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30 Best Resort To Love Quotes

Resort To Love is a romantic comedy involving a love triangle, and family drama. Following her career meltdown, Erica Wilson is stuck between falling back into the arms of her ex-fiance or letting him marry his new love while she creates new memories with his older brother.

Here is the scoop on the best Resort To Love quotes.

Movie poster of Erica Wilson (Christina Milian), Jason King (Jay Pharoah) and Caleb King (Sinqua Walls). Resort To Love
Resort to Love (NETFLIX)

1. “Now Sultry, but withholding.”  – Amber

Erica’s social media manager and friend captured photos of Erica before a major event in her career. Erica attends the listening party for the new album on which she collaborated with a major star.

2. “When has anyone not liked a Cree album?” – Amber

Amber reminds Erica of the major star she had the opportunity to work with and settles her nerves about the album being disliked by fans.

3. “We’re just making lemonade out of relationship drama lemons.” – Amber

Once again, Amber comes to Erica’s aid in a big way. When her event outfit is ruined last minute, Erica needs a quick replacement. Amber makes the controversial suggestion of reconstructing Erica’s wedding dress from a failed engagement that still haunts her. 

4. “Who do you see yourself as? Someone who fuses into the couch or someone who’s ready to take another leap?” – Amber

Amber reminds Erica that a project falling through and a failed engagement is not the end of her line. She has every opportunity to come back from her recent years. More importantly, she deserves to move on, be happy, and succeed.

5. “It’s just a gecko. They’re all over the island. They’re harmless.” – Claire

Upon arriving at the Resort in Mauritius where she was to entertain for a season, Erica is met by Claire and realizes that she is quite arrogant and snobby. Immediately, Erica does not feel welcome or appreciated.

6. “Well It’s beautiful and the air is wonderful and my sinuses are finally cleared after five years, but I’m about to get on stage and sing for people who are in love.” – Erica

Erica speaks to Amber over facetime about the new assignment to her seasonal job which is performing for weddings. She is not interested in this part of the job as she is still reeling from her wedding being called off a month before by her flighty ex-fiance.

7. “We wouldn’t be musicians if we didn’t feel things so deeply.” – Barrington

Erica’s first friend upon arriving in Mauritius works multiple positions around the resort – one of them being a musician. After her first performance goes awry, Barrington reminds Erica that her emotions while performing simply prove where her talent lies.

Erica (Christina Milian) finds music that she can happily perform without breaking down over her own love life. Resort To Love
Untitled Alicia Keys Project. Christina Milian as Erica Wilson in Untitled Alicia Keys Project. Cr. David Bloomer/ NETFLIX © 2020

8. “Jason mentioned his military brother for years, but we never met.” – Erica

When Erica’s love interest on the island reveals his brother who is there to get married, she realizes that she is falling for the brother of her ex-fiance. She racks her brain over the odds that her ex, Jason, would have chosen to get married to a new woman on the same island that Erica recently moved to for a seasonal job.

9. So Beverly tells me you don’t have your wedding song yet. Really? Perhaps I can make a suggestion. How about ‘Unbreak My Heart’ by Toni Braxton.” – Erica.

Erica subtly sends messages to Jason via the meeting to choose music for his and Beverly’s wedding. She makes it clear that she is not comfortable with the position that she is in while he is happily getting married. Beverly, Jason’s new fiance, is clueless about Erica and Jason’s history.

10. “All I’m saying is it isn’t always possible in 24/7 civilian life.” – Jason

Jason shows a bit of haste towards his brother while they argue about how easy it is to make good choices and be a standup guy. Caleb hints that Jason needs to get his life together quickly, while Jason argues that it’s not that easy for the average person.

11. “Or maybe he just thought your dreams were more important than he was.” – Jason

Jason offers insight into why he called off his wedding with Erica and moved away last minute. He speaks in the third person as he is sharing this information in front of his new bride-to-be. When Beverly asks Erica about her love life, Erica responds with the truth about what happened in her last relationship but is vague about who the man in question is.

12. “Being in the military wasn’t exactly ideal for long-term relationships. I never had that big type of love.” – Caleb

Caleb tells Erica about his past relationships. He hints that he never had the chance to share a great deal of love with anyone because of his military status. This comes up when he asks Erica about how she feels about Jason now that she has been reunited with him and she responds by implying that it should be understood how one would feel in this situation. Since Caleb doesn’t have experience, he can’t relate.

13. “What if I made a mistake running away from her?” – Jason

Jason begins to question his past decisions during a conversation with his best friend Christian. Being reunited with Erica has him reconsidering his upcoming wedding to Beverly. Unfortunately, he is put in a very tough position.

Christian (Alexander Hodge) and Jason (Jay Pharoah) share stories and laughs at Jason's bachelor party. Resort To Love
Resort to Love (L-R) Alexander Hodge as Christian, Jay Pharoah as Jason King in Resort to Love. Cr. David Bloomer/NETFLIX © 2021

14. “Make your own choices and stick by them. That’s what being a man is.” -Caleb

Again, Caleb subtly criticizes Jason for not sticking by his decisions and for being flighty over such an important life decision. Viewers are expected to wonder if Caleb’s true purpose for confronting his brother in this way is because he has feelings for Erica himself, and is trying to push Jason to go through with his marriage to Beverly.

15. “You think I left because I chose the job over you, but in reality, it’s because I thought you didn’t need me.” – Jason

Jason answers Erica’s nagging question of why he left her before their anticipated wedding. He suggests that her uprise in her music career was taking off on its own and he was simply holding her back from what she was meant to do without him. All this time Erica was under the impression that he left specifically for a job he was offered out of state. 

Erica (Christina Milian), Janelle (Karen Obilom), and Beverly (Christiani Pitts) enjoy Beverly's bachelorette party singing and listening to karaoke. Resort To Love
Resort to Love (L-R) Christina Milian as Erica Wilson, Karen Obilom as Janelle Stratford, Christiani Pitts as Beverly Stratford in Resort to Love. Cr. David Bloomer/NETFLIX © 2021

16. “These last six weeks, I have watched people get married and they all look so happy. The thought of having to watch you get married to someone and it’s not me…” – Erica

Erica struggles to get out the words that describe her thoughts about being present for Jason’s wedding. Jason embraces her in a hug before she becomes too emotional. The two seem to be on the same page about how strange their situation is.

17. “Jason left us early – said he had to go to work but probably just snuck off to see Beverly.” – Caleb

Caleb reveals that he believes Jason left his own bachelor party early to sneak off to see Beverly. However, both Erica and viewers know he actually snuck off to see her. She chooses not to correct Caleb.

18. “For the first time in my life, I have no plan.” – Caleb

Caleb opens up to Erica about his lack of a plan since retiring from the military. He seems to feel like he is missing something that should be easy to come by. Erca comforts him by reminding him that not only is he not expected to have a plan this quickly after the military, but also that he has plenty of time to build one for himself.

Caleb (Sinqua Walls) and Erica (Christina Milian) chat on the beach about their individual futures. Resort To Love
Resort to Love. Sinqua Walls as Caleb King, Christina Milian as Erica Wilson in Resort to Love. Cr. David Bloomer/ NETFLIX © 2020

19. “It’s harder trying to get over what you expect of yourself.” Erica

Erica comforts Caleb on his struggle to appreciate the things he has accomplished in his short adult life. He feels that he expected so much of himself by the age he currently is and has not accomplished any of it because of his previous military status.

Erica reminds him of what he has accomplished including his military status and the opportunities lined up for him in the future.

20. “The music is still with me.” – Erica

Erica notes that despite her big break falling through, she still has every interest in following her music career to the very end. She does not intend to give up on her music no matter what obstacles come her way. 

21. “I don’t know much about relationships – I’ve never been married – But I do know what it’s like to commit to something wholeheartedly.” – Caleb

Caleb begins sharing a speech for his brother at the rehearsal dinner. He expresses that while he doesn’t have much experience with romantic relationships, he understands a piece of what is between Beverly and Jason.

22. “Commitment is an active, breathing thing.” – Caleb

Continuing his rehearsal dinner speech, Caleb describes commitment in a way that personifies the concept. In doing so, he acknowledges the complexity of commitment, and how much it means to be committed to somebody or for somebody to be committed to you. 

23. “All that drama is just how she knows how to show love.” – Caleb

Caleb speaks to Erica about his mother Naomi. Naomi is presented as an arrogant, self-absorbed mother who is not ready to watch her youngest son get married. When Erica acknowledges the kind of mother Naomi is, Caleb corrects her and reminds her that his mother behaves the way she does out of love.

Erica (Christina Milian) and Caleb (Sinqua Walls) grow closer together when he visits her room for a night.Resort To Love
Resort to Love. Christina Milian as Erica Wilson, Sinqua Walls as Caleb King in Resort to Love. Cr. David Bloomer/ NETFLIX © 2020

24. “Maybe we can just be nervous together.” – Beverly

Beverly and Jason converse with each other about their cold feet but agree that it simply means they are nervous about their big day. Unbeknownst to Beverly, Jason thinks about Erica regularly and questions his decision to marry Beverly.

25. “You should be with someone who is sure that you’re the only choice for him.” – Caleb

Caleb reminds Erica of her worth when she reconsiders how she feels about Jason. While she seems to be catching feelings for Jason again, Caleb thinks she deserves better. He hints at that person being himself.

26. “I feel like you’re walking me across another bridge.” – Jason

Jason says this in reference to an earlier scene where the family hike turned into Jason experiencing his fear of heights as they crossed a bridge over a high drop. In this scene, Erica noticed his struggle and helped him cross the rest of the way. This quote gives Jason an idea of how much Erica still cares about him.

27. “You know that dream that you have; that both of you have? The porch swing, the children – I got hives just listening.” – Erica

After Beverly finds out about Erica and Jason’s history, calls off the wedding the day of, and plans to return home without her groom, Erica runs into her and strives to convince her that there is nothing to worry about.

Erica already spoke with Jason and they agreed that they are not meant to continue their relationship. Therefore, Beverly is still in his sights as his bride and he no longer questions his love for her.

28. “I was happy and I was hustling and all of the sudden, Jason was gone.” – Erica

Erica continues to assure Beverly by telling her the story of when Jason left her. She lets Beverly know that she never had any closure before. Now that she was able to reunite with Jason, find out why he left, and meet his new love, she feels that she got that closure.

29. “The idea that Jason wasn’t sure about me – even just for a moment – it hurts.” – Beverly

Beverly opens up to Erica about her insecurities knowing that Jason did once have uncertainties about marrying her. In response, Erica made it known that Jason no longer questions that he wants to marry her and he is back at the resort waiting to do so.

resort to love
Resort to Love. Christina Milian as Erica Wilson in Resort to Love. Cr. David Bloomer/ NETFLIX © 2020

30. “I’m about to take another leap.” – Erica

Erica calls Amber from the island to let her know that she is going to jump at another opportunity. The opportunity she is referring to is sparking a relationship with Caleb now that the drama with Jason is over. This quote concludes the film on an inspiring note.

As is common in romance movies, a happy ending is had by all. Beverly and Jason follow through with their wedding, and Caleb experiences real love and commitment with Erica. One can only hope that this story continues with more good news for all.

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