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30 Best Gift Ideas for Teenage Tomboys (2023)

Teenage girls aren’t always interested in toys and clothes explicitly targeted toward girls. Some of the best gifts are gender-neutral and heavily influence pop culture. For Christmas, it is essential to have a great gift idea for teenage tomboys.

If you’re unsure what to give a tomboy, consider giving them an Amazon gift card for easier access to unlimited products. However, this list of gifts can easily make their Christmas so much fun.

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Here’s the scoop on the best Christmas gift ideas for tomboys!

Tomboy Gift Guide

1. Over Door Basketball Hoop with Electronic Scoreboard

door basketball hoop

Have your best friend enjoy their favorite sport in their room! The standard basketball hoop is covered in a plastic material with a clear backboard that fits on any size door. The hoop also comes with step-by-step instructions on how to install it.

2. Long Lasting Temporary Tattoos

Have your 11-year-old tomboy express themselves artistically with these awesome temporary tattoos! The fake tattoos come in a tribal theme and are water-resistant to last longer than other temporary tattoos. The pack includes 270 different styles on 112 sheets.

The tattoos also make a perfect gift idea for tomboys who prefer to decorate their water bottles or phone cases instead of their skin.

3. Motorized Powered Electric Scooter

razor scooter

A tomboy needs a cool ride for neighborhoods and parks with this electric scooter. The scooter comes in different colors with LED lights whenever the throttle moves around.

The scooter can hold up to 120 pounds and can go for 40 minutes on a single charge. Place this under the Christmas tree this season and watch your tomboy’s eyes light up.

4. Bluetooth Beanie Hat

A Bluetooth beanie hat makes a great stocking stuffer for a wide variety of audiences, especially tomboys who love wearing warm hats and listening to music. The thicker hat material not only keeps your tomboy warm in the winter but can also be worn with almost any outfit. The upgraded speakers in the beanie improve music quality and battery life.

5. Pop Bracelet Bulk Fidget

One of the coolest gift idea and stocking stuffers are these pop bracelets that come in an assortment of colors. These wearable bracelets are made with silicone and are a great way to relieve stress by squeezing the bubbles.

6. SHOKE Cartoon Soccer Ball

graffiti soccer ball

Do you know a family member who is a tomboy and loves to play soccer? This cartoon and graffiti design soccer ball offers a multi-layer structure and is wear-resistant for continuous use. This soccer ball is wonderful for beginners and professional players.

7. Music Sync Color Changing LED Lights

Let your tomboy daughter or friend play their favorite music and jam out in their room with these colorful LED lights that sync to the music. The lights also offer a stable Bluetooth connection and can be controlled through a smartphone. This is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for tomboys!

8. Simple Modern Tumbler with Clear Flip Lid

The stylish insulated water bottles make great gifts for tomboys with an active lifestyle. These modern tumblers can also be a great essential when going on long trips.

This sort of thing may not be the most exciting gift for the holiday season but will almost always come in handy for different occasions.

9. ENGERWALL Fitness Tracker

A unique gift to give a tomboy this Christmas is a fitness tracker! This specific fitness watch keeps track of heart rate, steps, calories, and sleep hours. There are also special features and sports modes for people looking to use every feature available for the watch. The watch can be worn at all times of the day.

10. Canvas Low Top Sneakers

low top sneakers

These classic-style sneakers are timeless and go with nearly every outfit! The rubber sole and the canvas material are high-quality, which keeps your feet comfortable throughout the day. Sneakers make a great back-to-school or Christmas gift!

11. Galaxy Slime-Making Kit

Have your tomboy dive into the world of slime with this cool galaxy-themed slime-making kit! They can create slime with their friends or family in their spare time, especially if they’re stressed about homework or tests. This ultimate glow-in-the-dark slime kit gives simple directions on how to make your own slime with a variety of slime to choose from.

12. Champion Pullover Hoodie

A comfortable hoodie is an essential gift for tomboys who love going to the gym, lounging, or participating in outdoor activities. This Champion hoodie is also exceptionally soft and comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis.

13. DEERC D20 Mini Drone

Having a drone is a great way to learn more about video creation and cinematography. A teenage tomboy may not be passionate about video-making, but this drone can serve as a gift for bonding with family and friends.

This specific drone is ideal for kids and beginner users with a one-key start and easy instructions on speed adjustment and flight control.

14. JUWUTE Neon Wall Collage Kit

collage kit

Most teenagers tend to pay attention to trends on social media when it comes to interior design in bedrooms. This neon wall collage kit gives teenagers the opportunity to follow trends and incorporate their own unique designs at the same time. The small aesthetic posters are moisture-proof and don’t fade over time.

15. Toysmith Tech Gear Multi Voice Changer

This voice changer is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for tomboys! Once they receive this gift, they will enjoy hearing their voice change in 8 different ways. The levers on the side of the amplifier allow you to seamlessly change between frequencies for different sound combinations.

16. PUMA Contender Backpack

puma backpack

Have your tomboy go to school any style with this PUMA backpack! This backpack has adjustable straps, side mesh pockets, padded back panels, and even a place for a laptop. This bag can also carry their school work and any new books that they want to read.

17. Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con

A Nintendo Switch is the perfect choice for tomboys who love video games. The switch can play in 3 modes with a 4 to 9-hour battery life. The consoles connect over wifi. You can also connect with friends for multiplayer gaming for up to 8 people.

18. ONESING 25 Pcs Knuckle Rings 

Buying a pack of rings will help elevate your tomboy’s style! These rings also make great accessories for a tomboy mom or tomboy woman. The vintage rings come in various styles and are flexible in sizes to wear on different fingers.

19. Feelyou Stylish Skater Tapestry 

skateboarding tapestry

Take your teen’s bedroom to the next level with this galaxy-style print of a girl on a skateboard. The tapestry to big enough to stand alone on a wall with luxurious fabric. There is a way to choose a specific size and design for the tapestry if your tomboy prefers a different style.

20. PLAYMOBIL Camping Mega Set Toy

Legos and Playmobil toys make wonderful Christmas gifts for kids of all ages, especially elementary and middle school kids who love to build things. If you know a tomboy that loves legos and Playmobil that could be involved in the STEM program, this camping set will keep them entertained as they dream about a camping adventure of their own.

21. The Bad Boy and the Tomboy Book

Written by Nicole Nwosu, this Wattpad famous book is about a girl named Macy who finds comfort in hanging out with boys.

She is determined to stay focused on her studies and not involve herself in romantic relationships; however, a boy named Cedric, her crush, starts to shake up her world. This Wattpad novel is an addicting romance that a tomboy could potentially relate to.

22. BOBICOM Adjustable Inline Skates with Full Light-Up Wheels

light up skates

Light up a street or skating rink with these fun light-up skates! This makes a perfect present for girly girls and tomboys who want to have the coolest skates in town. The illuminated wheels flash between various colors when skating.

23. Super 3D Pen

Have your tomboy design to their heart’s content with this cool 3D pen and art pad! The nozzle of the pen can easily be replaced, so you don’t have to keep buying a new pens for art pieces. The free pad has a lined drawing surface that makes it easier to create perfect shapes.

24. NERF Elite 2.0 Echo CS-10 Blaster

Play the best games with friends and family using this intense Nerf gun with removable stock and barrel extension. The blaster provides 24 darts and can fire up to 90 feet. A Nerf gun is the perfect addition to a birthday party or other events with friends.

25. Shape Shifting Toy

shape shifting toy

Expand a tomboy’s imagination with this stunning shape-shifting toy! The magnet can change into 70 different shapes and keep people entertained for hours. The sensory toy is also made with high-quality plastic with a matte finish for durability. Stuff this awesome toy in a stocking this Christmas!

26. LEATHERMAN, Rebar Multitool Set

One of the best Christmas gift ideas for tomboys is a toolbox or set! If you find that your daughter is a fixer-upper or someone who enjoys using tools, consider buying them this multi-tool gift box with wire cutters, and a saw. These leatherman’s tools are ideal for tomboy women due to tools that could be dangerous if not handled properly.

27. Yobola Wireless Earbuds

These wireless earbuds make listening to music convenient with a rechargeable battery. The user-friendly earbuds come with built-in touch and volume control for the best listening experience. The earbuds are also compatible with most computers and smartphones. Your tomboy daughter or friend will thank you when seeing these earbuds on Christmas.

28. Razor Turbo Jetts Electric Heel Wheels 

Race to the finish line with these super cool heel wheels! The heels come with a hook and a loop to keep them in place. The motor allows riders full control over heels with their preferred foot. Your teenager can wear these around the neighborhood or park.

29. adidas Originals Dispatch Trucker Cap

adidas trucker hat

This Adidas trucker cap makes a great accessory for running and other extracurricular sports. The mesh back and the flexible material fits both women and men. As a great gift set idea, consider buying this hat with matching shoes and a hoodie.

30. Meta Quest 2 — Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset

Time to immerse yourself in another universe with this VR headset! If your tomboy loves to play video games and spends all day immersed in a virtual world, this VR headset will make the best gift for Christmas. You can choose the headset only or pick from one of the three bundles.

Finding the right gift can be challenging for a tomboy, especially if they are a teenager still exploring their interests. Social media platforms like Tik Tok have greatly influenced teenagers when it comes to fashion and technology. This gift guide is sure to give you inspiration for gift buying this holiday season.

That’s the scoop on the best Christmas gift ideas for tomboys!

christmas gift ideas for teenage tomboys

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