30 Best Romantic Getaway Treehouse Rentals in Ohio

Ohio is one of the country’s best places for a weekend getaway, especially with its eclectic mix of treehouse rentals for couples, families, or a group of friends.

Plan your trip or romantic getaway by finding the perfect treehouse in Ohio!

Since Ohio has no shortage of nature and buckeye trees, this state is filled with unique treehouses and one of a kind treehouses catered towards budget-friendly travelers and travelers looking for a luxurious nature experience.

Whether you want to enjoy the outdoors in a secluded location or enjoy nature with a treehouse near famous landmarks, there is a unique treehouse rental for everyone in Ohio.

Here’s the scoop on romantic treehouse getaways in Ohio!

Ohio Treehouse Guide

1. Moonlight Treehouse Rental

In Glenmont, Ohio, this rustic treehouse is a part of The Mohicans Treehouse Resort and is a great spot for visitors looking to explore the area. This rental is popular amongst honeymooners and is equipped with modern amenities to make you feel like you’re at home.

Some of the best highlights of the Moonlight Treehouse are the outdoor shower, the deck lounge area, and the suspension bridge to access the house.

Explore nature in Ohio by going to the Mohican State Park, and the Tree Frog Canopy Tours near the property.

2. Berlin Woods Treehouses

Berlin Woods Treehouse
Credit: Amish Country Lodging

It’s time to explore Amish country by staying at the Berlin Woods Treehouse. These treehouse rentals in Millersburg are a part of Amish Country Lodging & Treehouses with eight houses available for rent.

Other than soaking in the nature-filled landscape, these rentals are less secluded and provide easy access to Downtown Berlin.

These Amish-style treehouses are perfect for families and couples celebrating events or looking for a short getaway.

The perks of these treehouses are the 30-foot beams holding the houses up in the air with a hot tub and a cozy fireplace. Berlin Woods also has air conditioning, natural gas fireplace, central heating, and an indoor toilet with a kitchen area.

3. Hocking Hills Treehouse Cabin

hemlock treehouse
Credit: Hocking Hills Tree House Cabins

The Hocking Hills Treehouse Cabins makes one of the most romantic treehouse getaways in Ohio.

Depending on your preference, you can choose between White Oak, Maple, Beech, and Hemlock to ensure your stay is comfortable and dreamy. These treehouse cabins in the Hocking Hills region have a beautiful seating area with a main floor and a top floor.

The best part about these treehouse cabins is that you are free to bring your furry friends and even tie the knot here.

4. Acadia Cliffs Treehouse Cabin

Situated on 20 acres of land, Acadia Cliffs Treehouse Cabin is the perfect off-the-grid getaway in Cutler. With limited cell service, guests can receive the most out of nature with the nearby Acadia Cliff Wildlife Preserve and Milestone Quarry.

This nicely decorated cabin features a kitchen, one bedroom, and two bathrooms with the option to shower indoors or outdoors.

5. Tullihas in the Trees

This Frazeysburg treehouse is one of the most secluded treehouses that are ideal for an adventurous traveler wanting to live on the edge for a few days without cell phone service. Tullihas in the Trees offers an Amish-style interior with one bedroom and bathroom.

This treehouse has no electricity, no running water, and limited cell service with the intent that every guest will fully enjoy nature and the surrounding area. However, the property does have potable water and a composting outhouse.

6. Treehouse Village- The Arrow

the arrow treehouse
Credit: The Dwell Box

Experience the perfect cozy cabin with tall windows at The Arrow in Treehouse Village. This treehouse in Dundee is built in an A-frame providing comfortable living spaces to accommodate every guest.

The best amenities of this luxury treehouse getaway rental are the clawfoot bath, wood stove, and outdoor shower.

If you don’t prefer to stay inside the tiny house and snuggle by the fire or enjoy a meal at the dining table, there are options to explore artisan shops, and wineries, and go hiking to Dundee Falls.

7. Seldon Inn: Adorable Indian Lake Cottage

Located in Russells Point, the Adorable Indian Lake Cottage is one of the best romantic treehouse getaways in Ohio. The cottage sleeps up to four guests with a loft area and is near the Indian Lake for all-day water activities like kayaking and canoeing.

While the cottage is near the calming lake, the rental is still close enough to nearby shops and restaurants.

8. Sidney Nook Treehouse

In Logan, Ohio, this two-story treehouse offers just enough privacy for couples and families to enjoy the surrounding forest. Sidney Nook is one treehouse in Ohio that has a modern kitchen and a whiskey barrel table for meals.

The deck of the treehouse also provides a fire pit for some bonding time as nature welcomes you with open arms.

9. The Spring Tree House

the spring tree house
Credit: Mckee Farm

This Killbuck treehouse has all of the basic amenities for guests to stay comfortable on their getaway. One of the most notable exterior aspects of this treehouse is the long beams holding the house up from the ground.

The Spring Tree House also comes with an outdoor sawdust toilet and happens to be close to top Amish attractions.

10. Solitude- Luxury Cabin

Take privacy to a whole other level with this luxurious cabin in Butler, Ohio. The Solitude cabin is great for large families and friend groups with five bedrooms, three full baths, and other spacious living areas. The property also offers a king-sized bed, a nice hot tub, and a large deck for grilling.

If you love to ski, consider staying in this cabin for easy access to the Snow Trails Ski Resort.

11. Hocking Hills, Cozy Secluded Cabin

This modern treehouse is ideal for families and couples who need a getaway without sacrificing their everyday essentials. Located in Jackson Township, this secluded cabin is coated in a modern design with the option to bring your pet along for the trip.

Set up the activities for the evening with a campfire and s’mores as you take in the scenic nature just outside the windows.

12. The Treehouse Glamping Cabin at Dragonfly Lake

It’s time to go glamping in one of the best romantic treehouse getaways in Ohio with The Treehouse Glamping Cabin at Dragonfly Lake! Besides the peaceful and serene name of the cabin, the Woodsfield rental allows just enough privacy perched on the Appalachian Mountains.

The property includes an outdoor shower, a queen-size bed, a loft with twin beds, and a camp-style bathroom. All animal lovers, especially people who like wildlife will enjoy their stay here with possible sightings of animals living in their natural habitat.

13. The Reed- A Cozy Cabin in the Woods

The daytime and nighttime can be a magical experience when staying in a cabin in the woods. The Reed is a rental in Amanda, Ohio with plenty of room for multiple guests. The treehouse has two bedrooms, two baths, a full-size kitchen, and a beautiful deck for stargazing.

14. Romantic Treehouse Getaway for Adults

hocking hills treehouse
Credit: Hocking Hills Treehouse Cabins

Find the perfect getaway at this South Bloomingville treehouse! Some of the perks of staying in this treehouse are the wrap-around deck that gives guests access to 360-degree views of nature.

The treehouse also comes with a full bathroom, sectional sofa, queen size bed, and built-in speakers to play music.

Spend a romantic afternoon exploring Cedar Falls, Old Man’s Cave, Ash Cave, and other popular attractions in the area.

15. Treehouse Village- The Shack

Experience a special weekend getaway at The Shack in Dundee, Ohio. This treehouse can sleep two guests and is ideal for couples who want to bring their furry friends along.

The rental treehouse is only accessible through a 40-foot bridge and also provides a fancy European-style ladder to climb up into the loft area.

16. Pine Cove Lodging

pine cove lodging treehouse
Credit: Amish Country Lodging

This romantic treehouse has all of the essentials for two people. The rental in Berlin is equipped with a kitchenette, fireplace, heating and air conditioner as well as a smart tv.

The property overlooks a pond to create the ideal calming atmosphere for a getaway. Since the river ranch rental is located in Amish Country, the log cabin is close to Downtown Berlin.

17. Hopewell Croft- Southern Ohio Cabin Rental

Visit one of the most romantic treehouse getaways in Ohio that come with a meditative labyrinth, a stream, and hiking trails.

The Hopewell Croft rental in Manchester is spacious enough to sleep nine guests with three bedrooms. This relaxing retreat is near the John Parker House with an interior purposely designed to feel like home.

18. Cannaley Treehouse Village

cannaley treehouse village
Credit: Metro Park Stoledo

Experience nature in all its glory at the Cannaley Treehouse Village. This particular property in Swanton offers a fire pit, hammocks, and tents for travelers looking to spend extra time outdoors.

When booking in advance, check to see which days are set aside for community events. While staying at these treehouses, grab your mountain bike and hit a nearby trail.

19. Hocking Hills Treehouse

This studio-style rental is one of the best treehouse getaways in Ohio. The property is extensive with 15 acres of land to explore the outdoors. Have a picnic, use the charcoal grill, or participate in outdoor water activities in privacy away from bustling city life.

Even though guests have their own privacy at the Hocking Hills Treehouse with a fully equipped kitchen, the property is fairly close to top attractions in the area like Hocking Hills State Park, Ash Cave, and many others.

20. Little Red Treehouse

little red treehouse
Credit: The Mohicans

A rental that is a part of the Mohicans Treehouse Resort, the Little Red Treehouse is one of the best treehouse rentals that guarantees guests an unplugged stay to reconnect with nature and themselves.

This unique treehouse was also featured in Treehouse Masters with several charming amenities to create the perfect getaway.

Walk across the wooden extension bridge to access the rental that offers a calming outdoor shower, a smart tv, a queen-sized bed, and a ladder to access the sleeping quarters.

Did you know that this particular treehouse use to be a brewery and tasting place before it was renovated for travelers? Did you also know that Pete Nelson is a master treehouse builder?

If you want a unique experience with one of the best treehouses in the state of Ohio, definitely stay here.

21. Whispering Pines Treehouse

Experience luxurious comfort at the Whispering Pines Treehouse in Millersburg! Upon walking through the door of the treehouse, guests are immediately greeted by the Amish-inspired interior design with handcrafted furniture and a double bed.

The property also comes with a jetted tub to unleash all of the built-up stress to make room for the thoughts that will help your inner soul.

22. White Oak Treehouse

The White Oak Treehouse is part of the Mohicans Resort and is surrounded by hickory trees and white oak trees hence the name. The rustic treehouse is a great way to spend a weekend away with the beautiful loft area and the wrap-around views of nature on the deck.

This luxury treehouse provides a breathtaking view of the Mohican Valley in the living room while also leaving enough space fit for families and friend groups.

23. El Castillo Treehouse

Spend time in your own fairytale land in Glenmont at El Castillo. This two-story treehouse is equipped with two balconies and a wooden interior with leather furnishings to make guests feel comfortable while soaking up nature just outside the windows.

The perks of this property include the outdoor wooden swing, the authentic stone shower for a relaxing spa experience, and a bridge to access the treehouse.

24. Buckeye Barn Tree House

One of the most romantic treehouse getaways in Ohio is the Buckeye Barn Tree House which features a rustic farmhouse charm with re-purposed wood. This epic treehouse is also surrounded by red oak, white oak, and beech trees for the perfect secluded getaway.

The property also comes with a propane grill for BBQ parties, two queen beds, and a private hot tub for up to four guests.

25. Treehouse Village- The Sky Loft

the sky loft treehouse
Credit: The Dwell Box

The Sky Loft is a cozy hideaway way up in the trees that is budget-friendly and in close proximity to top attractions in Dundee. The tiny treehouse may be in a rural area but that doesn’t mean guests can’t make the most of their vacation soaking up nature while also sightseeing nearby towns.

The Sky Loft sleeps up to two people and is ideal for couples celebrating anniversaries or their honeymoon without emptying their wallets.

26. Somewhere to be Treehouse Cabin Hocking Hills

This rustic A-frame style cabin is nestled right in the woods and gives all of the fairytale vibes. The property in Hocking Hills is located 15 minutes from Old Man’s Cave, Rock House, and Conkles Hollow.

Despite the A-frame style roof, the treehouse has a spacious living area with enough room for one king-size and queen-size bed.

The large windows and the cozy fireplace will leave guests not wanting to escape back into reality.

27. Secluded Romantic Log Cabin in Mohican Area

This log cabin is both rustic and cozy with a variety of textures woven into the interior of the cabin. This secluded getaway sleeps up to 16 people and has limited service, so guests can easily unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature.

This beautiful treehouse also comes with a gas fireplace, bath, and shower with a vanity, a sunroom, and even a breakfast nook for relaxing and planning activities. When guests decide to venture out of the cabin, there are plenty of walking trails and attractions near Pleasant Hill Lake.

28. Treehouse Village- Treehouse Lodge

Experience the blend of modern and rustic design in the Treehouse Lodge for groups or large families. The treehouse is built with two shipping containers and offers spacious living areas and handcrafted sofas for family gatherings.

The kitchen is fully furnished with three bedrooms including a king bed and allows pets if you’re willing to pay a small fee.

29. The Canopy Treehouse

In South Bloomingville, The Canopy Treehouse is a great place and one of the most romantic treehouse getaways in Ohio. The log cabin-style house is made with cedar and comes with an inviting hot tub to relax after a long day.

The fairytale treehouse is near sightseeing locations and a natural hot spring. You can even spend the day horseback riding.

30. Treehouse Village- The Box

the box treehouse
Credit: The Dwell Box

Experience all that nature has to offer by staying a few days at The Box in the Treehouse Village area. This shipping container rental is the perfect place in Dundee that is close to all of the attractions and provides the utmost comfort for up to four guests with a queen bed and an air mattress.

Some of the largest treehouse rentals reside in the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country, which ensures guests receive their romantic escape if only for the weekend.

What better way to spend your quality time than soaking in the amazing views in tree house cabins? Make sure to leave a guest review when you visit!

These cozy treehouse cabins will remind guests of the comforts of home while also providing opportunities to explore and have a memorable stay with their loved ones.

The good thing is there are so many different treehouses that provide a comfortable stay for a family getaway for a great value.

That’s the scoop on the best romantic treehouse getaways in Ohio!

romantic treehouse getaways in ohio

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