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30+ Best Weekend Trips for Singles and Solo Getaways

Solo travel is a great way to experience a destination with plenty of opportunities to connect with the locals and the culture. There are lots of amazing locations for the best weekend trips for singles.

Solo travelers often say it may be scary visiting another country alone for the first time, but it creates enriching memories that will last a lifetime.

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If you know a solo traveler or are looking to travel alone, you may know that they’re specific destinations that are perfect for solo travelers.

While it is easy to book some singles resorts at a Club Med location, at a Temptation Cancun resort, or on cruise ships, planning your own vacation in a new city is so much more fun!

From national parks to beautiful beaches, here’s the scoop on the best weekend trips for singles or solo travelers!

Solo Travel Trip Guide

1. Santa Barbara, California

This coastal city in the beautiful state of California shares similarities with many desert communities nearby while also dipping into a rich background of Native American history.

While the best months to visit Santa Barbara start in May and run through October, there is no shortage of sunny days. This is the perfect destination for a singles vacation or even just a day trip.

One of the best things about Santa Barbara is that it brings the small town feel to a popular area. It is a great option for solo travellers who want the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Traveling alone to a busy city like Los Angeles can be overwhelming, but Santa Barbara offers a laid-back atmosphere with a lineup of attractions just waiting for you to explore. Make sure to visit the Stearns Wharf, Leadbetter Beach, and the museums of art and national history.

While you are there, you can even take a day trip to San Francisco and explore more of California!

2. San Diego, California

pier overlooking sunset
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A classic SoCal weekend getaway, San Diego is one of the most beautiful areas to travel to in California.

Home to the famous San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park, this coastal city is the birthplace of California and provides a number of attractions and activities for solo travelers.

Take advantage of the hop-on hop-off bus tour for exploring the city or go kayaking in La Jolla. The best way to explore this great town is by taking a trolley or walking tour.

Similar to Rehoboth Beach, you will get to experience lots of new adventures and get a great view of the ocean beach.

3. New Orleans, Louisiana

Immerse yourself in the live music and European-style architecture of this famous city along the Mississippi River. You can’t visit New Orleans without taking a stroll through the French Quarter with over 300 years of history.

While you should visit Jackson Square and The National WWII Museum, some of the best solo activities include the Whitney Plantation, Magazine Street, Bayou St. John, and a food tour.

This is the ideal destination for single guys who love great food. With just a short walk or ride on public transportation you will find delicious gumbo, beignets, and more!

4. Maui, Hawaii

rocky landscape in maui

Calling all fellow travelers, you are going to love Maui! It is a great choice for the best vacations for single people. Enjoy the weather of summer months all year long.

With fewer crowds than in Honolulu, Maui serves as one of the best destinations for singles and solo travelers due to the island’s endless activities for nature lovers. Explore the stunning coastlines, waterfalls, and beaches.

One of the most notable places to visit on the island is the Haleakala National Park, home to the largest dormant volcano in the world. If you’re visiting the island alone, take a snorkeling tour and a bike tour.

5. Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville is a fairly small city tucked in between the Blue Ridge Mountains. This city is also one of the most diverse locations in North Carolina with an eclectic mix of restaurants, shops, and art galleries.

Asheville is another one of the best singles destinations. In recent years, more tourists have discovered this amazing town as one of the best weekend getaways.

Asheville is the perfect weekend getaway for a solo traveler as the vibrant nightlife creates opportunities to meet new people. After exploring the city, hike on the Blue Ridge Parkway and experience the Biltmore Estate and Gardens.

6. Polanco, Mexico City

polanco, mexico city
Conrad Gonzalez

Even though Polanco is the most expensive area in Mexico, the area is rich in Spanish history and architecture with attractions within walking distance. Known for fine dining and luxury shopping, Polanco is surprisingly a safe city only 40 minutes from the airport.

If you enjoy world-famous restaurants, shopping, and museums, Polanco is a great place to stay for your solo travels in Mexico City.

7. Chicago, Illinois

Experience the Chicago skyline with beautifully constructed skyscrapers. Home to the first-ever Ferris wheel, Chicago is a popular destination for all kinds of travelers.

While the restaurants offer an abundance of flavors, this city provides so much more with inspiring museums and picturesque parks.

This city is also home to friendly people, which is great for solo travelers looking to experience Chicago and its culture.

No matter what time of year you visit, you are going to have a good time. If you need help with travel plans you can even find a tour operator to help guide your journey.

Chicago is a great place to meet people and it is one of the best cities to visit for singles.

8. Las Vegas, Nevada

view of the las vegas strip
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Las Vegas is the central hub for live entertainment and a place where single travelers can go beyond their comfort zone. It can be overwhelming to visit Sin City if it’s your first trip as a solo traveler as there are a number of adult-only attractions with diverse people.

While you might have to spend more money than some of these locations on the list, Las Vegas is a city and club getaway worth visiting if only for the weekend.

9. Nantucket, Massachusetts

An island 30 miles from Cape Cod, Nantucket is one of the most expensive places for travelers in New England. The small, coastal town served as a hub for voyages and deep-sea fishing. It also was a great whaling port.

When visiting this beautiful location, take time to visit Children’s Beach, Jethro Coffin House, Whaling Museum, and Great Point Lighthouse.

One notable aspect of solo traveling to Nantucket is you will have to search for accommodations for only one person as most of them don’t have single rooms and are for a minimum of two people.

10. Austin, Texas

austin texas skyline
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The lone state’s fourth largest city, Austin is a place that tourists visit all year round due to its mild climate for enjoying outdoor activities.

With plenty of museums, wildlife, and parks, Austin is a haven for not only travelers looking to explore city life but also beautiful natural landscapes.

The best solo activities while visiting Austin are to tour the Texas State Capitol, swim in Barton Springs Pool, and experience Texas cuisine through the Secret Food Tour.

11. Amelia Island, Florida

The southernmost of the Sea Islands, Amelia Island is filled with lush nature and rich history. This small island is a hidden gem in Florida with plenty of chances to explore museums and parks while also soaking in the sunshine on their beautiful beaches.

The top things to do on Amelia Island while on your beach vacation are to explore marshes, shop the Historic Downtown Fernandina Beach, swim at American Beach, and visit the Amelia Island Lighthouse.

An actual vacation is so much better than a singles cruise, and you will still get to experience your favorite thing, the ocean view. So grab a group of friends for your singles weekends and travel to Amelia Island.

12. Lake Como, Lombardy, Italy

lake como
Fredrick Boyle

Step foot into the romantic city of Lombardy with stunning views of Lake Como. While it is fun to dive into the rich history and explore the Coliseum in Rome, Lake Como offers even more activities, especially for solo travelers.

For a chance at soaking up the local history and culture, plan to visit Italy in June for The Sagra de San Giovanni festival. Explore Como Town Centre and the local markets for an enriching Italian experience.

You can also jump on a sailing ship and soak up plenty of culture in a short distance.

13. Colorado Springs, Colorado

What used to be a resort town, Colorado Springs served as a gold mining mecca before transforming into a city. Since it is fairly chilly almost all year round, the best time to visit Colorado Spring is in June, so you don’t miss out on the abundance of outdoor activities.

This city in the United States is popular for the Garden of the Gods with a surreal red rock landscape. Colorado Springs also has a zipline and food tour that would make a solo trip here both memorable and fun.

14. Newport, Rhode Island

Home to charming houses and historic sites, Newport is an underrated weekend trip for singles. Known as the “City by the Sea,” Newport was considered the first landing site for the first steamboat on the Pend Oreille River and is one of the warmest places in the state.

Spend the day hiking the Newport Cliff Walk, exploring The Breakers historical site, or slow down and visit the Providence Athenaeum. Single travelers will adore this sweet town.

15. Charleston, South Carolina

white church and cruise boat in charleston
Jonathan Ross

One of the best places to plan a weekend trip for singles is in Charleston, South Carolina. Brimming with over 400 churches and buildings with charming architecture, this Holy City is a great place for history buffs and nature lovers.

Charleston is also near several cities including Savannah, Jacksonville, and Asheville for any travelers looking to prolong their getaway.

The largest city in South Carolina is fairly expensive and should be avoided during the peak season for travelers looking to save money. When visiting, soak up the historical sites including the Heyward-Washington House and the Old Slave Mart.

16. Honolulu, Hawaii

The most popular Hawaiian Island, Oahu introduces vibrant nightlife, stunning hiking views, beautiful beaches, and plenty of shops and restaurants.

Enthusiastic travelers looking to experience more of Honolulu, consider choosing one of the many water sports available for tourists and locals.

Head downtown for a variety of shops and historical buildings. Make sure to stop by Pearl Harbor for an even more in-depth history of the area.

17. Sacred Valley, Peru

sacred valley peru

North of the Inca capital of Cusco, the Sacred Valley is part of the Andes of Peru. For traveling to Peru, keep in mind that the airport you will most likely fly into is in Lima.

One of the most popular things to do for travelers is to visit and learn about the rich history of Machu Picchu, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Even though Cusco provides a gateway to the Sacred Valley, don’t forget to explore the city and visit Humantay Lake.

18. Montauk, New York

Most people don’t know that there is more to New York than New York City. Montauk is a small place on the eastern end of the south shore of Long Island.

While it may be missing the skyscrapers, busy streets, and vibrant nightlife, Montauk is a laid-back destination filled with history and views of the Atlantic Ocean. This area in New York is home to the oldest lighthouse and is a prime getaway for New Yorkers.

19. Lynchburg, Virginia

For solo travelers looking to dip their toes into the state of Virginia, Lynchburg is one of the best places to explore with Appomattox Courthouse, Crabtree Falls, and Amazement Square.

This southern city is dripping with history and water activities that will make a solo traveler’s weekend memorable. Lynchburg is also close to Richmond, Charlottesville, and Chesapeake.

20. Nelson, British Columbia

historical nelson courthouse

Known as “The Queen City,” Nelson is an underrated location in British Columbia, Canada due to its flawless blend of small-town charm and cosmopolitan city amenities.

Located in the Selkirk Mountains, Nelson reminds visitors of their silver rush with the restored buildings. Spend a day at the Whitewater Ski Resort or learn history at the Touchstones Nelson Museum of Art and History.

21. St. George, Utah

One of the few places that can be visited every month of the year, St. George is a place with desert landscapes, mild winters, and sunny days.

The red-layered rock surrounding the city is not its only charm; in fact, St. George offers plenty of historical sites drawing back to the Native American tribes.

When planning your solo adventure, make sure to make a travel itinerary including Pioneer Park, Snow Canyon State Park, and Red Hills Desert Garden.

22. Cariblue Beach, St. Lucia

saint lucia

Cariblue Beach is a serene getaway with lush mountain landscapes and white powder sand. The location is great for couples and singles with a variety of water sports, lounge areas, and spas. It is best to purchase an all-inclusive package to experience all of the amenities of the resorts.

If you’re looking for a good hotel that offers travelers a fulfilling experience, book the BodyHoliday Saint Lucia.

23. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

The largest of the three islands of the Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman is a Caribbean paradise filled with captivating cultural and natural attractions. Besides the clear blue water, Grand Cayman is home to the Pedro St. James historical site, one of the best views of the island.

When taking your solo trip to Grand Cayman, visit Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park and explore the Cayman Crystal Caves.

24. Reykjavik, Iceland

Known for its art and culture, Reykjavik is one of the most popular cities in Iceland. The charming city is a great place to explore, especially for solo travelers with nearby attractions and bustling city life.

Although Reykjavik is smaller than other big cities, it has plenty of accommodation options and offers airport access within a short driving distance.

In Reykjavik, you can find no shortage of museums and historical landmarks with beautiful mountain views. This solo getaway can be super expensive, so plan your itinerary well.

25. New York City

sky view of new york city nightlife

Home to the Empire State Building and Times Square, New York City is a lively destination filled with endless activities and opportunities for every traveler. Encountering the busy streets, people, and giant skyscrapers can be overwhelming at first.

However, it is key to plan out a detailed itinerary and make sure you’re aware of the ways to stay safe as a solo traveler, especially if you’re a woman.

New York City is a destination that can’t be fully explored within a weekend, but it is a place that will instantly take you out of your comfort zone.

26. Seville, Spain

One of the most popular cities in southern Spain, Seville is a go-to destination for travelers, especially Europeans. This city in Andalusia is home to the Plaza de Espana with breathtaking architecture. Seville is also in a prime location for visiting the country’s best UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

What makes this city ideal for solo travelers is the close proximity to attractions, making it fairly easy to walk from one place to the next.

The city is also home to flavorful cuisine and friendly people, so you won’t have trouble finding delicious food and meeting new people.

27. Sedona, Arizona

red canyons in sedona arizona

Located north of Phoenix, Sedona is one of the most beautiful places for a solo weekend trip. In this city, visitors will find red-layered rocks with cacti and plenty of trails for exploring.

If you’ve never been to a place with a desert landscape, Sedona offers the perfect introduction to a wealth of viewpoints, trails, and, parks.

Sedona also has plenty of opportunities to see local artwork with its museums and galleries. This location is also the ideal place for people who love mountain biking.

28. Ljubljana, Slovenia

One of the most underrated places on this list, Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia is where culture, economics, education, and politics take place.

The town is deep-rooted in history with historical architecture dating back to the 15th century alongside a stunning riverwalk and bridges.

When visiting this charming place, make sure to stop by the Ljubljana Castle, Railway Museum, and Cobblers’ Bridge.

29. Bangkok, Thailand

Dive into some of the best street food in the capital of Thailand. Thailand is already a solo travel-friendly destination due to the nice people and bustling nightlife. Bangkok is all that and more with beautiful temples dotted throughout the city with food and accommodations for very little money.

If you want to experience a taste of Asia without spending too much money, Bangkok is the place to explore. Visit the Grand Palace, Wat Arun, and the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre.

30. Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
Fer Martinez

Take the time to indulge in surfing when visiting this popular coastal town in Central America. On the Caribbean Sea, Puerto Viejo is a tropical paradise rich in wildlife, white-sand beaches, and lush tropical rainforest.

Travelers will the day snorkeling or surfing before exploring a waterfall or an art gallery.

While all destinations come with safety precautions, Costa Rica is considered one of the top female solo destinations with its endless beauty and fairly affordable accommodations and food.

31. Seattle, Washington

Home to the Space Needle, Seattle is a popular destination for travelers looking for a weekend getaway. In Seattle, you will find the famous Pike Place Market, the Museum of Pop Culture, and the Olympic Sculpture Park.

For solo travelers, it is recommended to ride the Ferry as a way to save money to cruise on the Puget Sound. Take a long walk and soak in the murals or meet new people in a club with live music.

Weekend Trips for Singles

These are only a few places on the map that will make great weekend trips for singles and solo travelers. While most of these towns, islands, and cities are expensive, there are ways to save money in your travel plan while also making the most of your road trips and international trips.

The solo travel industry has been around forever but has only recently taken off due to people sharing their experiences through different forms of media. No matter if you are in the mood for horseback riding, white water rafting, and seeing historic architecture there is so much to do!

While people can’t attest to your experience alone in a certain location, they can offer pointers that will help you stay safe as well as ways to meet new people and live like a local. So, grab your backpack or suitcase and go!

That’s the scoop on the best weekend trips for singles!

best weekend trips for singles

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