32 Best Lifetime Christmas Movies of All Time

Lifetime movies are a popular choice for those looking for a good dose of holiday cheer. Whether you are tuning in to watch the newest Christmas movies premiering on Lifetime, or catching up on your favorite classic films, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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We have put together a list of the best Lifetime Christmas movies, each with an official description so you can decide which film is for you. No matter if you are looking for new lifetime Christmas movies or prefer the classics, this list has something for you!

Here is the scoop on the best Lifetime Christmas movies to watch this holiday season!

1. Under the Christmas Tree

First up is Under the Christmas Tree! Starring Elise Bauman and Tattiawna Jones as Alma and Charlie, two women who unexpectedly cross paths and fall in love while working together to find the perfect Christmas tree, this charming movie is sure to get you in the holiday spirit.

With a little help from Ricki Lake as the town’s pâtissière extraordinaire, Alma and Charlie discover that sometimes the best things in life are right under your nose.

So snuggle up with a warm cup of cocoa and watch Under the Christmas Tree with your best friend!

2. Dear Christmas

If you’re looking for a heartwarming holiday movie to watch this season, look no further than Dear Christmas. Starring Melissa Joan Hart and Jason Priestley, this charming film follows Natalie Morgan, the host of a popular podcast called Holiday Love.

Natalie shares true stories of holiday romance with her listeners, but she’s never experienced one herself. That all changes when she goes home for Christmas and sparks begin to fly with a local firefighter named Chris.

Dear Christmas is the perfect movie for anyone who loves a good romance. It’s funny, heartwarming, and will leave you feeling all the holiday feels.

3. Feliz NaviDAD

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Single parent and high school principal, David Morales (Mario Lopez) has lost the holiday spirit. After his wife passed away a few years ago during the Christmas season, David now does anything to avoid the holiday.

But this year, his 14-year-old daughter Noel (Paulina Chavez) and live-in sister Marissa (Marycarmen Lopez) are determined to bring the yuletide cheer back into the family. And with a little luck, they may also be able to help David find love again via online dating.

When Sophie (AnnaLynne McCord), a witty musician and customer on one of David’s delivery routes, swipes right on him, there’s an instant connection between them.

Slowly but surely, David begins to rediscover the joys of the season – and maybe even love – thanks to Sophie and his close-knit family.

A heartwarming tale of self-discovery, Family, and new love, Feliz NaviDAD is a must-watch this holiday season!

4. Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding

From the moment Lifetime’s first-ever Christmas sequel aired last year, fans have been clamoring for more of Jacquie and Tyler’s holiday magic. And this year, they’re back and better than ever in Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding.

Once again, Jacquie Liddle (Kelly Rowland) attempts to plan the perfect destination wedding, but her well-meaning but overbearing family just can’t seem to stay out of the way. And when her snooty wedding planner quits in a huff, Jacquie is truly left up a creek without a paddle.

But as we all know, the best laid plans often go awry. And in Jacquie and Tyler’s case, that’s definitely true. As their wedding starts to unravel before their very eyes, the two of them must lean on each other – and their families – for support.

In the end, they get a Christmas wedding more memorable than they could have ever dreamed. So set aside some time this holiday season to join in the fun with Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding. You won’t be sorry you did!

5. Wrapped Up In Christmas

It’s that time of year again! Time to get Wrapped Up In Christmas! This year, our favorite holiday is made even more special with the addition of Heather (Tatyana Ali, “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”) as the manager of the upscale Town Center Mall.

While she may be tasked with closing down under-performing stores, Heather is still in the holiday spirit! Her niece Molly asks the mall Santa to help find a boyfriend for her beloved aunt, and “Santa” is actually Ryan (Brendan Fehr, “Guardians of the Galaxy”).

As Heather and Ryan begin to fall for each other, they have no idea of one another’s true identity. Will Molly’s Christmas wish come true? Tune in to find out!

6. Christmas in Tune

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Another wonderful Lifetime Christmas movie is Christmas in Tune, starring country music legend Reba McEntire and John Schneider. The film follows the story of the estranged singing duo Georgia and Joe Winter, who are brought back together by their daughter Belle for a Christmas charity concert.

Though they may be rusty after years apart, the two quickly find themselves back in tune on stage and off. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll be reminded of what true holiday spirit is all about.

This is one of the best movies that the Lifetime network has to offer!

7. Blending Christmas

Blending Christmas is the perfect movie for anyone who loves the holidays! The story follows Emma (Haylie Duff) and Liam, who are in love and trying to blend their families together.

However, things start to go wrong when the families start bickering. With just days until Christmas, they must all work together to try and fix things. This heartwarming film is full of festive cheer and will definitely get you in the holiday spirit!

8. The Christmas Contract

If you’re looking for a heartwarming holiday movie to watch with your family, look no further than The Christmas Contract! This charming film follows Jolie (Hilarie Burton) as she returns home to Louisiana for the first time since her break-up with Foster (Hunter Burke).

Their parents run the town’s annual Christmas Market together, so Jolie knows she’ll have to face her ex at some point. But when she finds out he’s bringing his new girlfriend home with him, she can’t bear the thought of spending the holidays alone.

Her best friend Naomi (Danneel Ackles) comes up with a plan – she’ll get her brother Jack (Robert Buckley) to come home with Jolie as a sort of buffer. The two agree to a “Christmas contract” where Jolie will help Jack sell his upcoming novel in exchange for him being her plus one.

What neither of them expects is that they might just find love in the process. The Christmas Contract is a sweet and touching film that is sure to get you in the holiday spirit!

9. Dear Secret Santa

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Dear Secret Santa is a heartwarming holiday movie that will have you reaching for the tissue box. After breaking up with her boyfriend, Jennifer (Tatyana Ali) moves back to the house she grew up in, bringing back memories of her friend Jack (Lamorne Morris), who used to live next door but recently passed away.

One day, Jennifer gets a Christmas card from a secret admirer in her mailbox and becomes curious as to who sent it. The secret crush knows so many personal things about her that she decides to write back and is astonished when something they say reminds her of Jack.

Is it possible that he is sending her the Christmas cards? Also starring Jordin Sparks, Bill Cobbs, Della Reese, and Ernie Hudson. Dear Secret Santa is a must-watch movie for anybody who loves a good holiday romance.

10. A Picture Perfect Holiday

You will love A Picture Perfect Holiday! This charming film follows fashion photographer Gaby Jones as she heads to a small town for the annual Christmas photography retreat in the small town of Pine Falls.

Despite not being a huge fan of the holidays, Gaby finds herself falling for the charming Sean, a wildlife photographer.

As their relationship starts to blossom, the two must decide if they’re willing to take a risk in order to have a picture perfect holiday together. With beautiful winter scenery and a heartwarming story, A Picture Perfect Holiday is the perfect film to cuddle up with this holiday season!

11. Miracle in Motor City

Christmas is a time for miracles, and there’s no better place for one than in the Motor City! When Amber Dupont takes charge of her church’s annual Christmas pageant, she sets out to make it the best one ever. And with the help of her friends and former flame Eddie, she just might succeed.

But when they set their sights on persuading Motown legend Smokey Robinson to make a special appearance, they’ll need all the holiday magic they can muster. With time running out, can they find Smokey and convince him to join them for the most special Christmas pageant ever?

One thing’s for sure: this Miracle in Motor City is sure to get you into the holiday spirit! This Tia Mowry-Hardrict is perfect to watch with a mug of hot chocolate!

12. Holiday in Santa Fe

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Check out Holiday in Santa Fe! This heartwarming movie tells the story of a family-run business that creates beautiful holiday decorations inspired by Mexican traditions.

When the matriarch of the family unexpectedly passes away, her siblings Tony and Magdalena must step up to keep the family business, Casa de Milagro, running. But they soon find themselves at odds with a ruthless executive from a big company who wants to buy them out.

As tension mounts, Tony and Belinda begin to fall for each other, proving that there’s more to this small business than meets the eye.

Filled with colorful characters and actors like Emeraude Toubia and Aimee Garcia, beautiful scenery, and plenty of holiday cheer, Holiday in Santa Fe is a must-watch for anyone needing a little boost of Christmas spirit.

13. Twinkle All the Way

Another must-watch is Twinkle All the Way! The film follows wedding planner Cadence Clark (Sarah Drew) as she teams up with Henry Harrison, co-owner of a family Christmas decoration business, to create the perfect Christmas-themed wedding at the Snowview Lodge.

As they work together on the wedding and Mrs. Sutton’s annual VIP Christmas Eve party, the two single parents grow closer and begin to fall in love. However, a snow storm threatens to ruin everything. With help from Henry, family, and some holiday magic, Cadence may just be able to pull off the wedding and have a happy ending herself.

Twinkle All the Way is a charming film that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. So curl up with a mug of hot cocoa and watch Twinkle All the Way for a magical holiday experience.

14. The Road Home for Christmas

Next, we have The Road Home for Christmas! This charming film follows two rival musicians, Lindsay and Wes, who find themselves without a gig on Christmas Eve.

They decide to road trip to their neighboring hometowns together and end up having the adventure of a lifetime.

Along the way they confront a crazed Santa convention, save a nativity play, perform onstage in Nashville with Marie Osmond, and much more. The Road Home for Christmas is sure to get you into the holiday spirit!

15. A Fiancé for Christmas

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You are going to love A Fiancé for Christmas! This charming made-for-TV movie stars Amanda Payton as Sawyer, a perpetual singleton who turns to a retail therapy shopping spree to lift her holiday spirits.

But when her fake wedding registry is discovered, Sawyer is mortified – until her whole town throws her a surprise bridal shower. To save face, Sawyer enlists the help of a fake fiancé.

But as real feelings start to develop between the two of them, this may turn out to be the best Christmas ever after all! Adam Gregory and Marie Osmond also star.

16. Finding Mrs. Claus

When Mrs. Claus (Mira Sorvino) starts to feel neglected by her busy husband (Will Sasso), she takes a trip to Las Vegas to help a little girl with her Christmas wish.

But when Santa (also Will Sasso) finds out and comes to Sin City to make amends, he puts Christmas at risk when things don’t go according to plan. This heartwarming holiday movie is sure to get you into the Christmas spirit!

17. A Country Christmas Story

A Country Christmas Story is the heartwarming tale of a young girl’s dream of becoming a country music star. Despite her mother’s disapproving wishes, she sets out on a journey to the stage at Dollywood with a singing competition hosted by Dolly Parton.

Along the way, she reconnects with her musician father and discovers the African-American legacy in country music. This inspiring story is sure to fill you with holiday cheer and leave you believing in the power of dreams.

With Dolly Parton and Brian McKnight, this movie is a must-see!

18. Love Hard

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Sometimes love comes at you when you least expect it. And that’s exactly what happened to Lizzy Hart (Nina Dobrev) when she met Nick Rinaldi on a dating app.

Lizzy, a Los Angeles native, was looking for love in all the wrong places. She kissed a few frogs but never found her prince. That is until she matched with Nick, who swept her off her feet with his charming conversation and wit.

Although they had never met in person, Lizzy was head-over-heels infatuated with Nick and decided to take a leap of faith by flying out to New York City to meet him for the holidays.

But when Lizzy arrived at Nick’s apartment, she quickly realized that she had been catfished. Disheartened but not deterred, Lizzy took matters into her own hands and set out to find the real Nick Rinaldi.

What ensues is a wild goose chase across the city as Lizzy searches high and low for her online crush. Along the way, she meets some quirky characters and discovers that sometimes love is right in front of you.

Love Hard is a heartwarming romantic comedy that will leave you laughing, crying, and cheering for Lizzy as she finds her way back to love.

19. 12 Men of Christmas

Looking for a little Christmas romance? 12 Men of Christmas has got you covered! This charming movie tells the story of New York City publicist, Kristin, who heads to Montana to promote a charity calendar. Things start to get complicated when she realizes she’s developed feelings for one of the calendar guys.

If you’re in the mood for a heartwarming Christmas movie with a little bit of romance, 12 Men of Christmas is the perfect choice.

20. Merry Liddle Christmas Baby

‘Tis the season for baby Liddles! This holiday, the Liddles have much to be merry about as they prepare for the arrival of their first baby.

While Jacquie (Kelly Rowland) and her husband Tyler (Thomas Cadrot) get ready for the big day, Jacquie’s sister Treena (Latonya Williams) and her husband Julian (Jaime M. Callica) are thinking about adopting a baby themselves.

And Kiera (Bresha Webb), the spirited fashionista of the family, is heating up her relationship with Chris (Nathan Witte). With their family expanding in ways they never could have expected, the Liddles are headed for a crazy Christmas filled with merry mayhem and lots of love and laughter.

21. Christmas on the Bayou

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When it comes to Christmas, there’s nothing quite like spending it in the South. And that’s exactly what Katherine does in Christmas on the Bayou.

After realizing that her workaholic ways are taking a toll on her son, she decides to spend the holiday with her mother in her home town on the bayou. While there, she reconnects with an old flame, Caleb, who tries to convince her to move back home.

But with the bright lights of the city calling her back, Katherine is torn between two worlds. Only a Christmas miracle can steering her heart in the right direction.

So whether you’re looking for a romantic comedy or a feel-good Christmas movie, Christmas on the Bayou is a must-watch this holiday season starring Hilarie Burton, Ed Asner, and more!

22. A Twist of Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…or is it? In the frenzy before Christmas, two single parents – busy working single mom Abby (Vanessa Lachey) and her son, and overwhelmed lawyer Ryan (Brendon Zub) and his daughter – accidentally mix up their toys at a crowded department store.

As a result, both of their Christmases appear to be ruined. Although the two can’t stand each other, the only way to get things back on track is to help each other salvage their holiday plans – not realizing they’re falling for each other in the process.

A Twist of Christmas is a heartwarming holiday romance that will remind you that love is the greatest gift of all.

23. The Flight Before Christmas

The Flight Before Christmas is a heartwarming story about two strangers who find themselves stranded in Montana on Christmas Eve. Both of them are marketing professionals, and they end up sharing a room at a bed-and-breakfast.

As they get to know each other, they realize that they have a lot in common. Starring Mayim Bialik and Ryan McPartlin, this is a great movie for anyone who loves Christmas stories.

24. The Spirit of Christmas

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What’s better than a heartwarming Christmas movie? One that stars Jen Lilley, Thomas Beaudoin, Bates Wilder, and Kati Salowsky!

The Spirit of Christmas is a charming romance with a touch of mystery that will have you captivated from beginning to end. Kate is a young lawyer determined to close a deal on the sale of an old inn.

But she soon discovers that the inn is haunted by the spirit of Daniel Forsythe, a man who died 95 years ago. As Kate gets to know Daniel, she also finds herself falling in love with him.

Can Kate help Daniel solve the mystery of his death and finally move on? Watch The Spirit of Christmas to find out!

25. Christmas A La Mode

You will also love Christmas A La Mode! This charming film tells the story of Emily, a young woman who is determined to save her family’s dairy farm from hard times.

To do so, she comes up with the brilliant idea of holding an online holiday ice cream flavor contest. With the help of her best friend and a key ingredient (Charlie’s amazing apple pie), Emily’s plan goes viral and Christmas à la Mode ice cream is born!

As the deadline for the buyout approaches, Emily needs a Christmas miracle to save the farm. Will she be able to do it in time for a happy Christmas? You’ll have to watch to find out!

26. Snowed-Inn Christmas

Another great film is Snowed-Inn Christmas! This heartwarming film tells the story of Jenna Hudson (Bethany Joy Lenz) and Kevin Jenner (Andrew Walker), two New Yorkers who find themselves stranded in the small town of Santa Claus, Indiana.

As they work together to save the historic Winters Inn, they also discover the magic of Christmas. Snowed-Inn Christmas is the perfect feel-good movie for this holiday season.

This is one of the best Christmas movies from the Lifetime cable channel!

27. Every Day is Christmas

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With Every Day is Christmas, you can experience the joy of the holiday season every day. This delightful movie inspired by the classic Charles Dickens story A Christmas Carol follows shrewd money manager Alexis Taylor as she’s visited by the spirits of Christmas past, present, and future.

Through her interactions with these ethereal beings, Alexis comes to realize the true meaning of Christmas and learns to open her heart to love. Starring R&B legend Toni Braxton in a rare holiday film appearance, Every Day is Christmas is a charming and heartwarming movie that the whole family will enjoy.

28. Christmas By Chance

Do you believe in Christmas miracles? You will after watching Christmas By Chance. This heartwarming holiday film tells the story of Chance Charleswood (Winny Clarke), a struggling gift shop owner who is hired by wealthy entrepreneur William Richards (Jacob Blair) to help him plan the perfect proposal for his girlfriend Leyla Brooks (Celeste Desjardins).

As Chance and William spend more time together, they begin to bring out the best in one another and are able to find their true selves. The chemistry between the two leads them to realize that they may be meant for something more than just business. But will they be able to convince Leyla that this is the real thing?

Christmas By Chance is a charming film that will warm your heart and remind you that anything is possible during the holiday season, especially a second chance.

29. Jingle Belle

Another great movie is Jingle Belle! This heartwarming film tells the story of Isabelle and Mike, childhood friends who reconnect years later when Isabelle returns home to write music for the annual Christmas Eve Pageant.

What ensues is a delightful romance complete with twinkling Christmas lights, snowy nights, and of course, plenty of holiday cheer.

With an incredible cast that includes Tatyana Ali and Cornelius Smith Jr., Jingle Belle is the perfect movie to snuggle up with this holiday season. Don’t forget your jingle bells!

30. Reindeer Games Homecoming

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Up next is one of the best new movies to bring you Christmas cheer!

Reindeer Games Homecoming is the perfect holiday movie for the whole family. Vermont resident MacKenzie “Mac” Fraser is determined to keep her late father’s tradition alive by winning the annual Reindeer Games.

But when Hollywood star Chase Weston comes home for Christmas and joins her father’s old team, Mac starts to see the appeal of losing. As the competition heats up between the two teams, so does the spark between Mac and Chase.

The Reindeer Games Homecoming is a heartwarming story of second chances, love, and family. This is one of the most exciting new Christmas movies coming out this year and the premiere date is November 12, 2022.

31. My Christmas Prince

My Christmas Prince is the perfect Christmas movie! Alexis Knapp stars as Samantha, a dedicated teacher from Manhattan who returns to her small hometown of Maple Falls, Wyoming every year for Christmas.

This year, she’s delighted when her boyfriend Alex (a European diplomat from the tiny country of Madelvia) decides to join her. But Samantha’s world is turned upside down when she discovers that Alex is actually a prince destined for the throne.

Realizing that staying with Alex means spending her life in the constant glare of publicity and giving up the job opportunity of a lifetime, Samantha must decide if she loves him enough to make the transition from teacher to royal.

My Christmas Prince also stars Marina Sirtis, Charles Shaughnessy, Jane Carr, Parker Stevenson, and Pamela Sue Martin. So snuggle up with a mug of hot chocolate and enjoy this charming holiday romance!

32. Christmas Movie Magic

You are sure to love Christmas Movie Magic. This charming film tells the story of Alli Blakeman, an entertainment writer who is sent to cover the anniversary of a classic Christmas movie.

While in the small town where the film was shot, she meets Brad, a local theatre owner. Together, they uncover the mystery behind the movie’s signature song. Christmas Movie Magic is a must-watch for anyone looking for a heartwarming story this holiday season.

Final Thoughts

With a full schedule of new and popular movies, you can be sure to find the best Lifetime Christmas movies to suit your tastes.

Whether you are a single mother looking for some much-needed family time, a party planner seeking the picture-perfect holiday, or simply a Christmas fanatic looking to relive the best days of Christmas, you can find it all on Lifetime.

The Hallmark Channel and Lifetime always have new holiday movies to enjoy on a white Christmas while listening to Christmas music. Sometimes watching a cozy movie is one of the best life choices you can make to have a happy holiday season.

There are countless Lifetime Christmas movies, so no matter if you want to watch a movie about true love in the big city on Christmas day, or a family home finding Christmas magic, there is a movie for you.

While there are lots of other channels and streaming services to watch Christmas movies like The Princess Switch or Hallmark Christmas movies, but Lifetime has some of the best Christmas films to watch.

So if you are looking for new and exciting ways to celebrate the holidays, be sure to check out Lifetime movies today!

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