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32 Best Crystals For Social Anxiety

We all experience anxiety and worry throughout our lives; it is a normal part of life. However, for some people, their anxiety can become so extreme that they feel like they cannot function in everyday life.

This type of anxiety is called social anxiety. Social anxiety disorders are when you fear certain situations or activities where you might be scrutinized, judged, or embarrassed.

If this sounds like something you have been experiencing, don’t worry! There are plenty of crystals out there to help you take the edge off your anxiety.

Scientific evidence has proven that stress can cause mood swings and you should seek medical advice if you have a chronic cycle of stress.

While a form of complementary medicine can be used for stress management the healing power of crystals can help with your nervous system in many different ways.

Crystal healing may even induce a placebo effect in a patient who receives this type of treatment to help with social stress.

Crystals release positive energy into the body releasing feelings of peace, calmness, and relaxation. This helps with reducing stress and anxiety.

We’ve got the scoop on 32 of the best crystals for social anxiety!

1. Sodalite

This stone is a great choice for people who experience social anxiety since it can bring balance and stability in chaotic situations.

In the first place, it can benefit people who are impulsive or hyperactive since it can help you get back to your center. Sodalite also helps to promote self-awareness, enhance communication skills and facilitate emotional expression.

2. Celestite

This is the perfect stone that encourages calmness and relaxation of the mind while promoting clarity within oneself.

Celestite is often used to ease stress, anxiety, and depression. It can also relieve other forms of emotional discomfort to help you stay emotionally balanced throughout the day.

This is one of the best crystals for social anxiety.

3. Hematite

This is an excellent stone for people that feel anxious or nervous often due to negative emotions, particularly anger.

If your anxiety stems from feeling out of control with your emotions, hematite can help you feel grounded and calm.

The Hematite stone helps to strengthen your resolve by bringing attention to these negative emotions, allowing them to be processed and released.

4. Fluorite

This grounding stone is known for its ability to clear away fear, hostility, or anger that may arise during social interactions or public speaking.

The Fluorite stone can also enhance positive communication and help you feel more confident and in control of your emotions.

5. Aventurine

This is a great stone for people who want to be more sociable but currently find it difficult due to stress or shyness.

Carry around the Aventurine stone during social occasions or a social event to help you with panic attacks and dealing with large crowds. Aventurine can promote optimism, reduce anxiety and protect from negative energies.

Also known as the stone of bravery it encourages inner strength and helps to find the courage to get out there and interact with others.

6. Rose Quartz

This pink love stone, known as rose quartz, is perfect for people who are experiencing social anxiety due to a lack of love, affection, or intimacy in their life.

Rose Quartz will activate your heart chakra to open you up energetically to be more loving towards yourself and others, thus creating positive interactions.

7. Malachite

This stone brings balance to the heart which is key for anxiety and stress relief. Malachite can help remove negative energy, emotions, or experiences that are weighing you down.

It also supports your intentions of love and compassion by enhancing your ability to accept yourself and others with greater understanding.

8. Sunstone

The sunstone is a good choice of crystal for people experiencing anxiety due to fear of negative criticism or judgment.

This stone helps you to release that which is no longer serving you and brings in new energies that encourage self-confidence, self-worth, and positive characteristics.

9. Turquoise

This is an excellent healing stone for anxiety relief since it works to clear the mind of any negative energy and release stress.

Turquoise can also protect you from outside influences and give you a boost of confidence so that you feel better about yourself.

10. Yellow Apatite

This stone is beneficial to people with social anxiety since it helps to boost self-esteem and encourage the empowerment of your own thoughts.

Yellow Apatite also helps to raise your vibration, making you more aware of energies around you. It can balance the emotions and bring a sense of liberation from any inhibitions or fears that are keeping you stuck.

11. Amber

This is one of the best stones and is known for its ability to lower anxiety levels through the release of endorphins in the body.

The Amber stone can help to present you with positive traits and characteristics that will allow you to be more sociable, engaging, and talkative.

12. Green Aventurine

This green crystal is beneficial for people who are shy or introverted due to the calming effects this stone possesses.

Green Aventurine can be very uplifting by encouraging a sense of peace and calm. It can also encourage self-expression which opens the door for socializing on a deeper level.

Also knowns as the stone of peace it can help calm you in stressful situations.

13. Clear Quartz

This is one of the most versatile healing stones that can be used for a variety of purposes. Clear Quartz works on all levels to amplify energy and enhance communication with your higher self or spiritual guides.

This will allow you to receive guidance, support, and encouragement so that you will feel more confident about being social.

You can also place smoky quartz around you, your house, or keep it with you when you have feelings of anxiety.

14. Amethyst

This small stone works to open up the crown chakra which is the seat of divine connection.

Amethyst can encourage spiritual growth and self-belief, giving you the courage to speak your truth.

15. Lepidolite

This stone helps with anxiety by calming any feelings that are overwhelming or causing stress and lets off a sense of gentle energy.

Lepidolite has a gentle, soothing energy that can lift depression and anxiety while encouraging a positive mood. This stone is also known for its ability to balance the mind and body.

16. Angelite

This gentle stone is beneficial for people experiencing social anxiety due to a lack of trust in the world around them.

This master healer is especially good if you are having trouble with people experience and connecting with others.

Angelite will encourage you to connect with your angels and guides, allowing you to feel protected by love and light at all times.

17. Apophyllite

This stone helps to break down barriers and bring on a sense of peace and happiness. The best way to use this beautiful crystal is to carry it around with you.

Apophyllite can also encourage you to release negativity and create positive thoughts, giving you the motivation you need to overcome any fears or anxieties that are holding you back.

18. Citrine

If you are someone who is naturally shy but wishes to become more confident, citrine is a good crystal to keep with you.

This stone can help to emit positive feelings and transform energies of self-doubt into self-belief. Citrine also encourages strength and courage, allowing you to speak your mind without fear or restraint.

This wonderful stone brings calming energy and relieves any anxious thoughts you may have and is one of the best crystals for social anxiety.

19. Carnelian

This earthy orange crystal is beneficial for people with social anxiety due to its ability to bring passion, excitement, and creativity into their life.

Carnelian can help to generate self-esteem by giving you the courage you need to take risks.

It will also boost feelings of sexuality which is helpful if you are feeling uncomfortable in your body due to fear of judgmental eyes.

20. Azurite

This blue stone can help to strengthen the throat chakra, allowing you to speak your truth with confidence, and has the positive effects of a crystal healer.

Azurite also has calming effects which can ease anxiety and depression, giving you strength during difficult times. This stone’s energy is light and fresh, stimulating clear thinking by enhancing positive thoughts.

21. Iolite

Iolite is beneficial for people who are experiencing social anxiety due to unworthiness or an inability to achieve their goals.

This stone can help you to see the bigger picture by encouraging spiritual growth and integrity, connecting you with your purpose here on earth.

It will give you insight, making it easier for you to navigate through life by knowing when to make certain decisions.

22. Aquamarine

This stone can increase your confidence by encouraging you to express your emotions in the most appropriate way at the right time.

Aquamarine will help you to feel safe with connecting with others, allowing you to relax and enjoy their company without fear of judgment or rejection. This is a helpful stone if you are afraid of confrontation.

23. Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate is a calming stone that can help you to release stress and feel more relaxed in social situations.

This soothing energy is similar to the calmness of the ocean, helping anxiety from distancing yourself from others or events that make you nervous or anxious.

The blue lace agate crystal is a powerful stone that uses the energy field to help relieve negative thoughts and any anxiety symptoms.

24. Blue Kyanite

This is a great crystal for overcoming shyness as it will energize you and encourage your natural enthusiasm to come forth.

Blue Kyanite can boost positivity, giving you the confidence you need to go after what you want in life without fear or stress holding you back.

This stone is helpful if you suffer from social anxiety due to self-doubt or low self-esteem.

25. Calcite

This powerful crystal will help you to develop a better understanding of yourself and others, giving you the ability to love and accept yourself as well as those around you.

This stone can eliminate self-consciousness during uncomfortable situations by allowing you to see these interactions from a bird’s eye view.

Calcite will give you the strength to accept constructive criticism, doing away with fears of being judged harshly or looked down upon.

26. Sugilite

This stone not only hugs the heart chakra but also instills a sense of determination and courage, encouraging you to go after what you want in life.

Sugilite enhances feelings of hope, giving you the personal power to handle stress and anxiety when they arise and is one of the best crystals for social anxiety.

27. Chrysocolla

This beautiful blueish-green crystal can give you a new sense of freedom by allowing you to see yourself from a different perspective.

It will help you let go of judgmental thoughts and find things in life to be thankful for.

Chrysocolla encourages acceptance, making it easier to connect with others without self-consciousness or fear of rejection stand in the way.

28. Aragonite

This stone can give you an energy boost allowing you to feel more confident and positive about yourself and your abilities.

Aragonite instills a sense of trust in the universe, helping anxiety from self-doubt or lack of self-worth.

This crystal will help to eliminate feelings that restrict you from achieving your goals, helping you to achieve success.

29. Paradise Stone

This stone will give you an “up” feeling that can calm nervousness and ease anxiety resulting from social situations and social gatherings.

The energy of the paradise stone is fresh and light, so it won’t bring you down during those days when you just want to stay in bed. It’s helpful for overcoming shyness as well as embracing your true self while being true to others.

30. Pink Calcite

This stone helps to soothe stress and anxiety by encouraging you to relax and not take life too seriously.

It will help you have fun in difficult situations, enhancing feelings of courage and determination when facing fears or hurdles along the way.

This crystal can help promote the idea of taking one day at a time, so you won’t become overwhelmed by negativity or stress.

31. Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is known as a protective stone that will help you to release fear so you can be more in the moment.

This crystal works particularly well if you are afraid of being judged, giving you the courage to face difficult situations head-on instead of being held back by fear.

Black tourmaline encourages self-love and acceptance, while also enhancing your self-confidence. When you hold this stone while speaking to others, it will give you a boost of energy and help you to feel more relaxed in social situations.

These types of crystals for social anxiety can also protect against negativity or people with bad intentions.

32. Red Jasper

This stone is helpful for increasing your energy by stimulating enthusiasm and confidence. I

It will help to keep you motivated, even when times get tough. Red Jasper gives you the ability to move forward in life by overcoming fears or negative thoughts that may be holding you back.

This crystal has grounding properties that can also provide support during difficult moments, making it a wonderful stone to hold during a panic attack.

Red jasper will literally warm your heart, especially when you feel as if your life isn’t going the way you want it to.

Healing Crystals

Crystal healing is a great way to find your inner peace and heal your mental health with feelings of stress.

If you have a social phobia or anxiety disorders I suggest using any of these crystals in different forms such as a crystal grid.

A crystal grid is made up of sacred geometry shapes to manifest crystal healing goals faster than a single stone can do.

Simply gather your favorite calming crystals and place them on the grid. You will then be able to feel energetic vibrations and your energy centers will feel more at peace. There’s no need for electronic devices for these crystals to work.

Yellow jasper and lapis lazuli are two more great crystals to use with anti-anxiety medication.

You can also place these best healing crystals on your solar plexus chakra which is responsible for confidence and self-esteem.

Your root chakra as well as your third eye chakra are a part of the seven major chakras that help with emotional balance, and emotional stress as a powerful tool of crystal therapy.

crystals are a natural product that in recent years has become more popular. Data centers have even focused on the ancient wisdom and angelic realms of these popular stones.

There you have it 32 of the best crystals for social anxiety!

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