30 Dorm Must Haves From Target

Before you head to college, check off your list all in one place with these dorm must-haves from Target!

As a matter of fact your dorm is your home away from home and you want to make it feel as homey as possible.

You’ll be able to turn your dorm room into an at-home oasis with any of these items.

Dorm Must-Haves

When moving into a new dorm room, it is your opportunity to decorate it to fit your personal style!

There are so many dorms must haves out there to choose from and it can look a bit daunting.

But I’ve got the scoop on items that I definitely couldn’t have lived without, which I think you will like as well!

1. Comforter

Your comforter/duvet set will set the tone for your dorm room. It’s one of the most important items you need to get for your college dorm room.

2. Sheets

Target definitely has some of the cutest sheets especially this Printed Microfiber Sheet Set.

Depending on your style and color scheme you’ll want to find the comfiest sheets that make you feel like your at home.

3. Memory Foam Pillow

You’ll sleep more comfier with the Comfort Revolution Contour Memory Foam Bed Pillow from Target.

In addition this pillow offers custom comfort with pressure-relieving memory foam that adapts to your unique shape for personalized comfort!

4. Throw Pillows

With throw pillows you can add your own personal touch to your bed and feel comfy while doing it too!

These will definitely help make your room feel a little homier.

5. Headboard

To balance all the comfy energy on your dorm room bed, a unique headboard could do the trick.

Most dorm rooms have bland brick walls and can be uncomfy to lean against when laying in bed. A headboard with extra cushion will do just the trick!

6. Mattress Protector

Your dorm mattress has probably been slept on by hundreds of students before you so you’ll definitely need a mattress protector.

The Maximum Mattress Protector White will also protect from spills and stains.

7. Memory Foam Mattress Topper

You’ll want to invest in a memory foam mattress topper because college dorm beds are probably one of the most uncomfortable things you’ll ever sleep on.

Undoubtedly this mattress topper will make your sleep more enjoyable and comfortable.

8. Throw Blanket

This is one of the best investments you’ll ever make! These plus blankets are so handy for movie nights in your dorm and they’re even great to sleep with. They feel absolutely incredible!

9. Shower Caddy

If you have communal bathrooms in your residence hall, or you just want to keep your personal items in your room – opt for a shower caddy.

Especially if you are having to walk from your room to your bathroom this makes it easier to carry everything at once.

These mesh ones are perfect because they allow water to drip through so it doesn’t collect at the bottom like the plastic ones.

10. Towel Wrap

This body wrap towel makes a great alternative to a traditional towel when you plan to take your time getting ready after showering.

Whether you’re doing your hair or makeup, enjoying your coffee or just taking it easy.

This towel is has velcro making it easy to put on and stay on. I guarantee you’ll love this!

11. Shower Flip Flops

Dorm shower shoes for college are an essential.

Specifically you’ll need shower flip flops to protect your feet from communal dorm shower floors.

These flip flops from Target are only $6!

12. Laundry Hamper

This rolling hamper from Room Essentials is an ideal solution to easily transport your laundry. 

This laundry hamper doubles as a mobile hamper so you are able to roll it anywhere!

13. Closet Organization

You’re not going to have much space in your dorm room to store all your clothes. But the trick is to get items like these to maximize your space.

Altogether this hanging storage organizer allows you to store clothes, towels and more without sacrificing floor space.

14. Extra Drawer Storage

Keep clutter controlled and concealed while also providing access to frequently used items.

This 3-Drawer Woven Storage Unit allows you to keep everything together and look good while doing it too!

15. Storage Ottoman

Most dorm rooms have elveated beds so that students are able to add extra storage underneath.

This ottoman not only gives you a stepping stool to get to your bed but also doubles as storage space!

16. Vacuum

You’ll absolutely need a vacuum cleaner for your college dorm room.

Don’t waste your time trying to sweep up bits and pieces of rice or cereal or tiny foods – just get this mini vacuum

17. Lounge Seating

Without a doubt an extra chair is a great investment for your dorm room!

You’re most likely going to have your friends over in your room at some point so they’ll need somewhere to sit.

18. Desk Lamp

Most dorm rooms don’t have very good lighting and if you know you’ll be staying up later than your roommate you’ll want this desk lamp so you’re not leaving the main lights on all night.

This one is great because it also comes with a USB charging port for your iPhone!

19. Desk Organizer

If you love to organize like myself, you should definitely get a desk organizer to keep things tidy in your dorm room.

It also gives you more room to work at your desk or store more things on your desk.

20. Extension Cord

Chances are you have a lot of electronics that need charging or plugging in.

Don’t struggle to find the outlet under your bed every time your laptop needs to charge.

Not to mention an extension cord makes it easy to charge and use multiple devices at once!

21. Door Mirror

You’ll definitely need a full-length mirror in your dorm room . If you’re like me it’ll definitely be a struggle trying to get ready without a mirror.

This mirror hangs over the door saving you space while also making for cute door decor!

22. Curtains

Curtains are an easy way to enhance your dorm and make your space feel like home!

For example these curtains block out sunlight to create a dark space and offer complete privacy.

23. Mini Fridge

While a mini fridge isn’t absolutely necessary for college, it is amazing to have one.

Being able to store leftover food is a definitely a perk!

24. Plastic Dinnerware Set

Even if you don’t have a kitchen you will want this set.

This is great for those convenience foods and for when you’re using the residence hall’s communal kitchen or heating up leftovers!

25. Shoe Organizer

A girl can never have too many shoes and if your looking for more space in your dorm room closet a shoe organizer will be your best friend!

For instance this shoe rack from Room Essentials is expandable giving you all the room your shoes need!

26. Multi-layer Hangers

It’s very common for dorm rooms to have very limited closet space. If you’re like me and bring all of your clothes to college you’ll want to buy these.

As a matter of fact these multi-layer hangers save a lot of space in your dorm closet and help declutter the area, creating more room for other storage.

27. Velvet Hangers

Help keep your clothing in tip-top shape with this 30-Pack of Nonslip Velvet Hangers for only $18.

Unlike plastic hangers these velvet hangers help hold your clothes in place. The soft lining keeps your clothes from slipping off the hanger.

28. Trashcan

Wether you’re working at your desk or eating you’ll need a trashcan to throw away all the trash you have throughout the semester.

In addition this simple trashcan from Target is only $2. You can’t beat this deal!

29. Command Strips and Hooks

Command strips and hooks will become your best friend because you are able to hang anything with these without tearing up your walls like nails would do.

For instance use them to hang up your LED lights, tapestry, wall canvases, and pretty much anything!

30. First-Aid Kit

A first-aid kit is always good to have around in case of an emergency.

You never know when you might need this so having it around is a good idea.

Planning and packing for your freshman dorm room is exciting! For a lot of students it’s when starting college really starts to feel real.

Happy dorm Shopping!

These dorm must-haves will have you set for move in day!

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