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30 Best Quotes From Netflix’s Bridgerton

The incredible Netflix series Bridgerton took the world by storm and now fans are ready for season 2! Bridgerton appeals to audiences for so many reasons. From powerful performances and stunning costumes to amazing Bridgerton quotes this show is a crowd-pleaser.


The series follows the story of the Bridgerton family and the eight siblings as they navigate life in Regency-era London. Complete with romance, betrayal, passion, and gossip, this delightful drama gives fans everything they want!

Here is the scoop on the best Bridgerton quotes!

1. “You do not know me, and rest assured, you never shall.” -Lady Whistledown

London high society is full of scandal and gossip, and nobody knows more than mysterious author Lady Whistledown. While her identity is concealed, she knows everything about everyone, and is not afraid to publish secrets.


The Regency-era gossip columnist has London residents hanging on her every word for the latest drama in town. Lady Whistledown is also the beloved narrator of the show itself, so audiences adore her as well.

In addition to her beautiful writing and delivery, audiences and Londoners alike are intrigues by the constant mystery: Who is Lady Whistledown?

2. “You have no idea what it is to be a woman, what it might feel like to have one’s entire life reduced to a single moment.” -Daphne Bridgerton


During an argument with her brother, Daphne tries to get Anthony to understand her perspective. She emphasizes the importance of her social season and that she must marry.

Also, she tries to get Anthony to understand her perspective, even though he’s known nothing but freedom all of his life.

3. “I burn for you.” -Daphne Bridgerton


This is one of the best Bridgerton quotes ever! While some fans credit this line to Simon, it is actually Daphne who says this iconic Bridgerton quote. On their wedding night, Daphne and Simon finally admit their true feelings for each other.

Daphne points out that Simon is acting angry and upset. The Duke replies, “Yes, that is what happens when one burns for someone who does not feel the same.”

Upon learning how much Simon cares for her, Daphne admits her feelings for Simon, “I burn for you.”

4. “If you desire the sun and the moon all you have to do is go out and shoot at the sky. Some of us cannot.” -Eloise Bridgerton

Eloise Bridgerton is the second-oldest Bridgerton daughter. She grows up watching her older sister Daphne appear perfect in every way.

Unfortunately for Eloise, she feels stifled by her role in life as a daughter who must marry rich and settle down. She wants nothing more than to go out into the world and write, go to school, and make her own path.


While talking to her older brother Benedict, who has the freedom she desires, she laments society’s view of women. Benedict worries about pursuing an art career, but Eloise points out that he has the freedom to do anything he wants!

5. “We will all need to find love one day. Indeed, a love as pure as what Mama and Papa once shared, if we are so fortunate.” -Daphne Bridgerton


After Daphne’s wildly successful presentation to the queen, she and her sisters are talking about how popular she will be this season. While her sisters tease her, Daphne points out that her reputation can influence the rest of the family’s.

She also mentions that she and her sisters will all have to marry one day, so hopefully they can marry for love just like their parents.

6. “All is fair in love and war.” -Lady Whistledown


Lady Whistledown writes this iconic lines in one of her many printed works. The phrase perfectly encapsulates the anguish and heartbreak that so many characters go through in the season while on their quest for love.

7. “To meet a beautiful woman is one thing, but to meet your best friend in the most beautiful of women is something entirely apart.” -Simon Basset

When Simon and Daphne first begin their relationship, they are actually lying to everyone. Both of them are tired of the pressure to find a partner, so they pretend to date each other.

As luck would have it, Simon and Daphne become close friends and eventually fall in love with each other. Simon tells the Queen about their relationship and gushes about how lucky he is to love his best friend.

8. “You must ask yourself, are you merely an older brother? Or are you the man of this house?” -Violet Bridgerton

Violet Bridgerton argues with her son Anthony, about taking care of their family. She accuses him of being too involved in Daphne’s affairs, to the point where she will not be able to find a suitor.


Anthony complains that his mother does not understand the responsibility that he bears as the lord of the house. With all of her maternal wisdom, Violet points out everything that her late-husband would have done to help the family. She also reveals to Anthony that she knows of his mistress.

This powerful scene reveals that Violet Bridgerton is much stronger than she appears, and also that Anthony has more flaws than he lets on.

9. “Be it shame or slander, seduction or smear, there is but one thing that humbles even the most highly-regarded members of our dear ton…a scandal!” -Lady Whistledown


After arguing with his mother, Anthony breaks off his relationship with his mistress, Siena. He realizes that if he is to take his role as Lord Bridgerton seriously, he cannot have a relationship with someone he won’t marry.

He ends his relationship to avoid potential drama, and Lady Whistledown is proven correct. People in high-society will do anything to prevent a scandal.

10. “You wish to follow your heart and I wish to nurture my mind. Let us leave it there.” -Eloise Bridgerton


Eloise will never be very much like her perfect sister Daphne, but that’s fine with her. When the two sisters argue about their differences Eloise simply accepts that she and Daphne will never be alike.

The sisters decide to simply exist, without forcing each other to change.

11. “I will help you overcome this stammer of yours. But in exchange you must promise me that when you step into the light, you will be worthy of the attention you command.” -Lady Danbury

When Lady Danbury first meets Simon, he is a young boy with a severe stutter. His speech impediment has made him a disappointment in his father’s eyes, so Lady Danbury pledges to help Simon overcome it.

As Simon grows up he becomes a powerful, well-spoken Duke. His transformation can be credited to his bond with Lady Danbury and the fact that she nurtured him when his father would not.

12. “Am I honestly to believe you do not already know my name?” -Simon Basset

simon; best Bridgerton quotes

When Daphne first meets Simon Basset, he is anything but charming. She accidentally bumps into him at a party, and when she tries to make conversation he assumes that she did it on purpose just to get his attention.

Simon is so arrogant that he cannot see the fact that their meeting is a genuine accident. Daphne understandably is not fond of the Duke after their first encounter.

13. “How does a lady come to be with child? I thought one needed to be married. Apparently, it’s not even a requirement!” -Eloise Bridgerton

When Eloise learns that an unmarried woman is pregnant, she is fascinated. She wants to learn how women become pregnant so that she can avoid the same fate.

Eloise asks her mother how a woman becomes pregnant, confused about it happening without marriage, but she does not get an answer.

While this scene is funny, it also illustrates just how much women did not know about their own bodies in the 1800’s.

14. “If this is to work, we must appear madly in love.” -Simon Basset


When Simon and Daphne first hatch their plan to pretend they are dating, they make their fake-debut as a couple at a ball. The couple dances together, and Simon instructs Daphne on how to behave.

While neither character knows yet, the audience senses that these two may actually find love.

15. “We shall do what women do. We shall talk.” -Violet Bridgerton

Violet Bridgerton learns of a scandal that will get Daphne out of marrying Nigel Berbrooke. She wants Londoners to learn of the news, so that a disgraced Berbrooke will leave town.

daphne & violet; best Bridgerton quotes

Daphne worries that Berbrooke will simply deny the gossip and that nobody will believe them because they are just women. Her mother assures that if they gossip enough and spread the news around town, Lady Featherington will surely publish the news and everyone will believe it.

Thankfully, their plan is a success! Violet reveals her intelligence through one of the best Bridgerton quotes.

16. “Daphne! You must make haste!” -Eloise Bridgerton

When the Bridgerton family is getting ready to leave for an event, they are all still waiting for the oldest sister Daphne to get ready. Instead of going to get her sister, Eloise stands at the bottom of the grand staircase and shouts up to her sister.

Anyone who has siblings will be able to relate to this funny moment. There is always one sibling who takes a long time to get ready, and there is always another sibling yelling for them to, “Hurry up!”

This hilarious scene gives us one of the best Bridgerton quotes and shows that no matter the time period, siblings will always behave like siblings.

17. “It reminds me of waking up in the country, first thing in the morning when I am all alone. I have not yet spoken to a soul. I look outside the window and it is serene. As if I could be the only person left in the world and yet, somehow I am not lonely.” -Daphne Bridgerton

Daphne tells this to Simon while they are admiring an old painting that was a favorite of Simon’s mother’s. He says that he can’t understand why she loved it so much.

daphne; best Bridgerton quotes

Daphne gases at the peaceful painting and explains what she loves about it. As Daphne talks, she and Simon’s hands drift closer to one another and they hold hands.

This is the first scene where audiences can really tell that both Daphne and Simon are developing feelings for each other.

18. “Her heart is no matter, as long as her hand remains free.” -Queen Charlotte


Even though Simon and Daphne are seemingly a very serious item, Queen Charlotte wanter her nephew Prince Friedrich to marry Daphne instead. Friedrich points out that Daphne’s heart appears to be spoken for.

The Queen replies, “Her heart is no matter, as long as her hand remains free. You are a prince. Charm her.” This scene reveals Charlotte’s determination to always be in control.

19. “Why must our only options be to squawk and settle or to never leave the nest? What if I want to fly?” -Eloise Bridgerton

penelope & eloise; best Bridgerton quotes

Eloise is a keen observer of societal rules in regency-era London. She complains that as a lady, she only has the choice to marry or become a spinster.

Eloise certainly marches to the best of her own drum, and she would much rather go to school and make her own way in the world.

20. “I shall always be the woman you may love in darkness, but never in the light of day. You have made me promises before and I, like a fool, believed them. I cannot be your fool again.” -Siena Rosso

After breaking her heart, Anthony tells Siena that he wants her back. However, this time Siena stands up for herself.

She knows that since she is not a proper lady, Anthony will never marry her, no matter what he promises. Siena does not give in to Anthony’s pleas and instead moves on with her life.

21. “I know we could not be any more different, but there is one thing we do share: The certainty that you will make your own way in this world. I’m sure of it, Eloise.” -Daphne Bridgerton

As Daphne leaves her childhood home after her marriage to Simon, she bids farewell to her siblings. Daphne and Eloise share a sweet goodbye.

The two sisters are very different people, but they share a great deal of love for one another.

22. “That reminds me, you have such a unique accent, and yet I’ve never asked where in France you’re from.” -Marina Thompson


The Featherington’s have run an excessive credit with Madame Genevieve Delacroix. Unfortunately for her, when she tries to refuse Lady Featherington and Marina service until they pay for their previous dresses, Marina subtly reveals that she knows Madame Delacroix’s biggest secret: She’s not really French.

Marina even works her own fluent French into their conversation, and in order to save face Madame Delacroix has no choice but to comply and make Marina’s dress.

23. “The ones we love have the power to inflict the greatest scars, for what thing is more fragile than the human heart?” -Lady Whistledown

marina; best Bridgerton quotes

Many of Lady Whistledown’s best quotes are striking, dramatic, and often revealing town gossip. This line however, is painful and true for everyone.

When we show someone our heart, we are trusting them not to break it. This makes things all the more painful when they actually do break it. Being brave enough to love someone leaves people very vulnerable.

There are many Lady Whistledown quotes that ring true with their readers, but this one is one of the best Bridgerton quotes ever!

24. “I risk my life everyday for love. You have no idea what it is like to be in a room with someone you cannot live without, and yet still feel as though you are oceans apart. -Sir Henry Granville

Sir Henry Granville explains to Benedict Bridgerton that he is in love with Lord Wetherby, and that his marriage to Lady Granville is not romantic, but mutually beneficial.

Benedict initially does not understand Henry’s actions, but Granville shares just how much courage it takes for him and Lord Wetherby to be together.

This conversation with Sir Granville inspires Benedict to follow his heart and pursue a relationship with Genevieve Delacroix.

25. “In the top drawer of my desk you shall find the name of a lady. If I die, you must ensure she is provided for. Do you swear?” -Anthony Bridgerton

anthony; best Bridgerton quotes

After Anthony challenges Simon to a duel, he brings Benedict Bridgerton to take his place at the head of the family if Anthony dies. Right before the duel, Anthony tasks Benedict with one more request.

In the event of Anthony’s death, he still wants Siena to be taken care of. Even if he dies, Anthony wants the woman he loves to be happy.

26. “Pride, your grace, it’ll cost you everything and leave you with nothing. You must not allow it to happen to you too.” Lady Danbury

lady danbury; best Bridgerton quotes

Lady Danbury knows that Simon and Daphne plan to separate after their ball, but she also knows how much they love each other. Hoping to save Simon from this heartbreak, she does something that she knows will resonate with him.

Lady Danbury compares Simon to his father. By saying, “You must not allow it to happen to you too” she reminds Simon of how proud his father was, and how cruel and unhappy he was as a result.

This life lesson from someone Simon respects is enough to get him to reconsider his life with Daphne.

27. “We chose to love each other, every single day. It is a choice, dearest. One that is never too late to make.” -Violet Bridgerton

Violet Bridgerton delivers this motherly wisdom to Daphne in one of the most emotional scene of the series. Daphne wishes that she and Simon could be happy together, but she fears their marriage is over for good.

Violet shares that she and her late husband made the decision to love each other above all else in their marriage. Now that her husband is gone, she takes comfort knowing how true their love was.

28. “Just because something is not perfect, does not make it any less worthy of love.” -Daphne Bridgerton

simon & daphne; best Bridgerton quotes

Daphne reveals to Simon that she read the letters he wrote to his father as a small child, informing him of his progress working on his stutter. She tells Simon, “Just because something is not perfect, does not make it any less worthy of love. Your father made you believe otherwise.”

Not only is Daphne telling Simon that as a child, he still deserved love, but she is also talking about their marriage. It is clearly not perfect, but it still deserves love.

29. “Perhaps I will come forward, one day. Though you must know, dear reader, that decision shall be left entirely up to me. Yours truly, Lady Whistledown.” –Lady Whistledown

penelope; best Bridgerton quotes

Lady Whistledown signs her last paper of the season teasing readers that one day she will reveal herself. It is during this time that audiences also watch Eloise figure out Whistledown’s real identity.

Lady Whistledown is none other than Eloise’s dear friend, Penelope Featherington!

30. “I believe it must begin with the letter ‘A.’ We do have family traditions, do we not?” -Simon Basset

At the end of Season 1, Simon and Daphne welcome their first child, a baby boy. Daphne mentions that they now have to name their son.

Simon reveals his change of heart over having children, by deciding that they must name their first child something that starts with ‘A’ to keep up the Bridgerton tradition. It is a very sweet scene where we finally see the couple happy and ready for parenthood.

Season 1 of Bridgerton introduces audiences to the wonderful Bridgerton family and England-s high society. Now, fans are ready for season 2!

With so many amazing characters, there are even more great lines but this is our list of the best Bridgerton quotes. Comment your favorite below!

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