PVC surface with high density sponge padding. You will have a comfortable sitting experience.

After sitting in your nice chair, you can plug the USB to use the massage function for even more comfort.

You can also adjust the chair at any angle, while the backrest can satisfy your various requirements such as working, playing a game, reading, taking a nap, or anything else.

In addition, you can extend the footrest to support your legs for a better sleep experience. You will also not need to worry about this chair breaking because it is made from a premium iron frame.

The design of the chair is also totally unique! Featuring a curved design, a comfortable headrest, and adjustable armrests, the chair is premium and perfectly fits your body.

25. 4 EVER WINNER Ergonomic Office Chair 

The 4 EVER WINNER Ergonomic Office Chair is the ultimate comfortable office chair.

This reclining chair is heated with massage and vibrating with swivel functions. There are 5 modes and 2 intensity levels of vibration to choose between 15/30/60 minutes.

You can enjoy 6 vibration points to help you relieve fatigue after work or any other activity.

If you want to adjust the chair to a more comfortable position, it is as easy as sitting down in it. Just pull up the handle under the seat to recline the chair.

The ergonomic computer chair is also soft in the wide seat cushion, with a built-in lumbar pad and headrest.

The parallel armrests have thick pads that are suitable height for everyone. If you want to store anything, there is a convenient storage bag to put your belongings in.

This best rated chair has a thick cushion padded sponge that gives it high seat depth, so if you love feeling that you are sinking in a cloud, you’ve come to the right place.

26. Blue Whale Massage Gaming Chair 

The Blue Whale Massage Gaming Chair is a chair that will elevate your working, gaming, or lounging experience.

With its rocking high-back and wide seat cushion, your curves will be hugged with quality material. Having unbelievable comfort is a guarantee!

The high backrest with detachable padded headrest and massage lumbar pillow will also support your neck and spine, helping relieve stress in your neck and back.

If your chair is not what you wanted, Blue Whale provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and free replacement for damaged or defective parts within 12 months.

In addition, you will also have lifetime service support.

27. POWERSTONE Gaming Massage Chair 

The POWERSTONE Gaming Massage Chair is one of the best chairs you have ever seen!

It is made of premium PU Leather and high resilience sponge, you can have the best nap of your life.

The recliner is truly a relaxation experience as it has 4 massage spots, 2 on the back and 2 on the lumbar.

In addition, the massage chair includes 8 massage modes that you can adjust the strength and position of to meet your specific needs.

You will always never be short on storage as the massage chair has a side pouch that allows you to store whatever you need. Cozy up on the chair with tea or any other beverage without worrying about stains.

The massage chair has a built-in cup holder. Your neck will also join the comfort party as the massage chair has a headrest pillow so you can take the stress off.

28. Kasorix Managerial and Executive Chair 

The Kasorix Managerial and Executive Chair is premium quality at a great cost with this executive office chair.

The heavy duty metal chair base and the 3 class gas lift make the chair have great stability and mobility. With PU leather, the chair’s material is wear-resistant and promotes anti-oxidation.

Your chair will look brand new all the time! No more spending hours trying to figure out how to build furniture.

The ergonomic design gives you long lasting comfort as the S shape thick padded backrest and the density foam padded cushion give you great support.

29.  Herman Miller Aeron Chair

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair is one of the most popular models of desk chairs and is great for home office workers who prefer the look of traditional office chairs!

The good posture fit of the back of the chair offers back support, and the adjustable arms and forward and rear tilt allow you to find the perfect position. 

30. Merax Portland Technical Leather Recliner

The Merax Portland Technical Leather Recliner is the best ergonomic chair for a blend of style, support, and practicality.

The black double-layered bonded leather and classic tufted design are sure to compliment any home office.

Additionally, the heavy-duty nylon base and five swivel casters make it a sturdy, silent moving option, and a good idea for long term use, especially for heavy people. 

How To Choose The Best Office Chair For Sleeping

When you are choosing the best reclining office chair it is important to think of the characteristics that are important to you.

Do you want a comfortable chair? Or maybe you want one with ergonomic support with a lumbar spine for poor posture?

The chairs with greater comfort are going to be different than a regular office chair or one that is specifically designed for posture.

Additionally, it is also important to look at the weight limit and weight capacity of the chair.

You are going to be spending long days in this chair so you want to make sure that it is the perfect chair for you!

If you’re looking for a new desk chair, you’re sure to find a good office chair for you on this list! You can also look to the National Institutes of Health for other great chair recommendations!

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