35 Best Dress Shoes For Women To Wear At Work

A tricky aspect of work, especially when you’re a woman navigating a new workplace, is figuring out what to wear. For women’s dress shoes, in particular, you have to find a good balance between having comfortable shoes and a formal look. 

Some workplaces have strict dress codes with explicit guidelines about what shoes are deemed appropriate. Others are vaguer, leaving you with more options and uncertainty. 

In those cases, what is too formal, too casual, and what meets the perfect middle? How do you find stylish dress shoes that won’t lead to sore feet? This article will give you a list of the best women dress shoes for work. 

Here’s the scoop on 35 Best Dress Shoes For Women to Wear at Work:

1. Soft Style Angel II Inch Heels 

You can’t go wrong with a simple, sleek heel that could match any outfit. The inch heel has excellent heel support and is easy to walk in. 

These have padded insoles that cushion your feet throughout the day. They strike a good balance between being comfortable and professional.

An added bonus is that they sell at a relatively low price. This is one of the best dress shoes for women!

2. Vionic Willa Slip On Flat

If you have a painful foot condition such as plantar fasciitis, it can be difficult to find dress shoes that are comfortable enough. The good news is that several brands make shoes tailored to these conditions. 

The Willa Slip-On Flat provides good arch support, cushioned insoles that are removable, and a supple leather upper. These are made specially for people with plantar fasciitis and deliver a simple professional look.

They also come in a variety of different colors, so you can easily incorporate them into the color scheme of your wardrobe.

3. Meg Kork-Ease Loafers

The Meg Kork-Ease loafers have a classic style that is widely accepted as professional in the workplace. They can complement a range of different outfits from dress suits to skirts. 

Further, these loafers use soft but premium materials such as genuine leather for the upper, lining, and insole. They have a slip-on style which makes it easy to take them on and off. 

Moreover, the low heel and synthetic outsole provide extra support. An added bonus is that you can buy them with free shipping! This is a great option as one fo the best dress shoes for women.

4. Journee Collection Women’s Aretha Wedge Taupe

These shoes take a modern twist on open-toe heels and make them more comfortable. They have a Tru Comfort foam footbed that will cushion your feet during long work days. 

The Women’s Aretha Wedge Taupe goes excellent with a range of different outfits, from summer dresses to formal wear to skinny jeans. You could wear these to work, hangouts, and on special occasions. 

In addition, these shoes use vegan materials and are made by a small business, so if those are criteria you look for while shopping, these may be the best shoes for you. 

5. Sam Edelman Linnie Bit Mules

A mule is a shoe style in which there is no back against the heel of the shoe. This shoe style might be a good fit for you if you have a foot condition associated with heel pain. Moreover, they are a great shoe for warm climates where you need breathability and flexibility. 

The Linnie Bit Mules come in a variety of different colors and prints, so you can find the pair that best matches your wardrobe. They can complement both casual wear and formal outfits. 

In addition, they are terrific for comfort because they have a padded leather insole, an almond toe if you need extra space, and a low heel that provides extra support. 

6. Tarah Wedge Sandal

The Tarah Wedge sandals have an elegant style that will enhance your day wear. With a memory foam footbed, these shoes will keep you comfortable and stylish!

Further, the loop strap is adjustable, so these shoes are great for wider feet. They also have a leather upper which makes them look more formal. 

Moreover, Tarah wedge sandals can be worn with professional or casual wear. You will look fabulous with these whether you’re in a summer dress or skinny jeans.

7. SoftWalk Sonoma Flats

As you can imagine, SoftWalk sells very comfortable shoes, but they are elegant and stylish as well! They come in a lot of different colors and prints, so you can find the shoe that will fit best with your wardrobe. 

Whether you have flat feet or need good arch support, SoftWalk Sonoma Flats are perfect for work events and day wear. 

They have removable insoles, supple leather uppers, and a round toe box. They are great for wide feet. You can buy these comfortable flats today with free shipping!

8. Annadel Eirwyn Clarks

In recent years, Clarks have become more popular in the workplace since they meet the perfect middle between formal and comfortable. 

The Annadel Eirwyn Clarks, in particular, uses an Ortholite footbed, which is esteemed for its one-of-a-kind technology that helps people all over the world stay comfortable. The Ortholite footbed is lightweight, breathable, eco-friendly, and provides extra cushioning, which is beneficial for people with plantar fasciitis. 

Moreover, these shoes have a soft lining and adjustable loop strap. They come in wide sizes and have a rubber outsole that maximizes comfort throughout the day. 

9. Ros Hommerson Twilight Slip-On

These slip-ons have a wide toe box which offers extra space and prevents blisters.

In addition, these shoes are ideal if you are trying to avoid dress shoes with a hard sole. The rubber sole is soft and will keep you comfortable all day! 

These shoes have built-in features such as a padded footbed and block heel to ensure a comfortable workday. This is a great option as one of the best dress shoes for women.

10. Kelly and Katie Sabeni Pump 

If you are someone with long hours but you love the style and feel of heels, switching to wedges may be a great option. Most wedges, including this one, have a soft lining which is important for your long-term comfort. 

The pump shoes have a cushioned footbed that will keep you comfortable, even after long hours. They have a round toe which leaves extra space, and the textile upper is soft. Overall, these will prevent blisters and sore feet.

With a classic style, you can easily incorporate these into your wardrobe. They will work with just about any professional outfit.

11. Windsor Comfort Wide Fit Chic Block Heels

The comfort wide, fit chic heels are the perfect balance between stylish and comfortable. They are available in wide sizes, and the block heel provides extra support.  

Moreover, the open toe keeps them breathable. The ankle strap is adjustable so they are easy to slip on and off. 

The great thing about these shoes is that they are cheaper than most of the shoes on this list, but still look professional. You will look fashionable and elegant wearing these into the office. 

12. Glyna Over the Knee Boot

The majority of shoes on this list are suitable for warmer weather, but about when it gets cold? The Glyna over-the-knee boot balances comfort and elegance beautifully. 

The angled heel has a metallic accent that will catch eyes as you walk by. You will feel empowered and confident to take on the day in these shoes! 

These are a good fit for you if you wear dresses or skirts to work. They use high-quality soft materials that keep you comfortable but prevent the boot from slipping. 

13. Naturalizer Maxwell Ballet Flats

The supple leather upper, foam footbed, and slip-resistant synthetic sole are just some of the features that make this shoe an excellent choice for work. These ballet flats will keep you comfortable even after long hours. 

Ballet flats have a classic style that goes with just about any outfit and are widely accepted in professional settings. Moreover, they have lots of different colors to choose from. This is one of the best dress shoes for women!

14. ASOS Design Wide Fit Sinclair Square Toe Loafers

Wide square-toe loafers have become more popular in recent years for women’s work shoes. The small heel gives them a sophisticated look but features such as a lining sock and padded footbed keep your feet comfortable all day. 

The square toe box is the best option for a wide foot. If you are someone who spends a lot of time on your feet at work, these will help you avoid sore feet. 

In addition, they are easy to clean at home and have high-quality materials, so even if you wear these every day to work, they could last you for years. 

15. Yara Flats

You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of flats. They have a classic style that is widely accepted in the workplace. 

The Yara flats are a good fit for you if you have flat feet but want a little bit of lift. The wedge heel provides support and height. 

There is a cushioned insole and synthetic sole which makes these ideal shoes for long hours. In addition, the round toe provides extra space and prevents blisters. 

16. Eloise Ruched Block Heel Pump 

On top of the padded insole and flexible outsole, the block heel eases the burden of carrying your body weight on your feet. Most heels require that you carry your body weight at a single point, but block heel pumps spread it out. 

Further, this a heel with multiple widths available, so if you are someone with extra-wide feet who needs wide widths, this shoe has you covered. This is one of the best dress shoes for women!

17. Kiinsley Platform Booties

Have you been on the lookout for comfortable platform boots? These might be the best dress shoes for you. 

The cushioned insole and memory foam footbed optimize comfort for workdays with long hours. The round toe provides extra space. 

An added bonus is that they are cheaper than the average dress shoe. You can buy them with free shipping today!

18. Kork-Ease Tatum Slide Sandals

Tatum slide sandals are comfortable and fashionable for just about any office job! If you need new shoes but want to avoid purchasing uncomfortable dress shoes, these sandals are the way to go!

They use genuine leather, a padded footbed, and have an open toe design which makes them breathable. Their soft style makes these great for casual wear as well. 

As an added bonus, they have free shipping and free returns!

19. Easy Street Faye Kitten Heels

A kitten heel is a low heel stiletto with a slight arch. These shoes are great if you have a hard time walking in high heels but still enjoy the shoe style and feel of heels. 

Easy Street Faye kitten heels in particular have a clean and formal look that could fit with any professional outfit. It has an adjustable strap, so if your feet need extra space, you can adjust it as needed. 

Moreover, they have padded insoles and good arch support, so they are a great option for comfortable formal shoes. You can buy them today with free shipping!

20. Crown Vintage Moneth Sandal 

The Crown Vintage Moneth Sandal has a unique look that pairs well with a range of different outfits. These shoes are great for casual wear during the summer and in workplaces where the dress code is relaxed. 

These sandals have a padded footbed and synthetic sole that maximize comfort throughout your workday. 

Moreover, the round toe box leaves extra room for a wide foot. The ankle strap is adjustable. 

21. Journee Collection Delilah Gladiator Sandals 

Roman and Greek gladiators wore gladiator sandals into battle as a symbol of strength and courage. What better shoes for an upcoming job interview, project proposal, or board meeting? These will boost your confidence and style! 

The open-toe style makes them breathable and a good fit for you if you love painting your toenails. They are easy to take on and off with the back closure zipper. 

Moreover, the Journee Collection is an excellent shoe store for a women’s work shoe since they sell high quality dress shoes at affordable prices. Even if this particular pair of dress shoes isn’t your style, the Journee Collection has some of the best work shoes for women on the market. 

22. Ariana Bootie from Chic by Lady Couture 

These chic heels are absolutely gorgeous! The mesh upper gives them a unique look that will give your day wear at work an extra edge. 

The almond open toe makes them breathable and provides extra space. These are fashionable on the dance floor during happy hour and in the workplace. 

Further, the Chic line by Lady Couture sells a variety of stylish dress shoes for work and special occasions. This is an extraordinary line to consider even if this pair is not to your liking. 

23. Lifestride Women’s Suki Pump

These pumps are dead-drop gorgeous! They will make a lovely addition to your wardrobe as you can wear them to work and on special occasions. 

They come in sizes medium and wide widths, so if you are someone with wider feet, these are a good option for you. Further, they come in different colors, so you can match them to the color scheme of your wardrobe.

In addition, the synthetic sole is favorable if you need slip-free wear throughout your work day. An added bonus is that with Amazon Prime, you can try before you buy; you are only charged if you decide to keep the shoes after trying them on, and you can get them shipped and returned for free.

24. Women’s Closed Toe Pointed Toe Stilletos

The stilettos have padded insoles, heel support, and toe room that prevent blisters, making for a comfortable pair of shoes. 

Their elegant and classic style go with a lot of different outfits, so you’ll look stylish at parties, the office, and in casual wear. 

JENN ARDOR prides itself on making comfortable shoes with high-quality materials. In addition, they use vegan materials, so if you are someone who shops vegan, these shoes may be a good fit for you. 

25. London Block Heel Bootie

If you live in a cold environment and have had a hard time finding comfortable but formal boots, these may be the perfect shoes for you. 

The London block heel bootie features a cushioned insole, lightweight materials, and a two-inch block heel. The sleek style matches with a range of different outfits, including professional wear. 

In addition, you’d be helping the environment as these shoes are made from recycled materials and delivered in eco-friendly packaging. They are currently on sale, so don’t miss out!

26. Jeffrey Cambel High-Up Platform Sandal

If you’re in a work environment where a casual dress shoe is accepted, then sandals are an outstanding choice. 

These sandals are breathable, use soft materials, and provide a bit of height with two-inch platforms. You can rock these with a dress during work or skinny jeans during happy hour. 

You can buy them with free shipping today! 

27. Sam Edelman Josselyn Clogs

Clogs are stoe style in which all or most of the shoe is made from wood and has no back. This shoe style may be right for you if you need a dress shoe that’s breathable and lasting.

With a soft leather upper, cushioned foam footbed, and good arch support, you will steer clear of sore feet or blisters after a long day at work.  

The platform heel and studded detail on the sole provide an elegant finish that will give you an extra edge at work. 

28. Alexandra Open Toe High Heels 

These shoes are absolutely gorgeous and deliver an elaborate look. The open-toe shoe style makes them breathable and an excellent choice if you love painting your toenails. 

As for comfortability, they have a cushioned insole, and the smooth material makes it easy to take them off and on. They will keep you comfortable all day!

These sky-high heels are fabulous for special occasions, day wear, and the office since they can complement different outfits. Moreover, they use vegan material, so if you are someone who shops vegan, these are the perfect shoes for you. 

29. Charter Club Gilaa Slingback Pumps

These slingback pumps have a classic style that makes them elegant and perfect for work. The bow detail is beautiful. In addition, they can complement a variety of different outfits. 

As for comfortability, the strap is adjustable, so they are easy to take on and off. The low heel provides extra support. 

Moreover, the Charter Club at Macy’s is known for delivering a variety of stylish and comfortable dress shoes that sell at reasonable prices. This is a great shoe store to consider even if this shoe is not of your preference. 

30. Dream Paris Pointed Flats

These are available in a variety of different colors and prints, so they are easy to match with your wardrobe. 

The cushioned insole will provide support in all the right places. Further, the rubber sole will present sore feet and blisters. 

An added bonus is that they are cheaper than most of the shoes on this list. You can buy them with free shipping if you have Amazon Prime. 

31. Sam Edelman Loraine Bit Loafers

These loafers have a classic style that can complement a variety of different outfits. They use high-quality materials such as real leather and velvet. 

The style is timeless, and they offer different colors. They have an almond toe style which is great for wide feet. 

Moreover, with a full-grain leather upper, they slip on and off easily. These shoes provide a good balance between comfort and sophistication. 

32. Cole Haan Grand Crosscourt II Sneaker 

With a round toe and cushioned footbed, these are comfortable sneakers that are great for staying comfortable. In addition, they have a synthetic sole which is great if you’re looking for slip-free wear. 

These shoes may be the perfect fit for you if you work in a place with a lax dress code and long hours. 

While sneakers in most workplaces are considered too casual for jobs involving long hours outdoors, standing, running errands, or delivering, they are sometimes accepted. They also make excellent athletic shoes if they do not fit into your work dress code.

33. Journee Collection Karissa Flat

These are super cute! They have classic options in solid black and white but also a variety of different colors and prints to match your wardrobe. 

The Karissa Flat has a canvas upper and padded insole that will cushion your feet throughout the day. The flat shoe makes for comfortable footwear that can complement just about any outfit. 

An added bonus is that this is one of the cheapest pairs of shoes on this list. As another Journee Collection shoe, they use high-quality materials and sell at a fraction of the price. 

34. Women’s Cloudfeel Espadrille

This shoe is part of Cole Haan’s Cloudfeel line, which sells notoriously comfortable shoes. Their customers say they feel like walking on a cloud in these shoes. In addition, they have a foam inner lining that cushions your feet and prevents foot pain. 

These are the perfect shoes for you if you have long hours and a job on your feet. You should wear these shoes in workplaces with lax dress codes as they are considered casual shoes.

35. Bleu Cliff Bow D’orsay Heels 

The low heel and bow make for an elegant shoe with a classic style. Further, they come in different colors so that you can customize them to different outfits.

If you are someone with a job that requires the occasional upscale board meeting or event, these shoes are a great option. In addition, with a cushioned footbed and good arch support, they are perfect for the dance floor. 

While these heels come at an extra cost compared to other dress shoes on this list, they are a worthy investment for special occasions and the workplace. 

How to Find the Right Pair for You

When you’re deciding on the right pair of dress shoes for work, the first step is to access the dress code of your workplace. Some workplaces come with explicit guidelines on what dress shoes are deemed appropriate. 

If the dress code has relaxed guidelines, the next step is to consider the workplace environment. What shoes do your coworkers wear? Are you sitting in one place for most of the day or attending multiple meetings?

These are essential factors to consider since you may need a more comfortable pair of shoes if you have long hours on your feet but still want to look professional.

You can also ask your employer clarifying questions if the dress code requirements are vague or confusing. 

In addition, where you live in general impacts what dress shoes you want to wear to work. Sandals, flats, and heels are ideal for a warm climate. On the other hand, boots and sneakers are better for the cold. 

Another factor to consider is your feet themselves! Round and square toe box loafers or flats may be your best options if you have extra wide feet. 

If you have a painful foot condition such as plantar fasciitis, you should look for shoes with accommodating features, such as extra cushioning.

Moreover, you should find a pair that fits your budget. Stores such as Target and Amazon sell dress shoes for low prices. Shoe stores like DSW also have rewards programs that can help you access sales and deals. 

If you can afford to, splurging on a nice pair of dress shoes is a good investment as they are necessary for work and valuable for special occasions. In addition, dress shoes that use high-quality materials may come at an extra cost, but they typically last longer.

In sum, finding the right dress shoes can be tricky, but considering your workplace requirements, environment, size, comfort needs, and budget is an excellent place to start. 

Shoe Stores with Other Options

If you didn’t find a pair of dress shoes on this list that fit your criteria, there are lots of shoe stores that offer a variety of comfortable formal shoes. You can find other options here:

Retailers that sell a variety of brands at reasonable prices:

Brands that sell orthopedic women’s dress shoes:


In conclusion, the dress shoes that you choose to wear to work are essential as they can impact the impression you make, your confidence, and, therefore, your performance. 

What dress shoes are best for you depends on your dress code at work, overall environment, taste, and physical needs. 

If you didn’t find a pair of women’s dress shoes that fit your work requirements or preferences in this article, there is a variety of other brands that sell high-quality dress shoes.

Remember to go shopping with the goal of finding comfortable formal shoes that make you feel empowered and ready for the day! 

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