30 Best Pomades For Men with Long Hair

Are you looking for a product that will tame your man’s unruly long hair while simultaneously giving it a great shine and style?

Pomade, a typically oil-based product that was religiously used by the cast of Grease, is the answer to your prayers.

Pomade can create famous hairstyles such as pomps, ducktails, and a side part, all with a firm and unyielding hold. It can be made with oil, water, fiber, clay, or other natural ingredients.

Picture of a man's hand holding pomade.

However, with the number of pomades being sold on the market today, it can be difficult to choose the best one that suits your man’s unique hair.

Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of the best pomades for men with longer hair (ranging from thick to fine) to make the process of picking one easier for you!

Here is the scoop on the 30 best pomades for men with longer hair.

1. Bona Fide Pomade Original Hold

Bona Fide Pomade Original Hold is a great product that has a medium hold and high shine. It also is water-based, meaning it won’t flake off as time goes on, and is easy to wash out! Apply evenly to slightly damp or dry hair and you’ll be set for the day.

With over 200 five-star reviews on Amazon, you won’t regret purchasing the Bona Fide Pomade!

2. Layrite Deluxe Original Pomade

The Layrite Deluxe Original Pomade is another water-based pomade with a delicious vanilla scent, perfect for summer and cold days alike. For the best results, use on fine hair to medium hair.

This product isn’t greasy, smells great, and doesn’t flake at all–how much better could it get?

3. Reuzel Fiber Pomade

Not a fan of the shiny finish? Then the Reuzel Fiber Pomade is the product for you. This pomade creates textured definition with a low shine, suitable for all hair lengths and types.

For a stronger hold, use 1 to 2 knuckles full of the product and apply to dry hair. You’ll be set for the rest of the day! If you won’t take our word for it, then take the word of thousands of Amazon reviewers–Reuzel’s Fiber Pomade has over 2,500 five-star ratings!

4. Baxter of California Clay Pomade

Looking for clay pomade? Then try Baxter of California Clay Pomade. This product is made with natural ingredients like clay and beeswax, combining into a formula that establishes a firm, pliable hold without shine.

Baxter of California Clay Pomade also is made with fennel oil, which will allow your man to maintain a healthy scalp. It’s best for thick hair and straight hair types.

5. Hanz de Fuko Claymation Pomade

For all of our thick and curly hair types, consider the Hanz de Fuko Claymation Pomade. This product has a super high hold, a matte finish, and will give your roots inexplicable volume!

Apply only a pea-sized amount of the Hanz de Fuko Claymation Pomade to your dry hair to activate the strength.

6. Sauvecito Pomade Firme Hold

Sauvecito Pomade Firm Hold has a creamy consistency that provides a medium shine to your hair, depending on the conditions in which you apply it (aka, dry hair=less shine, damp hair=more shine!). Plus, this product is water soluble, meaning it washes out easily with water! No more rinsing again and again to get rid of sticky hair gel.

Any style you want can be achieved with the Sauvecito Pomade Firme Hold. If your hair needs a little bit more control than most, then consider purchasing this product!

7. Patricks M1 Matte Finish Light Hold Pomade

Patricks M1 Matte Finish Light Hold Pomade is ideal for those with fine hair who want a nourishing pomade to add some life to their limp locks. This formula is UV-resistant, enriched with nourishing ingredients like Saw Palmetto and Red Clover, and refined with a delicious scent.

Though this product is a bit pricier than others on this list, its dependability as a light hold pomade is worth the extra expense!

8. Imperial Classic Pomade

Desperate from some industrial-strength hold for your man’s wild hair? Imperial Classic Pomade is the solution for you. This product promises unstoppable strength, low shine, medium-hard structure, and easy restyling. However, all of these attributes are dependent on how damp the hair is before applying the product.

Imperial Classic Pomade also is water-based, meaning it’s easy to wash out!

9. Byrd Light Pomade

Byrd Light Pomade is another light hold pomade that will allow you to move your fingers through your hair throughout the day while keeping the ‘do in check. After applying this product to your fresh locks, you can be sure that your hair will look effortlessly groomed for as long as you want it to.

Byrd Light Pomade is sulfate free, mineral oil free, paraben free, and cruelty free.

10. R+Co Aircraft Pomade Mousse

With the hold of a classic pomade that comes out as a foamy mousse, the R+Co Aircraft Pomade Mousse is long hair’s saving grace. All you have to do is run is through your hair, style it, and move forward with your day! No more worrying about weighed-down strands or greasy-looking gel.

This product is perfect for retaining body while creating second-day texture. Plus, it has an incredible fragrance!

11. American Crew Men’s Hair Pomade

American Crew’s Men’s Hair Pomades are moisturizing cream pomades that provide you with the slick back look you’ve always dreamed of, while boosting your hair with extra volume and shine. Constantly worrying about frizz? Not a problem–American Crew pomade promises that your hairstyle will stay perfectly intact all day!

Apply a small amount of product to dry (or towel-dried) hair and style it as desired. It’s that easy!

12. Aveda Men Pure-Formance Pomade

Hater of greasy pomades that take hours to wash out? Lucky for you, the Aveda Men Pure-Formance Pomade is a water-based, non-greasy formula that adds unbelievable texture and definition to limp locks. Its consistency is firm enough to hold throughout the day, but is adjustable if you add water.

The Aveda Men Pure-Formance Pomade also provides a lasting shine that will stop passersby in their tracks. Say goodbye to boring hair!

13. Huron Condition & Light Hold Pomade

Huron Condition & Light Hold Pomade is the perfect product to nourish and control your flowing locks when you feel like styling them. It’s easy to apply, improves overall hair texture, and adds incredible volume, all with a matte finish. Don’t believe us? At the Men’s Health Grooming Awards (yes, it’s a real thing!), Huron Condition & Light Hold Pomade is the product that won first place! Are you convinced now?

Plus, this product is completely cruelty free, paraben free, sulfate free, and 100% vegan. How much better could it get?

14. Sonny’s Original Surf Paste

Big surfer fan? We’ve got you, dude–Sonny’s Original Surf Paste has the perfect amount of texturizing hold that will keep your flowing locks in place as you speed through the waves.

If you’re looking for a soft, matte finish casual look, then this is the product for you.

15. Bevel 2-in-1 Pomade

Looking for moisturizing shine and heavyweight hold for your wavy hair? Look no further–the Bevel 2-in-1 Pomade is for you. This product locks in moisture with its Shea Butter and Coconut Oil ingredients, all while reducing frizz and breakage.

Plus, it’s super easy to apply. Work a small amount of the product into damp hair, style it as you please, and you’re set for the day!

16. OUAI Matte Pomade

Are you looking to control and shape flyaways while adding some texture to your tousled look? Then consider purchasing the OUAI Matte Pomade. This product is best at controlling frizzy hair and holding low-volume styles.

Plus, this product is completely recyclable! Great for your hair and good for the environment? Sign us up!

17. Malin + Goetz Hair Pomade

The Malin + Goetz Hair Pomade will provide lightweight hold and flexibility for hair of any texture, length, or shape. With its all-natural ingredients like beeswax and essential fatty acids, you can be sure that your hair will be nourished, hydrated, and stylish!

This product also isn’t sticky, meaning no flakes of gel in your eyebrows–hallelujah!

18. Marlow Classic Pomade for Men

Love that matte finish? So do we–that’s why we found the Marlow Classic Pomade for Men, a product that is practically famous for its sleek matte finish and texturized hold. Plus, it’s made with all natural ingredients!

Eliminate the choice between gel, wax, fiber, or hair clay formulas for daily use and choose the Marlow Classic Pomade.

19. Pacinos Matte Hair Paste Pomade

Another great matte pomade is the Pacinos Matte Hair Paste Pomade, a product that will give your hair long-lasting definition without the added grease. Buy this pomade and you’ll never have to worry about flakes in your hair again!

This product is ideal for all hair types and lengths. Apply it on damp or dry hair for the best results.

20. Smooth Viking Foaming Cream Matte Finish

Though this is not a pomade, the Smooth Viking Foaming Cream mimics the results of a pomade by holding any style all day with smooth matte finish, all while rejuvenating any dry ends or locks. Having stylish hair while simultaneously hydrating your hair follicles? Where can I sign up?

This cream will easily wash out with a little water and can be applied to wet hair or dry hair.

21. Jack Black Clay Pomade

Are you, like us, a massive Jack Black fan? If your answer was yes, then it’s your lucky day–our favorite comedian came out with affordable hair products!

This product, the Jack Black Clay Pomade, is made with an original formula to inspire strong hold and a perfect matte finish. Pop a bit of product into your hair, style it as you please, and reap the benefits for a long time!

This product is perfect for those aiming to attain the natural look. It is suitable for all types of hair, including shorter hair and thin hair.

22. Suavecito Original Hold Pomade

Finding the right hair product for you (or for your man) can be a complex process. These days, there is an abundance of modern pomades that are practically impossible to choose from–how can you know which one is the right pomade for you?

That’s why, in your endless search for the best product, you need a dependable pomade to fall back on that works for all hair types. Suavecito Original Hold Pomade is just the product for you.

This top pomade is water-soluble, has a firm hold, and will give you that perfect ‘wet look’ you have always dreamed of. Slick looks, natural looks, and more are all possible with the Suavecito Original Hold Pomade.

23. Flagship Black Ship Water Based Pomade

Another good pomade for all-day hold is the Flagship Black Ship Water Based Pomade, a product made with natural ingredients such as castor oil, grapeseed oil, and coconut oil.

This pomade will give you a natural to low shine finish, along with a heavy hold that will ensure your slick styles don’t fall ever flat.

Marvel at the volume of your flowing locks at the end of the day with this product. A high quality pomade for a low price? Yes please!

24. Gashee Botanical Hair Pomade

Looking for a pomade that will help out with hair loss problems? Dr. UGro Gashee’s Botanical Hair Pomade is the product for you! This all-natural pomade serves the dual role of a stylant and a moisturizer, able keep your hair firmly intact while simultaneously boosting hair growth.

This product is ideal for short hair, but can be used on long hair as well. Just rub a small amount of the gel into your hair to style it–a little goes a long way! After a few months, your shiny hair will be the talk of the town.

Here’s an extra tip for you: if this product doesn’t resonate with you and you’re on the hunt for other hair-growth pomades, avoid any that contain lanolin wax. Lanolin can cause weight and buildup on the hair and scalp (as well as irritation) which often stunts growth!

25. American Provenance Natural Hair Pomade

In our age of chemicals and harmful toxins, natural products are of the utmost importance. And because they are so important, they tend to be expensive and hard to find. Luckily, American Provenance Natural Hair Pomade is an inexpensive, all-natural product that is made with argan oil, beeswax, vitamin e, and shea butter. It provides a light, all-day hold for every type of hair.

Make the right choice for your hair and go with this all-natural product! Ditch the traditional pomades full of chemicals and toxins that could do more damage to your hair than good. You won’t regret it.

26. Public Goods Wax Pomade

The Public Goods Wax Pomade is another one of our top picks. This product is a high quality hair wax that combines ingredients such as carnauba wax, sweet almond oil, and beeswax to create a lightweight and pliable hold. Plus, with its buoyant consistency, you won’t have to worry about sticky hair!

Public Goods products also are free of gluten and parabens.

27. Templeton Tonics Summit Pomade

One of the best water-based pomades is the Templeton Tonics Summit Pomade, a product whose water-heavy formula allows for effortless styling and pliability. It offers a solid hold and medium shine, along with a nourishing hydration that will give life to even the driest of locks. Say goodbye to hair spray and hello to moisturizing style!

Plus, the Templeton Tonics Summit Pomade has an incredible fragrance that balances cedarwood and silver fir, a combination that will have you receiving compliments left and right!

28. Shear Revival Easy Tiger Firm Pomade

Wanting another all-natural product? Say no more–next up is the Shear Revival Easy Tiger Firm Pomade, a product whose main ingredient is castor oil! This pomade will bring you a semi-matte finish and a strong hold, along with a thin consistency that promises ease of use and pliability.

The main difference between the Shear Revival Easy Tiger Firm Pomade and other mainstream pomades is that it is stocked full with plant-based ingredients on top of the castor oil, such as shea butter, avocado, and jojoba oils. After using this product, you can be sure that your hair will be conditioned and revitalized!

29. Would Pomade Hair Gel

If you’re looking for a gel pomade as opposed to cream, don’t worry–next up is the Would Pomade Hair Gel, a product that leaves your hair looking sleek and polished to the touch. Made for lightweight support, this gel won’t hold up a pomp, but can help you style your hair back for the day if you’re going for a more casual look.

Plus, this product is only $11–for the quality it is, that price is an absolute steal! Yet another good reason as to why you need the Would Pomade Hair Gel!

30. Handsome Chaos Dry Pomade

Are these traditional pomades sounding too boring to you? Let’s shake it up with Handsome Chaos’ Dry Pomade, a unique type of pomade that functions like dry shampoo and hair-styling cream alike. If your hair is prone to greasiness, rub some of this product in and your flowing locks will look good as new!

The great thing about this dry pomade is that it lasts all day, so you won’t have to worry about constantly reapplying. Out of all of the types of pomades, this one might just be our favorite!

There you have it–that’s our list of the 30 best pomades for men with long hair! Picking the best hair pomade for you is a difficult process that depends entirely on personal preference, but hopefully, this list eliminates some of the tedious decision-making. Our fingers are crossed that you were able to find the right product for your (or for your man’s) hair!

We hope you enjoyed the 30 Best Pomades for Men with Long Hair. If you’re looking for more scoop on hair products, check out these articles:

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